Akuma no Ikenie 4.7

Akuma No Ikenie

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Kanau And The Cultural Festival

170.6K Jan 20,16 Tachibana Ayun

Hajime lives with the twin sisters of the family of the Komatsu shrine. Inori is of a very spiritual bent and often tries to use her 'powerful' heirloom rosary to protect her friends and family from evil. The other sister, Kanau, is more practical. She often spends time trying to keep Hajime from groping women, which he is always doing by accident. Amidst strange vampire-like murders in the com
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Sir-Ojii-Chan 5


Chapter 0.1

50.4K Jan 20,16 Itsuryuu Sumi

Siroji Chan III, a man who never lost a single battle and is shunned among men and held the title "The King of The Battlefield". After retiring at a young age. Many came to challenge/kill him in order to obtain the title of the strongest in the world, but all of them failed. After 70 years, a young man Named Mattio Shuzzai came to him and asked to fight him in order to inherit his title. Will
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Drump 4.9


Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

78.9K Jan 20,16 TAKAHASHI Kazuki

A brand new card-game one-shot, written by Kazuki Takahashi - Yugi!Oh's author
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Mori no Youshokujou 4.3

Mori No Youshokujou

Ch.1 : Oneshot

54K Jan 20,16 Togashi Sachi

A boy goes fishing in the forest, and is invited to dinner by a strange old man.
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Yume Mita Shuumatsu 3.6

Yume Mita Shuumatsu

Vol.1 Ch.2 : The Weekend When I Dreamed

64.3K Jan 20,16 Isino Aya

From DMG: It started out as a way to prepare for a future lover. Too long denied a flesh and blood companion, his substitute—a teddy bear—is now his love object. What happens when a persistent, excessively cheerful neighbor consumes his serious, carefully ordered life? An explosion of hurtful, panicked words. Stepping back into his quiet life, he can’t avoid what his
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Pokemon Ranger 5

Pokemon Ranger

Vol.1 Ch.5

124.3K Jan 20,16 Hidenori Kusaka

In yet another area of the Pokemon world, there are no trainers, only rangers who temporarily borrow the service of wild Pokemon for good. The main character finds himself on an almost impossible mission, and discovers with the Pokemon he has borrowed from the Pokemon he has gathered, hopefully a way to stop the evildoers who have started havoc.
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Pokemon Ranger Batonnage 5

Pokemon Ranger Batonnage

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Mission Complete!

239K Jan 20,16 Hidenori Kusaka

Hitomi is a pokemon ranger; someone who uses wild pokemon to achieve their goals rather than capturing them. While pokemon rangers don't need balls to capture pokemon, they do use a tool called a slider in order to get closer to the wild pokemon. 2 years after her graduation from the ranger academy, she joins a team with a top ranger. This ranger uses a rare type of slider called a Batonnage s
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Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior! Ani-Manga 4.6

Pokemon: Giratina And The Sky Warrior! Ani-Manga

Ch.6 : The Oncoming Glacier {End}

163.4K Jan 20,16 Makoto Hijioka

From the exciting new animated chapter of Ash and Pikachu! Shaymin, the peaceful Gratitude Pokémon, lives happily in forests and fields of flowers. But one day Shaymin is accidentally drawn into a battle between the Legendary Pokémon Giratina and Dialga. Whisked away far from home, Shaymin is found by Ash, Dawn and Brock, who soon discover that this new Pokémon is full of surp
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Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai 3.8

Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai

Vol.1 Ch.5 : A Resounding Prayer For Peace {End}

181.7K Jan 20,16 Takamisaki Ryo

Ash may think he's seen everything when it comes to Pokemon, but is he ready to face the mysterious Darkrai in his latest awesome adventure? While touring Alamos Town, home of the Space-Time Towers, Ash and his friends discover that the town's special garden has been ransacked. Some of the townspeople immediately blame the destruction on Darkrai, a sinister-looking Pokemon said to haunt th
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Prince Bubble 4

Prince Bubble

Vol.2 Ch.8

95.7K Jan 20,16

Wi-Lan is a poor girl that was born in a poor fisherman family. She yearned to go to that high standard private high school. When she received the entrance letter, she was so happy, but then she became the laughter of the whole school for being the poorest kid in the school. She was teased and pranked. Until a few weeks ago, a new student transfered to their school, San-Yue. Wi-Lan had a crush on
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Princess Ai 5

Princess Ai

Vol.3 Chapter 0 : Evolution

80.3K Jan 20,16 Courtney Love,Dj Milky

From Tokyopop: Ai is the only royal princess of Ai-Land, a magical kingdom caught in the midst of a horrific revolution. When Princess Ai makes a hasty escape from her war-torn land, she finds herself in modern-day Tokyo. Confused and in shock, Ai wanders the streets in this strange new land to unravel the secrets that could tear her and her kingdom apart ...
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Princess Bride Story 5

Princess Bride Story

Vol.1 Ch.5

91.3K Jan 20,16 Fujino Moyamu

Popuri lives in a small town with only her older brother and the many stray/abandoned animals she has a habit of bringing home. On the day that her parents were to return, after being separated for a long time, she picks up yet another stray animal. But this animal is not just any stray, it's what's known as an evil eye--a dangerous creature(?) possessing many uncanny powers
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Princess Kaguya 4.7

Princess Kaguya

Vol.1 Ch.0

64.9K Jan 20,16 Ruri Hozuki,Sakura Shio

"Princess Kaguya," by Ruri Hozuki and Sakura Shio, is a yuri version of the famous Japanese legend. It's an illustrated story rather than a manga.
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Princess Recipe 4.1

Princess Recipe

Vol.1 Ch.5 : A Love Fragrant With Kisses ::end

102.4K Jan 20,16 Takamiya Satoru

Satoru Takamiya's 'First Love Masterpiece' collection consists of five stories. [Taken from ShoujoMagic]: 1) Princess Recipe (Ohime-sama no Reshipi) - Makoto lives alone until two strange boys from the world of games appear before her! One is a knight, and the other is a wizard. And just like in the game, Makoto becomes the "princess"! In order to save Princess Makoto from the wicked wiza
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Princess Syndrome 5

Princess Syndrome

Vol.1 Ch.5

63.4K Jan 20,16 Yamaguchi Miyuki

From Wingtip Cafe: A cute collection of short stories about friendship and magical adventures.
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Princess Tutu 4.8

Princess Tutu

Vol.2 Ch.10 : Brilliant Grand Pas De Deux (End)

370.9K Jan 20,16 Shinonome Mizuo,Sato Junichi,Ito Ikuko

Ahiru was a regular student at Kinkan Academy. Till one day she sees a new shop that has a pretty tutu in the window and the woman who owns the shop Miss Edel gives Ahiru a pendant. Later she see a boy from school whom she thinks of as a prince named Mytho standing by a lake. Suddenly a monster from the lake is about to attack Mytho. Wishing to save him she suddenly finds herself transformed into
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Professor Busujima's Egg 5

Professor Busujima's Egg

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Professor Busujima's Egg

43K Jan 20,16 Kanou Ruri

Rune believes that good children get spoiled except for her. She decides to run away from home. On the train she took, she encountered an odd stranger named Busujima... who keeps on insisting that she's an egg!
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Protecting The Kanno House 5

Protecting The Kanno House

Vol.1 Ch.1

44.9K Jan 20,16 Sugisaki Yukiru

Kanno is the oldest sister in the family of 6. Kanno and her sister live in a haunted house!!Kanno is supposed to go to her date but she got struck with exorcism a ghost!!Will she finish and go on her date?? Read and find out!!
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Psychedelia 5


Vol.1 Ch.5

84.3K Jan 20,16 Lee Seon Joo,Sangkyu Lee

High school senior Gwon Kang-Han lives a fairly ordinary life with two troublesome parents. He thinks he's been playing too many RPGs when he has a strange dream in a fantastical setting, but that isn't the end of the odd experiences he will encounter, as he discovers the next day at school: in fact, his adventures seem to be just beginning.
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PuiPui! 5


Vol.2 Ch.8

111.9K Jan 20,16 Namori

Araki Jin, a high school student whose parents are archeologists, finds a lamp in a package they sent him. And guess what happened when he polished it! The academy's idol Zadou Sierra abruptly appeared! What's more she is dressed in a maid outfit!
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Carnaval Glare 4.3

Carnaval Glare

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Those Who Desired A Future (End)

100.7K Jan 20,16 Minatogawa Kazuomi

From MangaHelpers: Unknown entities known as "Witches" roam the cities. They exist solely to destroy humans and turn them into one of the Witches. There is a sector in the government known as the Suppression Corps that specializes in dealing with these Witches, who are completely immune to conventional weaponry. Hensel Takamine is the leader of this group, and has an extreme hatred towards the
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Area of Z 4.7

Area Of Z

Chapter 4

90.8K Jan 20,16 Kato

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Pure Marionation 4.9

Pure Marionation

Vol.2 Ch.18 : One Last Step Towards Tomorrow

163.2K Jan 20,16 Takagi Nobuyuki

Pure Marionation is the story of Anon, a "marionette" or android cute girl. Ostensibly, she is enrolled in Waffle High (no, seriously, that's the name) to test out her AI, codenamed ALIS. Immediately, Anon's secret is discovered by classmate Miamo, who is sworn to secrecy and determines to protect Anon from...I'm not sure what. Taken from ozaku
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Tatsu no Otoshigo 4.9

Tatsu No Otoshigo

Vol.1 Ch.4.6

144.4K Jan 20,16 Ike Reibun

One day a mechanic finds a child with horns fainted in the mountain and brings him home. So begins their life together.
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