Rebuild World 4.8

Rebuild World

Chapter 72

18M Jan 30,23 Kirihito Ayamura,Nafuse

At the risk of his own life, a young man sets foot in the ruins of a devastated old world. His name is Akira, and in order to claw his way out of the hellhole that is his birthplace of Slumtown, the boy became a hunter. In the wastelands he happens upon a strange woman, standing perfectly still, stark naked. She is beautiful, but it seems that only he can see her. She exists incorporeal, tan
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The Secret of the Friendly Duke 4.6

The Secret Of The Friendly Duke

Chapter 43

4.1M Jan 30,23 Sojyu

“Help me, Zion!” Noelle Miceria is the bastard daughter of a noble family and suffers abuse by everyone in the house. One day, Noelle overhears her father's terrible plan. That night she asked the help of her friend Zion who came to visit the family. When she came to my senses, the people who bullied her had been killed. The culprit was Zion, turns out that he knew how to wield mag
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Space Juggernaut 5

Space Juggernaut

0 Jan 30,23 Clancey Fajardo

Wanderer, imposing, somewhere in the vast void of space, Rendezvous awaits! The only space station built inside a living being, where the best scientists, warriors, explorers and engineers of the galaxy live.Follow the adventures of the Rendezvaj against the galaxy's major enemy; The Raccoon-race "preservation" Federation in this epic Space Opera.
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Game Rules 5

Game Rules

0 Jan 30,23 Yutiseuteu (유티스트)

Siwoo, who felt bored with the game, began to turn his attention to the actual fight.He tried to conquer the school by using his abilities, but was defeated by Seol-pyo "Hong Min-jae".For a rematch with him, Siwoo joins the martial arts club ""Lalaparuza"....
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Mahou Shoujo Misoji 5

Mahou Shoujo Misoji

0 Jan 30,23 Sakura Yume

A story about a 35-year old OL that one day out of the blue turns into a magical girl.
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Rise From The Rubble 4.6

Rise From The Rubble

Chapter 149

31.2M Jan 30,23 Bei Mu Liuhuo , Kaite Dongman

10 years after the meteorite hit earth, S starts to face Monsters that they have never seen before, Zuo fan, had a title [ traitor's child ],among all of the level 1 star Warrior the most useless one escaped, he awaken in a scheme plot by someone while hunting the monsters on the battlefield, he awakened a system! Since then he started to walk on the path to find the reason and truth behind hi
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Devil Sword King 4.4

Devil Sword King

Chapter 290

28.7M Jan 30,23 Sogumi,Min-Chae Na

A boy lives two lives: a young leader in a magical world and a high-schooler in reality. And he’s determined to live in both! Dive into this action-packed martial art fusion comic!
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Prince Azumahiko 3

Prince Azumahiko

0 Jan 30,23 Prince Raden Adihikoあ

Web manga, alternate version and semi-NSFW version of Prince Akihiko. Prince Azumahiko's journey with his sword princess and gf, princess Akoreaeve-Achan to become a respected prince and great classical pianist in futuristic Aippon empire at 27th century. He wants to achieve all of that, meanwhile at the same time, the empire and world threatened from other unimaginable dark force empires.
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Yakumo Tatsu 4.4

Yakumo Tatsu

Chapter 48.1

326.6K Jan 30,23 ITSUKI Natsumi

Kuraki Fuzuchi is a quiet young man who has immense psychic powers and sword skills. He later meets Takeo Nanachi, a college student with similar latent powers. The story opens with Nanachi traveling to a small shrine in the mountains for a festival that only occurs every 49 years in order to purify his (now deceased) grandfather’s sword. There he meets Kuraki and later accidentally stumbles
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Maiwai 5


0 Jan 30,23 Mochizuki Minetaro

Pirates like we see them in books or movies, do they really exist? Young Funako Yamato, martial art expert and daughter of a traditional fisherman will discover it against her will...Everything begins when some strange fellows kidnap her and she ends in middle of the ocean on a boat purchase by the police. Katou, a mysterious character, is looking for a fabulous treasure hidden on a desert isl
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The tutorial tower of the advanced player 4.7

The Tutorial Tower Of The Advanced Player

Chapter 149

42.1M Jan 30,23 방구석김씨 / 오마감

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The Story of a Couple That Lives on a School Rooftop 5

The Story Of A Couple That Lives On A School Rooftop

0 Jan 30,23 Hashimoto Kurara

A manga about a couple spending their lives as ghosts on a school rooftop.
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Love-Shower for the Twisted Flower 3

Love-Shower For The Twisted Flower

0 Jan 30,23 Tobi Washio

When Kyousuke was heartbroken and getting drunk at a bar, he was invited by the refreshingly handsome Touma, and they ended up spending the night together in a drunken mood. However, the next morning, Touma confessed that he's been watching Kyousuke for a long time. Knowing that Touma is younger than him, Kyousuke, who likes older men, ran away from the place. But no matter how many times he rejec
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Kyou Kara Mirai 4.3

Kyou Kara Mirai

Chapter 20: The Future Starts Now

909.2K Jan 30,23 Yoshitomi Akihito

High school girl Miku confesses to her childhood friend Kyouko, asking that she give her reply before they graduate. Until that happens, however, Miku gives Kyouko the freedom to do whatever she wants with her.
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Tsubame Tip Off! 3.5

Tsubame Tip Off!

Vol.4 Chapter 35

907.8K Jan 30,23 Hiroya Watanuki

A new highschool student with a complex about her height - Tsubame.<br><br>Being unathletic and clumsy she seeks to join a cultural club, and despite her height she gives off the persona of a small and shy girl. Enter her upperclassman, Ibis, a small girl with a big presence, who suddenly invites her to the basketball club?!
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Shinozaki kun no Mente Jijou 4.7

Shinozaki Kun No Mente Jijou

Vol.6 Chapter 21

388.1K Jan 30,23 Burio Michiru

Shinozaki is just an ordinary, everyday office worker burdened by the very normal worry that he might be a bit "off his head." One day, he's approached by a strange woman named Yuuyake who proceeds to explain that her magician grandmother had long ago enchanted his body… causing him to have a lot of internal machinery?! Apparently, he has to start receiving regular maintenance to stop himself
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Trump 4.1


Chapter 396: [Season4] Ep. 142

4.8M Jan 30,23 Lee Chae-Eun

The story takes the place in the world where using the magical powers is natural. Hiasen, the son of Ran, is raised by the powerful wizard, Kasin, who is also a friend of Ran. The story begins with the time when Hiasen asked Kasin to send him to the school for a gift of Melly Day (February 29th, comes in every 4 years).
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Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen 4.7

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen

Chapter 443: Cramped

3.6M Jan 30,23 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

The Summary is updating... The Kaiji series is divided into five parts: 1. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji 2. Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji 3. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji 4. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen 5. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen
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Build Up 4.6

Build Up

Chapter 93: Episode 93

9.9M Jan 30,23 911

Kang Maru is just an ordinary kid who likes what kids like and plays what kids play, But one day he was forced to watch a Football World Cup instead of an animation, simply because his father is a fan and is the owner of the TV set. At a glance of that said sports, he was mesmerized and fixated to a game of football that his heart is racing because of the intensity of that sports, unbeknownst to h
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My S-Rank Party Fired Me for Being a Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, but They're Artifact Class! 4.3

My S-Rank Party Fired Me For Being A Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, But They're Artifact Class!

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Gaile's Cursed Tools

2.1M Jan 30,23 Lagun

The manga version of one of Shōsetsuka ni Narō's most popular isekai fantasy novels!Gaile, a Cursificer, is left penniless when he's expelled from his party as soon as they reach S Rank. Apparently he wasn't contributing enough?! But they hadn't realized that his cursed items outperform even holy relics and legendary equipment!Gaile decides to try to make a living on his own off of his cur
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I don’t write what I should write 2.5

I Don’T Write What I Should Write

Chapter 58

0 Jan 30,23 Dara , Kim Byung Gwan

An unknown man in the military visiting room and a woman who kissed him out of anger who witnessed her cheating boyfriend, with In-ha's help, she wrote a novel based on that experience and made a splendid debut, but her joy fell into a slump. I'm a romance writer, but I can't write about romance ! In front of such a soft heart, our debut muse, Inha, appeared again! Yeorin suddenly lets Inha, who i
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Peerless Battle Spirit 4.4

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 544

44.6M Jan 30,23 立群君&神域动漫

In the Canglan Continent, only those that who manage to awaken a Martial Spirit can walk on the path of cultivation. In this world, only those with stronger martial spirits can communicate with the heavens and earth. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awak
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Soul Land IV - The Ultimate Combat 4.6

Soul Land Iv - The Ultimate Combat

Chapter 379.5

66.4M Jan 30,23 Tang Jia San Shao

Following with nearly extinct Spirit Beasts and Soul Masters Joint force and archieve peace. 10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss plane. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and spirit beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. The humans of Douluo Plane conqu
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