Batsu-Hare 3.9


Vol.2 Chapter 13: Ecchi Switch

1.3M Nov 20,22 Inaba Minori

The story begins with the protagonist, Wakou Ichiro, who decides to return home early from work to celebrate his second anniversary with his wife. But, when he opens the door of his house.... He finds his wife cheating on him! Although the marriage was short-lived, his life changes again when suddenly, a certain woman appears in front of him? Thus begins a new story, a new erotic comedy!
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Inside the Cave of Obscenity 3.7

Inside The Cave Of Obscenity

Chapter 6: Return Of The Prisoners

550.6K Nov 19,22 Umetane,Afukuro

A world where the Demon King was defeated by a Hero that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the Demon King and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the “Black Ooze”. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary s
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Shh! Top Confidential Report 3.4

Shh! Top Confidential Report

Chapter 22

1.3M Nov 18,22 Hyuk

A new employee, Ah-young, has been secretly in love with her boss, Cheon Seung-hee. Then one day, while secretly masturbating on Seunghee's desk, Ayoung discovers her secret diary and discovers the shocking truth..."What? My love, manager Cheon Seung-hee, actually scolds people with sex every night?!"
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Pheromoholic 4.2


Vol.2 Chapter 8

371.7K Nov 16,22 Nagi Wataru

Cool model, Towa is an herbivorous rabbit and clownfish chimera.His partner at his next job is a popular model… However, he’s his natural enemy, a first generation carnivorous lion seed chimera.Since his early childhood, he has never been able to forget Towa’s pheromones,“I’ll feel better after holding you once” he says while approaching himーーHating his constitution and his heat in
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Private Scandal 3.7

Private Scandal

Chapter 89: Side Story 6 [Decensored]

378.1K Nov 15,22 Totiko

Model Iliyan meets a man named Kyle at the Taylors’ 5th year anniversary party. They both despise Helen Taylor and end up having a one night stand, but their relationship continues…
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Inu mo Arukeba Koi ga Hajimaru 3.9

Inu Mo Arukeba Koi Ga Hajimaru

Chapter 3

270.1K Nov 13,22 Hakase

Sora Pometani, a sober high school student, has a peculiar constitution: when he's anxious he turns into a Pomeranian. One day, his classmate and secret love, Makito Matsuda, bumped into him in his Pomeranian and ends up taking him home.Makito takes Sora in his pomeranian form home because he resembles his grandmother beloved but deceased dog, "Pometa". Makito finds out about Sora's true const
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I Won't Sleep with You for Free 3.5

I Won't Sleep With You For Free

Chapter 13: Asakura-San Wants To Be Number 1

2.6M Nov 13,22 Hinohara Fuki

Miyako Kirishima, a university student and aspiring teacher, is a poor girl who enjoys being frugal. One day, she has a meal with Yui Nakano, her friend whom she occasionally tutors. On the way home, Yui invites her to a love hotel. Miyako is reluctant, unwilling to have sex with a friend. However, Yui cuts her off, offering her 30000 yen for sex! Subsequently, Miyako ends up in more "transactions
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In A World Filled With Zombies, I’m The Only One They Won’t Attack 4.2

In A World Filled With Zombies, I’M The Only One They Won’T Attack

Chapter 17: Communication

1.5M Nov 13,22 Uraji Roroku,Masuda Chihiro

Takemura wakes up after falling ill for 3 days and realizes the world has been overrun by zombies but for some strange reason he is not being attacked by them! What will he do now with this great power he has?
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Ittare Elf Nee-chan 3.7

Ittare Elf Nee-Chan

Chapter 14

765.8K Nov 12,22 SAKAYAMA Shinta

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Kei x Yaku: Abunai Aibou 3.8

Kei X Yaku: Abunai Aibou

Vol.2 Chapter 6: Getting Closer

174.7K Nov 12,22 Kaoruhara Yoshie

Ichiro, an investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, under the order of his superior, approaches Shiro, a yakuza who is engaging in sexual companionships with politicians, in order to investigate and monitor him. However, he unexpectedly finds out that Shiro is the younger brother of his senior investigator. Ichiro, who always wanted to find his senior wh
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Love Camera 3.9

Love Camera

Chapter 9

368.9K Nov 11,22 Nerin (내리)

Adult Show, BJ Jay. Recently, comments have been saying that the broadcast is boring. Jay, who gets nervous easily, is thinking about getting a sponsorship for adult products...? “Can you teach me how to use this dildo?”
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You can't put your hand into my panties! 2.2

You Can't Put Your Hand Into My Panties!

Chapter 2: (Uncensored)

351.5K Nov 11,22 KISAKI Myu

As a child, Remy was called a gorilla. She thought she would throw away her past and start over as a splendid member of society, but she reunites with Asahina, a man who knows those days! “It’s like being surrounded by men on the theme of gorillas.” The more you refuse, the harder it is to avoid reaching out - it’s annoying, but it feels good..!
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Hell’s Tormentor Kraken 4.1

Hell’S Tormentor Kraken

Chapter 3

1M Nov 09,22 Toru Kei,Takahiro

Controlling the Queendom of Sevek’s female prison with the Power of the Kraken! From the author of Akame ga Kill and Mato Seihei no Slave!
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Henkutsu Shosetsuka wa Koi ni Irozuku 3.5

Henkutsu Shosetsuka Wa Koi Ni Irozuku

Chapter 5

220.6K Nov 09,22 Yan

Novelist Kazuaki Kiriya is in a writer's slump, and what's more he hates people and is shy. One day a gardener, Torai Sotetsu, come to Kiriya's house to do some work. A story about a gardener in his 30s and a novelist in his 40s.
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Guilty Pleasure 4.4

Guilty Pleasure

Chapter 11: [Lightsaber]

146.7K Nov 08,22 Sinbi

Bora takes Haneul home on a rainy night, and as he awakes, finds out that he has lost his memory. Bora tucks him in and keeps him from leaving his dangerous home. And the murder case which occurred on the day Haneul fell has yet to find its culprit...
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Omega Complex 4.4

Omega Complex

Chapter 28

785K Nov 07,22 Today Spring (오늘봄)

‘I hate omegas.’Discovered to be a dominant alpha, Taegyeom suffered after accidentally triggering and evading an omega into heat and spent his days relying on his childhood friend Yoonwoo.In the meantime, after it was revealed that he was an omega, Yoonwoo avoided Taegyeom for 5 years and accidentally bumped into him at a bar near the campus.‘Are we friends?’Yoonwoo was confronted
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A Female warrior Who Fell to the Goblin Kingdom 2.4

A Female Warrior Who Fell To The Goblin Kingdom

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Alicia's Lamentation - Part 2 -

1.6M Nov 05,22 H9

Noel was an abandoned orphan, adopted by a nearby kingdom with a prophet-king that has some very strange plans in mind for his subjects! Noel's journey is full of suffering, pain, humiliation and bloody battles, but she endures as she wants her revenge! NOTE: Some will find the content hard to digest, warning given!
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My 1000th lifetime as a furnace 3.7

My 1000Th Lifetime As A Furnace

Chapter 12: Critical Junture!

1.7M Nov 05,22 十音悦漫

Ye Yan, a thousand lifetimes as a furnace has actually been reborn again and became the direct disciple of an immort sect's sect master. However, fate isn't that kind, he as a furnace is actually being captive by this so-called discipleship. When he is about to be harvested, the system awakened!! He obtained a novice gift pack and obtained a bottle of pills to forcibly improve his cultivation for
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Kouguu no Omega 4.6

Kouguu No Omega

Chapter 8

931K Nov 04,22 Tsuyuhisa Fumi

"As the lowest ranking member of the royal family and as an omega, my life has been decided from the moment I was born..."Iliya is an omega with the lowest rank in the royal family. He's been set for a political marriage and now has to leave for a faraway country to marry its king!?
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100% Possibility Of Meeting Girls 3.2

100% Possibility Of Meeting Girls

Chapter 16

1.9M Nov 02,22 Ashitani Abayo

Yoshida Junichi is a (below) average guy, trying to find his one true love but failing miserably until one day he was given a special book which seems to have the power to dazzle any woman and make them fall in love with him... How will he use this power he has and will he find his one true love?
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Kono Te wo Hanasanai de 4.6

Kono Te Wo Hanasanai De

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5: Official Translation

144K Nov 02,22 Saki Sakimoto

I want to hold on to itI have found love.After causing a certain problem, Haruto is transferred from an elite school of Alpha to a non-elite school.Despite their opposing personalities and circumstances, the two are strongly attracted to each other, and gradually begin to delve deeper into each other's hearts.However, Miyabi's body is unable to resist Haruto's pheromones, and event
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Kimi to Koete Koi ni Naru 3.2

Kimi To Koete Koi Ni Naru

Vol.2 Chapter 9

728.8K Nov 01,22 Yuzuki Chihiro

Mari is a high school student living in a town where beastmen and humans coexist. When she is late for school, she meets Tsunagu, a beastman who has come to the school as a "special student" for the Beastman Education Program, at the front gate. Mari is bewildered by her first contact with a beastman, but as she gets to know him, she is drawn to his kind and pure side. However, some of her classma
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Peko to Sensei 4.3

Peko To Sensei

Chapter 3

204K Oct 30,22 Akabeko

Held down, broken, and dirtied… thoughts and body. When I was in high school, I loved him, the always righteous and kind sensei. Peko’s confession was rejected not for the reason, “because we’re both boys,” but “because we’re teacher and student.” Even if that teacher were to have gotten a female student pregnant, in Peko’s mind, the existence of “sensei” had become special. And now, he meets a ma
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Inkya na Boku ga Futago ni Aisareru Wake 4.4

Inkya Na Boku Ga Futago Ni Aisareru Wake

Chapter 11

465.5K Oct 29,22 Mitsuya Bond

Hikaru is a BL otaku who has a complex about the color of his eyes. He was childhood friends with popular twins Nagi and Arashi, up until middle school when they started ignoring him! Hikaru is hurt because he doesn’t understand why, but one day he gets pushed down by the twins?!
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