Lovesick 5


Vol.2 Ch.8 : Side Story - End

117.4K Jan 20,16 Maria

Story 01 (Main story) Title: Lovesick Yue lives alone with her with her step-father, Kouki (27 years old). She's dating a boy her own age, but finds herself always thinking about Kouki. Could it be that she's in love with her step-father? Story 02 Title: Koukando Equals Kouno has always thought that she was the only one who got hurt deeply when she was bullied. She just might be able t
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Dousei Recipe 4.4

Dousei Recipe

Vol.7 Chapter 55 : Love Guidance

505.6K Jan 20,16 Oshima Towa

From SCX-Scans Dousei Recipe is done by the same mangaka as Mel Kano. It tells the story of a couple, both very innocent and in love with each other, who are now living together! Takeshi is a pure-hearted college student who is enticed by his girlfriend that has run away to live with him. Temptations ensue.
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LSD 4.6


Vol.1 Ch.5

95.4K Jan 20,16 Akama Hisaki

From Loveless' Site: Narushima (blondie) is a really idle, bored and restless guy, and he is looking for something that will cure his state of boredom. For that same reason, he goes around picking fights, harassing girls, smoking & being a pretty awful delinquent in general (sadist!).Thoughts of finding that drug come to Narushima's mind. After catching glimpse of Natsume (black hair), a male pr
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Lucky-kun 4.9


Vol.2 Ch.13.2

157.8K Jan 20,16 Takaguchi Satosumi

High school delinquent Mura must put up with the annoying presence of new stepbrother Subaru when his mother goes away on honeymoon. Dealing with gossip at school is bad enough, but Mura's life is turned upside down by a forbidden locker-room kiss and the publication of an incriminating photo snapped by BL fangirls. Takaguchi Satosumi's first BL work.
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Ludwig Revolution 4.7

Ludwig Revolution

Vol.4 Ch.16 : The Blue Light ~ End

221K Jan 20,16 Yuki Kaori

Prince Ludwig isn't your conventional prince charming. He appears to be an unbelievably attractive though in truth, necrophilic narcissist prince who has a fetish for big breasted women. However his father the King became very displeased with his unusual hobbies and sets him off on a journey to find a bride. So together with his constantly abused manservant Wilhelm, who is in truth his closest per
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Doushite Namida ga Derunokana 4.8

Doushite Namida Ga Derunokana

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : Epilogue

155.4K Jan 20,16 Yamada Yugi

Jr. high student Izumiya is surprised by a sudden kiss from his handsome classmate Hayakawa. Leaving him completely confused, Hayakawa suddenly leaves town, but the two reunite again in high school. As the two continue to part and reunite, Izumiya's feelings start to stir...
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Downtown Shuffle 5

Downtown Shuffle

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Four Seasons [End]

100.4K Jan 20,16 Sakamoto Miki

1--3) Downtown Shuffle - Everyone wants Sakura: an aloof, elegant and unattainable beautiful "princess". Syou is no exception. He desperately wants him. So bad that he visits all Sakura's favorite night clubs nearly every night. Somehow, somehow, Syou unexpectedly wins Sakura's attention. His friend and bartender Miyako is pleased for him. However it doesn't go as smoothly as Syou's hoped. S
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Lunar: Vane Hikuusen Monogatari 4.8

Lunar: Vane Hikuusen Monogatari

Vol.1 Ch.3 : The Memories I Confess [End]

75.1K Jan 20,16 Funato Akari

From JMS: A collection of 3 tales of Dyne and Ghaleon and the Great Inheritance of Vane a magical airship, pride of the flying city of Vane. - The Scenery I Recall: Dyne and Ghaleons first meeting in the town of Burg. - Confession of the Soul: While travelling Dyne and Ghaleon help to rescue the Guildmistress of Vane. - The Memories I Confess: Ghaleons journey to complete his brothers la
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Luv Clinic 4.8

Luv Clinic

Vol.3 Ch.9

128.9K Jan 20,16 Sugi Emiko

The 'Luv Clinic' aims to cure the woes of women via its charismatic masseuse - Gorou! Can Mari, former customer, win over this masseuse as his assistant?
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Luxus 5


Vol.1 Ch.1.2

57.9K Jan 20,16 Park Judith

Scralette is young, extremely pretty and rich! With her black credit card, she can afford all the luxuries about which others only dream. During Powershoppen get Scralette a small figure for her teach a great and lucky live.
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M (Katsura Masakazu) 3.1

M (Katsura Masakazu)

Vol.1 Ch.5

239K Jan 20,16 Katsura Masakazu

Eiji Matsuda finally managed to go out with Emi and promised to agree on the condition that they can't have sex. After 6 months he decides to break this promise.
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Machibito 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.1

67.8K Jan 20,16 Minase Masara

Reunion proves painful and brings up unresolved feelings when stepbrothers Shuuya and Kyou meet again.
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Dr. Psyche 5

Dr. Psyche

Chapter 0

46.8K Jan 20,16 Chihiro

From The Zero Alliance: No doctor can cure or figure out the cause behind the the illness of Mii’s older brother. Except for Dr. Psyche. But this mysterious doctor is perverted and even had a criminal record. Can she really trust him?
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Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite! 5

Dr. Rin Ni Kiitemite!

Vol.1 Chapter 7

102.4K Jan 20,16 Arai Kiyoko

Meirin, a junior high schooler, is the real identity of the famous "Dr. Rin" who heads a very popular feng sui website. She is in love with her best friend Asuka, a member of the soccer team. "Dr. Rin"'s advice has granted success for many, yet Meirin's own love life doesn't seem to be going too smoothly? An earlier work by the mangaka of the popular "Beauty Pop"!
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Magic (SHIMIZU Reiko) 5

Magic (Shimizu Reiko)

Vol.1 Ch.2

70.4K Jan 20,16 Shimizu Reiko

From MangaArt: There are 2 manga series in the book. In the first series, Magic, the background is set in the futuristic 2200's in the edge of the galaxy. Super model Kana has died in a space ship accident when she traveled to a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Her daughter was found 3 years after the magnetic storm has rested. A distant related cousin of Kana adopted the young child (he was a
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Magic Shoe Shop 5

Magic Shoe Shop

Vol.1 Ch.2 V2 : Blindxdoll

161.8K Jan 20,16 Sakai Mayu

In an alternative world where science and a sprinkle of magic reside together, there exists 'Number 9', a robotic servant for a young lord with an interest in machinery. One day, she visits a magical shoe shop asking for a pair of shoes that can "stop dreams". What could this possibly mean, and how will her relationship with her master end? Devilish Holly: It is a very cute story
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Mahou Tsukai to Koi no Biyaku 4.9

Mahou Tsukai To Koi No Biyaku


107.4K Jan 20,16 Toyota Yuu

In this twist on familiar fairytale tropes, a persecuted wizard makes a love potion for a girl he saved several years ago.
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Mahoutsukai Tai! 5

Mahoutsukai Tai!

Vol.1 Ch.3

75.9K Jan 20,16 Sato Junichi

From Terrad: Sae and her friends from school make the "Magic-Users Club", where they try to learn magic (usually ending in some horrible/funny mess-up). A little more shounen then most of our projects, but Mahou Tsukai Tai is so funny and cute, it'll appeal to both genders X3
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Utsukushiki Shitai - SF & Mystery Hen 5

Utsukushiki Shitai - Sf & Mystery Hen


51.2K Jan 20,16 Ebisu Yoshikazu

Collection of short stories.
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Maigo no Bambi ni Kiss wo 1 mm 5

Maigo No Bambi Ni Kiss Wo 1 Mm

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Cast A Spell On Me

58.1K Jan 20,16 Tomoya Nao

[From ShoujoMagic]: Story 1) 1mm of a Kiss for the Lost Bambi - Kaito comes across as cold and distant, and he has a strange bird phobia. Afraid to get close to anything related to them, he sometimes lashes out irrationally. However, his classmate Yuuki sees the flip side of Kaito and loves him more than anything, but Kaito's mixed signals have her feeling lost... like a helpless, little Bambi
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Dragon Head 4.3

Dragon Head

Vol.10 Chapter 89 : The Horror Of Ending Alone When The World Breaks Down!

1.6M Jan 20,16 Mochizuki Minetaro

From Tokyopop: In the horror of witnessing so many classmates perish before his eyes in a violent train wreck, Teru discovers two survivors in the tunnel: Ako and Nobuo. But salvation from this bloody carnage is far from their grasp. As they try to dig out from the wreck in order to come up with a plan to stay alive, the lack of light and food, combined with the stench of death and decay, will lea
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Karada Meate de Warui ka 4.6

Karada Meate De Warui Ka

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

195.7K Jan 20,16 Koizumi Kiyo

1) Is it wrong to eye your body "As long as Kakuno's willing to look at me, it's okay." Hazumi was helped by his classmate, Kakuno, who saw him being harassed by some upperclassmen. His heart stolen by Kakuno's strong and beautiful body, Hazumi told Kakuno that he wanted to see it all. Kakuno obliged, but as time passed their relationship became no clearer. They started out as strangers,
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Nigeru Otoko 5

Nigeru Otoko

Vol.1 Ch.5

84.3K Jan 20,16 Basso

In this forest, there is a bear only children can see. If you can escape the forest after spending one day with that bear, you can become whatever you desire. A young girl sets foot into the dense forest of legend and what she encounters there was…
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Tokage no Ou 3.7

Tokage No Ou

Vol.3 Ch.15

504.6K Jan 20,16 Iruma Hitoma

Summary by Vexed-Scans and Deus-Ex Scans: Ikagawa Tokage is a boy with a superpower. He has the the ability to change the color of his eyes whenever he closes and reopens the eyes. Kinda useless, right? Regardless, Ikagawa Tokage strives to strengthen his power in an effort to become the strongest and not have his power be nothing more than an arrow to the knee. With that desire in mind, he tra
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