Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku o! - Bakuretsu Musume o Kanojo ni Shitara Yaru Koto nante Kimatteru! (Doujinshi) 3.1

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Syukufuku O! - Bakuretsu Musume O Kanojo Ni Shitara Yaru Koto Nante Kimatteru! (Doujinshi)

Chapter 2

2.5M Feb 24,23 Poncocchan, Tonkotsu Fuumi (Circle), Ponkotsu

Instead of Kuzuma, we got a big ol'bald guy who got isekai and chose the power of HypnosisWith it, he makes Megumin his ◯na◯le
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The Duke's Daughter Who Was a Villain in Her Previous Lives Was Entrusted With Training a Hikikomori Prince 4.5

The Duke's Daughter Who Was A Villain In Her Previous Lives Was Entrusted With Training A Hikikomori Prince

Chapter 10

837.1K Feb 21,23 Kudan Sogou,Tai Noel

The beautiful lady, Louise, has memories from her past lives. And there are 7 peoples' worth of lives (moreover the villain's role). Louise, who has always met the bad end of getting stabbed to death, has decided that she will live this life peacefully. However, Louise has been assigned as Prince Emile's instructor! And so, she struggles with teaching the extremely shy prince who shuts himself up
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Girls from different worlds 3.4

Girls From Different Worlds

Chapter 10: This Summoned Hero Is A Nuisance To The King Of The Immortals!

648.9K Feb 21,23 Minazuki Futago

Stories following various adolescent girls and their encounters with puberty and other worlds.
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Heibon na Ore dakedo Isekai de Dekiai Saretemasu 3.3

Heibon Na Ore Dakedo Isekai De Dekiai Saretemasu

Vol.1 Chapter 5: My Foster Child Became A Hero And When I Went To The Celebration I Was Imprisoned [End]

801.2K Feb 16,23 Kouta, Izumi Rinne, Sakurako, Yamano Deko, Mitsuki Mirai, noranekotosuteinu, Tonomaru, Kuroi Hiyoko, TOYAMA Chigusa, Matsumoto Mikan

Gorgeous writing team comicalizes the popular short story from "Moonlight Novels" ♪ Includes five sweet and happy doting stories of ♂ × ♂ where a man who has reincarnated in another world and topped!
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X Epoch of Dragon 4.7

X Epoch Of Dragon

Chapter 107

10.8M Feb 12,23 Yun Tian Kong

This story is about Xin Yun, an ordinary person who was reincarnated at age 11. He was given an opportunity to cross into an unknown world, but because of his obsession for females ended up wasting his opportunity to become the strongest. Wallowing in his sorrows he walked right into a fight between the nine masters of power and ended up colliding with their power He wakes up to find out something
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Isekai Tensei 3.8

Isekai Tensei

Chapter 25

906.3K Feb 12,23 OOYAMA Sanpo

Noah, the youngest survivor of the earth, aims for a new universe on a spaceship entrusted by her mother, a scientist. What we arrived at was a planet where all creatures had "magical powers." While conducting a field survey, I met a girl who claims to be the "Demon King's Daughter"!? Another world sci-fi fantasy where a cyborg young man travels through a mysterious planet!
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Undertown 4.2


Chapter 1: Vol.1 Chapter 6: Rescue From The Hallucination Room

34.7K Feb 09,23 Jim Pascoe

Lonely Sama travels to a strange realm with his toy friend Eddie to find a cure for his dad. Due to his dad’s condition, Sama trusts a stranger's word to find a Sugar Stone amidst the dangers. Vast mysteries and histories cover their travel, which they need to reveal before saving his dad
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Maou no Migiude ni Nattanode Gensaku Kaiaku Shimasu 4.7

Maou No Migiude Ni Nattanode Gensaku Kaiaku Shimasu

Chapter 6.3

6.8M Jan 30,23 Kimura , Jiro_Alba

Office Lady falls from a building is reincarnated into another world and ends up at the Devil Kings castle. Can she save him from the bad ending?
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Sokora Refugees 3.2

Sokora Refugees

Chapter 1: Vol.1 Chapter 6

78.2K Jan 29,23 Segamu

Young Kana stresses over being single, school problems and her underdeveloped body. When she meets an elf boy Tien, he brings her into a strange fantasy world called Sokora. Chaos breaks and their salvation is only on Kana’s hands -- only if she can stop being so lazy!
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Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan 4.8

Kikanshita Yuusha No Gojitsudan

Chapter 25

44.1M Jan 27,23 Otono Kurumi,Megane Yoshizawa,Tsukiyono Furudanuki

One day, your average joe university student, Kashiwagi Yuuya was summoned to another world by a stupid goddess. His mission is to do what any cliche Isekai MC does; become the hero, get the harem, defeat the demon lords, save the kingdom/other earth and go back to earth. After doing all those menial shit, he was granted to go back to his original world with only a second passed despite wasting 3
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The Moon Witch and The Sun King: My Salvation 4.6

The Moon Witch And The Sun King: My Salvation

Chapter 100

7.5M Jan 26,23 HAN SERAM,TOM

When Lee Shana accidentally crossed into another world full of fantasy and beauty, sadly she had become a witch in the midst of an execution. Dying at such a wonderful age?! She couldn't let that happen! She had to escape no matter what! But after her escape she offended none other than the crown prince Luther! What else could go wrong?
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Queen of Avalon 1.8

Queen Of Avalon

Chapter 43

3.7M Jan 13,23 Rossiwon

"Queen Arthur. That is your name from today."I was summoned to save the kingdom that King Arthur had rolled over.As the Archmage Merlin said, I am the possessor of the same soul as King Arthur.If I find the Holy Grail and complete my mission, will am I be able to live with love?But why are knights so rude?Xian, who has been living a life of bliss for 20 years.When I woke up one day, I became a cha
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Onna Majutsushi-san, Moto no Sekai e Kaeru Tame ni Ganbarimasu 4.1

Onna Majutsushi-San, Moto No Sekai E Kaeru Tame Ni Ganbarimasu

Vol.2 Chapter 9: An Unexpected Confession

637.6K Jan 12,23 Imaki Ten

Rintaro and Haruto are two friends who enjoy playing the VRMMO Eternal Maze Online, a fantasy video game where you can be a different person from the real world and enjoy a second life. One day Rintaro finds a mysterious item called the Reincarnation Jewel in his inventory so he decides to use it and teleports himself and his friend to a fantasy world. Rintaro became his female avatar who is a mag
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Immortal World’s First Undercover Agent 4.5

Immortal World’S First Undercover Agent

Chapter 11

1.5M Jan 06,23 中二少年肤浅

After transmigrating, the male protagonist who obtained a divine physique was entrusted with important tasks by various forces and became an undercover agent?! Jumping between righteous cultivation, demonic cultivation, demons, dragons, and collecting harem members, he will become the king of the world!
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I Can't Take My Eyes Off Boobs Even in Another World! 4.4

I Can't Take My Eyes Off Boobs Even In Another World!

Chapter 7 [End]

4.2M Jan 04,23 Minamoto Yuu,Musashimaru,Itosugi Masahiro,Hino Haruto,Fuyuno Nabe,Nagisa Fujita,Momoshika Fujiko

An anthology of separate stories threaded together by fantasy isekai and boobs.
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The Second Male Lead is Actually a Girl 4.6

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl

Chapter 33

2.2M Dec 29,22 IIAKI , Kim Misol , E ang E

Rosa remembers her past life. She remembers reading about the Helios Empire in a novel before dying suddenly in an accident. When she is reborn into that exact world as Rosa Veronica, she lives day to day and works hard to make ends meet until one day when someone from the Duke of Estella's estate comes to fetch her. When she arrives and meets her biological father, her life is turned upside down
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The Ghostly Doctor 4.4

The Ghostly Doctor

Chapter 450

54.1M Dec 28,22 Yuan man dongman

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn’t take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The
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Kirara Fantasia 4.4

Kirara Fantasia

Vol.3 Chapter 13: Quest: Repair The Bridge

442.4K Dec 26,22 Satori Kounosu

Etoilia, the joyful and prosperous land governed by the goddess Sola.<br>Towering at the heart this land is "The Tree of Words". At the top of the Tree lies the Temple, which shines radiant light.<br>With the power to observe other worlds, the goddess Sola noted the everyday lives of the people living in those worlds.<br>The books she had written are referred to as &quo
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A Near-Death Experience Is A Cry For Love

Chapter 42

1.5M Dec 16,22 ISONO Funa

.I was reincarnated... Into a world where you die if no one loves you!? A fantasy world romance between an infatuated bachelor and a lonely boy!
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Serious Villainess! 4.3

Serious Villainess!

Chapter 4

597.7K Dec 10,22 Kyaru

I was reincarnated as Blanca, a villainess in the world of an Otome game that I loved in my previous life. It's unfortunate that I was reincarnated as Blanca, a character I don't like very much, but maybe I can witness a flirtatious scene between the heroine and her capture target without being charged for money! In order to make the love of the captured target and heroine more exciting th
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Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness! 4.7

Though I May Be A Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness!

Chapter 38

20.8M Dec 10,22 Nekomata Doremi, Yuuki Satoru, Reiga Utsuho, Mafuyubi, Mizuno Saaya, Yoshimura, Yoruru, Hazuki, Yuki Yukiko, bouro, Kyouka

Annulled engagements, "serves you right"s, condemnation events, doting, royalty, reincarnated heroines, banishment endings… it's fully loaded with all the charms of villainesses! The comic adaption of 5 popular villainess stories that were published on Shousetsuka ni Narou! An anthology of oneshots with happy endings!! Volume 1 Descriptions/Info: LINEU
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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Daily Life of the Four Spider Sisters 4.4

Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? Daily Life Of The Four Spider Sisters

Chapter 102: End

16.5M Dec 08,22 Okina Baba,Gratinbird

I was a normal high school girl but then I was reincarnated as a monster spider in a parallel world. To survive in this labyrinth full of monsters, I used a skill “Parallel Will” and split my mind in 4 but now each will have their own body... ?
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Shutterbox 3.7


Chapter 1: Vol.1 Chapter One: It Is Transmundane

19.1K Dec 07,22 Rikki Simons

Megan Amano is a young photographer who has ties to the spirit realm. One day, when Megan captures a picture so mysterious, she questions everything around her. Follow Megan as she embarks on a journey that will have her more entwined with her fate in the world
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Sweet Invasion 4.1

Sweet Invasion

Chapter 10

737.4K Dec 06,22 Kuaikan Manhua , Kuaikan Comics

A failing streamer named Penniless got his stream interrupted by a girl appearing out of nowhere. This girl named Julie gave him a hard time at first, but he grew to warm up to the little girl. With Penniless acting as Julie's father figure, many seek for him to disappear and take Julie back
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