Nijisanji Id Days

Chapter 20

46.4K May 28,23 Angon623

Anyone would want to have another life outside of their own, but since life is a reality, it will be hard to do so. When finding and joining NIJISANJI ID, a dimension outside of their world opens to greet them from a world they consider to be a Virtual dimension, and starts their new daily lives as Virtual Livers. We stream every day! Find NIJISANJI ID Livers on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!
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Be My Dog 2.2

Be My Dog

Chapter 51

190.9K May 28,23 MO Chong

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Spring for the Headless Prince 3.7

Spring For The Headless Prince

Chapter 39

351K May 28,23 Reqina Veleka

The young princess Sheena is desperate to save her struggling kingdom from poverty. One day, an enticing invitation letter offering wealth in exchange for her hand in marriage. It's a once in a lifetime chance for her Kingdom; the only problem is, prince charming has no head!
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The Boy of Death 4.5

The Boy Of Death

Chapter 110

25.4M May 28,23 Ryu (류)

Lee Kyung Ho’s mind was engulfed with ending his life due to bullying and the loss of his mother. He attempts to, but is saved. His determination to commit suicide somehow entices Sierra, a grim reaper who later offers him a contract. This contract blesses him with the ability to borrow the powers of the dead in their previous life in return of sacrificing years from his lifespan. For the sa
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Itsuwari no Marigold 4.7

Itsuwari No Marigold

Chapter 2

4.5K May 28,23 Sasuke

Kasumi Hana travels to meet her deceased older brother’s penpal, Urushizawa Lily, with the aim to inform her of his passing.As well as the intent to kill her, if Urushizawa had only been using him.But when they meet, instead Hana finds a woman who truly loved her late brother, and who has lost her eyesight.For Lily’s sake, she resolves to take her brother’s place.
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Under Ninja 4.6

Under Ninja

Vol.2 Chapter 17: The Deadly Work Of A Ninja

783.5K May 28,23 Hanazawa Kengo

Even in this day and age, Ninjas walk among us, hide within plain sight, still waiting for their mission orders. However, for some, it takes much longer to receive orders than others! Meet Kumogakure Kurō, a NEET and a Ninja. After being a long time without work, he finally receives orders from the higher ups!
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Flowers Find a Way to Bloom 3.3

Flowers Find A Way To Bloom

Chapter 77

350.8K May 28,23 Carpexd , Epictaco

this is R15 version licensed on manta.
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I've Become the Villainous Empress of a Novel 4.5

I've Become The Villainous Empress Of A Novel

Chapter 144

18.6M May 28,23 San-yang,Miraenabi

After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself transmigrated inside a novel as the villainous Empress Julia, who will be executed for treason in three days. This is a project to find a way for the workaholic empress to live, to exact her revenge and prevent treason from happening. Will I be able to become a good and wise ruler?
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Even If… 4.9

Even If…

Chapter 43

790.9K May 28,23 Seo Hye-eun , Nam Jang-hyun

Even if it isn't love, it's still you. Woohyun lives life on autopilot as a high-ranking member of a crime syndicate. But all that changes when his sister, conned by her boyfriend, commits suicide. Wanting revenge, Woohyun targets the boyfriend's sister, Yoohwa. But as their lives collide, she slowly weakens his resolve... and his heart.Even If It's Not /
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Master On Saturday's 3.6

Master On Saturday's

Chapter 5

10.2K May 28,23 Seom Onhwa

•This series relies heavily on honorific's, it's part of the storytelling. •The series is under the tag "비욘드 하드코어" which means beyond hardcore. Meaning this series is not suitable for everyone and can be very extreme
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Call me the Devil 4.7

Call Me The Devil

Chapter 57

1.2M May 28,23 Ante , Jayang , sun_ah

Like other devils of his kind, Hyeonshin has adapted to the modern world to consume the Deadly Sin, Pride. Working as a plastic surgeon means there's always more than enough ego around him to feed off of. There's just one small problem: because of past trauma, he has an overwhelming repulsion toward blood! Luckily, a solution appears in the form of a plucky human named Ina, whose eyes seem to have
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It's Over! Empress’ Husband is Actually Invincible 4.4

It's Over! Empress’ Husband Is Actually Invincible

Chapter 149

3.7M May 28,23 番茄漫画

Xiao Tian, a human on earth, was summoned by Empress Zi Ruoyan to the Great Yan Dynasty to become her husband at the time of life and death, and got a "Strongest Supreme System", but Xiao Tian only wanted to be the ultimate soft rice prince of the Empress! So he resolutely rejected the system, but he didn't expect that the strong system's style of painting would suddenly change into a "dog-licking
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I’m Engaged to an Obsessive Male Lead 4.1

I’M Engaged To An Obsessive Male Lead

Chapter 74

2.9M May 28,23 Shuroop

Read manhwa I'm Engaged to an Obsessive Male Lead / One day, Veillyn Orlando comes to the realization that she's been living the last 21 years as a side character in a BL novel and is fated to die in one year! In light of this, Veillyn decides to escape her abusive family and live out the rest of her days in peace. However, her only way out is getting engaged to the male lead of the novel, Jella
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Just Give it to Me 3.6

Just Give It To Me

Chapter 199

8.9M May 28,23 Jica

Havi is the girl who has it all. Money, looks, boys, you name it. She's got everything she could ever want... except for one thing. Her new boyfriend's virginity! Eager to have some fun with the guy she's hounded for a year, will Havi finally have her way with Yul? Or is getting this docile boy into bed more than she bargained for?!
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North by Northwest 4.4

North By Northwest

Chapter 45

2.9M May 28,23 송윤

A famous pirate in the southern oceans, “Lil Shades” During her peaceful journey, a shocking news falls upon her. “The admiral is coming.” There were chills on her back despite the hot weather. Lil took her eyes off her hands and looked up at Alain. She’d heard him, but sahe wanted to check again.
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Love Blossoms in Hwawol Valley 4.1

Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley

Chapter 45

341.1K May 28,23 Keihong,Park sung sil

Sewol's search for a miraculous medicinal plant to save her sick sister Dewol brings her all the way to Hwawol Tang, a flower shop run by Woonwu. Little does she suspect that Woonwu is actually a divine god, the dandy son of the Jade Emperor. Woonwu has been kicked out of the heavens by his father for his misdeeds and is living in exile in Hanyang. As punishment, he cannot set one foot outside Han
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The Legendary Fossil 4.2

The Legendary Fossil

Chapter 75

8.4M May 28,23 Abyu,Cheong jeong

Ashley Lute, who finally came back home after three years of grueling adventure, returned to the Academy at the request of her sister Carneline. Already famous as the only returning student, she tried to finish her remaining years at the Academy in peace. In addition to that, as the Second Prince Luke and the young lady of the Vellock Duchy approach her, the attention on the newcomer grows even mo
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Don’t Say You Love Me 4.4

Don’T Say You Love Me

Chapter 88.5

3M May 28,23 Xi Yu’er

I treated you as a brother, so how could you just confess to me?! I only wanted to avoid you but ended up getting you hurt in an accident. I'm sorry. If I had another chance, I definitely wouldn't run away again. However… that chance came so fast. I suddenly travelled back three years ago and met you again. The you who doesn't yet know me.
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Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again 3.4

Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again

Chapter 16

350.4K May 28,23 书耽网 , 糖糕很甜

Qianfu You You You Xiang FuhunleYe Linghan's words turned Ji Ran from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured the rejection reaction after changing his physique, endured Ye Linghan's repeated injuries, and after Ye Linghan divorced him, he turned and left heartbroken.And Ye Linghan, who got his wish, looked at the empty villa, and suddenly came to his senses
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The East Wind of the Altas 4.1

The East Wind Of The Altas

Chapter 25

1.3M May 28,23 Ziseo , Tappytoon Studio

The people of Genevu always pay their debts. So when peasant girl Claire throws herself under Marquess Balt Morenheitz's favorite horse, forcing him to kill the animal to save her life, she must repay him by spending a night in his bed. But Balt isn't satisfied with just one night and moves Claire and her family to live at his palace so that she can "service" him whenever he pleases. However, Clai
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Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online 3.8

Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online

Chapter 202

1.4M May 28,23 五彩石漫画社 , 진수윤(까망소금)

He is the top-tier White Lotus loved by the transmigration system. He relies on a pure and innocent appearance to play with other people's hearts as he transmigrates through various worlds. Watch as he stages a fantastic drama presenting the reunion of a couple after separation, the seduction of the Film Emperor and overbearing Emperors becoming infatuated with him in succession. But after that, h
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Rollover Guide for Overlord Type of Princess 3.5

Rollover Guide For Overlord Type Of Princess

Chapter 94

717.8K May 28,23 昆吾文化

My name is Ruan Qing, a domineering president of the 21st century accidentally travels back to ancient times, and is preparing to use his strong business ability to make a fortune…… “What?” “Marry!” “Male concubine? Men can also be a princess?” “I’m a dignified president, but I’m going to marry someone?” == Xuan Jingyao “This king………………From today, I will be your husband!” Ruan Qing: “…………” Xuan Ya
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Beipo Chengwei Fanpai Zhuixu 3.6

Beipo Chengwei Fanpai Zhuixu

Chapter 489

8.5M May 28,23 Yoousi

I was judged by Lord Yama in hell because I gave a hasty bad ending to my novel he loves and stopped updating it. As a result, I was sent to the world of my novel as a villain and the matrilocal husband of the infanta. However, the life of going against the original protagonist and encountering girls is actually not that bad..
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