The 13th Night 4

The 13Th Night

Chapter 39

391,615 Nov 27,21 Sirial

With its splendid history of five hundred years, Lan Empire has its own share of lights and shadows. Abandoned at birth, Lynx grows up in one of its slums although she is a daughter of the powerful House of Joo, one of four founding families of the empire from its birth. Just as Lynx is about to be sold off as a concubine to a senile old man, a noble lady appears in front of her. Heeyun Joo, the n
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A Villain Is a Good Match for a Tyrant 4.8

A Villain Is A Good Match For A Tyrant

Chapter 82

16,570,528 Nov 27,21 유이란 (yoo leeran)

One day the tyrant, Estian, sent a marriage proposal to Cecil. She got dragged to the empire unwillingly but when she saw the emperor’s face she had a change of heart. “You’re quite the hottie aren’t you?” She liked her husband. And her husband likes her back too! To live happily with her tyrant husband does Cecil need to become a villainess far worse than the tyrant?
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The Emperor is a Woman 4.6

The Emperor Is A Woman

Chapter 102

3,213,807 Nov 27,21 Updating

After finally confessing to the male god, you are about to usher in a sweet first love, but you have crossed into the world of cultivating immortals because of an electric shock? ! I wanted to find a chance to go home, but I suddenly added a plug-in, how could I not make good use of it? ! The brothers with flowers and jade elder brothers have been very tired to fight monsters and upgrade. They are
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I Live With A Demon King 3.4

I Live With A Demon King

Chapter 51

227,933 Nov 27,21 Zhen You

The entanglement and love between demons and humans! Little Luo Li lives with the indifferent “little brother” at home, but he is actually the big demon king. His goal is to take over Luo Li’s body and mind, and then offer her as a sacrifice?! Is there no true love between humans and demons?
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Reborn 80,000 years 4.4

Reborn 80,000 Years

Chapter 263

51,823,720 Nov 26,21 Burning Manhua,Zhang Yue

A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king... that child, it is said 40,000 years ago, overcame common customs and became supreme! O
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Wanna Be A Star 4.4

Wanna Be A Star

Chapter 62

263,901 Nov 26,21 Hyeonsook

Soh, who’d always had a passion for singing ever since she was young, becomes a trainee at a big entertainment company! But as she grows up, her voice grows husky and her frame grows broad. She doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere and is pushed to the edge when a new member, Sena, joins their girl group. Despite all of her efforts, she decides to give up her dream of becoming a kpop sta
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Seibetsu 4.2

Seibetsu "mona Lisa" No Kimi E.

Chapter 23: Looking For Differences

539,632 Nov 26,21 Tsumuji Yoshimura

In this world, when human beings reach the age of 12, their bodies gradually change to the genders they wish to be. And by the time they are 14 years old, their appearances change to reflect their genders. But by spring of my eighteenth year, I am still without a gender...
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Heaven Defying Sword 4.7

Heaven Defying Sword

Chapter 372

29,833,096 Nov 26,21 FengQiDongMan

To defeat his uncle who destroyed his family, the teenager Xuan Tian embarked on a martial arts training journey to hone his sword techniques. From a teenager who knew nothing to a Sword God of his generation, those he once saw as strong are now mere specks of dust to him. With one finger, I obliterate all; With my sword, I defy the heavens! And his path, leads him directly to the limitless heaven
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Tsukihana Otome ha Mouken ga Suki 4.2

Tsukihana Otome Ha Mouken Ga Suki

Chapter 5: Liaison

183,539 Nov 26,21 Natsumi Ruyu

In the late Taisho era, when Japanese and Western styles were mixed, a young man named Uruya, who has been living in such a turmoil world, meets a lady in a Wafuku called Karin one day. Unlike himself, Karin is a bright and cheerful person, and for some reason, she is interested in Uruya and keeps teasing him. At first, Uruya was unpleasant, but he slowly became addicted to the pleasure and myster
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Gleipnir 4.6


Chapter 71: One Who Erases Everything

18,649,663 Nov 26,21 Takeda Sun

Shuichi Kagaya isn't human. He has an unnatural sense of smell, and can transform into an incredibly powerful beast... of sorts. He does all he can to avoid standing out and being discovered, but no good deed goes unpunished, and his decision to use his power to save a girl spells the end for his quiet life.
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Light Light Light 3.8

Light Light Light

Chapter 27

198,964 Nov 26,21 Soo jin,Su jin,수진

If I met you again, would I be able to make a different choice? A reunion with my first love.
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The Fake Princess’ OP Bunny 4.8

The Fake Princess’ Op Bunny

Chapter 49

6,440,874 Nov 26,21 HAN SERAM

“The Duchess of Gernoa de Lantera,” attracts attention from high society. But she’s a fake! Her real name is Larissa. A girl who used to run street vendors in the market for families in poverty. She was sold to a duke by her family, to play the part of his dead daughter, and is living in danger. A rabbit with black fur in the arms of a fake duchess. That rabbit
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Judge Lee Han Young 4.8

Judge Lee Han Young

Chapter 24

739,097 Nov 26,21 Moon Sung-Ho

Judge Lee, who believed justice could be realized in the courtroom, did not follow the orders of his superiors and sentenced the conglomerate to life in prison before being killed. But is it because of the shenanigans he heard as a child ? With all his memories, Lee gets a second life chance. The world needs him, Lee, the heretic of the judiciary, who knows only justice.
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The King Of BUG 2.9

The King Of Bug

Chapter 36

5,520,294 Nov 26,21 Tony

Song An, the bottom social animal, is a down-and-out programmer. His daily work is responsible for fixing bugs in a game called . However, he is more keen to secretly add his own little easter eggs in the game. Turned into a real world, relying on the understanding of the bugs in the game and the easter eggs set by himself, can Song An successfully counterattack?
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A Deceitful Marriage 4.6

A Deceitful Marriage

Chapter 14

165,845 Nov 26,21 Updating

Read manhwa A Deceitful Marriage / 각설이 공작 Our Duke, who came last year, returned without dying. Sylvia, a poor noble lady, left her house to avoid an unwanted marriage. The place Sylvia made her new home is the Dukes of War fanatic Victor Aswan. Rumored to be a vicious killer, he is destined to linger in battle for the next 20 years.
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Dark Fragrance 4.6

Dark Fragrance

Chapter 45.2

116,441 Nov 26,21 小公子

In old Shanghai, where the streets teem with Westerners, there is an assassin organization known as Dark Fragrance. Those who join Dark Fragrance are all women, and those who have given in to their charms are dead. The woman leading this mysterious organization behind the scenes comes and goes without a trace and has no name. In the past, she believed in fate, but she no longer does. If the heaven
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One Pair Lady 4.7

One Pair Lady

Chapter 22

1,006,352 Nov 26,21 Milktea,요정용 (fairy dragon)

When I woke up from my sleep, my house had disappeared?! Adele, a gambling genius, suddenly transmigrates ten years into the future. Participating in a gambling event at the request of the tower master, Rudy leads her to meet the Duke of Elfinheim, the organizer of the event. A name that I seem to have heard somewhere, with a familiar pronunciation and appearance. What is this strange feeling? &qu
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It’s Useless to Hang On 4.7

It’S Useless To Hang On

Chapter 36

5,802,258 Nov 26,21 CandySoda

The love of my life, Rakan, became the Emperor. At last, the coronation ceremony; I stood by him expecting to become Empress. However, the crown of empress didn't become mine, it became Vienna's, my younger cousin. I threw everything away to make Rakan the emperor, and all that's left for me ahead was death. It wasn't until I was abandoned that I realized he used me. Everythi
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Daisy: How to Become the Duke's Fiancée 4.8

Daisy: How To Become The Duke's Fiancée

Chapter 72

12,096,868 Nov 26,21 Lisabel

Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s FiancéeGet married to the Marquess for 3 years and receive 5 billion coins vs. endure physical labor with no pay for 60 years. Which choice will Daisy make? A marriage of convenience develops between Daisy, who is a baron’s daughter, and the Marquess. The conditions of the contract are simple. No affection or love allowed, must work together as one, and
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Genius Doctor Lee Moo-jin 4.7

Genius Doctor Lee Moo-Jin

Chapter 56

2,975,665 Nov 26,21 김형사 이해날

Popular author Lee Hae-Nal's original novel has been reborn as a webtoon- Moo-jin, who is famous for fighting in the neighborhood, accidentally gets his hand on a scalpel. And finds Aculle, the mysterious doctor inside the scalpel; “I'll turn you into a doctor!” These words from her, turned Moo-jin's life 180 degrees! With the help of Aculle, Moo-jin, who didn't know the old folk remedies, saves t
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The Ghostly Doctor 4.4

The Ghostly Doctor

Chapter 404

33,841,803 Nov 26,21 Yuan man dongman

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn’t take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The
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Lord of Money 4.7

Lord Of Money

Chapter 69

3,577,352 Nov 26,21 Moo Jang

Cheon Joong Myung, the third son of the CEO of the fifth wealthiest corporation, Ji Gyoung Group. And his assistant working under him, Seong Chang Ook. While Seong Chang Ook tried to kill Cheon Joong Myung and cover it up as an accident, Seong Chang Ook was accidentally electrocuted along with his boss. That’s when they find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies… “You
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Silver Girl, Crow Girl 4.4

Silver Girl, Crow Girl

Chapter 88

942,688 Nov 26,21 Kkochnilang,Seong hyeon

She has everything to prove. He must pretend to be another. In this Empire where everything is about appearance, she is the scapegoat for the whole people. Everyone believes she is cursed because of the color of her hair: black raven hair symbolizing the devil and his curse. Her opponent as Empress is her opposite and has silver hair. But in this world, appearances are very often misleading&hellip
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The Double Agent 4.6

The Double Agent

Chapter 21

684,983 Nov 26,21 Pi sook hae

Sasha becomes a spy after losing everything in the war. She was found by John, the leader of the war and a demon officer with the face of an angel, but…! The spy is caught by the enemy country and becomes a double agent!
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