The Devil You Know 4.5

The Devil You Know

Chapter 22

135.1K Nov 25,23 Chyom Chyom

After eight long years away, Eunseo finds herself back in Korea. When her best friend Mi-yo offers her a place to stay while she gets back on her feet, Eunseo only ever intends to rest for a while before getting out of her hair. The problem is, Eunseo's demons have come looking for her much sooner than she was expecting, and she soon finds herself facing one in particular. Kang Mido may be somewha
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No Moral 4.2

No Moral

Chapter 61

1.4M Nov 25,23 Tehanu , Shampoo , 테하

Do Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless. Justice was his brand. One day, his elder sister convinces him to join Doguk, one of the nation's largest law firm, as an associate partner. He ends up working as an associate lawyer under Kang Sehun: he's an aggressive man who desires victory in his cases even if he has to use underhanded methods. Finding their outlook in life, Yoonshin
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A Delicious Descendant 4.2

A Delicious Descendant

Chapter 3

113.2K Nov 25,23 NAOE Sai

After many years, the Great War between the human - elf allied army and the demon horde ends when the allied army's commander - in - chief, Ares, falls ill and is forced to withdraw from the front lines. The victorious demon king, Johann, becomes the ruler of the world, and surprisingly, maintains lasting peace across the land. One day, Johann meets the priest Eugene, who is gifted with a special
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Macguffin 4.4


Chapter 21

1.3M Nov 25,23 Hotshoe , Maro

"What kind of person do you think I am?” "……a stranger." Lee Soo-ha, who has been locked up in an unidentified facility for a long time, is dragged by strangers and meets a man one day. Lee Soo-ha, then lives with that man, he found out that he is an Omega who was sold to him, an Alpha. He is concerned about his situation where he has no heat cycle and is unable to conceive due
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Chapter 58

1.7M Nov 25,23 Dotgavi

.FROM TOMOCHAN.IP & HAZELNUT Y -He was just trying to play a VR game while drunk... A man trapped in a game!I am subjected to all kinds of insults by the tentacles...From soft tentacles to bumpy tentacles!Men being humiliated by tentacles raised by lovely demons!"What kind of person should he cook next?"? A high-level CG toon by author 'DOTGAVI' +
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My Teacher Wants To Make Me Happy 3.7

My Teacher Wants To Make Me Happy

Chapter 92

1.3M Nov 25,23 Jin Shi Si Chai , Ersan Jiulu Studio

The handsome president meets the lonely TV host (Sly Old Fox x Little Horse) Xing Ming was an outstanding med student who changed careers and entered the media industry, earning the title "Ice Prince". For the sake of clearing his father's name, he sacrificed his own body to climb the social ladder. When he opened that room door, however, what awaited him was…
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Yours to Claim 4.1

Yours To Claim

Chapter 91

10.1M Nov 25,23 Zzin-bam / Waje

Nothing crazy ever happens to Jooin. He's just your average college student, keeping his head down and flying under the radar. Yahwi, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous, super popular…but also kinda mean. So why has the campus heartthrob taken an interest in a total nobody? There must be an ulterior motive…but it's hard to care when faced with those killer looks. Will Jooin become a sl
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Tender Night (Tan Kong) 3.1

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

Chapter 8

108.2K Nov 25,23 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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Elegant Desire 4.7

Elegant Desire

Chapter 7

29.5K Nov 25,23 Kim Jong Geon

For the past 12 years, she has been waiting for her first love, who motivates her to play the violin & pursue her dreams, but that little hope shattered into pieces when she finally sees him unexpectedly kissing a rich married middle-aged woman the moment the elevator doors opens. In turn of events she becomes the tutor of the married lady son.With her first love having no memories of her and the
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Taint 3.6


Chapter 14

18.9K Nov 25,23 一纸鲸文化

The role of hunter and prey now have changed, and Eli became the plaything of the other party! This pervert not only tied up and teased him, but also seemed to know a terrible secret about himself. Is there an ulterior motive or a hidden secret? As they fall in love and kill each other, a greater truth emerges "Defiled you, or save me."Taint, Blemishing the Contaminated, mangabuddy is a website de
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Karakuri Circus 4.6

Karakuri Circus

Vol.43 Chapter 416: Deus Ex Machina - Act 83 - Past And Tradition

6.3M Nov 25,23 Fujita Kazuhiro

From Blackout: The protagonist, Masaru, has just inherited a big fortune after the death of his father. However, people are trying to get their hands on it by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. Narumi helped Masaru from being kidnapped after fighting some weird guys. He found out that they're not humans but wooden puppets with amazing strength. After a hard fight, Narumi was force
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Solo For Two 3.9

Solo For Two

Chapter 39

473K Nov 25,23 Caesim , Oddloop

There are three rumors about the star ballet dancer, Sasya. First, he's a sodomist. Second, he gets high on drugs before performing on the stage. Third, he sells himself to his wealthy patrons. And some of these rumors are true. Despite all this, Sasya was once loved unconditionally, but he abandoned his love in pursuit of success. One day, Sasya's long past love reappears before him, looking comp
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Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri 4.4

Gate - Jietai Kare No Chi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri

Chapter 128

33.9M Nov 25,23 Yanai Takumi, Sao Satoru

A gate appears in Tokyo's Ginza district sometime in the 21st century. From the gate pours out monsters, knights from middle-age Europe, and other fantasy-like beings, and they kill many of the citizens of Tokyo. This event is known as the Ginza Incident. The government sends a small group of soldiers from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to the alternate world beyond the gate. Led by otaku so
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ShaZi 4


Chapter 116: Mumble

744.4K Nov 25,23 Nagy

A pair of innocent childhood friends--because of an unfortunate event in the family, the two begin to live separate lives. Around 10 years later, the two reunite after experiencing devastating changes, but the only thing that won’t change is that they will never be apart again.
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Vinland Saga 4.8

Vinland Saga

Chapter 207: Thousand Year Voyage Part 16

87.3M Nov 24,23 Yukimura Makoto

Vinland Saga is established in England beginning in 1013 A D, the year in which the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard captured most of it. As King Sweyn nears death, his sons, Prince Canute and Prince Harald, are arguing over his succession. The narrative draws components from historical reports of The Saga of Eric the Red, The Saga of the Greenlanders as well as the interval including The Flateyjarbok.
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Shinju no Nectar 4.5

Shinju No Nectar

Chapter 79.5: Nia's Place

13.8M Nov 24,23 Yoshino Hiroyuki, Satou Kenetsu

Sakra, the last surviving princess of a fallen kingdom, is being hunted down for the power of Ambrosia she possesses - the ability to grant divine strength, but only to a human. With no human companion, she decides to summon one from another world in a desperate attempt to find a knight to protect her, but the man who answers her call is less than what she had hoped for.
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Topsy-Turvy 3.5


Chapter 39

1.1M Nov 24,23 Yongdo

Season One: Did you say that the enemy meets on a single wooden bridge? They are opposite in appearance and personality. Su-yong and Jae-hyun, who have been close friends since high school, meet again on the day of the university entrance ceremony. The inexperienced two face the challenge of duplicating positions. Season Two: My name is Kim Pyeong-beom, a secondary man. I'm just the role of S
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Don't Mix Business with Pleasure! 4.1

Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!

Chapter 26

966.2K Nov 24,23 Hodot

Baek Do-hoo, a BL novel writer and college student, gets to know Seo Joo-heon, a junior from the same university. Baek Do-hoo, who was sure that he would come up with a good idea if he conceived a seme character based on Jooheon, followed him around, analyzed him, and developed an interest in Seo Joo-heon. “Do you like me that much? Enough to do such a dirty thing?"
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We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside an Adult Fantasy Novel 4.7

We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside An Adult Fantasy Novel

Chapter 22

760.9K Nov 24,23 hyeyong , CHUNG

There’s only so much one can take of her friend squealing over yet another cliché romance fantasy novel. But the biggest cliché of all happens when Jiwon and Yein reincarnate with Sihyeon in the exact story their friend is so obsessed with! Though God has summoned them to this new world to save it from impending doom, the three women have other plans. Jiwon wishes to rebel against the imperial pal
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Reality V 3.4

Reality V

Chapter 28

422.6K Nov 24,23 신비 , Sinbi

Hello, my name is Jian and I'm 20 years old. For me, there's two person which I can't forget. During my school time, our school idol, Dokyeom sunbae and Seungho sunbae who weren't just a myth but legends. One day, both of them told me, to become a star with them... But our destiny as friends did not last long. We ended up losing contact with each other. Just like that, sunbae's have gone to some p
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Dawn of the Dragon 4.3

Dawn Of The Dragon

Chapter 43

5.4M Nov 24,23 Ma Jeung Ji , Majungji

"You have to get married." Hyowoon, a dragon that has gone into hibernation for nearly 300 years at the Yooshin group which subserved as the most mysterious being above all spiritual creatures, woke up from the long sleep to find his companion (lover). Yoo Taehyuk, the second son of the Yooshin group, decided to find the dragon instead of his younger sister who was expected to be the companion.
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Erotic Advance Incoming! 2.6

Erotic Advance Incoming!

7.7K Nov 24,23 Minoru

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard one day..." A countryside boy and a city boy, together 24/7. Ayumu seems to always be making passes at Hiromi, but is he even aware of this "unconscious sexual harassment?" And when they both end up at Ayumu's house one day, can Hiromi hold off his advances...?
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My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved 2.6

My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved

2.1K Nov 24,23 Kure

After his brother Haruki passes away, Kazuki heads to a coastal village to meet Yukito, his brother's omega widow, with the hopes of living with him after their devastating loss. Yukito reluctantly agrees to let Kazuki stay in the shed on the property but insists that he doesn't need any help in his day-to-day life. However, with the side effects from the heat suppressants taking their toll on his
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Pain, Sweet Pain 4

Pain, Sweet Pain

3.3K Nov 24,23 Touji Fuyu

not found...
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