Who Will You Kiss? 3.5

Who Will You Kiss?

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

146.9K Sep 18,23 Furomae Ari

Ángel, owner of Nuestra Casa and a stylish man who turns everyone around him on, loves and considers Aaron and Stefan family despite them being adopted. Now they help him with the restaurant, Stefan as the chef and Aaron as floor manager. But both want to be something more than just family with Ángel, so they take the initiative and start dating!Spin off on the first book in the Furomae Ari's
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Kotaete My Drifter 3.9

Kotaete My Drifter

Chapter 6

30K Sep 18,23 Ohshima Kamome

It's the hedonistic New York of the roaring '20s. One night at a dazzling party Elliot meets Robert, a suspiciously suave man who reminds him of his first love. The two handsome gentlemen hit it off right away and soon their relationship takes a romantic turn... However, the paths of history are often cruel. Can they withstand the challenges thrown at them? Let Ooshima Kamome's newest work captiva
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Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro desu? 4

Kunoichi Momoka Tabegoro Desu?

Chapter 3

380.4K Sep 18,23 Konchiki

"Shinoburu Ninja School" is a place where young people who aspire to become ninja gather. Momoka entered the school, yearning to become a cool ninja who helps people with sword and ninjutsu. However, in addition to those classes, the school also teaches erotic skills to help them become true kunoichi. That may just be too stimulating for Momoka, who is inexperienced in sexual matters...!Will s
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Gal niPA-chan wa Semararetai 4.4

Gal Nipa-Chan Wa Semararetai

Vol.3 Chapter 22: 3 People Having The Same Thought

2M Sep 17,23 Kanalina

The popular teen model niPA, aka Asahino Futaba, is strong willed and independent, but the plain guy who is her seatmate refuses to budge before her... "Damn that four-eyed loser, how dare he tell me off!". However, at the same time, remembering that makes her feel somehow strange. Her fingers slip beneath her skirt as if by reflex and while thinking about getting assaulted by that disgusting man,
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Memeshii Aku to Azatoi Suh 2.6

Memeshii Aku To Azatoi Suh

Chapter 5

272.7K Sep 16,23 Takuma

Hooking up with your sex friends whenever you like and with no strings attached is the best! Playboy college student and advocate of free love, Suu, ends up sleeping with his friend’s persistent and clingy boyfriend, Aku. It was supposed to be a one night stand, but Aku just can’t forget about Suu after losing his virginity to him and makes Suu the new object of his affection.
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Oukami α-san to Oukami Ω-kun 2.5

Oukami Α-San To Oukami Ω-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Paying A Visit

174.4K Sep 16,23 Kasazaki Natsuha

Ookami, who works in a high-class restaurant, is a rough-and-tumble guy who calls himself an alpha. He is given the job of educating a newcomer, Akko Ookami, who is not motivated or pretty, but because of her continuous failures, he is forced to take joint responsibility. But he suddenly loses consciousness... and when he realizes, Ookami, who is actually a super-aggressive alpha, rapes him in her
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Hwanyoung's Misery 3

Hwanyoung's Misery

Chapter 22

188.6K Sep 16,23 Yeaze

Living with the crazy fan who imprisoned me...
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Even if Summer Ends 3.7

Even If Summer Ends

Chapter 4

14.5K Sep 16,23 Gyobi

Kim Minseong dedicated 12 years of his life to baseball, from elementary to high school. However, after facing rejection from his first love, he felt that his life lost its purpose. Determined to start anew, he embarked on a bike tour in the countryside. Unfortunately, during a heavy downpour, an accident occurred, causing him to slip and fall. Luckily, he found himself near a bicycle repair shop
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Non Refundable Alpha 4.2

Non Refundable Alpha

Chapter 3

48.6K Sep 16,23 Oh Doyeon

An omega named Choi Jaewon enjoys a carefree life abroad with his Alpha friends. When he returns to Korea after being deceived by his father to get some money, a marriage with his childhood friend awaits him - the Alpha, Yang Junhee! Unlike their childhood days, seeing Junhee now, Jaewon feels that he is Jaewon's ideal type, so Jaewon proceeds with the marriage. Jaewon promises something to Junhee
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Over The Paradise 4.4

Over The Paradise

Vol.1 Chapter 2

14K Sep 15,23 Matsultang

Twelve years ago, as the U-20 virus spread around the world, the whole world was in an uproar. However, due to the appearance of zombies infected with the virus, Heewon is bitten instead by zombies that were running towards Woojun, and symptoms of fever and hives begin to appear... "I'm scared, Woo-jun. Can you please kill me?" "How can I do that, to someone so kind-hearted..." Woojun is shocked t
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Mokdan's Fragrance 4.5

Mokdan's Fragrance

Chapter 0

16.1K Sep 15,23 Shin Yuri, Winterbaum

At the age of fifteen, Mokdan struggled to survive under the care of his impoverished mother. However, his life took a turn when he unexpectedly reunited with his estranged father, the Prime Minister of the Emperor. His father offered him wealth and fame on the condition that Mokdan dressed as a woman and lived in the palace. The father's hidden motive was to establish a male Empress in the palace
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Ecchi wa Shuu 7 Kibou desu! 3.4

Ecchi Wa Shuu 7 Kibou Desu!

Vol.1 Chapter 2

25.9K Sep 15,23 Pesotarou

Sex toy producer employee, Aoi (a huge slut) keeps getting dumped by his boyfriends because he has a bottomless libido and asks for sex every day.One day, Aoi is drowning his sorrows with alcohol at a bar he frequents. He hopes to fulfil the desires of his broken heart through a dating site, but ends up falling asleep. He mistakenly thinks the waiter who comes to wake him, university student Iori,
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The Half-demon Dragon Knight is Obsessed With the Markgraf 3.6

The Half-Demon Dragon Knight Is Obsessed With The Markgraf

Chapter 1

37.2K Sep 15,23 Yashiro Keito

In the Kingdom of Niels, where dragons fly, Kyle, a "half-demon" knight of demonic descent who can speak the tongue of dragons, has a faithful reunion with his past lover, Alfred. Three years ago, for reasons he keeps to himself, Kyle bid farewell to his boyfriend, though he has never forgotten about him. But Alfred, who had once been his direct superior, is now just a count of the borders, a Mark
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Himitsu-san's Secret 3.9

Himitsu-San's Secret

Chapter 1: This Is Himitsu-San

161.4K Sep 15,23 Sorabluesky

The story follows Sasaki-san finding out the perverted hidden side of the class president Himitsu-san.
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[GwangGong Industrial Complex] Please, Candy! 4.1

[Gwanggong Industrial Complex] Please, Candy!

Chapter 5

29.4K Sep 15,23 NOD

Hagong, who was ordinarily going to work, and his junior, who had followed suit of him, Woon, had joined the same company. Although they had confirmed their feelings for each other briefly, for some reason, Woon avoids any of Hagong’s skinship. This leads to Hagong visiting his house, and seeing him interacting lovingly with another man. Hagong is filled with a sense of betrayal, after recalling t
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Bishamonten-sama no Itoshigo 2.8

Bishamonten-Sama No Itoshigo

Chapter 1

27.1K Sep 15,23 Kuroi Morry

"...It's a little punishment."Izumi had adored the deity Bishamonten ever since he was a child. However, since the Kaguragi family is a family that had been used as sacrificial offerings for generations, due to Izumi's constitution making him susceptible to being targeted by demons, he left his hometown when his parents passed away. But he returned to enter university. When he was attacked the
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Love Rewrite 3.9

Love Rewrite

Chapter 18

17.4K Sep 15,23 생존된장

On his way home one late afternoon, 33-year old virgin 'Siyoon', fell in love with Hyunwoo, who looks similar to his old unrequited love from college.Like a reckless teenager, he dives into his fated love story. But, unlike ordinary relationships, he'll find that beneath his sweet and happy dreams, lies something deeply twisted.
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Yuki-chan, Aishiteru! 2.8

Yuki-Chan, Aishiteru!

Chapter 1

9.5K Sep 15,23 Sennen Aino

"Hold me a lot today too" "Yuki-chan...!!!!!"Haru and Yuki are childhood friends and are currently lovingly living together.Even though we've been closer than anyone since we were little and have been together for such a long time, our love for each other is bottomless.I want to be tight, and I want to have sex!However, there were many conflicts before they came here... We will del
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Chiwawa-chan 5


Vol.1 Chapter 3: Chocolate Marble-Chan

6.5K Sep 15,23 Okazaki Kyoko

A collection of short stories by Kyoko Okazaki published in the 1990s. The title story, 'Chiwawa-chan,' follows the friends of Chiwawa, a girl found dead in Tokyo Bay, who come to realize they do not know anything about her such as her real name or her background.These stories were published irregularly from the June 1994 issue to the May 1995 issue of 'Monthly YOUNG ROSE,' and some were also
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Keisuke Itagaki's Elusive Uncollected Works 4.7

Keisuke Itagaki's Elusive Uncollected Works

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Maria

17.8K Sep 15,23 Itagaki Keisuke

A booklet originally bundled with the july 2017 issue of bessatsu shonen champion, containing two oneshots not previously collected in tankobon format.
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Under The Greenlight: In Dreams 3.9

Under The Greenlight: In Dreams

Chapter 1

27.8K Sep 15,23 Jaxx

"Jin is the most perfectly beautiful man Matthew’s ever seen. He’s also a high-ranking and violent criminal full of frustrated ambitions and equally frustrated appetites. But Matthew, a sculpture student prodigy, can only see the beauty—not the darkness. One way or another, Matthew will pay the price for his muse, with his body... or with something far more costly."
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