Tsuburara 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

52.2K Jan 21,16 Yamana Sawako

Tsubura is an ordinary high-school girl who has an obsession with the girl idol group Caramel Angel. She's a little embarrassed of the extent of her fascination, particularly because she doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would fawn over idols. In the privacy of her own home, though, she blissfully hangs out in her C☆A-postered room and never misses their music performance on TV
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Tsuda Memo 4.8

Tsuda Memo


49.2K Jan 21,16 Hayakawa Nojiko

Connected to "Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki"
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Tsugihagi Hyoryu Sakka 5

Tsugihagi Hyoryu Sakka

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Blank Paper's Return

82K Jan 21,16 Nishi Kouhei

Kibino Makibi is a young Hyoryu Sakka (wandering writer) who seeks to get his Hyoryuroku (wanderer's log) published. Hyoryu Sakka are some kind of explorators going on expedition to unknown places and unknown events in the world, to fill up the black spots of the world. Armed with an umbrella he meets up with Mitsune, the "editor-in-chief" of Sogano Publications. Their journey begins...
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Tsuiteru Kanojo (ENJOUJI Maki) 4.6

Tsuiteru Kanojo (Enjouji Maki)

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Our Shared Fate

308K Jan 21,16 Enjouji Maki

Yukimi has the misfortune of being very easily possessed by spirits, and realizes that she has been cursed with a guardian ghost. And so all of her dates with men end badly. When she goes to the temple to ask for an exorcism, the good-looking head priest suddenly proposes to her!? Is this lucky? Or unlucky?
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Tsuki ni Kiss no Hanataba wo 4.5

Tsuki Ni Kiss No Hanataba Wo

Vol.3 Ch.14

295.7K Jan 21,16 Kitagawa Miyuki

[From ShoujoMagic]: Kahara Hitomi met Nagatsuki Atsuya when she was a child, and they made a promise to see each other again, but Atsuya never showed up. Because of that unkept promise, Hitomi hasn't been able to trust any guy ever since. Although Atsuya broke Hitomi's heart, she can't stop thinking or dreaming about him--even now that she's a college student--and she secretly wants to find her
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Tsuki no Sabaku 5

Tsuki No Sabaku

Ch.4 : Snowflakes [End]

69.7K Jan 21,16 Kamei Takahide

From Storm in Heaven: Armageddon. The powerful weapon "Messiah" has ended the long war, leaving behind a barren wasteland. A boy wanders to the west, seeking the paradise that lies at the edge of the world. The man who created the weapon runs from those who would use him. Scattered by the winds of destruction, they meet and meet again.
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Tsuki no Waltz 4.9

Tsuki No Waltz : Story 2: Tsuki No Waltz

101.7K Jan 21,16 Mitsuki Kako

Contains 4 oneshots: 1) Itsuka no Tsuki de Aimashou When Riha goes to hospital to go see her father, who was just in an accident, she meets a boy, Nozomu-kun, who helps her find her way through the hospital so she can visit her father. After that day, they become great friends and possibly more… 2) Tsuki no Waltz Asakura Nariko is the daughter of a wealthy family in the Showa era. As the s
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Tsuki no Yoru 5

Tsuki No Yoru

Vol.1 Ch.1

57.6K Jan 21,16 Taniguchi Jiro

From Manga-Sketchbook: 14 pages short story which originally appeared in AERA COMIC'S "Nippon no Manga" anthology. To get anything other than the pretty pictures out of this short story, one should have read Natsume Souseki's Sanshiro.
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Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru 5

Tsuki To Mizu No Yoru

Vol.2 Ch.8.2 : Volume 2 Extra 2

114.3K Jan 21,16 KAJIWARA Niki

Meet the volatile Nakichi and peaceful Seita, the two water sprites that live in a river in the remote countryside. A chance encounter with the human child Yoshiharu reawakens the half -forgotten ties between water sprites and humans, and an amazing friendship is forged. Yet can this relationship survive the test when humans once again threaten the lives of these mythical beings?
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Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku 4

Tsuki Wa Yamiyo Ni Kakuru Ga Gotoku

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Castilla

156.2K Jan 21,16 Nakamura Shungiku

1-4) Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku The rumor goes that sometimes, late at night, a white monster appears, and if you should look upon it you'll be devoured. One night, Tetsu happens to glimpse the man behind the monster, and decides that the man would be the one to teach him the sword and allow him to take his revenge. However, the swordmaster Shino is hardly interested in taking on any stu
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Tsuki Yadoru 4.6

Tsuki Yadoru

Vol.1 Ch.9 : The Last Night [End]

196.2K Jan 21,16 Itsuki Kaname

Dramatic series about Keiji Mogami and his half-brother Naoya Amamiya who is suddenly adopted into Keiji's family which highly prizes martial arts prowess. Naoya is several years older, and therefore better at swordcraft than Keiji, but Keiji's mother pushes him to work hard in order to beat Naoya. Naoya himself seems nice at first, but then he begins to show Keiji a much, much darker side.
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Tsukimi no Soba 4.6

Tsukimi No Soba


53.1K Jan 21,16 Ogura Yuuya

I wanted to see you” are the words Kasugai Tenka wants to hear from a girl more than anything. And when the high school student hears it from Tsukimi, a girl literally out of this world, his life is about to get crazy. Tsukimi was a war general on the Moon, but she was exiled for the destruction she caused and her memory is wiped clean and she's changed into a bunny. She reminds Tenka that years
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Tsukiya 5



79.2K Jan 21,16 Kisaragi Hirotaka

From SP: Suou, a warrior, is indebted to a demon called Sakaki, who saved his life.
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Tsukiyo no Fromage 4.8

Tsukiyo No Fromage

Vol.2 Ch.17 : Run, Miu!

286.9K Jan 21,16 Tinkle

A guy is pulled into the world of an eroge through his dreams, however he has become the game's heroine.
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Tsukumo Tantei Jimusho e Youkoso 4.8

Tsukumo Tantei Jimusho E Youkoso

Vol.1 Ch.3

82.6K Jan 21,16 Isaka Juugorou

From Yaoi Shake Scans : The outstanding boys' high school student Miki Masami's not-so-outstanding part-time job is at the somewhat suspicious detective agency, "Tsukumo's Detective Office". His superiors, Jinnai Hajime and Kiuchi Kan, are very cool, but considerably eccentric individuals. Though he finds the days of Jinnai calling him the "destined child" troubling, what concerns Miki more is
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Tsukushite Agemasu 4.9

Tsukushite Agemasu

Vol.1 Ch.5 : My Hysterical Girl [End]

154.1K Jan 21,16 Toma Rei

Main story: Tsukushite Agemasu - Yuzuko’s a positive, always charming girl with the horrible habit of speaking out loud whatever is on her mind. Sometimes it's for the worst. Just when she’s done it again and insults someone, she’s saved by a drop dead gorgeous maid from the Maid & Butler café. Little does she know that the maid is none other than the high school "Ice Prince" hottie Itsuki... S
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Tsumamigui no Iiwake 4.4

Tsumamigui No Iiwake

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

46.2K Jan 21,16 MINAZUKI Akira

After the events in Shoga Hamu Mushi mo Sukisuki, Asahina followed Sano home to observe him while he’s working. Guess Sano never knew how innocent Asahina could be…Part of Canna’s volume 14 short project, Blushing Boys.Prequel:
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Tsumaranai Otoko 4.6

Tsumaranai Otoko

Vol.1 Ch.6 : A Trouble Man (A Boring Man Extra)

267.5K Jan 21,16 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

From PresenceDear: 1) A Boring Man After getting dumped, Hashimoto, an ordinary businessman, is approached by a popular and successful co-worker. 2) Sweet Room Kotobuki is famous on campus for his beauty and brains. Will he ever find a roommate who isn’t disillusioned when he sees what Kotobuki is really like? 3-4) Let’s Tie Hands Firmly When Atsushi quits his job in the city and retur
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Tsumi Koi 5

Tsumi Koi

Vol.1 Ch.5.5

170.3K Jan 21,16 Yoshinaga Yuu

Compilation of short stories: - Tsumi Koi / Sinful Love “If you want me to stay quiet, then have an affair with me too” Yashiro witnessed her classmate Maki, who is extremely popular with the girls, with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. Tired of her uninspiring days Yashino suggested that she become Maki’s “lover”, but because of these circumstances she finds herself being charmed by him and
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Tsumikabatsu 5


Vol.1 Ch.1 : 1St Flower - Beautiful Roses Need To Have That

53.5K Jan 21,16 Mikami Honemaru

"I am Kikyou! I'm working part-time in this cute little flower shop called "Tsumikabatsu". My boss, Baramon-san, is extremely popular with girls and he's a master at flower arrangements! He's a well-respected person. But, WHY does he have to stand so close to me... Aah, Boss, wait! Stop that!" I'm trying to introduce the story here, DON'T TAKE OFF MY PANTS!!!........So, so it's like that, please r
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Tsunbaka 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.0 : [Complete]

91K Jan 21,16 Yokota Takuma

A heart-warming tale of friendship, love and strength, Tsunbaka attempts to create a new archetype in the "tsun" genre of girls. Combining the fierceness of a "tsundere" and the air-headed/forgetfulness of a stupid "baka" girl, comes the titular type and character Tsunbaka. This manga focuses on her daily life and her best friend Boon, who helps and protects Tsunbaka, as well as the greatest suppo
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Tsutaeru Toiki 5

Tsutaeru Toiki

Vol.1 Ch.1

76.1K Jan 21,16 Miyazono Izumi

Shino became the librarian clerk she aspired to become but she is in a group with Tsuzuki, who gave her a very bad first impression. In the half year to come, she has to endure Tsuzuki's poisonous tongue and his mean heart. But although she hates him, when she is near him, her heartbeat quickens. One day, Shino kisses him in his sleep...?
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Tsuugaku Densha - Kimi to Boku no Heya 4

Tsuugaku Densha - Kimi To Boku No Heya

Vol.1 Ch.7

105.3K Jan 21,16 Tsukishima Sango

From Night Constellations: Morishita Haruna is a high schooler who has a crush on a guy, called "Haru" (by his friends), whom she had always seen at the train she rides on. One day, when waking up Haruna was shocked to see "Haru" sleeping in her bed! Neither one of them had known why "Haru" was there. After introducing themselves to each other Haruna knew that "Haru" is actually his surname and
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Tsuyogari (FUJIWARA Kiyo) 4.7

Tsuyogari (Fujiwara Kiyo)

Vol.1 Ch.0

67.1K Jan 21,16 Fujiwara Kiyo

Kikuchi Ima's first love was her sister's boyfriend, who is 11 years her senior. Nine years later, she meets him again ... and this time, he is her homeroom teacher. What will become of this one-sided love?
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