Kare ga Shoujo Manga wo Yomuriyuu 4.8

Kare Ga Shoujo Manga Wo Yomuriyuu

Vol.1 Chapter 1

77K Jan 22,16 Hattori Miki

From Intercross: Rinko really loves Jun-kun, a manga hero! Yet when Shin - a total playboy and the type Rinko dislikes - makes fun of her, she decides to...?!
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Kao ga Suki 4.7

Kao Ga Suki

Chapter 3

131K Jan 22,16 Iwa Chika

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Hajimari no Niina 4.8

Hajimari No Niina

Chapter 19.6 : Yasashii Te No Hira

626.9K Jan 22,16 Minamori Koyomi

From Shoujo Crusade: 10-year old Niina is special. This is because she has the memories of her past life as a girl named Chitose still intact. Among these memories is a promise with Chitose's boyfriend which Niina then decides to try and fulfill. But can she really? Includes the following one-shots: Koi Baka. (volume 1) Toda is a really smart girl but has no passion for anything. She admir
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Hiki 4.7


Vol.1 Chapter 5

93.4K Jan 22,16 Nangoku Banana

When a gang is lead to a mysterious wardrobe in the middle of a forest by a map found in a desk, their venture of curiosity might turn into something else... From Baka-Updates: While searching behind his desk drawer, Rin finds a hand drawn map of his neighborhood with a big X marking a specific spot. He doesn't recognize it, because he must have drawn it a long time ago, but he's curious to se
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InuYasha 4.8


Vol.56 Chapter 559 : Extra Chapter: Epilogue

13.1M Jan 21,16 Takahashi Rumiko

Read Inuyasha manga The Jewel accidentally shatters into many bits which are dispersed across Japan when a beast from that age attempts to take the magical Shikon Jewel embodied in Kagome. Inuyasha and Kagome begin traveling to regain it before all the shards are found by the strong demon Naraku. Inuyasha and Kagome develop several allies throu
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Gunners 4.2


Chapter 10

145.5K Jan 21,16 Tennouji Kitsune

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X/1999 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 1

1.1M Jan 21,16 Clamp,Ohkawa Ageha

From Viz: Kamui Shiro is a young man who was born with the power to decide the fate of the Earth itself--a destiny he can barely bring himself to believe. But as other players in the prophecy begin to gather around him--the "Seven Seals," with the power to protect the Earth, and the "Seven Harbingers," who are fated to destroy it--he has no choice but to come to terms with his fate. Note: Re
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Hetalia 4.5


Vol.4 Ch.15 : Track 15: Before The International Conference

636K Jan 21,16 Himaruya Hidekazu

It's World War I, and all countries are at war. Germany is in search for Italy, Rome's grandson, and take him captive. Instead... he finds a box of tomatoes? Oh, no, it's just useless Italy hiding. But there was one detail someone forgot to mention. Italy is annoying. So Germany couldn't be happier when he got rid of Italy at the end of war. Now it is World War II, everything is go
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Double Call 5

Double Call

Vol.8 Chapter 1.2

262.4K Jan 21,16 Hiiro Reiichi

Welcome to the world of baseball. Where there's an abundance of attractive athletic young men. The story is about a professional baseball team and the interaction of the members. Drama and comedy abound the different couples. A very long series and one of the most popular works of Reiichi Hiiro.
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Battle Angel Alita 4.8

Battle Angel Alita

Vol.9 Chapter 5.2 : Epilogue

4.9M Jan 21,16 Kishiro Yukito

Alita is a powerful cyborg with a soft heart and a mysterious past. Her second lease on life isn't easy: her heart is broken, she gains and loses friends to the cruel world of the Scrapyard far below the Utopian city of Tiphares, and she serves many masters in her quest to protect the innocent and create a new life for herself.
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Maico 2010 5

Maico 2010

Vol.4 Ch.8

240.5K Jan 21,16 Shimizu Toshimitsu

Maico is a charming young woman who also happens to be an android. Her creator built her to revitalize the flagging ratings for her radio station, as well as to probe the intricacies and weaknesses of the male libido. Maico quickly becomes entangled in a very human love triangle, not to mention the scandal and intrigue surrounding the station, its competitors, and the hordes of adoring fans that t
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Gacha Gacha 4.7

Gacha Gacha

Vol.16 Chapter 55 : Two And One

1M Jan 21,16 Tamakoshi Hiroyuki

Do not confuse with Gaccha Gacha. Lately, Kouhei can't get his friend Kurara out of his mind. Even though he has known her since elementary school, all of a sudden, ever since she came back from summer vacation, he has been crushing on her . . . hard. But something is different about Kurara-she's acting very oddly. Sometimes she seems wholesome, pure, and innocent, and at other times she is
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XY 3.5


Vol.1 Ch.4 : Oneshot - Glass Fruit

95.8K Jan 21,16 Tohjoh Asami

Nagisa and Takaya are cousins, both brought up by Takaya's mother since the death of Nagisa's mother. While Takaya is boy with a bright personality, Nagisa feels himself sullied, because his stepmother rapes him on a regular basis. An extra of this story can be found in Yoiko no Sumu Machi.
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Y+M 4.8


Vol.11 Ch.100V.2 : To The Clouds And Beyond [End]

1.1M Jan 21,16 Yamada Fuutarou

Vow of Vengeance. Seventeenth-century Japan: A rebellion in the Aizu teritory has been brutally crushed, leaving twenty one brave warriors dead and most of the nuns of the local convent slaughtered. Now the surviving nuns have sworn to seek revenge. They turn to the greatest swordsman of the land to train them so they can kill the ones who slew the men and the other nuns.
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Ya-ya-yah ga Yattekuru! 5

Ya-Ya-Yah Ga Yattekuru!

Vol.1 Ch.3

72.4K Jan 21,16 Kitazawa Kaoru

In the Taishou era, there was a girl named Kinako who loved to sing. However, her parents forbid her to sing, and forced her into an engagement! While running away from her engagement, she fainted. During the time she was unconscious, she traveled through time. She wakes up and finds herself in the modern age, where she is confronted by a group of rising idols?!
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Yaban no Sono 5

Yaban No Sono

Vol.2 Ch.14 : The Dark Festival

201.6K Jan 21,16 Nishikawa Rosuke

From Hidoi~! Translators: High-class Robotics School a.k.a. Kousen is a high school that professionalizes in robotics. Although they have won many robotic competitions, they are not very well known for anything. The story doesn't focus on the school itself, but revolves more around a boy named Kaneko (which is actually a girl's name) and his misfortune in the school. He is forced to cross-dress
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Yachin Hanbun no Ibasho desu 4.7

Yachin Hanbun No Ibasho Desu

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Don't Be So Strict

176.5K Jan 21,16 Asou Kai

From Shinmakoku Scanlations: 1. A Place for Half a Rent (Ch.1,2,3) “Want to come to my place?”. Despite being a little offended by those words, Shiraishi accepted Kanzaki’s kind offer and thus, they began their co-inhabitant and living under the same roof. Shiraishi, a hardworking college student with a smile that never leaves his face was actually worried about his boyfriend’s unfaithfulnes
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Yajuu de Hatsukoi 4.7

Yajuu De Hatsukoi

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Suteki Na Rihatsuten

228.9K Jan 21,16 Yamato Nase

This new story is a 3-chapter tale on an physically-overgrown, sports-dedicated, yet mentally-immature (yes, the dichotomy! I know! >
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Yaki Mochi Yaki na Koimonogatari 4.1

Yaki Mochi Yaki Na Koimonogatari

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Ibkei!

162.3K Jan 21,16 Anthology,Fujiwara Yoshiko,Kitagawa Miyuki,Nakahara Migiwa,Osakabe Mashin,Shimaki Ako,Yoshinaga Noriko

A collection of 6 different works by popular mangaka. Warning: first chapter contains rape.
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Yakkai na Bokura 5

Yakkai Na Bokura

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Chapters 3 And 4 End

97.3K Jan 21,16 Fuwa Shinri

Sequel to Itaike na Bokura (chapters 5-6). Sou and Keigo, who were already best friends have recently becomes lovers. Sou loses patience with Keigo who refuses to make any progress on their love life at all. To make matters worse Keigo actually forgets to bring a birthday present to Sou's party...!? Also in this book, there's a side-story about Sou's dad. It's Mamoru's and Hiroki's high school s
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Yakudate! Seishun. 4.8

Yakudate! Seishun.

Vol.1 Ch.6 : The Hot Blood Of Youth Extra ~ You're My Shining Star

181.3K Jan 21,16 Amagi Reno

Collection of short stories: 1) Yakudate Seishun Komori Atsuhiro loves his job cleaning, especially for the sexy writer Haidamaki Munesan. 2) Sakura Iro Mayama has always admired his boss Taki Buchou, but now he's having sexy dreams about him? 3) Shisen no Toriko Because of a unique psychological condition due to a childhood trauma, Chigara decides to become a nude male model. But wil
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Yakusoku no Yokan 5

Yakusoku No Yokan

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

79.6K Jan 21,16 Sakura Sakuya

Can a male escort find love with a needy author?
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Yakyuu Tengoku 5

Yakyuu Tengoku

Vol.1 Ch.1

64.3K Jan 21,16 Mamahara Ellie

Number 4 Ogata, who is on a professional baseball team, is very popular. Uno, who has a natural gift and is a cute junior, is secretly in love with Ogata. When Ogata finds out, Uno attacks with full force?!! Resisting, Ogata makes a bet: "To be my lover, you have to play a perfect game!!" A mixed public and private love game during the baseball match!
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