Layers Anarchy 5

Layers Anarchy

Chapter 35 : Layers

280.6K Jan 20,16 Glpi

Layers Sequel They have a plan to replace the whole town with a fake one from Layers. Will the special class be able to stop them?
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Left Right 5

Left Right

Chapter 4

76.2K Jan 20,16 Kim Soo Yong

You wanna see how low a human can go? Money is power and power is money… Money is the answer to everything!
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Legend of Nereid 5

Legend Of Nereid

Chapter 15 : Volume 15

240.6K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

Another fantasy title, this story intertwines with the Greek Gods. An oracle prophesies that the current heir to the throne will be usurped, and is forced to name who will be the usurper. He lies, and sacrifices an innocent soul instead--due to his lie, this changes the life of the 15 year-old girl, Matia. It only has 15 Vols.
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Legend of Tyr 4.8

Legend Of Tyr

Vol.11 Chapter 66 : Peace Reclaimed

817.3K Jan 20,16 Ra In-soo

Fantasy Action Legend that follows brother's diary!! After his brother Loki's death, on Tyr's 17th birthday.... Loki's diary is delivered to Tyr. When following the diary step by step, Tyr realizes that everything that's happening around him is already recorded within the diary.
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Leona Explosion 4

Leona Explosion

Vol.1 Chapter 10 : Final

296.4K Jan 20,16 Kotoyoshi Yumisuke

This is Dakichi Kamiyama. A College Student at Toudai University. He had came back to his home town to attend such a prestigious University. He happened upon a cafe where once stood a great wrestling arena lead by the "Amazoness kitty." Now three daughters remain running it. Yukihyou (Who has taken a sudden interest in him.) Ferris (A rather ditzy young woman.) And Leona (A Tsundere-ish big boobe
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Lequios 4.4


Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Hedonism People's Feasts

131.7K Jan 20,16 Ikegami Eiichi

There is a strange figure floating in the air in Okinawa, that is disintegrating hellfire missiles from US helicopters. Experts from different disciplines and organizations have gathered to figure out what's going on.
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Vol.1 Chapter 5 : King Of Fists

80.3K Jan 20,16 Billy Ma

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Light Wing 4.6

Light Wing

Vol.3 Chapter 18 : Kemari Mastermind

184.9K Jan 20,16 Shinkai Hideo

An amazing high school soccer player, Amagai Rihito, is making his debut! He intended to enter a high school famed across Japan for its elite soccer team, but a little mix-up with the school name has left him at a school with an incredibly weak team. After the initial shock of discovering this, Rihito decides that he's willing to work to help his weak team become the best in Japan. The only proble
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Lilim Kiss 4.4

Lilim Kiss

Vol.2 Chapter 24 : I Wanted To Meet You

597.6K Jan 20,16 Kawashita Mizuki

Saiki Takaya, a guy who is easily misunderstood, one day finds a flask containing the succubus Lilim. She is very attractive but, she also has the tendency to drain the life force out of people. She surprises the life out of him (literally) when she kisses him unconscious. The girl, Lilim, turns out to be a succubus who gains energy by kissing guys. Lilim then flies off for more "food,"
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Limited Lovers 4.7

Limited Lovers

Vol.3 Chapter 15 : End

225.8K Jan 20,16 Yamada Keiko

From Esthétique : Kakinomoto Karin, the daughter of a millionaire, lost her ability to walk in an accident. During her stay at the hospital, she fell in love at first sight with the medical researcher, Okita Teppei! She bought him a house, but only on the condition that that Teppei spend two hours with her every day. Karin, who only wanted Teppei's heart, will one day find out that not only doe
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Lingerie 5


Vol.7 Chapter 42 : End

342.4K Jan 20,16 Seo Yoon Young

The series is set in a more historical Korean setting but is about lingerie designers. It helps to have one of the designers be a hot guy.
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Lion Books 5

Lion Books

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : The Desert Seven

51.1K Jan 20,16 Tezuka Osamu

A collection of short stories.
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Lives 4.5


Vol.2 Ch.10

150.4K Jan 20,16 Taguchi Masayuki

The peaceful lives of many are taken away as a freak meteor shower destroys the Kanto area of Japan. However, the lives of the victims aren't lost, as they start to awaken one by one into a strange pre-historic world. A girl named Kyoka awakens into this world, and is attacked by a monster, however she is saved by Shinma Shingo, another monster. She joins Shinma and his companion as they search to
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Lock On! 4.6

Lock On!

Vol.2 Ch.18 : Even I Was...

278.1K Jan 20,16 Tsuchida Kenta

Utsuru Sanada is a professional photographer at the age of 17, he can guess the exact 3 sizes of any girl, he can memorize anything he sees, and he can counterattack karate moves (Most guys would want these abilities). Why? Because he has superb photographic memory called “Shutter Eye” (Shutter as in the shutter of a camera). He meets Niko Kurihara, the female protagonist, who dislikes men, is a m
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Lost Girl wa Koi o Suru 5

Lost Girl Wa Koi O Suru

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Working, Dating, Straying

64.4K Jan 20,16 Fujiwara Akira

From Day of the River: Nakajima Hiromi was born into an ordinary family and raised under ordinary circumstances. Working at a medium-sized company, she hopes that one day she'll be able to attain some sort of happiness. With the fear of being isolated, Hiromi isn't sure how to interact with her introverted coworker, Katsuma Yukihiro. But in order to help things along, somehow Hiromi has entered h
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Lost Universe 5

Lost Universe

Vol.3 Ch.20V.2 : Lost:20 [The End]

149.6K Jan 20,16 Kanzaka Hajime

Kane Blueriver and Canal, his AI companion, are trouble contractors who take jobs which require their special skills. This could go from armed escort, to patrol, to capturing dangerous criminals. Milly is a private eye who has to be the best at everything (uchuu ichi!!). When the three of them get together, they run into one mess after another, gradually uncovering more of a mystery that ties the
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Love Allergen 4.9

Love Allergen

Vol.4 Ch.30 : A New Club

228.2K Jan 20,16 Akahori Satoru

In a small village, there is a legend about a person born from a sakura tree one thousand years ago. Though she appeared human in form, she could not understand love, and was therefore cruel. She was eventually destroyed. Now, the mythical Sakura tree is going to attempt to create human life once again. This time it is up to two high school students, the incredibly handsome Tasuku and the love-all
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Love Bullet 5

Love Bullet


84K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

From Loyal Kiss: Every time you sent me one of your fake smiles, my fists clench automatically. If I had a gun in my pocket, I would have shot you. Tied by a secret that keeps him from loving the one he loves, he is Choi EunJo. The handsome and much beloved idol, he is Im Sol - no girl can resist his killer smile. But for Narae, all she feels is disgust. Bam!! Where will Narae's Love Bu
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Love Celeb 4.3

Love Celeb


2.1M Jan 20,16 Shinjo Mayu

Shinjo Mayu's newest leading lady is an idol, and the leading man is... a future prime minister!? Just what is a "Love Celeb"? Nakazono Kirara is an aspiring starlet. She used to think she'd do whatever it took to get a starring role in a drama and have a CD. But her manager, Hanamaki, proves her wrong when he sends her into a room full of horny producers to sleep her way into a role! Kirara wants
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Love Probation Witch 5

Love Probation Witch

Vol.2 Ch.7

102.6K Jan 20,16 Os Rabbit Cat

From Esthetique: Little witch Shidori predicts that Pavis is her fated lover and comes to the Royal Academy of Magic. However, under the influence of his father, Pavis hates the Demon Tribe and himself who shares the blood of the tribe. With the encouragement of Shidori, his view slowly changes…
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Love SOS 4.6

Love Sos

Ch.38 : Vol 9 Ch 4

370.6K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

The main character is Dan-bi, the daughter of a Yakuza boss. One night, the father she loves more than anything is killed before her eyes. The killers blind her, making her father's death the last thing she sees with her own eyes. Her mother sends the wounded Dan-bi to Korea, where she has an eye transplant. From then on, Dan- bi is to be a good girl, live with her aunt, and stay out of trouble.
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Love Strip 4.3

Love Strip

Ch.3 : Lavish Love Strip

430.8K Jan 20,16 Shinjo Mayu

Yuuko is in her third year in Junior High (freshman in high school in US). She is a glasses-wearing, four-eyed-nerd. She is suddenly getting tutoring from the perfect Ryuunosuke-kun, but little does she know, she is also about to get a lesson in love. Yuuko`s dangerous summer hoilday is about to begin!
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LovePlus: Manaka Days 5

Loveplus: Manaka Days

Vol.1 Ch.6

105.5K Jan 20,16 Akitsu Mikami

Based on DS Dating Sim "Love Plus".
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Lover Puzzle 4.9

Lover Puzzle


196.9K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

Gyul, the outcast of the entire school, who used to be unable to get away from dangers without Ri Rang's help becomes strong with a sword obtained at an antique shop?! Hot-tempered, unruly fighter Woo Ri and my best friend Gyul suddenly seems different? My heart beats when I see Gyul!! Without knowing my eyes turned to look at his lips, and I could feel myself blushing. This is not a disease,
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