Shuumatsu no Laughter 4.9

Shuumatsu No Laughter

Chapter 5.5 : To The New World

211.7K Jan 20,16 Tanabe Yellow

From Shoujo-Sense: A girl named Haru and her big brother suddenly appear in town. Her brother, being an akuma, is shunned by the people. But, he gets them to bring him to the chief of the town where he offers to bury the akuma - Godot - who has been living in the town for 5 years. Can this "akuma eater" accomplish this task?
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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara - Oo yuusha yo, Flag wo Tateteshimau to wa Nanigoto da!? 4.5

Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara - Oo Yuusha Yo, Flag Wo Tateteshimau To Wa Nanigoto Da!?


128.5K Jan 20,16 Takei Touka

Spinoff series of Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara
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Madoka x Nanoha 5

Madoka X Nanoha


85.3K Jan 20,16 Kazekawa Nagi,Masulao Maximum

From HimaHimaSeijin Scans: Two of the most badass groups of magical girls join forces to defeat Walpurgis Night with the power of friendship! And planet-destroying lasers.
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Crazy Girl Shin Bia 4.6

Crazy Girl Shin Bia

Vol.19 Chapter 85

2M Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

When a tough, lazy, money loving, yet beautiful high school student named Shin Bia jumps down from a building , she thought she would die but instead she falls into the era where the ancient Goryeo Dynasty ruled?! She had to transform into a proper and elegant lady and while she's there she faces many obstacles.
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Crimson Cross 4.7

Crimson Cross

Vol.1 Chapter 3B : Maria's Story

79.1K Jan 20,16 Negishi Kyoko

Carl van Hellsing has vowed to hunt down the vampire Elliot for eternity. But, that's exactly what Elliot wants. Implicit shounen-ai.
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Crimson Empire 4.7

Crimson Empire

Vol.2 Chapter 8

262.1K Jan 20,16 Quinrose

Sheila is a housemaid and exclusively serves Edvard, a prince. She also works as his security guard because of her past assassin training. She is all-purpose at work, but awkward when she is off. Although Sheila is competent at battles and operations, but she isn't good at love and establishing friendships. She, however, needs to use the various people around her to have Edvard take over the thron
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Crimson Grave 5

Crimson Grave

Vol.4 Chapter 11 : Contact

264.5K Jan 20,16 Miyake Taishi

Many ages ago, a devil roamed the world. Bearing wings of black and eyes of molten gold, he traversed the world leaving a wake of death with his powers of glittering darkness. The Devil was slain by the 10 gods who created the world and to protect the world from further evil, the gods created 10 swords infused with their power.... Mirim is a member of the Ten Pillar Swords Guild. In fact, she is o
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Crimson Shell 4.7

Crimson Shell

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Epilogue Of Prologue

116.5K Jan 20,16 Mochizuki Jun

The Crimson Bullet Association all have a common goal. Protect the people and save the victims that have been influenced by the disease of the Black Rose. Claudia, their star member, is not only an excellent fighter but has a special secret. Within her, resides the seed of the Scarlet Rose! What trouble can be brought by her? Will she be able to survive the painful betrayal of the person that hold
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Cristo ~ Orange-Eyed Messiah 5

Cristo ~ Orange-Eyed Messiah

Vol.1 Chapter 4

70.4K Jan 20,16 Sorano Kairi

[From SnowKiss]: Towa became a sweeper admiring the legendary sweeper called, “Orange-Eyed Messiah”. The task of sweeper, which requires to “sweep” the monsters Adys is quite hazardous. On his first real attempt at fighting Adys, Towa encountered Kei, a former sweeper who saved him from being killed. Towa asked Kei to take him as a student. However, not only Kei plainly rejects Towa’s request,
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Crookclock 4.8


Vol.1 Chapter 4.5

84.4K Jan 20,16 Nesumi Chisato

From Aerandria Scans: Young master Hewlett is a famous work-a-holic watch-maker whose one dream is to make watches only for people who appreciate and love them. And exactly when he thought he’d never meet such a person, his faithful butler Jill made him attend a tea-party where he met the new maid Mulara. And her first words were that her greatest treasure ever is one of master Hewlett’s old wa
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Koi Uta 4.6

Koi Uta

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Love's Fountain Of Prayers

104.5K Jan 20,16 Kamei Yogorouta

A collection of fantasy oneshots with a dash of animal-ear flavor. An onnagata inspires a young boy to get in touch with his inner woman, a family of foxes teach a miserable young tailor to cure leather, a cat is trapped in a pretty intense love triangle, a bumbling newspaper club member is delegated to photography club duties, a boy with a history of sexual abuse falls for the painter he wants to
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Crown (NAKANISHI Tatsurou) 5

Crown (Nakanishi Tatsurou)

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Kentaro And The Knights (Part 4)

70.6K Jan 20,16 Nakanishi Tatsurou

Kentaro was a normal teenager in school in the country of Kenko, but when the neighboring kingdom of Sigma launches a surprise attack, he learns a secret about himself. Sigma warriors head for the Giria Academy where Kentaro attends in order to assassinate him. He and his classmates are saved by the Sanjuki, three of the most powerful and famous knights of Kenko: Tsubasa Sho Tenkuin, Shingo Go Dai
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Michibata no Tenshi 5

Michibata No Tenshi

Vol.3 Ch.17

173.2K Jan 20,16 Emura

Catole holds the mysterious book known as the Book of Ega (Creation). Her parents are murdered by people who are after the book and she leaves on a journey to escape. During her rough journey, the ones who save Catole from exhaustion are the people of the Arch family who make a living working in a Chinese Circus.
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Gakuen Chaika! 5

Gakuen Chaika!

Vol.1 Chapter 6

114.6K Jan 20,16 Sakaki Ichirou

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Koibito wa Hatsujouki 4.8

Koibito Wa Hatsujouki

Vol.1 Chapter 7

434.5K Jan 20,16 Kamon Saeko

1- A Devil In School Sugita is your average high school professor, but one of his students Toudou has been going out of his way to hate him or is it something else... 2- Home Tutors Cannot Fall In Love After a shocking confession from Natsuki, desperate Akimasa sets the condition, "If you score full marks on your next exam, then I'll go out with you!" 3- Masturbating Together Nao is a stu
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Summoners War - The Tale of Two Wishes 5

Summoners War - The Tale Of Two Wishes

Vol.1 Ch.16

166.6K Jan 20,16 Com2us,Tato

A notorious summoner with a criminal record and a mysterious past...a fluke of a monster from a summoning gone wrong... There are two players in the story, but only one goal: to steal the Summoner's Crystal! Unspeakable power! All the riches of the world! And...the ability to bring back the dead?
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Koikyuu 5


Vol.1 Chapter 3

89.1K Jan 20,16 Ikumi Mia

From Broccoli: Breaking the Rules in the Game of Love! When you're a cupid in training, you gotta play by the rules: No socializing with your targets. Don't consort with the enemy. Practice archery every day. Maybe if someone had told Koi, Ai, and Ren, they could stay out of trouble. The girls try to finish their missions by the book, but something always gets in the way.
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XBlade 4.8


Vol.12 Ch.49

520.2K Jan 20,16 Ida Tatsuhiko

Four years ago, a large scale disaster in Tokyo claimed two million lives. The remaining thirteen districts of the city were isolated into the Tokyo Barricade Zone. Morisaki Harumi, an unruly kid with great fighting strength, is his family's sole survivor from the incident. One day, in a traffic accident, Haru gets pulled into a world of violence and meets Mana, the girl who turned herself into
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Cu-Cu-Cute! 5


Vol.2 Chapter 9 : Read Online

117.1K Jan 20,16 Nojima Kenji

To use his ability for the goods and helping people, is Kasuga Rito's hidden wish he's had for so long. But to do that, he needs to gain the power (magic) first. Rito is a sophomore in Rezon Institute, a school for people with special magic abilities to find, train, and develop their skills. Each student has to reach 100 points to be able to start using their ability, otherwise they won't move up
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Zodiac Game 5

Zodiac Game

Vol.1 Ch.5V2 : Stage 5 - Will

103K Jan 20,16 Shinjiro

From Baka Updates: 在那個地方… 死者追尋生命的陽光, 生者追求死亡的安息。 而那裡就是地獄! At that place... The dead yearn for the life of light The ones alive yearn for the solace of death That place is Hell!
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Nurarihyon no Mago 4.9

Nurarihyon No Mago

Vol.25 Ch.210.5 : Tsurara's Love Comedy

7.2M Jan 20,16 Shiibashi Hiroshi

Rikuo Nura, a kid that is part human and a quarter youkai (demon), lives in a house full of spirits along with his youkai grandfather. Trying to escape his fate of acting like a demon, he does good deeds in order to avoid becoming one despite his grandfather's wish to succeed him as master of the Nura youkai clan. First published as a oneshot in 2007, it later became a series in 2008.
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Cutlass 5


Vol.2 Chapter 9 : Impossible Mission

110.1K Jan 20,16 Higuri Yuu

Tsubasa has always been a little weird and detached, but when he gets dragged into a different world to rescue his supposedly lost mother, his brother Tokimaru knows that there is something more to his background. There they meet up with a mysterious character Shroud, captain of a pirate's ship, and he becomes an aid in their adventures. This is a very mild shounen ai series, but the story is very
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Satomi Hakkenden 5

Satomi Hakkenden

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Dosetsu, Master Of The Ninja Arts

80.2K Jan 20,16 Takizawa Bakin,Yoshimura Natsuki

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Mobile Magical Girl 3.1

Mobile Magical Girl

Ch.37 : Your Water Meter Is Being Targeted

245.8K Jan 20,16 Neko

Dai Hong is dead or alive, or maybe alive or dead? In the end, will he choose his childhood friend, or this outsider, who happens to be….a magical girl? Original Webcomic:
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