Wind Through Young Reeds 4.8

Wind Through Young Reeds

Chapter 1.5: Chinese Valentine's Day Art

56.4K Sep 17,22 碧落cici

“There’s no way a lady this gorgeous could be the villainess! And she’s going to end up as part of the OP MC’s harem?! Absolutely not, I refuse! I’m going to change the outcome of this story!” The weak and pathetic—but with a large stomach!—transmigrator Hu Xiaoman quietly made up her mind.“You look so focused, silly.” The villainess, reborn in the New Game+, thought that this girl was very~ i
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My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path 4.6

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

Vol.1 Chapter 42

8.9M Sep 14,22 Hylain

When I was reincarnated, I only wanted to live happily with my one and only younger brother. But the problem is, my younger brother, who will do anything for my sake, gave me the crown off the head of the tyrant who was the Emperor just up until yesterday. "I'll make the continent kneel at your feet, Sister!" ...At this rate, before becoming the first Empress to unify the continent, I migh
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Mushoku Tensei - Eris Gaiden 4.8

Mushoku Tensei - Eris Gaiden

Vol.1 Chapter 6.2: Finale [Part 2] [End]

6.4M Sep 11,22 Rifujin Na Magonote,Okano Yuu,Higake Take

Eris Boreas Greyrat is a former noble girl, who one day was transported to the other side of the world with her cousin Rudeus. She grew as a swordswoman, but ultimately was unable to save Rudy as he was nearly killed. Deciding that she wants to be someone who can support him rather than the other way around, Eris decides to leave Rudeus and go on her own journey. This is a spinoff of Mushoku Tens
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White Necromancer ~Road to Necromancer King~ 3.6

White Necromancer ~Road To Necromancer King~

Chapter 15

6.4M Sep 05,22 Hidefumi,Azumaya (Ii)

After dying of sickness at 15, I had been reincarnated into the world of the MMORPG “War Chronicles of Desgarde”! The help feature taught me the basic summary of this world, but there seems to be additional secrets about me, aside from my reincarnation. Let’s survive in this Isekai world to become the character I played in my previous life, a necromancer! (Wait, there’s a Necromancer King? What’
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Moto Isekai Tenisha datta Kachou no Ojisan, Jinsei ni Dome no Isekai wo Kake Meguru 4.4

Moto Isekai Tenisha Datta Kachou No Ojisan, Jinsei Ni Dome No Isekai Wo Kake Meguru

Chapter 3.7

2.7M Sep 03,22 Ginmugi , kura

Guy gets transported to another world for the second time in his life, armed with only his business suit and glasses. This is the adventuring tale of a cool, but slightly pathetic 37 year old ossan's life in another world.
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What's a Villainess Supposed to do Again? 4.4

What's A Villainess Supposed To Do Again?

Chapter 4

340K Aug 31,22 Soy,Sagara Naho

Kardinal, a researcher who loves light novels, had been reincarnated as the villainous daughter of an otome game. Her banishment flag is raised, but oblivious to the game's storyline, she doesn't know how to overcome or avoid it. She makes the critical decision to live on her own and become a villainess until the very end! She'll rise up in this unknown world embracing her new role.
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What Should a Villainess Do? 4.9

What Should A Villainess Do?

Chapter 4

766.8K Aug 31,22 soy , SAGARA Naho

Cardinal, a researcher who loves light novels, had been reincarnated as the villainous daughter of an otome game. Her banishment flag is raised, but oblivious to the game's storyline, she doesn't know how to overcome or avoid it. She makes the critical decision to live on her own and become a villainess until the very end! She'll rise up in this unknown world embracing her new role.
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Nidome no Isekai Shounen Datta Kare Wa Toshiue Kishi ni nari Dekiai Shitekuru 4.5

Nidome No Isekai Shounen Datta Kare Wa Toshiue Kishi Ni Nari Dekiai Shitekuru

Chapter 10.3

1.2M Aug 30,22 Kotoko (琴子)

"The boy I saved before becomes an older and a highly talented knight!" One day, Sara was transported to another world and saved a boy named Luke who was pursued and collapsed in the forest for some reason, and decided to live together with him. However, just as Luke was beginning to recover from his wounds, Sara was abruptly sent back to her own world. Three years later, Sarah returned to the ot
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The Sichuan Cuisine Chef and His Valiant Babes of Another World 4.3

The Sichuan Cuisine Chef And His Valiant Babes Of Another World

Chapter 34: Do I Know You?

9.2M Aug 23,22 Chen Guojian

After transmigrating into a world of magic, Qin Chuan who was a Sichuan Cuisine Chef discovers his food is key to boosting combativity. With demons rampaging the land, it’s about time to put an end to the misery and suffering.Who’s to say a chef can’t save the world? But why are the heroes super hot babes?
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Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukkan: Hajimari no Shou 4.7

Jinrou E No Tensei, Maou No Fukkan: Hajimari No Shou

Chapter 13

5.1M Aug 18,22 Hyougetsu, Nishi(E)da

Reincarnated to a werewolf magician, the Protagonist Vyett was instated as the vice head of the Demon Lord's third brigade force. Occupying a remote market town, he was entrusted to management and defense. As a former human, born a monster, I can understand the sentiments of both sides well enough. Because of that, those around seem to think I'm a man of wis
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Military Phoenix 4.4

Military Phoenix

Chapter 52

1.2M Aug 11,22 Yoolook Culture (有鹿文化)

As a military commander, I crossed over to the Sky Spirit Continent due to an accident. After opening my eyes, I encountered an inexplicable assassination. To that, I just wanted to say, “You messed with the wrong person!” I signed the system on the front foot, awakened the top spiritual power on the back foot, carrying a bazooka to do in the real culprit, stirring him up! The only thing that hurt
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My Male Harem 2.6

My Male Harem

Chapter 68: Courting Trouble

1.4M Aug 06,22 Chen Guojian

The youngest professor of medicine in history transmigrates to a matriarchal kingdom, where she has four husbands. She initially thinks that she’s the chosen one and is at the top of the world, but it turns out that her husbands are trying to kill her. She has no choice but to farm and run a business in order to improve her situation. Beautiful men then come running to hit on her. Out of jealousy,
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Sign In The Mystery Box To Dominate The World Of Cultivation 4.5

Sign In The Mystery Box To Dominate The World Of Cultivation

Chapter 3

368.1K Jul 30,22 云朵屋互娱

Xiao Che, a modern man, received a mysterious box and opened it. After opening it, he transmigrated into the world of cultivation. Here, the righteous sect all harboured evil ideas, the demonic sects are all cruel and ruthless, and the Hehuan Sect wants his body. His cheat finally arrived after being doomed by a slight mistake. Ding, Sign In Mystery Box System activated.Ding, sign in to the Sw
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Another World Awakening Transcendental Create Skill -the World Doesn't Seem to Leave Me a Super Talented Person Who Has Awakened to Production and Processing- 3.9

Another World Awakening Transcendental Create Skill -The World Doesn't Seem To Leave Me A Super Talented Person Who Has Awakened To Production And Processing-

Chapter 12 [End]

6.4M Jul 23,22 Akemi Mikoto,Takata

Takaya was abandoned by his classmates in a another world. However, he is taught that his manufacturing skills are at a transcendental level and awakens! In addition, maids, priests, arch-demons, wizards, and even wolf girls gather around!?
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Extremely Evil Game 4.8

Extremely Evil Game

Chapter 5: Muddy But Not Stained

1.1M Jul 21,22 Zhiyin Animation

Lu Yao, a terminally ill patient, accidentally got a mysterious account and traveled to a different world called "Extremely Evil Game" to forcibly continue his life. As soon as he arrived at the scene, he became the No. 1 in the extremely evil list and was publicly wanted. As a rookie, the first time I have to face is the most dangerous "fierce" level trial - an extreme pull with the extremely evi
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Beware of the Red Thread 4.8

Beware Of The Red Thread

Chapter 90

9.8M Jul 12,22 Cheon Jian, Shin Ji-Sang

I fell into the reverse harem novel! I’m going to live quietly, but my god. The villain and the red thread are twisted….life is twisted.
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Daughter of the Emperor 4.6

Daughter Of The Emperor

Chapter 244

49.6M Jul 05,22 Yunsul

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. And so my life begins with this ridiculously long name, born to royalty and the center of attention — all because of one dangerous man; the veritably insane tyrant king, ruthless conqueror of ten empires, nightmare of all continents… and my father?! Will I be able to survive this maniac?
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Past Life Family 4.2

Past Life Family

Chapter 1: I'm The Queen?

248.2K Jun 30,22 Banwanyezhao, Liu Bei Li

Often tricked by others, the impoverished young man time-traveled into the *Demon Realm* and was assumed to be the former Queen's reincarnation and was brought into the Palace. In his past-life's family, not only does the wife-loving "husband" think of him as a replacement, but the "kids" think of him as their evil step-mother. That is, until he awakened a **100 year-old infant...**
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Father, I'm Definitely Not the Villainous Side Character 4.1

Father, I'm Definitely Not The Villainous Side Character

Chapter 11: Prince Cheeto

4.4M Jun 30,22 夜喵喵

I reincarnated! The good news is I'm still alive! The bad news is that I am a devil incarnate and everyone wants to murder me. If my father was not strong-willed enough, I might have been killed right at birth. My sick and petite uncle vomits blood at any time and his life is in danger, my hero father does whatever he want with the heavens, the Earth and the emperor, my goddess twin sister is cute
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100-nin no Eiyuu o Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha wa, Boukensha ni Natte mo Sekaijuu no Deshi kara Shitawarete Masu 4.6

100-Nin No Eiyuu O Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha Wa, Boukensha Ni Natte Mo Sekaijuu No Deshi Kara Shitawarete Masu

Chapter 45

68.3M Jun 29,22 Shiroichi Amaui,Shin Hibiki

Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen is the prophet that saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroes made use of their abilities to contribute greatly to the development of the world. Longing to meet again with the master they admired, they reported to him of their achiev
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The Younger Male Lead Fell for Me before the Destruction 4.7

The Younger Male Lead Fell For Me Before The Destruction

Chapter 85

18.2M Jun 23,22 Yoondal

I spent a carefree day lounging about after paying off my tuition loans, but ended waking up inside a novel as the Amel, the only daughter of a poor count! Even if I worked for the rest of my life, the debt my family accumulated is too much for me to even be able to pay off! Not only that, but it seems that I ended up having a one-night experience with Kyle, the Male Lead, unknowingly after gettin
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About a Webtoon Writer Possessing a Reviewer 2.6

About A Webtoon Writer Possessing A Reviewer

Chapter 1: Seduce The Villain's Father” / “Flirting With The Villain's Dad

100.9K Jun 21,22 Ppallu

One day, writer Ppallu wakes up in a fantasy world. She used to just draw webtoons, but she had a chance to start a new life. Now Ppallu gives reviews to her friends about popular webtoons. A parody of the shoujo projects and funny retellings of Kakao Page’s popular projects on behalf of Ppallu.
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Miss Not-So Sidekick 4.8

Miss Not-So Sidekick

Chapter 178

34.7M Jun 14,22 Ellianyang

Hyejung loved to read to escape her daily stress. But that’s before she woke up inside the bizarre world of her favorite novel! Instead of the main heroine who courts three eligible men, she is now Latte Ectrie – a minor villain that everyone hates?! One way or another, it’s a chance to live out her most beloved storyline, with popcorn in hand to watch all the drama! Taking charg
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