Isekai Kenkokuki 4.9

Isekai Kenkokuki

Chapter 63

95M Dec 12,23 Sakuragi Sakura

A protagonist reborn in another world. Apparently he had been reincarnated as an abandoned child. Before his eyes were abandoned children like him. In order to survive, he led them into farming. Little by little, orphans gathered, and upon hearing rumors of a village, others began to migrate. The group that had been nothing but children had become a village before anyone realized. And then various
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World’s Apocalypse Online 4.8

World’S Apocalypse Online

Chapter 262

48.6M Dec 12,23 Fireworks Becomes a City , Six One

World Apocalypse arrives, the game which Human's been playing suddenly emerge on Earth. In the Despair Gu Qing Cheng succeed in time traveling back in hope to change this destiny. Time flows, he found out the apocalypse is not what it seems to be...
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Ura Omote no Koiwazurai 3.2

Ura Omote No Koiwazurai

Chapter 6

158.4K Dec 12,23 Matsumoto Yoh

Igarashi Ryou has good looks and the perfect job at a bank. He even has a fuck buddy, Takakura Asahi, a charming and stylish older man. They’re madly in love—or so Ryou believes—so he decides to take the next step: he proposes! “I’m not looking for that kind of relationship.” He gets totally rejected, shattering his pride and heart!Ryou throws himself into his work, hoping to forget all ab
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Raga of Withered Branches 3.7

Raga Of Withered Branches

Chapter 76

5.1M Dec 12,23 Updating

Raga of Withered Branches,  ,   Melody of The Deadwood Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse personalities, they force Alkeris to live, claiming that Alkeris is the oath of their lives. I can make you happy. So, don&#
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Hectopascal 4.7


Chapter 62

5.7M Dec 12,23 Beopeoling

Park Han-jun, once called a legend, was frustrated because he had nothing to lose anymore is given a huge amount of money.An eye for an eye. An eye for a tooth! I’ll make you pay for what I’ve gone through!As his rage explodes, he’ll get his sweet revenge and make them pay as much as they deserve!
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Bad Ending Maker 4.2

Bad Ending Maker

Chapter 29

4.2M Dec 12,23 Oilgu, Ryu Eun Garam, SHIM Jae Yeong

“Please write your resignation, Mr. Mincheol.” He was fired overnight from the job he devoted his youth to for opposing the management's policy to add a payment system in the game. That's how his life as the Development Director of Wings Online came to an end. It's a game I made and a world I made, so... I'm the only one who finishes this world. I will become the final boss myself and end
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My Dear Fishmen 4.3

My Dear Fishmen

Chapter 20

73.7K Dec 12,23 내가 사랑한 물고기

Read manhwa The Mermaid I Loved / / The Fish I Loved / My Beloved Mermaid / My Beloved FishAt the age of 12, when he experienced his first difficulty in breathing, Kai realized he was a merman from that day onward. Despite avoiding love due to the emergence of scales at the touch of a woman's hand, Kai lives a resilient life as a self-imposed loner and he chooses to never date while facing lone
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Chords of Affection: The Icy Monarch’s Love 4.4

Chords Of Affection: The Icy Monarch’S Love

Chapter 18

59.5K Dec 12,23 NAGAO Yuki

Read manga Chords of Affection: The Icy Monarch's Love / Reiketsu Kunshu wa Chouai wa Utahime no Tame ni / Ayesha, the princess of a border kingdom, loses her divine singing voice after falling into the clutches of ruthless. bandits who ravage her homeland. As hope for her survival dwindles, salvation emerges in the form of Grand Duke Victor, the monarch of the most powerful country. While Ayesha
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Usotsuki to Hatsukoi 3.5

Usotsuki To Hatsukoi

Vol.1 Chapter 4

67.5K Dec 12,23 Hiya

Izumi realizes from a young age that his romantic orientation is towards the same sex. Even when he becomes an adult, he hides that fact, and pretends to be like everyone else.One day, on his way home from a business dinner, he gets embraced by a young man who exclaims ""It's you, Kou-kun, isn't it...?! I've always wanted to meet you!"" The guy in question is his friend he had lost contact wit
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He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway 4.5

He’S A Supporting Character But I Love Him Anyway

Chapter 117

7.9M Dec 12,23 단디,소다파이

"Let's cherish each other!" The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don't play hard to get! I am Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved in a car accident. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside of a novel! It's shocking but I couldn't believe I met the supporting character whom I
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My Introverted Boy 4.8

My Introverted Boy

Chapter 26

265.3K Dec 12,23 Na

Read manhwa My Introverted BoyNowadays the MBTI is a very popular personality test in a bunch of countries like South Korea, this categorizes each person in a certain group corresponding to the way they think, feel and express their emotions. This takes us to a secondary school where the most popular and handsome guy "Jaehyuk", who is actually totally an introverted with difficulties to understand
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Bride of Obsidian 4.6

Bride Of Obsidian

Chapter 16

818.5K Dec 12,23 Blue Green, Wang Bora

A miserable life where even dreams of love were out of reach. The night I tried to end my life from the exhaustion of my joyless marriage, a special invitation arrived unexpectedly. is a luxurious party attended by only the most outstanding people. A place where they can meet a marriage partner solely based on "true love" while concealing their face and status."If you were granted the
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Genius Corpse-Collecting Warrior 4.7

Genius Corpse-Collecting Warrior

Chapter 8

9.4K Dec 12,23 Hyeonggwang Yeonpil , Coramel

It has already been two years since I possessed a character in this insanely difficult game. In order to go back to Earth, I have no choice but to stop the downfall of this world and reach the ending of this game. [You have collected the body of a "pathetic soldier." Inheriting abilities.] [Inherited rewards: Stamina +1, Proficiency +1, Dehaman's Armored Combat (D)] I will see through to the end o
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Yuan Zun 4

Yuan Zun

Chapter 556-6

91.4M Dec 12,23 Future Days Media

"A teenager holds a pen, while a dragon dances; Chaos surrounds the world, lighting the sky. In this world, will the python swallow the dragon, or will the saint dragon rise?!"
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The Princess Doesn’t Want To Marry Her Ideal Type 4.4

The Princess Doesn’T Want To Marry Her Ideal Type

Chapter 80

4.9M Dec 12,23 Updating

"My youngest daughter." "Yes, Father."  "This Father swears. That at any cost I'll find your particular, complicated, and confusing ideal type!" "Yes, Father." The third Duchess Kiriel Empoleon of the empire's greatest knight family Empoleon, while responding without interest, thought, 'As if a person like that would exist when in the first
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Amazing Rumor 4.1

Amazing Rumor

Chapter 144

592.7K Dec 12,23 Jangyi , Jang E

In this world and the next, both good and evil exist. But who do you call when evil spirits from the afterlife escape to prey on innocent human lives? You call the Counters, people with supernatural abilities, who also happen to run a noodle shop. When one's killed, an ordinary high school student is unexpectedly chosen to take their place. The seemingly mundane life of So Mun takes a drastic turn
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A Wife’s Sweet Revenge 4.2

A Wife’S Sweet Revenge

Chapter 112

2M Dec 12,23 JYUN , Mana

Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that Dayoung swore revenge. She begins to systematically destroy their lives as they did hers, but what happens when someone
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Kissing You Before Going To Bed

Chapter 6

6.3K Dec 12,23 Lee Chaeun

Read manhwa KISSING YOU BEFORE GOING TO BED / After a childhood accident, Ji-ho acquires psychic abilities. However, controlling them is a constant struggle! For 18 years, he's been coping with these unpredictable powers. In an unexpected revelation, Ji-ho discovers that physical contact with Ye-chan, the man living next door, can temporarily ease his psychic discomfort. Now, Ji-ho is thrust int
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The Princess in the Dumpster 4.8

The Princess In The Dumpster

Chapter 81

33.6M Dec 11,23 하라쇼 (harasyo)

Deep sunken cheeks, dirty skin which lost its original color, twig-like wrists, filthy fingernails and a much smaller body for her age. And with neglected hair hanging over half of her face, this small child is actually the forgotten Royal Princess of the Empire. Unable to stifle her hunger any longer, she crawls out of her hiding within a tiny, old, worn-down castle in search of food… &ldq
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Dandadan 4.8


Chapter 132

45.9M Dec 11,23 Tatsu Yukinobu

New series recommended by author of Chainsawman and Jigokuraku
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Red Blue 4.7

Red Blue

Vol.4 Chapter 31: Unknowingly

2.3M Dec 11,23 Namikiri Atsushi

Aoba, the hero who has walked the path of the shade. In order to push through the unyielding "feelings", he will jump into the world of mixed martial arts "MMA"-!!
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Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru! 4.5

Seitokai Ni Mo Ana Wa Aru!

Vol.2 Chapter 17: Kouki-Chan And The Light Music Club

541.2K Dec 11,23 Muchi Maro

When it comes to the face of this student organization, it's a little weird, like a fool, scary, or moody. However, mysterious and futuristic days that seem strangely cute pass by. The world's cutest daily life 4 frames presented by a little genius Muchimaro!
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Moshi Fanren 4.5

Moshi Fanren

Chapter 557

163.2M Dec 11,23 Amazing Works

Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he’d died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he’ll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!
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S Rank Boukensha de aru Ore no Musume-tachi wa Juudo no Father Con deshita 4.7

S Rank Boukensha De Aru Ore No Musume-Tachi Wa Juudo No Father Con Deshita

Chapter 36: Important Period

40.9M Dec 11,23 Tomobashi Kametsu,Shuunichi

The youngest A-rank adventurer, child prodigy Kaiser, finds three babies who were the only survivor of a destroyed village. Then he decided to give up his job as an adventurer and raise them. Over time, the girls grow brightly and show exceptional talents in fencing, magic and management. However, these girls also seem to love their father, Kaiser!
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