Koujitsusei no Tobira 4.9

Koujitsusei No Tobira

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Extra [End]

174.9K Jan 20,16 Shoowa

Cys Beckett learns of the sudden death of his brother he didn't see for 10 years. His only legacy: a disk and a son, Kai. Kai now lives with Sis and every night, comes to his bed. Sequel: Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai
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Koukyuu no Arika 4.6

Koukyuu No Arika

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : One Day...

166.2K Jan 20,16 Sakura Sakuya

Young businessman Kuzumi has just returned to his childhood home where he must contend with the memories he left behind and Yuu, the handsome new dog trainer with a troubled past.
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Dame BL 3.9

Dame Bl

Vol.1 Chapter 15 : Column 2

305.1K Jan 20,16 Chiba Ryouko,Est Em,Kumota Haruko,Morozumi Sumitomo,Aoyama Toomi,Kashima,Kusama Sakae,Umematsu Machie,Okadaya Tetuzoh,Takeuchi Sachiko

From acme: Dame BL is "a collection of BL oneshots written by some of the lesser-known participants in the genre (and some you may be familiar with already), with a focus on less conventional settings and characters. We're very far away from high school here, which hopefully you'll agree makes a pleasant change of pace." 1. Be Here to Love Me (KUMOTA Haruko) The relationship of a
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Kowarekake no Omocha 4.3

Kowarekake No Omocha

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : Straying From Obedience

544.4K Jan 20,16 Cj Michalski

Chapters 1-3,Ch.6.5: Extra: Shinobu left his large family to go live with Kengo as his playmate and companion to earn extra money once his father fell ill. Kengo takes advantage of Shinobu's position as his "toy", and when they are older he begins to have sex with him as well. Shinobu is afraid that Kengo will throw him away once his usefulness is over, proving that Kengo doesn't
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Koyoi Oto Furu Sora no Shita 5

Koyoi Oto Furu Sora No Shita

Vol.1 Ch.5

109.8K Jan 20,16 Takamiya Satoru

From Midnight Scans: Miyabi has lost her voice from losing her happy family, and she is adopted by Naozumi who runs a piano school. There, she meets Yue. Yue has loved Miyabi's piano-playing since he was small; he stops playing piano, and looks at Miyabi who closes her heart to the world. Thus, he becomes desperate trying to bring her back to the world of sound, but...
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Kreuz 4.6


Vol.1 Ch.4

68.2K Jan 20,16 Takaguchi Satosumi

Harumoto Akira, a talented high school music student, descends into the violent world of Japanese speed tribes thanks to his obsession with Otoguro Yugou, the manipulative and enigmatic leader of the tribe, Red Kreuz.
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Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo 4.5

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Real Love

432.7K Jan 20,16 Morinaga Milk

Collection of 7 short stories revolving around an all-girl's school. From Lililicious: • Tomodachi ja Nakute mo (Even if We're Not Friends) - "Even if We're not Friends," is about two girls who were friends in junior high but end up going to different high schools. • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Natsu (The Summer Closest to Heaven) - Tells the story of a ghost who acci
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Kudan no Kuroneko 4.6

Kudan No Kuroneko

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Crystal Of Love

178.5K Jan 20,16 Mizukami Shin

Fantasy Shrine: Chapter 1-3: Black Cat of The Matter After rescuing Maya, the descendant of the Cat God who was injured from his unsuccessful first mission, Yujiro begins to feel a strong desire for the beautiful feline. Does Yujiro know that Maya is on a recovery mission for the calamity bells? This is a love that crosses the boundary of race. Warning: Tentacle rape in chapter 3. Chapter
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Dance! Subaru 4.8

Dance! Subaru

Vol.11 Chapter 123 : Innocent World 8

1.3M Jan 20,16 Soda Masahito

A small five-year-old girl named Subaru no longer has time for friends and play. Why is this? Her twin brother Kazuma is dying...and gradually forgetting everything. Even Subaru. And so the girl visits him every day, talking with him and dancing for him, trying to make him remember her. And he always does by the end of the day. Encouraged by a friend to join ballet classes, the girl does so and fa
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Kumiko &  Shingo 5

Kumiko & Shingo

Vol.1 Ch.1 : 130 Cm No Dandy: 123 Cm No Dandy

65K Jan 20,16 Yamada Nanpei

This series of manga is about a romance between the dimunitive Shingo and his friend Kumiko in different stages of their lives, from childhood to adulthood. It spans six different manga titles - 5 one-shot manga and a 10 volume 6th series that eventually wraps things up. It's well worth the time: 1. 130 cm no Dandy 2. Dodgeball wo Shiyou 3. Mirai Yousouzu 4. Step Up 5. Paris de Issho ni 6.
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Hirahira no Tsuri 5

Hirahira No Tsuri


44.7K Jan 20,16 Hosuka

Frill is a young boy who travels from town to town, selling the beautiful flowers that grow on his back. One day, the flowers on his back mysteriously begin to wilt and Frill worries that he can no longer grow any flowers.
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Anta Nanka Daikirai 5

Anta Nanka Daikirai

Vol.1 Chapter 4

70.9K Jan 20,16 Sakurayama Kazumi

From StarryHeaven: Contains four stories. • I Can't Stand You “Although Rena-chan likes Miyake, she doesn’t do anything about it”—because Mariko has turned her woman’s charm to full throttle! However, in no time at all, she found out about her rival in love, Rena! • Caught on You Relationships haven’t gone too well for Maho throughout her life. Why is that? It all started with her first
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Kiniro Kishi 5

Kiniro Kishi

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Kiniro Kishi Part 1

64.6K Jan 20,16 Nao Tsukiji

Debutstories from NAO Tsukiji. Kiniro Kishi: Police officer Shiro has been transferred to a small village, where his only job is to capture runaway horses or pull grandmas out of ponds. Kanamori Hime: Anzu is the bell guard to warn the villagers whenever the barbarians attack. But as an actual barbarian comes to the village, Anzu must learn her view of this timid people was not quite accurate,
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Dare Nimo 4.4

Dare Nimo

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Platonic Porno

201K Jan 20,16 Kitagawa Miyuki,Shimaki Ako,Kasuga Akane,Yumachi Shin,Sakurada Hina,Yamada Komomo

Cheese! Anthology with one-shots from various mangakas: KITAGAWA Miyuki - Hoshi sae mo Nemuru Yoru SHIMAKI Ako - No Panties Musume : first extra from volume 2 of Boku ni Natta Watashi KASUGA Akane - Tomodachi Shikkaku: Riku is the prince of the school. Cute, kind, athletic...a perfect prince. If only she wasn't a girl!!!! On top of that she gets hassled by Sugisaki for grabbing the a
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Darenimo Ai Sarenai 4.5

Darenimo Ai Sarenai

Vol.1 Chapter 9

162.8K Jan 20,16 Yamada Yugi

From Attractive Fascinante: Kusaka is an owner of a used-book store and is oblivious to the people around him. Iijima, on the other hand, is a hotheaded sales person. They were classmates during college and had some argument before, yet they became lovers now. When two total opposites personalities clash, the spark of love starts to disperse too…
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Darenimo Ienai 3.8

Darenimo Ienai

Vol.1 Ch.7

204.3K Jan 20,16 Shigisawa Kaya

A woman struggles with her attraction to her adult cousin, haunted by the games they played a a child. Her sister finds love where she least expects it, and views her surroundings through different eyes. Two women find their secret lesbian relationship threatened by the world around them.
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Darker than Black 4.6

Darker Than Black

Vol.2 Chapter 10 : 4Koma - End

1.1M Jan 20,16 Bones,Okamura Tensai

A young girl's nightmare becomes the search for the truth, a search that leads her to the secret and extremely dangerous world of Contractors and the Hells Gate. Hei and Mao try to protect Kana from the Contractors who are trying to silence her forever, while Kana clings to the hope of finding her father and piecing her life together again. -- Bushido Angel Adventures NOTE: (revised) The story
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Kusari wa mou Iranai 4.7

Kusari Wa Mou Iranai

Chapter 0

51.5K Jan 20,16 Kurata Uso

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Kusenai Yoru no Kioku 4.6

Kusenai Yoru No Kioku

Vol.1 Chapter 1

86.6K Jan 20,16 Julia James

Eve has to accompany her father to a party held in a luxurious hotel and curses her unfortunate life as a daughter of a ruthless tycoon. Her role is to blandish a businessman who is planning to take over her father's company by seducing him with her youth and beauty, to maneuver the deal in favor of her father. By the time an irresistibly attractive man comes into view, Eve is fed up with everythi
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Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki 4.8

Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki

Vol.10 Chapter 47.5 : [Extra] An Extraordinarily Troubling Situation For Shibata Massay...

495.8K Jan 20,16 Kodaka Kazuma

A boy changes schools to be near his childhood crush. Mistaken identities and numerous love triangles ensue. Atsushi Arisawa enrolls at Jougaouka High School to be near Masami Shibata (Ma-chan) who was his childhood crush. Unbeknownst to Atsushi, however, Masami no longer works at the school and his brother, Masayoshi is now the nurse. Atsushi mistakes Masayoshi for Masami and is horrified beca
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Nagabon 5



53.2K Jan 20,16

Nagato Book.
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Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan 5

Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan

Ch.3 : The Star Sorcerer - Part 2 [End]

73.1K Jan 20,16 Aramata Hiroshi

From SiH: 1 volume containing two stories about Abe no Seimei, the longer one dealing with a demoness who fell in love with him...
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Kyokan Hunter 4.5

Kyokan Hunter

Vol.1 Chapter 8

231.5K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Inaki

From Nakama: A phantom thief has been creating an uproar, passing through every defense and stealing countless works of art! When he takes a liking to the "maidenhood" a guard sacrifices to him, he leaves without stealing the goods... The guard of a certain art museum is completely taken in by that scheme. Their relationship began with contractual sex but before they know it, the two of them ar
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Kyokutou Love Mission 4.9

Kyokutou Love Mission

Vol.1 Ch.2

77.5K Jan 20,16 Kanzaki Takashi

Hiiro is a covert agent being sent to investigate the disappearance of his fellow agent and friend, Chris. Hiiro's orders are to kill Chris if he's betrayed their agency. Which side is Chris on?
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