Shiawase Ikura de Kaemasu ka? 5

Shiawase Ikura De Kaemasu Ka?

Vol.2 Ch.9 : Story 8: Underground Doll [End]

162K Jan 20,16 Usami Maki

When she was young, her parents died in a car accident. Her only relative, her grandma, has also passed way. As such, Kiri is now alone and without support. On the day of her grandma’s funeral, an unknown young man named "Shiina" appeared before her. The truth was, her grandma had been funding this violinist...?
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Xia Yin Wang: Wai Zhuan 5

Xia Yin Wang: Wai Zhuan

Vol.1 Ch.2

57.3K Jan 20,16 You Su Lan

The young King of Xia Yin Empire, who succeeded the throne at age 14, inherited a rare and powerful sorcery connected to the six great gods of the elements. Can this power enable him to change Xia Yin's terrible fate of imminent destruction and collapse?
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Toorinuke Dekimasen 4

Toorinuke Dekimasen

Vol.1 Ch.4

100K Jan 20,16 Natsumizu Ritsu

From Blissful Sin: My company senior is gay?! I didn?t even want to know that secret. But why was such a delicate and cute person thrown away by another man?! A sweet, heart-throbbing love with a younger seme? ?When Autumn Comes, You Are?? Ishii-san, the distant beauty I met in a park at lunch break, was concentrating on a book called ?How to Make Cakes?!? A report of love born in a park, in a
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Jinjuu Houretsuden 5

Jinjuu Houretsuden

Vol.3 Chapter 37.5 : End

408.6K Jan 20,16 Morimoto Shuu

From Storm in Heaven: In ancient China there exists an alternate dimension called Jusenkai, whose inhabitants, the Senkaijin, possess tremendous powers. One of them, YanLang, fled to Earth along with his rebel army after being defeated during his attempt to overthrow the Emperor. In order to capture the fugitives, the Emperor sent his elite soldiers to Earth after them. LiFang has been trave
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Kinjirareta Ai no Kajitsu 4.6

Kinjirareta Ai No Kajitsu

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Blanc

160.4K Jan 20,16 Yoshihara Yuki,Hoshino Masami,Takeuchi Masami,Fujiwara Akira,Mizuno Yuan,Oikawa Aya

A princess and her servant, brother- and sister-in-law, doctor and high school girl student, and woman teacher and tattooed man; they are all forbidden to love each other. However, their illicit romances are all the more exciting. The best stories of forbidden love are selected in this comic!Collection of oneshots (scanlated):1) Kizuato by YOSHIHARA YukiA woman whose husband was killed in a car ac
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Sonna no Koi ja Nai 5

Sonna No Koi Ja Nai

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Holding Hands

69.5K Jan 20,16 Mimori Ao

1) Why is it This Painful? Chiaki found out that her boyfriend had another girlfriend besides herself, and she ended their relationship while they still loved each other. A few years later, Chiaki meets up with the ex, Konishi, but she already has a boyfriend! 2) That's Not Love Hirobayashi-senpai breaks up with Minako, and she complies because she's hopelessly in love with him, but that does
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Sono Kami ni Kiss wo 4.5

Sono Kami Ni Kiss Wo

Vol.1 Chapter 6

118.8K Jan 20,16 Duo Brand.

From Blissful Sin: Gardener Suzaku and the Master of the house, who has a long-hair fetish, are engaged in their regular trysts, when the former purposely makes himself heard by the secretly-watching cool beauty, Suiren, the butler. From Artist x Model, Student Council Vice-Chairperson x Tea Ceremony Club's Kimono-clad High School Student, Adult Assassin x Escaping Specialist, fellow lawyers
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Sora no Seibun 5

Sora No Seibun

Vol.1 Ch.6

77.3K Jan 20,16 Momokuri Mikan

The main characters are Okamoto and Koizumi. Okamoto is an athlete, more preciously a basketball player. He just entered his high school just to be with his girlfriend, Yumi. There is a backstory between Okamoto and Yumi. Yumi has a large ugly scar on her back. Okamoto accidently dropped a boiling kettle on her back when they were elementary kids. Since then, Yumi threatened Okamoto to be respo
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Sora o Daite Oyasumi 4.8

Sora O Daite Oyasumi

Vol.2 Chapter 9

199.4K Jan 20,16 Kyuugou

On the school rooftop rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of twins, Shuji Yashiro meets Roku Ichinose, a popular boy Shuji always thought of as belonging to a completely different social world. Unable to take his eyes off Roku’s face, Shuji takes his picture on impulse. The following day, while organizing old photos in the clubroom, Shuji finds a shocking photograph that unexpectedly brings his wo
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Sore wa Nigai Chocolate 5

Sore Wa Nigai Chocolate

Vol.1 Chapter 0

54K Jan 20,16 Kurumatani Haruko

"It doesn't matter whoever it is. As long as I can be hugged by a guy, it doesn't matter to me. Because staying all by myself hurts me more than anything. Yet, when he appeared... my world changed." That's what Yuki tells herself over and over. Because of her loneliness, Yuki used men to make her sadness disappear. That is, until she meets her chemistry teacher, Chiyo Kousuke. Will he be just a
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Sore wo Ittara Oshimai yo 5

Sore Wo Ittara Oshimai Yo

Vol.1 Ch.1

47.7K Jan 20,16 Yoshinaga Fumi

Kouhei is a doctor at the local university hospital who has lost touch with his high school friend Tadashi. While Kouhei grew up to become a successful young doctor, Tadashi became a jobless, poor-as-dirt, flaming gay writer. But one lonely night, at his wits end, Tadashi sends Kouhei a text message and receives a reply. Of course Tadashi has secretly harbored feelings for Kouhei for a long time.
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Sorry I'm Obsessed 3.3

Sorry I'm Obsessed

Vol.1 Ch.24 : Sorry I'm Obsessed

63.3K Jan 20,16 Takemiya Jin

From Lililicious: Mimi has realized that she has feelings for Kuro, but before she can ask her out, she discovers that she might have some competition for Kuro's heart.
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Angel Lip 4.8

Angel Lip

Vol.2 Chapter 9

124K Jan 20,16 Arai Kiyoko

Mikina's father is the president of a modeling agency. Mikina was once a popular child model, but due to an accident, she developed camera-phobia and gave up modeling. 10 years later, Mikina's father's company is going through some financial difficulty. Mikina really wishes to be able to help revive the company, and one day, she received a mysterious lipstick... In 1999 Angel lip won the Sho
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Uwasaya 5


Vol.2 Ch.8 : Vampire Syndrome (Part 1)

122K Jan 20,16 Hosaka Ayumu,Hasumi Natsume

From Iskultrip Scans: Uemura Takitarou is a Genius Cosplayer who can change himself from head to toe. One day, he finds his only friend, Asami Kusaka, killed by the Night Blindness Man, a serial murderer who gouges out the eyes of his victims. Tominaga Hana, a model, discovers his talent and recruits him for the company, UC, an office that solves mysteries and crimes by manipulating rumors/urba
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Soul (Kim Yong Seon) 5

Soul (Kim Yong Seon)

Vol.1 Ch.2

51.9K Jan 20,16 Kim Yong Seon

{From Acacia15} Taepung is of a rather... prestigious family. But his father does not accept him, for no reason in particular. He is being beaten up by a gang when a ghost like girl comes and saves him.. And takes his most precious necklace. That girl is the "fortune teller" girl, Kain. But she seems to be possessed..
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10, 20, and 30 5

10, 20, And 30

Vol.7 Ch.78

250.9K Jan 20,16 Kang Morim

From NetComics: Three extraordinary women in three age groups and three unforgettable lives intersect in Morim Kang's fascinating 10, 20, and 30. Krumb is a clumsy, scatterbrained widow in her 30's whose teenaged daughter, Rok, is forced to take care of. Meanwhile, Rok's jaded, twenty-something cousin Belle suffers a messy breakup with her boyfriend. Finally, Rok, who dreads the though
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Special Summer Vacation 4.9

Special Summer Vacation

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Mujina

112.6K Jan 20,16 Kano Shiuko

1) Natsu Koi Beach cafe worker Ide Mitsu was dumping a female pick-up when they heard a loud face slap. They looked over a beach rock and saw it was his seemingly perfect classmate, Shirohara Takashi, who had his face slapped by a woman. 2) Fuyu Koi Ide Mitsu struggles to define his three-month relationship with Shinohara Takashi who seems to be holding himself distant. After a night out, Ide soon
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Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna 4.6

Spiral: Suiri No Kizuna

Vol.15 Ch.77.1 : Omake

647.6K Jan 20,16 Kyou Shirodaira

Two years ago, the famous detective Narumi Kiyotaka disappeared, leaving behind only the words, "I am pursuing the mystery of the Blade Children." Now, his younger brother Ayumu is accused of murdering a fellow student, and begins to discover people with connections to the Blade Children all around him. The Blade Children were born cursed, and Ayumu may be the only key to saving them, but first th
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Standard Blue 5

Standard Blue

Vol.1 Ch.0

42.4K Jan 20,16 Ugawa Hiroki

In the year 2024, young Shiki runs away from home to live with her grandfather, Taizou, who runs the Ushio Sea Service in the man-made island-city of Standard Blue. Four years earlier, Shiki's father died in a deep sea incident, and Shiki is now trying to learn about her father, herself and her family's deep connection to the sea. The Ushio's crew--gruff Takeshi, distant Taichun--at first consider
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Hana wa Nisemono 4.7

Hana Wa Nisemono

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5

126.4K Jan 20,16 Sengoku Hiroko

Mori and Ayumu are a gay couple in college in a happy relationship. However, after Ayumu prays at a shrine for them to always be together, the shrine's deity intervenes by turning him into a girl, and now everyone except for them think Ayumu has always been a girl.
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Totally Captivated 4.7

Totally Captivated

Vol.6 Ch.48 : Chapter 48

3.4M Jan 20,16 Yoo Ha Jin

"I'm pretty sure that the downfall of humans can be completely attributed to their curiosity", such is Ewon Jung's philosophy. Because of his curiosity and his "affectionate nature", Ewon somehow finds himself, after cheating one time too many on Jiho, dumped and threatened into working as a caretaker for Jiho's new boyfriend, Mookyul... who just so happens to be a
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Kuroi Ame ni Utarete 5

Kuroi Ame Ni Utarete

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5

87.7K Jan 20,16 Nakazawa Keiji

It's about young people in postwar Hiroshima getting involved in the black market for weapons. The main character is an A-bomb survivor whose hatred drives him to kill an American black marketeer. He asks the Americans, "Who are you to talk about justice when you massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Hiroshima, in Nagasaki, in the firebombing of Tokyo? Was that what you call justic
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Hanayome wa Oku-san 4.7

Hanayome Wa Oku-San


111.9K Jan 20,16 Shimizu Yuki

Oku met Nana again after they slept together long ago. In the past, Nana is a The Prince of Good Fortune, there was a jinx that any woman who slept with him would be come lucky and fulfill their wish. So, Oku asked Nana to try sleep with him if he can also make guys lucky as well. However, Oku's purpose wasn't about luck but his secret feeling.
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