Tadashii Renai no Susume 3.3

Tadashii Renai No Susume

Vol.1 Ch.5

84.8K Jan 20,16 Ichijo Yukari

Takeda Hiroaki is a good-looking average high school student with a cute girlfriend. Gokokuji Akira is a class president and smart on the outside but behind that elite appearance, he works for male escort company "M Project". Though out Hiroaki's whole life, he didn't have any hobbies or didn't care about getting involved in anything. One day, his lazy everyday life turned 180 degrees when he got
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Hibi Chouchou x Hirunaka no Ryuusei 4.3

Hibi Chouchou X Hirunaka No Ryuusei

Chapter 2 : Hibi Ryuusei

412.3K Jan 20,16 Morishita Suu,Yamamori Mika

Hirunaka no Chouchou - a Shocking Day for New Discoveries: A shopping mall date with Suiren and Kawasumi. But... Suiren gets lost?! She and a small girl find themselves at the Lost Child centre where suddenly Suzume and Mamura come along! Hibi Ryuusei - Suzume’s Parallel School Diary: The Suzume who steals everybody’s attention at the high school entrance ceremony. Though she's no
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Bakemono Recchan 4.7

Bakemono Recchan

Ch.0 : Monster Girl Recchan

151.8K Jan 20,16 Asano Inio

Short story about a girl with a monster face
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Family Fight 5

Family Fight

Chapter 1

41.8K Jan 20,16 Mizuno Sayaka [add]

A one-shot about a typical Shoujo manga character living in a Seinen world.
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Regatta 4.8


Vol.6 Ch.63 : Forever, With You [End]

394.4K Jan 20,16 Hara Hidenori

Story about Makoto Osawa, a university student on the regatta (rowing) team. He and his friend have dominated the intercollegiate competition for the double scull. Along with his friend's girlfriend (and team manager) Misao , the team has dreams of participating in an Olympic competition. But his friend's death in a racing accident leaves Makoto broken up, and he has to deal with pulling himself t
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Aiiro Ningyo 4.8

Aiiro Ningyo

Chapter 2 : Part 2 [End]

445.3K Jan 20,16 Peachpulsar (mira)

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Deadbrain 4.8


Chapter 28.2 : Merry Christmas!

187K Jan 20,16 Teddyas

The story of a little girl who has been separated from the outside world. The one thing that she does know is her nickname, "Maria". But one day, a hand of salvation is offered to her…
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Suki Kirai Suki 5

Suki Kirai Suki

Vol.1 Ch.12

106.8K Jan 20,16 Obata Yuuki

He hates to lose and is a little shorter than other boys. A little cheeky, but when he smiles, he's really cute. This is the Miyamoto that Hitomi loves so much. Just before the entrance exam for high school, she has two chances to make a confession. But she is dazzled and doesn't really have to courage to do it, so she decides to leave it for after the exam. Or at least that's what she thought...
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I'm Looking for the Princess 5

I'm Looking For The Princess

Vol.10 Chapter 47

378.5K Jan 20,16 Han Yu-rang

The one "who operated a Hong Sin Seo for 10 years", who shudders at the monthly rent, Na Baek Su, dives a 1 million dollar project, The Search for a Princess! For money she'll do anything! She who says that money, money and more money is the best, Suh Jan Di. To help her uncle, Na Baek Su, she joined the Search for a Princess... Her princess candidates list shows a couple of people... Col
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Visitor 5


Vol.5 Ch.5 : Clue

67.8K Jan 20,16 No Yi-jung

[From Tokyopop]: Beautiful Hyo-Bin Na is the new girl at school who everybody wants to meet. But Hyo-Bin is no normal high school student and she certainly has no desire to be popular. You see, she's cursed with supernatural abilities and by a dark and dangerous past. Everyone she has ever gotten close has ended up dead. Hyo-Bin doesn't want to go through the pain of lost friends and lost lov
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Kidou Sensehi Gundam - The Blue Destiny 5

Kidou Sensehi Gundam - The Blue Destiny


82.1K Jan 20,16 Taichi You

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Visitors 3


Vol.1 Ch.0

45.8K Jan 20,16 Otomo Katsuhiro

Visiting someone else’s apartment could be a very dangerous thing to do, especially if you forget to knock before you enter... Collected in OTOMO ANTHOLOGY 2 : SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai
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Vivid Memories 5

Vivid Memories

Vol.1 Ch.4

57.3K Jan 20,16 Hiwatari Saki

In the year 20XX the vast city of New York is under constant terrorist attacks at public places. The police is clueless and the culprit is roaming the city free. The police’s only witness died, and her clones are useless, so they are left with no choice but to receive the help of Jojo Schmit of the EPIA section, a section dedicated to ESP related phenomena.
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Vivid Memories II: Things accidently left behind 5

Vivid Memories Ii: Things Accidently Left Behind

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Cibi No Yayaya!

58.9K Jan 20,16 Hiwatari Saki

Collection of 3 short stories, the first two are Please save my earth related, but they are standalones and spoiler free: PSME-Things accidently left behind PSME-BIRTH Cibi-01 no YaYaYa! (Cibi, right, not Chibi)
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Tsumi to Batsu - A Falsified Romance 4.1

Tsumi To Batsu - A Falsified Romance

Vol.9 Ch.93

853.3K Jan 20,16 Ochiai Naoyuki

Miroku Tachi was a promising student until he dropped out of college. Now, after months spent as a NEET, he has hatched a plan to help his sister, himself, and the whole world... by murdering someone. Based on Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but in a modern-day Japanese setting.
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W-Pinch 4.7


Vol.4 Ch.17.5 : Extra 5 - Project X [End]

226.3K Jan 20,16 Azuki Ryou

Kawai Arisa used to be the biggest baddest girl around...that was until she fell down a flight of stairs and had amnesia. Now, Arisa is a timid crybaby. As the story progresses, a number of the mean Arisa's "servants" come to get revenge on Arisa. But she isn't the Arisa like before! How will she defend herself? ~Love_blossom
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Kanpeki na Yubi 4.9

Kanpeki Na Yubi

Chapter 1

41K Jan 20,16 Kuroya Tomoya

Their date is going well. He wishes for more. She defers. He presses. She decides to trust him. She tears off her finger...
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Wagamama mo Aishite 4.2

Wagamama Mo Aishite

Vol.1 Ch.1

81K Jan 20,16 Nekota Yonezou

Schoolboy romance starring popular Daijuu and his mood-swinging boyfriend Kan. Kan desperately wants to be the one in control in the relationship, but slowly comes to realize their dynamics will never mesh that way. Chapter 4/Oneshot from Hidoku Shinaide
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Escape (MIYAMOTO Kano) 4.8

Escape (Miyamoto Kano)


51.7K Jan 20,16 Miyamoto Kano

Jun hates his boring, lonely high school life. Kouji hates being a penniless thug. Even though they have absolutely nothing in common, Kouji ends up getting roped into taking Jun on a roadtrip, and they realize maybe their lives aren't as bad as they think.
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Wakadanna ni Goyoujin 4.2

Wakadanna Ni Goyoujin

Ch.5 : Love Seminar

122.3K Jan 20,16 Chiba Ryouko

From Attractive Fascinante: The publishing house told the freelance writer, Shouji Tatsuru, “If you can get an exclusive on one of the resorts that rejected the “Young Master Special” interview, you can be our contractual employee.” That’s how Tatsuru met the third generation of Harebare House, Kuga Nanami. Nanami challenged Tatsuru to work as a free labor in the resort for a month before he ag
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Sumomo (Harada) 4.5

Sumomo (Harada)


77.3K Jan 20,16 Harada

Prequel of Yatamomo
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Tale of the Fighting Freak, Path of the Warrior [Blood and Steel] 4.9

Tale Of The Fighting Freak, Path Of The Warrior [Blood And Steel]


149.2K Jan 20,16 Qiao Jingfu

- The synopsis is not the same as, the B.A.W version, I used the B.A.W synopsis because it was just easier than my TLer to translate it. - So please stop changing this description as they are actually not the same...
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Mikazuki to Nagareboshi 5

Mikazuki To Nagareboshi

Vol.1 Ch.1

77.9K Jan 20,16 Shiina Ayumi

From Whitelies Fansub: Hasegawa Mitsuki, a college freshman. Mitsuki has been thinking about the same person since she was 16 years old. That person, being 18 years older. A Coffe Shop Manager, Asai Ryusei, a divorced man with an only son. To Mitsuki, Ryusei is a really important person but, her romantic interest for him is slowly...?!
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Fushigi Yuugi - Byakko Ibun 5

Fushigi Yuugi - Byakko Ibun

Vol.1 Chapter 1

177.6K Jan 20,16 Watase Yuu

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