You Are So Cute 5

You Are So Cute

0 Mar 28,23 Ellis , Sol Haryun

Roni, an orphan who grew up misunderstood as a boy. One day, she is chosen by a high-ranking nobleman who comes to the orphanage. To pretend to be a male young master. The moment they found out that I was a woman, I would be sent back to the orphanage. I promised myself that I would be careful and survive. "You Are you a girl?" It was caught in one day! The truth was revealed as I stood in front o
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Seducing The Monster Duke 5

Seducing The Monster Duke

0 Mar 28,23 魔仙社

Seducing The Monster Duke, Q rn ti shn, deceitfulYancheng became the new emperor in the book. In order to rewrite the fate of being a prisoner for the governor of Xichang, he fought back and ran away in various ways, but the endings all went back to the original one.Yancheng: "Forget it, I'm tired, why don't you try to counterattack?" Dugong OS: It's acceptable for my wife to kill me several times
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The Beloved One in Interstellar 3

The Beloved One In Interstellar

0 Mar 28,23 掌阅文化 , 沉乡

Become A Group Favorite In InterstellarIn the interstellar future, orcs have conquered the entire universe. Human beings have long since disappeared because of their weakness, but countless orcs are still persistently looking for humans, until the awakening of the only earthling, Si Yu, caused a sensation in the entire universe. The only rare human being starts a group pet life in the universe
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Everything is under the baby’s feet 5

Everything Is Under The Baby’S Feet

0 Mar 28,23 Faith , Sinyangi , SOPHIA

As the beloved princess of the Kingdom of Tyrian,I was the revered star of the kingdom, but I was killed in vain.I thought that was the end Did you break the egg?"wealth!""Oh my G**, my G**! What kid from the egg!"In the form of a very small child that only a bizarre babbling can do."Ow! right!"*And a new family was formed."Our lovely youngest daughter Leticia. You tame all the men in this house!"
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The Supreme Crazy Son-in-Law 5

The Supreme Crazy Son-In-Law

0 Mar 28,23 漫神共创 , 共小创 , 漫神共创

The originally foolish Jiang Chen was forced to marry into one the Gu family because his birthday horoscope could cure Miss Gu's illness.Unexpectedly, due to an accident, Jiang Chen, who was almost killed by the Gu family, possessed the soul and memories of a g**-level celestial beingZhi Zun Kuang Xu, , Extreme mad son-in-law
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Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold 5

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

0 Mar 28,23 Laku Sakura

Her best friend tried to kill herself, but why? In order to find out the truth, the protagonist meticulously crafts a revenge plot to make all the culprits and their accomplices pay!
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Dear Gene 5

Dear Gene

0 Mar 28,23 AZUMA Kaya

New York, 70's. Trevor Edwards is a successful lawyer who just recently broke things off with his fiancée. A certain night, Trevor realises that he lost important documents pertaining a client and doesn't seem to be able to find them anywhere. As he's ready to accept defeat and the end of his career, his salvation comes in the form of Gene, a young man who works as a cleaner on the same bulding as
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Lady Edita 3.3

Lady Edita

Chapter 19

125.1K Mar 28,23 Ari (아리) , Dickins

Lady Edita / When Edita Lutensbach finally wakes up after an accident, her loved ones let out a sigh of relief. But unfortunately, the person who has woken up inside Edita is someone from a different dimension. Feigning amnesia, Edita learns that her doting father is an emperor. However, she is his illegitimate child, which puts her in a precarious position. She also discovers that her fianc has
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Blue Night, Ronde of Ecstasy 4.6

Blue Night, Ronde Of Ecstasy

Chapter 11

230.3K Mar 28,23 Haedog , Yanna , Hochi , 호찌

Kang Seo Yoon, an ordinary office worker, is captivated by the performance of pianist Ahn Hee Won.But one day, she was in the concert hall when no one was left. She witnessed Ahn Hee Won aiding the murder case and played the piano in a pool of blood?And right from that moment, the world of unscrupulous monsters wearing a beautiful cover and eating humans swallowed Kang Seo Yoon's life.So you can o
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I’m living with my Mother-in-law! 4.8

I’M Living With My Mother-In-Law!

Chapter 15

505.5K Mar 28,23 GONGYOUNG

It's well-known that living with one's mother-in-law is basically he**. So marrying a poor merchant with no family should be an easy way to avoid that mess, right? Well, that was Elaen's plan until she realizes that her husband, Ahen, lied to her, and is actually the son of the empire's ferocious Grand Wizard, Kanessis Corenea, who she'll have to live with at her palace! Though intimidated at firs
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The Strongest Unemployed Hero 3.6

The Strongest Unemployed Hero

Chapter 42

2.2M Mar 28,23 Jakto, Seo Tae Hoon

Shin Min-cheol had been recruited to the world called ‘Anhelles’. He was one who had lived 200 years fighting to survival and destroying the enemies, in the end the ruler of the continent Zero, was lead to the victory of war. And finally, Min-cheol, who has finally returned to Earth leaving the peace of Anhelles behind, wants to live his long-awaited life as a ‘rich unemployed man’, but another
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On a Deserted Island with Beautiful Sisters 4.3

On A Deserted Island With Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 12

125.1K Mar 28,23 火星动漫

Veteran Liu Yi suffered an air crash and was exiled on a deserted island, killing wild boars and fighting savages for his livelihood. Unexpectedly, the beautiful empty sisters, the sexy mixed-race beauties, and the gentle kindergarten teachers threw themselves into their arms one after another. Liu Yi expressed that he really wanted to live a good life! Who knows what will happen in the future if
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Senpai, oishii desu ka? 3.8

Senpai, Oishii Desu Ka?

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Secret Nikujaga For Senpai

9.9K Mar 28,23 Mikanuji

Miho is a university student who bears trauma relating to food. Suddenly, she finds herself with a pretend partner. Not only that, her pretend partner is the #1 most beautiful woman in the university, Mori-senpai!? A girl's socializing story presented through food by the author of *Fuzuroi no Renri*!official voice comic promotion: (Raw)
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The Prince's Prince 5

The Prince's Prince

0 Mar 28,23 Liubeili , Mengzi

Ji Xi, a young man from China and the United States, traveled through a different world to become a prince. He thought he could accomplish a career, but his father-in-law gave him to the prince of another country in exchange for 100,000 tons of resources! What kind of strange adventure will Prince Ji Xi, who wants to be the hero of the young man but holds the script of the heroine of the young man
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My master knows everything 5

My Master Knows Everything

0 Mar 28,23 丰祺动漫

Read My master knows everythingThe male protagonist was originally a programmer, but he was accidentally reborn into the great world of Xuanhuang and became the master of the peak of the first hundred peaks of the Baifeng Sect. The Tianyuan system developed during his lifetime also came to this world. He became the administrator of the Tianyuan system. He could have the ability to load users into
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Invasion Of The Moonlight 3

Invasion Of The Moonlight

Chapter 1

34.7K Mar 28,23 漫喵

Yue Ling and Chong Yao are both trained under Tai Shang Xian Jun, they get along really well until Chong Yao inherited the throne of the Emperor. Everything seems to have changed since then... Vicious but loyal Emperor X Gentle water god.
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Absolute Possession 5

Absolute Possession

0 Mar 28,23 蛇蝎点点

The two-faced elite x the bad-tempered mafia boss! Elite student He Chu San was kidnapped by the head of the Warrior Clan, Xia Liu Yi?! When this kind-hearted and upright citizen, who isn't influenced by the bad environment he is in, meets the "Twin-Blade Blood Asura," who causes people to tremble in fear, it seems to be a situation of the lamb entering the tiger's den, yet the "lamb" keeps p
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Become a Witch in a World Full of Ghost Stories 5

Become A Witch In A World Full Of Ghost Stories

0 Mar 28,23 SF动漫

Day 1: Recently my eyes seem to be a bit off, always seeing strange things. Wait, the cabinet seems to be moving, I'll go check it out. ...... Day 13: I see them! Damn! Why is this world full of bizarre tales! ...... Day 101: There's nothing to be afraid of anymore! Donning a witch's gown, I've become a weirdo!
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Kiss Goblin 5

Kiss Goblin

0 Mar 28,23 Doryeon , WHYNOT MEDIA , Gogo

To Oh Yeonah, money means everything. Her top priority is money, and her only interest is managing that money. Her life seems to go perfectly well until she loses her entire asset to her boyfriend who turns out to be a conman. During the process, she crosses paths with the goblin, Bansuk, and, being completely broke, she signs a contract with the Goblin Queen to live in their house and receive wag
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Shinohayu - The Dawn of Age 4.1

Shinohayu - The Dawn Of Age

Chapter 104: Coming 2

1.2M Mar 28,23 Kobayashi Ritz, Igarashi Aguri

The long-awaited new Saki spinoff, centering around the past of Harue and the pros Hayarin, Kokaji and Noyori.
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Fall In Love With God In The End Times 3.7

Fall In Love With God In The End Times

0 Mar 28,23 书耽网

Alternative Name: , Fall in Love With the Lord G** in the Game of Destroying the World, Zai Mie Shi Youxi Li He Zhushen Tan Lian'ai , Fall In Love With G** In The End TimesSuper-controlling black-bellied g** stubborn and irritable human angel, extreme pull, sweet and exciting!They are happy friends who have been together for thousands of years. They have different opinions on the balance between
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One Step Away From Happiness 3.8

One Step Away From Happiness

Chapter 81

684.4K Mar 28,23 Byeok Gongwoo

One Step to Happy Ending / Selangkah Menuju Happy Ending / Binah has lost her father in an accident and ever since her mother worked hard to earn money for both of them. She often left alone at home while her mother was working. During that time, she met the twins Heeseo and Heewun and soon they became close friends, even closer as family. A few years later, Heewun confessed his feelings to Bin
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The Heat of the Reincarnated Villainess 4.3

The Heat Of The Reincarnated Villainess

Chapter 30

1.1M Mar 28,23 IRUKA Notsuno , TANIMURA Nijuu-en , MIZUNO Saikoro , studio73

A detested villainess and a proper prince are instinctually drawn to each other's bodies before they have a chance to develop feelings. What will their destiny be!? I was reincarnated into the world of the otome game "Prince of Prince" as Rose, the hated villainess. Originally, the heroine and the prince were supposed to be attracted to each other, and due to the influence of a special pherom
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