Eternal First God 4.5

Eternal First God

Chapter 127

4,411,021 Jun 26,22 风青阳

Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can't stop himself from laughing! Why? Because his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth! That teeny weeny little chick over there is actually the eternal Infernal Phoenix that eats suns! His black cat is the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend that refines worlds with its lightning. The cockroach, well, it's the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast t
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Emperor of Nine Suns 4.4

Emperor Of Nine Suns

Chapter 178: The Ice And Fire Combo

2,768,092 Jun 26,22 Dxd A&C

Lu Xuan, a mad ruler of the five emperors, was killed in a sneak attack by his friend, Zhuo Yang Emperor, after exhausting everything in defeating the Vault Demon Emperor, the world's number one expert. Although things have changed three hundred years after his rebirth, his hatred has not disappeared. Let's see how Lu Xuan, who has been reborn, rises again to stir up a storm and dominate t
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The Boy in a Girls' Academy 2.6

The Boy In A Girls' Academy

Chapter 35: 35

140,547 Jun 26,22 Chen Guojian

In girls' school filled with jaw-dropping beauties, here comes a new male student!!! Perhaps in the eyes of others, this would be a dream-like paradise, but in reality, the future is completely unimaginable…
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The Hero Returns 4.7

The Hero Returns

Chapter 33

6,262,399 Jun 26,22 Ant Studio,Black Ajin

The strongest hero of humanity, Kim Sung Bin. He threw everything on the line and fought… but he still couldn't prevent the destruction of the world. However, his legend has just begun as he returns 20 years into the past. “I'll definitely… kill it this time.” Now fully equipped with overwhelming power and experi
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Martial Peak 4.7

Martial Peak

Chapter 2353

323,723,868 Jun 26,22 Momo (ii)

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you break through and and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey.One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road t
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Oh My Savage Princess! 4.4

Oh My Savage Princess!

Chapter 172

2,157,399 Jun 26,22 Updating

The Queen of Hell travelled through time and space and took position of a human's body! What?! I'm the weak Princess Royal? Not any more! For those who bullied “me” before, go to hell! I mean… literally. And for handsome who won't bow to me?! Alas, it won't happen! I am the Queen of Hell. I always get the man i want even if he is so dead!
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Love Me Gently, Bossy CEO 4.4

Love Me Gently, Bossy Ceo

Chapter 256

8,274,491 Jun 26,22 Updating

Love Me Gently, Bossy CEOStep-mother’s bullied you, ex-boyfriend betrayed you, what should you do? Swallow everything down to your belly and live silently? Or fight back for yourself?!
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My Chubby Princess 4.6

My Chubby Princess

Chapter 176

6,436,215 Jun 26,22 iCiyuan

English- The 21st Century genius Doctor and Assassin, Suddenly transmigrated into the Third Miss of Duke Residence, but became the infamous ugly and fat cripple? Unbeknownst to all, when her cold eyes open, ten thousands beats submit to her. She steps upon the evil woman and bastard man. She transform into a top ranked summoner and fight everyone in her way whether they are god or devil! As she ha
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Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki 4.6

Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou No Moto Ouji Ni Tsuki

Chapter 84

23,254,284 Jun 26,22 Karayumi,Haraguchi Fuuta

Ars, the prince of the Kingdom of Karitz, who was called the strongest wizard, died at a young age. But on the verge of death, he uses reincarnation magic. Reincarnated as Wals Sai, a slave with the best body! Wals, who became the escort of a princess in a small country, became a matchless slave who used his best body and magic to crush all enemies! From "Become a Novelist"! A fantasy ad
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Regina Rena – To the Unforgiven 4.5

Regina Rena – To The Unforgiven

Chapter 33

1,296,742 Jun 26,22 Updating

레지나레나 - 용서받지 못한 그대에게 / Regina Rena - to the Unforgiven "I'll give you a chance. A chance to be forgiven." The father sold his daughter. And the daughter returned from hell. In an empire with a diversity of the living and the dead, the young Lena Rubel was destined to die as a sacrifice for her father. But six years later, the girl who everyone thought had died, came back to life. Taki
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Days 4.7


Vol.41 Chapter 359: Hero

23,825,657 Jun 26,22 Yasuda Tsuyoshi

Two boys met on a stormy night: Tsukushi, a boy with no special traits at all, and Jin, a soccer genius. On that night, Jin drags Tsukushi into the world of high-school soccer. It was nominated for Best Shōnen Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards. The series was number twelve in the Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2014.
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The Princess Doctor’s Revenge 3.6

The Princess Doctor’S Revenge

Chapter 64: Should I Snatch The Prince?

225,445 Jun 26,22 Ake Culture

Having survived by transmigrating into the past, only to die for a bowl of her heart's blood?! The worst part about the whole thing is the combined efforts of a cheating b*stard and a two-faced b*tch to torture her body and torment her heart. That cheating scum even planned to harvest her body as medicine in order to treat the back-stabbing woman. D*mn it, only a crazy person would not go red
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Modern Konosuba (Doujinshi) 3.6

Modern Konosuba (Doujinshi)

Vol.0.1 Chapter 36: Extra Edition - Behind The 1Rst Episode

304,731 Jun 26,22 Izawa

Ever wondered what would happen if the characters from the series Konosuba were put in a Modern setting?Well here you have the answer!!!---**Note:** All rights of Konosuba belong to their original author Natsume Akatsuki and its illustrator Mishima Kurone.---**Links:**- ( (
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The Consort and Her Celestial Vine 4.3

The Consort And Her Celestial Vine

Chapter 114: Well-Deserved Victory

409,437 Jun 26,22 Bi Ciyuan Comics

A beautiful president spends five billion to acquire a mysterious ancient vine which unexpectedly sends her to another magical dimension! She finds herself weak and incapable of cultivating. Additionally, she's constantly bullied by her cousin! Nevertheless, with the ancient vine with her, she becomes capable of absorbing Heaven and Earth's energy to tame magical beasts! ‘Hmm? I'm so powerful, whi
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Martial God Asura 4.6

Martial God Asura

Chapter 582

40,723,295 Jun 26,22 善良的小蜜蜂啊

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.
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Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! 4.2

Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita!

Chapter 97

2,409,167 Jun 26,22 Mukunoki Nanatsu

Miyako is a super-shy girl in college. One day, her younger sister brings home a super-cute girl named Hana, and Miyako totally falls for her! These are her misadventures in trying to awkwardly get closer to Hana.
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Hoarding in Hell 4.7

Hoarding In Hell

Chapter 35

10,987,264 Jun 26,22 Coby,코기베어,김동훈

Kang Hyunmoo is a dirt-poor man whose dreams of becoming a hunter were torn apart. But one day, while he was dreaming of getting rich quick, something appeared in front of him… [Difficulty: Hell. You are entering the Star of Apocalypse.] “…What?” He'll now be monopolizing items and skills in a future Earth overrun with monsters!
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Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi 4.7

Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi

Chapter 54: Feverish Daydream

7,200,699 Jun 26,22 Naitou Marcey

Kamihate Uryuu, orphaned since childhood, receives an invitation to stay at the local Shinto shrine. All he wanted was a quiet place to study so that he can fulfill his dream of making it into a top medical school, but after arriving there, he comes across three beautiful shrine maiden sisters... and the head priest requests that he marry one of them and take over the shrine. A tale of love and mi
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The Gamer 4.5

The Gamer

Chapter 430

116,110,230 Jun 26,22 Sung San-young, Sang-ah

The Gamer manga is a webtoon manhwa composed by Sung Sang-Young and illustrated by Sangah Nevertheless, once the primary protagonist, Han Jee-Han, realises that there's before him saying that he's eventually become a game character, a dialogue box, supernatural events begin occurring Han Jee-Han (Hanjihan) also referred to as "The Gamer" is
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The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything! 4.3

The Ultimate Heal Heals Everything!

Chapter 18: Rino And Minya

485,685 Jun 26,22 Fuji Nanarou,Tachibana Natsuka

Due to a certain trauma, the young Lars who lost his family started practicing the use of the recovery magic "Heal" in earnest. Even after 10 years, though, his Heal is considered but a basic spell and the townsfolk see him as a burden for the village. And so, he finally resolves to leave. But wait, his Heal has more than meets the eye...? By meeting Rino, a young girl living in the new land he fi
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I Log In Alone 4.6

I Log In Alone

Chapter 139

22,381,184 Jun 26,22 인타임

11-year-old Jung Si-woo never had any friends, because there was nothing interesting about him. He lived an average life as an average person in an average world. But suddenly, the earth faced a great change when Mysterious floating 'Sky Castles' appeared.  The 'Sky Castles' granted some people wings and powers, but unfortunately, Si-woo wasn't one of them.
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Lord of the Universe 2.5

Lord Of The Universe

Chapter 294

540,571 Jun 26,22 Updating

Ye Chen, the ancient god who crossed from modern world to Nan Zhou, became the master of Yi hong yuan. On the way to Bei Di, he promised to help the Snow Maiden's saints to get out of trouble, but did not expectand wxlf is the best.The Lord of No Boundary / The Lord of No Boundary
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Am I Invincible 4.7

Am I Invincible

Chapter 74

5,710,181 Jun 26,22 Bilibili,戏柳先生

He always thought he was a mortal, but he didn't know that his yard was full of artifacts and the chickens he raised were even phoenixes! It was only after five years of living in a mortal town that the system finally let him go in contact with cultivators. It was then that he discovered that no matter how strong people were, when they saw him at that moment, they would be scared to death and
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