Anye Fei Ying: Xin Zhi Shang 5

Anye Fei Ying: Xin Zhi Shang

Chapter 9 : The Red Invasion

126.2K Jan 20,16 Ileguo

Border wars ravaged the water nation. In order to calm the war, the royal family was forced to send the king’s daughter amidst the fighting, but the storm continued… Meanwhile, there existed a struggle within the royalty, where fate hangs in the balance! The wheel of fate spins quietly….
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Konna Nekomimi, Suki desu ka? 4.8

Konna Nekomimi, Suki Desu Ka?

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Do You Like Cat Ears Like These

94.5K Jan 20,16 Homerun Ken

From Liquid Passion: 1) Do you like cat ears like these? Midori and Satoshi are students at Kuromori Academy, a magic school. They've been together since childhood, and when Satoshi decided to study magic, Midori followed him even though he doesn't really like magic. When Midori casts a forbidden spell his punishment is to have cat ears for a week. Will Satoshi also break the rules so that he
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Dakishimetakunai 4.9


Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Rose And Knife + Omake

164.6K Jan 20,16 Naono Bohra

There are several stories in Dakishimetakunai: 1) Electricity (Denki) - A high school student despairs of ever making friends on account of his appearance scaring everyone off. However, the new transfer student with the unique and 'electrifying' physique shows up in time to prove him wrong. 2) I Don't Wanna Hold On You (Dakishimetakunai) - When middle-aged salaryman Masato is laid off, Tat
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Koucha Ouji 5

Koucha Ouji

Vol.2 Chapter 9 : The Legendary Tea Princes

124.3K Jan 20,16 Yamada Nanpei

From Ephemeral-Dreams: According to a legend, at midnight during the full moon, if you mix a cup of tea in a white china cup with a silver spoon in the reflection of the moon, a tea prince will appear to grant you three wishes! Well, as it turns out, the legend is true, as Taiko and Haruka of the Tea Association soon discover. Earl Grey and Assam appear ready to grant the wishes of those who brew
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Dakishimete! Noir 4.9

Dakishimete! Noir

Vol.1 Chapter 6

96.9K Jan 20,16 Iisaka Yukako

Suzu is a 16 year old girl who's never had a boyfriend and can understand what animals are thinking. She finds an injured cat, Noir and takes it home to care for it. The next morning the cat turns into a boy named Noa. There are people who are trying to capture Noir/Noa by controlling the minds of cats and forcing them to attack Suzu and Noa. Noa is determined to stay with Suzu and asks her to
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Maken-Ki! Kai!! 5

Maken-Ki! Kai!!


248.8K Jan 20,16 Takeda Hiromitsu

Set years before the main story, this series follows Minori, Aki, and the other teachers during their days as students at Tenbi.
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Kung-Fu Girl Juline 4.3

Kung-Fu Girl Juline

Vol.5 Ch.20

199K Jan 20,16 Kakinouchi Narumi

In a faraway village, in a magical land, live Juline, Bakuya, and Seika, daughters of the top three martial-arts schools. Join them on a quest to uncover the mystery of the Black Pearl, a new clan shrouded in shadows. Juline and the other clan leaders face a new threat in the form of the Black Pearl Guardians. Who are these mysterious warriors, and what is their link to the princesses' past?
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Dark Green 5

Dark Green

Vol.2 Chapter 1

62.8K Jan 20,16 Sasaki Junko

December 20th, 198X. Mysteriously, people across the globe witness the same dark dream. Soon after, the number of humans unable to wake from their sleep begins to increase steadily. There are reports of life-like "R-dreams" that are experienced collectively and haunted with "Zel" - nightmare creatures. Hokuto, a struggling art student, is doubtful of R-dreams until he falls into one. There, he mee
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Dark Mage 4.5

Dark Mage

Chapter 27 : End

407.8K Jan 20,16 Kim Jung Ryul

Once... Humans and Orcs peacefully co-existed, but at some point humans got greedy and started a war claiming the Orcs' territory. The deity-Lord who created all, got angry with the humans' greed and decided to punish them with 3 catastrophes. One of them was the "Dragons", divine creatures blessed with magic capable of doing almost anything. Now the Orcs, with a "Dragon" by their side, seem to
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Dark Seed 5

Dark Seed

Vol.3 Chapter 15 : Sealed

137.8K Jan 20,16 Konno Kita

Wizards are never a single entity. That is, they are composed of a partnership of the "holder" and "caretaker" of the stone. Celeste is the "holder" of the stone, and she's in a hurry to become an independent wizard. But her partner, Chris, is not the easiest person to work with...
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Dark Striker 5

Dark Striker

Vol.1 Chapter 1

65.1K Jan 20,16 Park Sung Woo

The lord of darkness has decided to wake up the Dragon God that will give him the necessary power to dominate the world. But the Dragon God doesn't like his intentions and decides to entrust the mission to find the element that will revive him to the human who holds his soul. Sequel(?): ????? Plus
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Kurumi-tic Miracle 4.5

Kurumi-Tic Miracle

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : I Love Tomboy

81.7K Jan 20,16 Yagami Chitose

1st story : Kurumi-tic Miracle (ch.1-3) Kurumi found a stone that transformed into a bracelet in her grandfather's antique shop. That bracelet lets her wish whatever. Naoki, the guy she likes, wants to get it from her so that he can fulfill his promise to his brother. His little brother has the other stone that is full of enmity and venom. If the two stones will be put together, the world will co
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Data 5


Vol.2 Chapter 12

120.5K Jan 20,16 Tachibana Kaimu

From GOoC: Data is a kind of Magical Boy series manga by Tachibana Kaimu. The two main characters, Sakura and Yuki, are on quests to gather stones with magical powers. In doing so they are also hoping to uncover the mystery as to why they both seem to have lost their memory. Although this is a shoujo series, I'm pretty positive theres also something shounen-ai going on between the two (subtle but
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Daten no Tsuki 5

Daten No Tsuki

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Garden's Thorn

109.9K Jan 20,16 Hasumi Toui

From BLU comes an unearthly collection of stories illuminating the complex lives of immortal beings. An angel, who loses his place in Eden, finds a mysterious and dangerous new patron. A poor painter finishes a woman's portrait without a subject and reveals his forgotten past. These stories and more will delight fans of beautiful angels and demon boys!
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Kyoten Yuuhouki 5

Kyoten Yuuhouki

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Lost Angel

80.8K Jan 20,16 Hasumi Toui

1) Gods of Avarice (2 parts) 2) Daybreak 3) Mosaic 4) Lost Angel
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Kyouken Breeder 4.9

Kyouken Breeder

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Haruhi

135.5K Jan 20,16 Kusumoto Hiroki

Series of oneshots 1- Atelier- Art student Ritsu takes on Tagami, a teacher with a bad attitude. 2- Mad Dog Breeder- Kusugawa want to discover what his coworker Oka means when he says he get "desperate" when he drinks. 3- Longing for the Houseguest- Haruka and Jun are roommates and novelists. But after Jun's sloppy housekeeping makes Haruka injure his hands, guilty Jun needs to help Haruka
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Kyuuketsuhime Yui: Kanonshou 5

Kyuuketsuhime Yui: Kanonshou

Vol.1 Chapter 3.2 : [Continuation]

86.5K Jan 20,16 Kakinouchi Narumi

Mysterious girl arrives at the door of a church covered in blood. She utters out the name "Nagi" before collapsing. She's taken in by the priest of the church. She starts out with no memories of her past, but slowly has strange dreams about her mother, and from that she discovers her name, Yui.
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Datte Sukinanndamon 4.3

Datte Sukinanndamon

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : It's Fate, That's Good Right---!

157K Jan 20,16 Asami Miyabi

From Awakened Memories: The new school Lilia has just transferred to has a lot of people with suspicious abilities. There are vampires with fangs and the snow woman's son. And then it turns out that Lilia herself is a demon who sucks the life out of men by kissing them!?
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Kyuuma! 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Is Kyuma A Ninja?

90.9K Jan 20,16 Maeda Shunshin

Kaoru’s baseball team is in need of a miracle. They’re facing a rematch with a tough group of sixth graders, and if they don’t win this time, then they’ll forfeit their right to the practice field. Luckily, teammate Yohko’s crystal ball shows them that their savoir lives in the mountains that surround their town. When Kaoru makes the journey to the mountains, he discovers a young ninja named Kyuma
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Daydream Nation 5

Daydream Nation

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Kurosaka-Kun's Chore

85.3K Jan 20,16 Kashmir

Comedy about a high school manga club. A frog god who can turn into a good looking guy lives in the club meeting room, but that has very little to do with the plot. He's there to just read manga.
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Daydream Nightmare 4.5

Daydream Nightmare

Vol.2 Chapter 8- : 8Th Night [End]

156.7K Jan 20,16 Inose

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: Meet Kusumi. He views Ichi as his god. He has no interest in real life girls because anime is his life. Meet Ichi. He has a secret that no one knows about, and he fights to hide it from others. He also has a past that seems to be surfacing through his dreams. But what does it mean when a guy promises to protect him by eating the "bad things"? Join Ichi in his
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Lagoon Engine Einsatz 3.7

Lagoon Engine Einsatz

Vol.1 Chapter 10 : 'score Ix' And 'einsatz Revealed Part Iii'

156.3K Jan 20,16 Sugisaki Yukiru

From ADV: Sakis, the Scion and Godslayer, gets entangled in a deadly incident when an unknown ship enters Lagoonarian airspace. After uncovering explosives along with the seeds of Abomination, Sakis begins a quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Ancient Gods!
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Lamp no Ousama 4.5

Lamp No Ousama

Vol.1 Ch.0

69.8K Jan 20,16 Shigematsu Takako

From Go! Comi: Long ago, the king of a far-away land made too many enemies by expanding his massive harem. Punished and sealed away in the form of a genie, the lecherous former king can only end his curse by helping 1000 girls find love...and it's not as easy as it sounds! A shy virgin, a hopeless romantic, a sweet younger sister and a nosy older one -- these girls will need all the help they can
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Lamento - Beyond the Void 4.9

Lamento - Beyond The Void

Vol.1 Chapter 3

105.4K Jan 20,16 Nitro+chiral

The Ribika are a race of cats possessing ears and tails. Their bodies are lithe and nimble, and they live in the land of Shisa. However, a curse called the "Void" is spreading through the forests... One of the Ribika, Konoe, lives in a small village called Karou. One morning, he wakes up to find that his ears and tail have turned black. There is also a symbol on his body; the mark of the
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