South south north South 3.7

South South North South

Chapter 38

53.5K Jul 09,24 Tangerine Flower

The NIS, which has not progressed in the investigation after the assassination of the US president three years ago, is under pressure to hand over the US investigation authority. Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-woo, who was a South Korean operative, requests for personal protection, and the case takes a new turn. Is 'Li Yeon-woo' a decisive witness or a suspect in the case? The truth of the incident is gradua
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Golden Pair 4.1

Golden Pair

Chapter 10

215.3K Jul 09,24 Hyeol-aeg

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Angel Heart 4.9

Angel Heart

Vol.31 Chapter 341: The Reason For Her Tears

3.9M Jul 09,24 Hojo Tsukasa

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.
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Rough Uniform 2.7

Rough Uniform

Chapter 11

103.2K Jul 09,24 Bombibom , Cheoyeon

not found...
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A Lying Novelist And His Fated One 3.4

A Lying Novelist And His Fated One

Chapter 3

78.6K Jul 09,24 Nishi Hazehara

not found...
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Puppy Love 4.1

Puppy Love


3.4M Jul 09,24 Ongshim

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting married to a stranger, let alone a female shepherd. He impulsively decides to ruin his parents' scheming by preemptively announcing that he prefers smal
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Reversal (Yaoi) 4.2

Reversal (Yaoi)

Chapter 26

409.6K Jul 09,24 Saejo

Lee Ha-jin, who hides his real name "Yuhan" and his past, which was a "passionate omega" trait, and lives as a "beta." It has become his daily life to please Jin Seung, the son of J-Tech CEO, while holding a debt alone without a family. One day, Ha-Jin, who reunited with Sung Hyeop, his first love in high school, at a meeting place with a client. Seong-hyeop, the son and friend of a driver who liv
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Turning 4.6


Chapter 32.5

981.9K Jul 08,24 Nono (노노) , Original : Guyu

The future. When I realized that something I thought would be lost forever had returned, my hands shook with joy and astonishment. Yuther Aile is a commoner and the first omega to become a commander of the Imperial Cavalry. He is killed for a crime he did not commit, when he wakes up, he finds himself 11 years earlier, before it all began. He cannot repeat his previous mistakes. To survive and sav
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ShaZi 4


Chapter 127: Brother

776.3K Jul 08,24 Nagy

A pair of innocent childhood friends--because of an unfortunate event in the family, the two begin to live separate lives. Around 10 years later, the two reunite after experiencing devastating changes, but the only thing that won’t change is that they will never be apart again.
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My Rei of Light 3.1

My Rei Of Light

Chapter 13.2

80.9K Jul 08,24 UnoDay Studio

"Can you please be my muse!!!"Two individuals with fervent passions, yet adrift in their own narratives, serendipitously crossed paths. By chance, they encountered each other.In each other's company, Yuji and Masa, two souls enchanted by beauty, revel in the freedom to be authentic. Bound by their unique shared passion, they slowly unravel hidden emotions, triggering a transformative journey that
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Dead Queen 4.5

Dead Queen

Chapter 131

389.2K Jul 08,24 Kyusam Kim

Gigantic wasps appear on school grounds and start devouring everyone. Hanhui, Jongbin, Juhyeon, Ayeong, and Minji, run for their lives and safely hide inside food storage. Outside, however, all others turn into hybrids, one by one. Soon, a group of mysterious soldiers shows up and leaves them with syringes and weapons but no information. Now they realize that no help is coming and that there's som
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For the Queendom 4.1

For The Queendom

Chapter 49

387.1K Jul 08,24 Roseong

Abel, the devil, lost his beloved brother, Cain, because of Yeonri, a human woman. Filled with anger, Abel approached Yeonri and felt a boiling love for her when he was struck by a bullet of love. Will Abel choose revenge for his brother, Cain? Or will Abel choose a cold love with his enemy?For the Queendom, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Wher
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Unfinished Relationship 4.2

Unfinished Relationship

Chapter 31

267.2K Jul 08,24 Ant Studio

not found...
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Goblin Slayer 4.8

Goblin Slayer

Chapter 89

111.8M Jul 08,24 Kagyu Kumo, Kurose Kousuke

From Yen Press: A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It's the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue--a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next... Adaptation of th
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Moby Dick 4.6

Moby Dick

Chapter 28

563.2K Jul 08,24 Yansae

Read manhwa "Moby Di**" for free at Summary:One day, the dead broke Hoonsang receives a suspicious business card, which grants him a new life in a new city called Bannam-dong, the cheating city, as well as a ton of money. "You will be a gift' to the VIPs. Give them pleasure they can never forget."Alternative:Moby Di** (Yansae), What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the largest manhwa website
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The Heat of the Reincarnated Villainess 4.1

The Heat Of The Reincarnated Villainess

Chapter 92

9.5M Jul 08,24 IRUKA Notsuno , TANIMURA Nijuu-en , MIZUNO Saikoro , studio73

A detested villainess and a proper prince are instinctually drawn to each other's bodies before they have a chance to develop feelings. What will their destiny be!? I was reincarnated into the world of the otome game "Prince of Prince" as Rose, the hated villainess. Originally, the heroine and the prince were supposed to be attracted to each other, and due to the influence of a special pherom
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Reality V 3.4

Reality V

Chapter 34

522.2K Jul 08,24 신비 , Sinbi

Hello, my name is Jian and I'm 20 years old. For me, there's two person which I can't forget. During my school time, our school idol, Dokyeom sunbae and Seungho sunbae who weren't just a myth but legends. One day, both of them told me, to become a star with them... But our destiny as friends did not last long. We ended up losing contact with each other. Just like that, sunbae's have gone to some p
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True End of Those Days 3.7

True End Of Those Days

Chapter 4.1

262.5K Jul 08,24 Nakamura Makino

"Marry me!" A world where the war between humans and demons has continued for hundreds or years... The hero was summoned from Earth to be humanity's Ace in the hole. Aoi Yamato was a regular university student, but led them to a sweeping victory and ended the war. However, the softhearted Yamato did not eradicate the demons, declaring that "the hero and the demon king will become a married couple"
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Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison 4.4

Vengeful Weapon, Tears Of Poison

Chapter 60

195.6K Jul 08,24 YUKIMURA Koharu

Read Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison / Seiryaku Kon Kougou wa Fukushuu no Doku ni Saku / Amelia, the daughter of Yua Levanna's second queen, is despised by the royal family due to her inherited "poison magic," a unique ability from her mother. After enduring torment and witnessing her mother's tragic demise, as the kingdom exploited her poison for military gain, Amelia clings to her mother's dyin
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A Sweet Part Time Job 4.4

A Sweet Part Time Job

Chapter 36

629.9K Jul 08,24 10k Won

It seems like Seo's new part-time job is going to be great... first off, it pays well. Second off... he's surrounded by absolute hotties!
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After Work Love Affairs 3.8

After Work Love Affairs

Chapter 28

147.4K Jul 08,24 ushimochi

Read manhwa "After Work Love Affairs" for free at Summary:Sunghyuk, who is fed up with the nagging of his boss "Haemi," who is in a fake relationship, starts to go up on "Dahee," who pays attention back, as if to vent his anger But she says it was good?Alternative:Love Affairs After Work, Romance After Work, What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the largest manhw
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Ancient God Games 4.6

Ancient God Games

Chapter 31

210.6K Jul 08,24 时代漫王

Ancient G** GamesLin Hao, whose appearance was of a high school student, actual age unknown. Is kidnapped by an unknown ancient g** along with 5,000 other people. From this day onwards, Lin Hao and the others will travel from one brand new world after another as warriors of the ancient gods, surviving in different worlds, exploring, and then constantly striving to become stronger. As the main char
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The Beast Within 4.7

The Beast Within

Chapter 55

1.2M Jul 08,24

Ray and her older brother Hayes are driven out of their home as their household falls apart. Hoping to find shelter, they arrive at an ominous castle covered in blo*** red roses located in the middle of nowhere. This is where Ray meets the castle's mysterious host Clodana dark, beasty man possessing dangerous charm and even more deadly secrets. Within the enclosed walls of a remote castle, the
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Memories Of Your Breath 4.3

Memories Of Your Breath

Chapter 17

38.2K Jul 08,24 Chepali

Nae-young, a veterinarian with deep childhood trauma, lives a quiet life until one day he meets a man who comes to see him for his dog. While caring for Nari, who was rescued from a pound and adopted, the man gradually develops a crush on Nae-young. Nae-young, who lives in gloves due to a condition that prevents him from making human contact, panics when he realizes that his inner walls are only l
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