I'm coming, coming! 2.2

I'm Coming, Coming!

Chapter 9

50.7K Jun 20,24 Saendeu, 샌드

Suho, an all-round part-timer, was willing to do anything for money. He was startled and ran away after accidentally witnessing his college sunbae Kanghyuk engaged in an S&M play at a motel during a routine pizza delivery.Kanghyuk later visits the stunned Suho and makes an offer for a part-time role as his acting lover, which Suho finds impossible to refuse...“Suho-ya, the boyfriend part-
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Misunderstanding 3.4


Chapter 4

24.5K Jun 20,24 Guji , 구지

One day, in a drunken stupor, Jiheon, a man whose love for pretty things is second to none at Hankuk Uni, suddenly confesses out of nowhere to a junior he doesn't even know. He very much wanted to brush it off as a misunderstanding, only to be suckered (?) by the heartfelt tears of said junior, and they soon start dating...
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Kitsch Marriage 4.3

Kitsch Marriage

Chapter 41

237.2K Jun 20,24 Saha

"Please marry me."A 2 billion won contract offered to a private military company's mercenary. The condition is one year of marriage."Customer, are you perhaps crazy?""You're the only lunatic that's fine with having a divorce history."Lee Raehwa, the only daughter of Daesan Construction. In order to break free from her father's control and complete her painting, Raehwa hires a legal
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Rain Advisory 2.5

Rain Advisory

Chapter 11

278.8K Jun 20,24 dodGe

“What?! I'm supposed to be the guardian of this tentacle monster?"In a research facility specializing in monster biology, Monster Veterinarian Doha finds himself under a slimy assault from a pubescent tentacle monster.During this encounter, the tentacle monster comes to recognize Doha as its 'maternal figure,' and he ends up becoming its guardian for a year, taking on the responsibility of
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Can I Live With You? 4.5

Can I Live With You?

Chapter 23: What Is A Date Expert?

6.9M Jun 20,24 Sasuga Kei

Hiromi Sonoda has no girlfriend, no job, and no home, until he finds a shared-house with very cheap rent and goes to check it out. However, the share-house has a certain condition... Kei Sasuga presents a new "Share House Romantic Comedy"!
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Boy's Abyss 4.4

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 179: You

53.6M Jun 20,24 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Isekai Ooku de JK wa Koi o Suru 3.3

Isekai Ooku De Jk Wa Koi O Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 11: A Heart In Love

110.4K Jun 19,24 Ooi Masakazu

16 year old Himeno Shion has never experienced love. Unfortunately, she suddenly hit by a truck and gets transported no another world! Right when she's about be eaten by a dragon, she gets saved by handsome hero named Ars. After bring Shion to his castle, Dragonia, she discovers that he wants to gather a harem girls from other races!?
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Shiawase ni Shitara Dame Desuka? 2.8

Shiawase Ni Shitara Dame Desuka?

Vol.1 Chapter 3

101K Jun 19,24 Isaji Hedoro

Although wedding planner Ikuyama is foul-mouthed and has a terrible personality, he is popular with women due to his deceiving good looks and outward appearance. One day, he goes to a hotel designated by his client for a meeting only to find that the bride isn't there and that he is left alone with the groom, Izumi, who exudes a gloomy aura."Isn't it beautiful? I picked it out because I though
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Tensei Inja wa Hokusoemu 4.3

Tensei Inja Wa Hokusoemu

Chapter 17

14.1M Jun 19,24 Sumisu Jouji,Saitou Chiaki

By the power of the goddess, I was reincarnated in the world of VRMMORPG "Valkyria Chronicle". Apparently, in the real world, he died from overwork due to his life as a company slave. I don't have the original body ... If so, I will live faithfully to my desires, create a dungeon with the female character I like, and have a carefree (innocent) sex life ... I
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Girls Zombie Party

Chapter 1.2

64.5K Jun 19,24 sarako

One day, half of humanity - the men - suddenly turn into zombies. In such a world, can these high school students, who live normal lives,fend off the men who attack them and survive!? In a world where half of humanity is turning into deformed creatures, the girls' desperate survival begins!!
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Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro desu? 4

Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro Desu?

Chapter 7.5: Bonus Chapter + Chapter 7.5

1.3M Jun 18,24 Konchiki

"Shinoburu Ninja School" is a place where young people who aspire to become ninja gather. Momoka entered the school, yearning to become a cool ninja who helps people with sword and ninjutsu. However, in addition to those classes, the school also teaches erotic skills to help them become true kunoichi. That may just be too stimulating for Momoka, who is inexperienced in sexual matters...!Will s
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Furoufushi Shoujo no Naedoko Ryokouki 4.2

Furoufushi Shoujo No Naedoko Ryokouki

Chapter 8.1: Goblins And Cerberus Cave 2

1.8M Jun 18,24 Luna Usagi

The journey of a genius girl who became immortal to grant her dreams of being breeding to different species of creatures in order to fulfill her curiosity.
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High School Boy 3.9

High School Boy

Vol.1 Chapter 10

53.1K Jun 18,24 Park Gee/Ji (박지)

Hong Il-tak, the only red spot at Daemun Namgo. Despite his name and nickname, he's a boy, and his dwarfism and peculiar appearance have led to him being looked down upon by everyone from the nerds to the elders, and he's at the bottom of the school hierarchy. In the past, until his sophomore year, Iltak had been a famous member of the Iljin, but a problem of his own brought him to the bottom of t
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Spicy Milk Candy 4.3

Spicy Milk Candy

Vol.1 Chapter 2

14.8K Jun 18,24 Tsurui Toto

The diligent and respectable student council president Mashiro Izumi has a secret boyfriend with a gentle, princely smile whom he's proud of. The boyfriend, Ichii, showers him with love every day, and they enjoy their time as boyfriends. After some time, due to a certain incident, Ichii pulls him into a "punishment scenario", which has never happened before...!
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I'm dating a Dark Summoner 4.6

I'm Dating A Dark Summoner

Chapter 37

7.2M Jun 17,24 Shaoh

Amona, a dark summoner and demi-human who uses demonic powers, is the newest addition to the party of the uptight priest Roni. Everyone expected the two to dislike each other and to have nothing to do with each other. But to their surprise, on their first day together as an adventuring party, they had a one-night stand...!
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The First Commandment 3.1

The First Commandment

Chapter 2

19.7K Jun 17,24 Taengja , Flona , Tangja , Inpol

"I said I would do anything for you," Alexei gasped, his voice strained as he struggled to hold back the tide of emotions. Saratov, a city where a large number of Russian immigrants have settled, served as the backdrop to his turmoil. Alexei, a member of the mafia, had made protecting his younger brother his first commandment. Obsessed with his brother, who harbored resentment towards him, Al
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Senza Replica 3.7

Senza Replica

Chapter 4

10.5K Jun 17,24 HAM , Seoniju , Hayan

In just one morning, my esper turned into an entirely different person. Cha Gweonwoo was an S level esper, one of only two in Korea. To Kim Doweon, Cha Gweonwoo was a blunt and cold esper that would call him to guide frequently. To Cha Gweonwoo, Kim Doweon was a guide who he saw as a walking IV. However, after Cha Gweonwoo was caught in an explosion, suddenly he became all smiles and happy to see
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Melt Flirt Cookies 3.9

Melt Flirt Cookies

Chapter 3

29.5K Jun 16,24 Black Kimchi

Yeomin, a difficult person to communicate with, moves in next door and meets Hanbyeok, who is fed up with Yeomin for not greeting him back. That same night, Hanbyeok hears moaning coming from Yeomin's place, leaving him unable to sleep. He wonders if Yeomin is with another guy, though he's not bothered by that. The next morning, sleep-deprived Hanbyeok finds kiss marks all over Yeomin’s neck...
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My Female Friends Are Surprisingly Willing to Let Me Do It If I Ask For It 4.3

My Female Friends Are Surprisingly Willing To Let Me Do It If I Ask For It

Vol.2 Chapter 8

2.2M Jun 16,24 Kagami Yuu,Rokuro

Hisaya Minato, a normal high school student, has a female friend who is a bit peculiar. She is Aoi Hatsuki, the most beautiful girl in the high school. For some reason, they get along very well, and since they happen to live on the same floor, they gradually become good friends, coming and going from each other's houses.One day, Minato suddenly asks her to show him her panties.At f
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Harem King's Journey in Another World: The Strongest Warrior Uncle Takes Wives from All Races 3.9

Harem King's Journey In Another World: The Strongest Warrior Uncle Takes Wives From All Races

Vol.1 Chapter 2

252K Jun 15,24 Kusamochi,Haiba Nemumi

Dirty oldman isekai Fantasy harem-comedy begins with a kind-hearted uncle who helps the weak, crushes the strong while doing some consensual seeding here and there.
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You still call yourselves teachers? 4.5

You Still Call Yourselves Teachers?

Chapter 8.7: The Changing Room Incident 2 (Extra)

1.5M Jun 15,24 Ishizaka Ryuudai

One day, school teachers come as freeloaders to the inn run by his parents!? Kazami Hiro, a high school boy, decides to take care of the inn and his future!? Under one roof, The forbidden harem romantic comedy begins!!
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A Story About a Hero Exterminating a Dragon-Class Beautiful Girl Demon Queen, Who Has Very Low Self-Esteem, With Love! 3.9

A Story About A Hero Exterminating A Dragon-Class Beautiful Girl Demon Queen, Who Has Very Low Self-Esteem, With Love!

Chapter 27

5.5M Jun 15,24 Black Mokuren,Kougai No Nanigashi

Iver is a dragon maou who stopped trying after historical heroes defeated her every time she resurrected. But the present day hero, Mirio, who found the holy sword by pure chance falls in love with her. And thus forms the couple of the maou with no self-esteem and the dopey hero. This is a story of how they come to know each other, fight, and find happiness.
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THE LAST MAN (Italian) 2.5

The Last Man (Italian)

Vol.2 Chapter 16: Last85: Death Play

13.8K Jun 15,24 Egawa Tatsuya

A mysterious boy lies naked and unconscious on the street. The story begins when ninth grader, Ai Oomori, and his third grader brother, Seigi, find him. This boy has no memory of the past and doesn't even know his real name. He is like a little baby. Ai names this boy Makoto and takes him back home. Makoto has superhuman physical powers and can even recover quickly from injuries. Who is Makoto? Ma
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The Fallen Hero and the Rikka Witches 4.4

The Fallen Hero And The Rikka Witches

Vol.1 Chapter 2.1: The Power Of The Demon King

239.6K Jun 14,24 Kishimoto Kazuha

Shuu, a dropout at the Academy for the Brave, whose swordsmanship and magic skills have not developed, is finally advised by the headmaster to leave the academy!Two beautiful witches suddenly appear before him and tell that he is the chosen one who has inherited the soul of the Demon King and that he needs to cooperate with the witches to unleash its mighty power.Shuu quickly learns how to
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