Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~! 4.3

Reincarnated As The Son Of A Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had To Get Rid Of My Stigma~!

Chapter 6

75.1K Nov 28,22 Yonezu,Shimesaba (シメサバ)

I am Owen Pepper, the heir of a Noble family. To begin with, there are two kinds of people in this world. The aristocracy, winners from birth, and the rest of the losers, the cattle. I am a winner, of course. Bwahahaha. Livestock, you can work hard for me today. It is the only thing you lot are good for! I have been reincarnated as a tr*sh aristocrat. My father was a villainous lord. And his son,
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The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All 4.6

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't A Guy At All

Chapter 29: She’S The Only One I Refuse To Share.

70.1K Nov 28,22 Arai Sumiko

A popular Twitter shorts series depicting the love story between a gyaru and her classmate who she mistakes as a guy outside of school, bonding over their mutual love for rock music.
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This Cheapskate Knight Wants to Make Me Cry 3.5

This Cheapskate Knight Wants To Make Me Cry

Chapter 9

23.5K Nov 29,22 Hare Takizawa

The super popular boy-on-boy novel has finally been adapted into a manga! Lute is the son of a tavern owner in a castle town, and he has a secret... when he sheds emotional tears they turn into magic stones, or "gems." One day, the royal knight Advald, a regular patron notorious for being a cheapskate, sees Lute crying outside the tavern and discovers his secret. Now, Advald wants Lute to cry for
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More than Brothers 3.4

More Than Brothers

Chapter 41

25K Dec 02,22 S-monkey

As a child, a boy who looked like a cute angel lived with him next door. But then he left and came back many years later. But when he returned, he changed a lot. In order to somehow control this rebel Lan Tang, you need to try very hard.
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In the Private Room 4.3

In The Private Room

Chapter 60

30.1K Nov 30,22 Seobang Dasjwi

Yeo-ho is a k-pop idol who’s struggling to financially support his younger siblings and keep his comatose mother alive. Desperate to make it big, he tries to make connections with the right people—but it all goes wrong when he finds himself on the brink of getting dragged into a drug scandal. The only person who can save him is the powerful representative of a conglomerate, Hyung-joo. To save his
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Romance in the Beast World 3.7

Romance In The Beast World

Chapter 49

40.1K Nov 30,22 阅文漫画

What a surprise! Lin Huanhuan traveled to another world when she had a bath. In this world, there are cute male beasts in hide skirts with long legs everywhere! And these beasts want to be her mates! Usually love with another race wouldn't end well. But fortunately, she has got a system about existence in this world of beasts in her mind, through which she learns to live on. Learn and live! There
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My Damned XXX 3.4

My Damned Xxx

Chapter 13

10K Nov 30,22 Ssaewoo

What does it take for a guy to get laid, you ask? Well, a hell of a lot of tries is the answer. Lee Si-hyeon is a 21-year-old virgin who has been in the bottom rungs when it comes to getting laid—and it’s not the kind of bottom he aspires to be. After four failed attempts at having sex, Si-hyeon’s fifth attempt is finally successful. Kind of. He wakes up in bed with his former-childhood-best-frien
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Half of Me 4.4

Half Of Me

Chapter 12

8.2K Nov 28,22 Samk , Juhan

A car accident leaves both Taekin, a high school outcast, and Heechan, a business owner, in the hospital. But Heechan has no time to sit around and enjoy his hospital bed. If he doesn’t get up and make sure his clients get their products, his business will be in jeopardy! There’s just one problem. After the accident, he now inhabits the body of this high school kid every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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The Farthest Friend 4.7

The Farthest Friend

Chapter 6.5: Tomorrow And The Day After Tomorrow

17.3K Nov 27,22 Yukimiya Arisa

Asahi, a shy girl who is being bullied at school, goes to the ghost girl Kiyo and a female teacher who wait in the abandoned school building every day after school. The straight distortion of the girls sheds a small light at night. There is nothing scary. If you are near and far.
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Make way, Meiou-sama Coming Through! 4.7

Make Way, Meiou-Sama Coming Through!

Chapter 7

95.1K Nov 28,22 Kikuchi Nan,Toma Yugimaru

Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by humans and unreasonably deprived of his "life," hopes that he "does not want to die anymore." At that time, he gained the power of "life-sucking" that feeds on the vitality of others. In addition, he will resist the approaching "deat
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Heartwarming Isekai Reincarnation Days ~Level Max, Item Carryover! I'm the Strongest Little Girl~ 4.7

Heartwarming Isekai Reincarnation Days ~Level Max, Item Carryover! I'm The Strongest Little Girl~

Chapter 5

75.1K Nov 27,22 Yoshimoto Masume,Tanuki Shippo

A young girl dies on Christmas day and is reincarnated into the world of her favorite game as her player character!
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I Want to Do Bad Things with You 4.1

I Want To Do Bad Things With You

Chapter 3: Because It's Fuji-Kun?

50.1K Nov 27,22 Yutaka (由田果)

Mamori Wataya is a tall but dark, plain, and shady high school girl. One day she meets Kanashi Fuji, who has a small, thin body and an evil-looking smile. A supporting character that no one can find and a villain that no one likes. This encounter turns their gray days blue.
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I'm the Main Character's Little Sister 4.5

I'm The Main Character's Little Sister

Chapter 8

75.1K Nov 26,22 Hound (하운드),G.m,콕

Until recently, I had three wishes that I could only hope to come true.   ‘Please let my missing oldest brother come back.’ ‘Please let my Second Brother awaken so he could stop working as a rift porter.’ ‘And my youngest brother…As long as he can open his eyes…’   There’s nothing I wanted but happiness… was what I thought…!   “Keuhk…I’ll only play for 10 years so I can keep the darkness inside
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Tondari Hanetari 3.8

Tondari Hanetari

Chapter 13.5

5.4K Nov 27,22 Shinomiya Shino

Togawa Manabu was invited to join the badminton club by his senior, Takasu Eiji, who was one year ahead of him. Takasu declared that he would be playing doubles with Togawa, who was a beginner at badminton. However, it was Komatsu, an experienced badminton player, who had objected to this. Thus, sparking a fight over Takasu! Upon the stage of the frolic and sometimes dispirited badminton club, th
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Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day 4.2

Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day

Chapter 10

60.1K Nov 26,22 Honey Water

Tricked by the people she trusted the most, Tessa not only sold herself but also the person she loved the most, damning them both to a life full of cruel abuse and misery. She became one of the many mistresses of a cruel old nobel, suffering insults, beatings and assaults on a daily basis. Yet, she did not die, continuing to barely hold on until seven years had passed. “Long time no see, Tessa.” H
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The Way Back to Your Embrace 4.3

The Way Back To Your Embrace

Chapter 30

15.4K Dec 03,22 猫猫头, 苏凉如晞

She is the Prime Minister's legitimate daughter, devoting her life to vengeance. He is the invincible, ruthless Warlord Prince of Blessia, yet committing to loving her for the rest of his life. Between them are not only the difference in status but also the enemy intrigues. Can they change their fates and fulfill the promise they couldn't have in their previous life?
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God Emperor’s Advent: I Have trillions of Attribute Points 4.1

God Emperor’S Advent: I Have Trillions Of Attribute Points

Chapter 6

65.1K Nov 30,22 绘境社

Yi Qingtian was reborn into the world with trillions of attribute points and endless magical treasures, but he was punished by God when he was born. In order to save the lives of his family, he transformed his mind into shape and beat Heavenly Dao, but was instead planted with the Nine Dao Destruction Seal. If you want to crack it, you must find nine heavenly books and nine scholars. So, he embark
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Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude 3.8

Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude

Chapter 8

13.6K Nov 26,22 库洛游戏

Constructs – Burning only to rekindle the spark of hope in the dark night of despair, the blade of mankind against the Punishing virus. They, too, were once the sons of man. This is their story, before they plunge into a never-ending long struggle.
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Starring You and Me 2.3

Starring You And Me

Chapter 22

5.3K Nov 26,22 Gorae

An unforgettable tale of a memory eater! Haeun Do is a trending actor who has to consume other people's memories in order to live. On one fateful day, he meets Soyoung- the first person who seems to be immune to his power. Upon realizing that Soyoung has the potential to change his life, Haeun makes his approach.
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A Whirlwind Campus Affair 3.1

A Whirlwind Campus Affair

Chapter 37

21.4K Dec 03,22 Uiyoung

Rumor has it that Baram Oh had an affair with her married art school professor. It’s been four years since that debacle, and now she’s back at campus to try and enjoy her college life. But she’s not the only thing who’s returned: there’s rumors of a water ghost roaming the halls, and it just might be following her around.
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The Duke’s Redemption 4.4

The Duke’S Redemption

Chapter 19

135.2K Nov 29,22 N/A

I transmigrated into a novel and became an aide to the final boss of the story. The final boss dies in the novel, but only after the world falls to ruin. What if the final boss doesn't go down the wrong path? I have no choice but to try to redeem the soon-to-be final boss before it's too late!
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Evangeline 3.7


Chapter 33

70.1K Nov 26,22 Jung Munee, SOYMEDIA

I thought myself had died from overwork in Korea, but when I opened my eyes, I found that I was a supporting character in a novel I wrote. Evangeline, who was executed for harassing the female lead. While running and running alone to avoid the ending of the original, he said, “I copied the author’s novel when I was creating the world. Instead, if there is anything you want, I will give it to you
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