Desire Climax 4

Desire Climax

Chapter 49

5.1M Jan 20,16 Ukyou Ayane

From ShoujoMagic: Omori Mio is 17 years old. To help out her desperately poor family, she takes on a part-time job. Then, one night, a boy snatches a kiss from her and offers her money, saying, "I'll buy you." Who is the boy who stole Mio's first kiss...!? An extra of S.P.Y can be found inside.
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Little Birds of Paradise 4.5

Little Birds Of Paradise

Vol.1 Chapter 1

45.2K Jan 20,16 Sakazaki Sakura

[From Lililicious]: "Little Birds of Paradise" is a short full-color story. Two girls discuss their plans for after graduation. Bittersweet.
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Destinies Cross 5

Destinies Cross

Vol.2 Chapter 8

130.5K Jan 20,16 Azumi Moka

Kazune joins the band KEEL and becomes their vocalist. But only after a while he is leaving to join the band BLANCA. Why is Kazune leaving suddenly? What will the members of KEEL think of him?
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Desupai 5


Vol.1 Chapter 8.5 : Nana-Chan Scrambles!

99.8K Jan 20,16 Shimamoto Kazuhiko

Gambling. Mahjong. Death. These are the themes of this fast-paced, undercover-agent-style manga where outrageous life-or-death gambles are made daily occurences and insurmountable odds are overcome. The most hardcore, action-packed mahjong manga you will ever see.
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Loop (So-Sol) 4.8

Loop (So-Sol)

Vol.1 Ch.2

61.1K Jan 20,16 소솔,So-sol

Ritz: The doll scientist. Darlene: The doll created by Ritz... Ritz begins teaching of the world, humanity, and how to become human to Darlene, who's existence revolves around his own, Ritz, but...
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Lost (JUNG Min-Yong) 5

Lost (Jung Min-Yong)


88.2K Jan 20,16 Jung Min-yong

Due to continuing death of people close to him, Han Haje is called the demon possessed child. Then one day, his estranged ex-girlfriend, Ari, returns... Webtoon from Naver Please address this as Manhwa (Korean word for cartoons)
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Lost Virgin Project 5

Lost Virgin Project

Vol.1 Ch.2

63.9K Jan 20,16 Minazuki Ren

Baka-updates: About a group of girls and their plans to lose it...
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Lotus Eater 4.9

Lotus Eater

Vol.1 Ch.6

183.5K Jan 20,16 Tenzen Momoko

From Attractive Fascinante: Rihito promised himself that he’d never fall in love with a hetero or bisexual. However when Rihito’s shop manager, Kanda Kouji, confessed to him, he allowed Kanda to hold him. Ri-chan made it clear to Kanda that it’s impossible between them. But with Kanda’s continuous advances, will Ri-chan give in? (Note: Side characters Shingo and Ray are from Wonderful Days?)
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Love at the Fingertip 5

Love At The Fingertip

Vol.1 Ch.0

48.1K Jan 20,16

[From Perfect Ilusions]: For her first time confessing, Riko decides to go all out--especially with her makeup! In the end she winds up humiliating herself. And worst of all, she runs into her enemy from school, Kenta. But, after finding out a secret of Kenta's, things start to change. Can her enemy actually become her savior? A story about beauty that touches beyond the surface.
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di[e]ce 4.9


Vol.6 Ch.41 : [End]

319.7K Jan 20,16 Saki Otoh,Yamamoto Kana

Naruse Kazuki and Koutake Haruki are on the advanced track of Seitoukou Academy. Though they are not connected by blood, these two whose faces are so similar coincidentally have their 16th birthdays on November 11th. However, on that fateful anniversary, the cogs of fate have begun to turn. A game involving both their destinies has now begun! -Please note the first set of chapters have been del
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Diamond Head 4.5

Diamond Head

Vol.5 Chapter 16.2 : Carnage Lovers

155.7K Jan 20,16 Mizushiro Setona

Ichihashi Nanao is an incredibly bright girl and the first to ever transfer into Mehabia Catholic School. The one God here, though, is the "Judicature Club," a school-sanctioned means of resolving student disputes. Its president and judge is the first person Nanao meets--Hanegi Raika, a handsome boy who looks like a girl. This highly selective club wants Nanao as a member, but while she may be unw
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Momoiro Renka 4.4

Momoiro Renka

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Sketching The Color Of Love

90K Jan 20,16 Mitsuha Yuu

From Shrine Of Memories: Sakura prays in front of cherry blossoms in the hope of meeting her fated partner, suddenly a guy really does show up!! Believing he is her fated person, she seeks him out but Sakura meets with more than just her fated partner...
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Okurete Kita Renjou 4.6

Okurete Kita Renjou

Vol.1 Ch.6

152.4K Jan 20,16 Kiriyu Kiyoi

Tomoki is a playboy who thinks only about sex. But Kazuyuki, who's supposed to be his sex partner, confesses his love to Tomoki. Even though he thinks of this as a bother, it starts to develop into a love game! It's a bittersweet love story.
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Die 4.5


Chapter 1 : Oneshot

52K Jan 20,16 Yuki Kaori

A young man reads the suicide note from his deceased sister...
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Haru 4.4


Chapter 4

76K Jan 20,16 Ayase Umi

From Chibi Manga: A love story about a close future. From Shoujo-Sense: What if your lover died, you lost your will to live, and a robot was sent to you that looked like your lost lover?
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Garakuta Tenshi 5

Garakuta Tenshi

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Garakuta Tenshi ~ Junk Angel

58.7K Jan 20,16 Seto Yuuna

Collection of 4 oneshot stories: 1) ?????? (Garakuta Tenshi): Sachi was once a happy, and cheerful girl. But now she acts cold toward others. Ishizaki is interested in her, wants her to trust him... but she can't?! What's the reason behind this wall she puts up with?! 2) 2002?????????? (2002 Nen no Fairytale) 3) ??????? (Maihime no Romance) 4) ?????????? (Romance ga Futtekita)
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Durarara!! - Saikahen 5

Durarara!! - Saikahen

Vol.3 Chapter 16 : Epilogue

410.6K Jan 20,16 Narita Ryohgo

Ikebukuro, Tokyo—a neighborhood where twisted love prowls!! A series of street slashings in Ikebukuro begins to connect total strangers: A teenage girl with no personality of her own; a beat writer for a third-rate tabloid; a teacher suspected of harassment; an informant based in Shinjuku…and a headless rider straddling a pitch-black motorcycle!! Meanwhile, the slasher continues to te
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Digopuri 5


Vol.1 Chapter 9

138K Jan 20,16 Kio Shimoku

The slice of life stories of newborn Yumeko Okiura, her mother Ayumi, and her aunt Kaname. Ayumi and Kaname endure the trials and tribulations of raising a newborn child, such as changing diapers and being awakened at odd hours. Not to mention, the stress of taking care of a baby opens rifts in their relationship. Both Ayumi and Kaname are 18, and the story occasionally reflects back to their time
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch 4.9

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Chiru Episode 5: End Of The Golden Witch

Vol.5 Ch.27 : Hidden Tea Party Part 2

528.6K Jan 20,16 Ryukishi 07

On the secluded island of Rokkenjima, owned by the rich and powerful Ushiromiya family, mysterious murders begin to occur as outlined on the epitaph of the Golden Witch Beatrice, whose existence has been continually denied by Battler Ushiromiya. When Beatrice defaults a win against Battler, she loses the will to continue and withdraws. As Battler waits for her to awaken, the witches Bernkastel
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Dirty Work 5

Dirty Work

Chapter 0

62.3K Jan 20,16 Sadamoto Yoshiyuki,Takaha Mako

Tetsuo is a quiet and uncharismatic boy that completely loves one of his classamates, but she rejects him as a boyfriend. However, his feelings lead him to do anything for her, even becoming her puppet... and what are the real feelings of the girl?
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Dive in the Vampire Bund 4.8

Dive In The Vampire Bund

Vol.1 Chapter 10.5 : Epilogue

315.5K Jan 20,16 Tamaki Nozomu

The Vampire Bund, a peaceful island nation of vampires off the coast of Tokyo, ruled by Princess Mina Tepes, has seen its share of conflict and turmoil. Yet there are times of relative tranquility when the Bund is a popular tourist destination. When two teenage tourists visit the Bund and are unexpectedly turned into vampires, they appeal to Mina and her loyal lycanthrope bodyguard, Akira, for
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Divine Melody 4.8

Divine Melody

Vol.9 Chapter 30 : The Everlasting Melody

349.8K Jan 20,16 Yi Huan

This is a wonderful tale set in historical times that deals with amazing legends... A strong and active young boy named Duo Xi and a gentle young girl named Xiao Que live in a village at the base of a mountain which, legend has it, is home to female fox demons. Among the foxes is the very special Cai Sheng--a little girl fox with the power to one day become what only the most powerful foxes can be
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Do You Want To Try? 4.7

Do You Want To Try?

Vol.5 Chapter 17 : End

246.3K Jan 20,16 Cha Kyung Hee

When the hot-tempered Han Hye Won accidently insults the handsome jjang of Han Hwa Go, Sun Woo Bin decides to pay her a visit... with his entire motorcycle gang, ready to see some blood. So how does that lead up to a kiss and the infamous captain begging for a date? Do you want to try?
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Doctor Du Ming 4.8

Doctor Du Ming

Vol.1 Chapter 15

218.3K Jan 20,16 Zhang Jing

Du Ming, young anesthetist in a big Chinese hospital, is haunted by the memory of Zhang Qian: a young lady coming from the same school as him , who bewitched him by the sulphurous beauty and the aura of strangeness she emits. After graduating, Du Ming stayed in touch with Zhang Qian, who writes him. Now a terrible piece of news arises: the young lady is said to have committed suicide. From Man
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