That’s Right, Good Job, Eat It 3.7

That’S Right, Good Job, Eat It

Chapter 3

88K Dec 02,23 C.C.Mill , Run Hwiyeong

Wrapped in my arms, she appeared after eight years and said. "Dog. Yes, you are a dog."Dog. The short word stuck in my head. It was as if my thinking had stopped."Don't worry. I like to take care of you more than bully you."Her face lit up with delight. As innocent as a child getting a new toy.Owner? Yes. Master. There is only you in front of her. The cute and shy Kang Hae-soo, Seo Woo-jae's first
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Kono Isekai de Ummei to Tsugau Jujin Alpha ha Yasashii Kedamono 4.2

Kono Isekai De Ummei To Tsugau Jujin Alpha Ha Yasashii Kedamono

Chapter 8

80.1K Dec 02,23 Kisara

"I'm glad you're my destiny." One day, Haru of Ω woke up in an oasis in the desert and felt a trembling sensation all over her body when she saw a black beastman appearing in front of her. In a situation where he has lost his memory and does not even know his own name, Viano, the α, who is the leader of the black panther tribe and who himself summoned Haru, speaks gently. "This is a world rul
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Tennen Juhun Sugar Baby 5

Tennen Juhun Sugar Baby

Chapter 7

20K Dec 02,23 Uehara Ari

Kouji and Ryuudai are two gay one-night-standers who have the same interests and who attend the same university. Ryuudai is always stealing catches from under Kouji's nose, but one day, Kouji is the first to meet a mysterious, clumsy store employee who puts his condoms in the microwave along with his lunch. Kouji takes an instant liking to him,and won't let him get away! He makes a pass, which is
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Pain, Sweet Pain 3.9

Pain, Sweet Pain

Chapter 6

22.5K Dec 02,23 Touji Fuyu

not found...
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Second Life Producer 4.5

Second Life Producer

Chapter 95

7.6M Dec 02,23 왕십리글쟁이

Whoops, sorry. But it's first come first serve, right? The broadcasting industry is like that.” Joon Soo joined a broadcasting company with a dream. But for 10 years he lost everything he's worked for because of his trashy Sunbae. He regretted it deeply and grinded his teeth, but nothing could be done to correct it. When he was about to give up everything in d
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My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved 3.4

My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved

Chapter 6.5

12K Dec 02,23 Kure

After his brother Haruki passes away, Kazuki heads to a coastal village to meet Yukito, his brother's omega widow, with the hopes of living with him after their devastating loss. Yukito reluctantly agrees to let Kazuki stay in the shed on the property but insists that he doesn't need any help in his day-to-day life. However, with the side effects from the heat suppressants taking their toll on his
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Erotic Advance Incoming! 2.7

Erotic Advance Incoming!

Chapter 9

69K Dec 02,23 Minoru

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard one day..." A countryside boy and a city boy, together 24/7. Ayumu seems to always be making passes at Hiromi, but is he even aware of this "unconscious sexual harassment?" And when they both end up at Ayumu's house one day, can Hiromi hold off his advances...?
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Seducing the Top Boss 3.4

Seducing The Top Boss

Chapter 6

19.2K Dec 02,23 Himemitsu

"Let me get you hot and bothered." A hot and steamy story between the fresh-faced new employee and his serious strait-laced boss. Who can get the other one going first?
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Wild For Coffee 4.2

Wild For Coffee

Chapter 1

10.2K Dec 02,23 75

Akito has quite the quirk ? coffee gets him drunk, to a very salacious degree. That's why he avoids getting involved with people and works in food delivery. When delivering to a particular customer, he accidentally spills some coffee and gets drunk on the smell. After clinging to the man with his face upturned, the two spend the night together. He makes excuses for why it happened ? he was coerced
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Nanse Usagi wa Koinu ni Muchuu 4.1

Nanse Usagi Wa Koinu Ni Muchuu

Vol.1 Chapter 5.6

21.6K Dec 02,23 Nie

Usagi Akira is a twenty-five-year-old introverted office worker who lives for two things: shojo manga and the spare moments when he can log into his favorite MMO, Tail Earth. There, his avatar is a beautiful bunny girl, and he's able to go on adventures with the charming wolf-boy Gakuto. When Gakuto asks if Akira wants to meet up IRL for the Tail Earth fan con, Akira agrees. Sparks fly between the
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Reversal (Yaoi) 4.3

Reversal (Yaoi)

Chapter 20

230.2K Dec 02,23 Saejo

Lee Ha-jin, who hides his real name "Yuhan" and his past, which was a "passionate omega" trait, and lives as a "beta." It has become his daily life to please Jin Seung, the son of J-Tech CEO, while holding a debt alone without a family. One day, Ha-Jin, who reunited with Sung Hyeop, his first love in high school, at a meeting place with a client. Seong-hyeop, the son and friend of a driver who liv
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Ikusa x Koi 4.5

Ikusa X Koi

Chapter 82

4.4M Dec 02,23 Asakura Ryousuke

From MangaHelpers: Akutsu Takuma wants nothing more than to be left alone, to live and study in peace. He has a terrifying face, which has prevented him from making friends and earned him the nickname "Akuma" (devil). However, he is satisfied with being alone and spending all of his time learning, hoping to become the good person his late mother saw in him. All of this changes when he gets invo
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A Young Master 4

A Young Master

Season 2 Chapter 54

637.6K Dec 02,23 Nansae

.In order to keep his underlings afloat, Kyle enters the Roche Household as a servant. He meets the strange and beautiful young master, Adrian. As Kyle takes care of the abandoned and wayward Adrian, they grow closer through mind and body.. Their relationship grows deeper and whenever Adrian sees Kyle his appetite?! Suddenly Kyle's days of rearing(?) became days dedicated to be Adrian's restaurant
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Karakuri Circus 4.6

Karakuri Circus

Vol.43 Chapter 417: Deus Ex Machina - Act 84 - The Rearguard

6.4M Dec 02,23 Fujita Kazuhiro

From Blackout: The protagonist, Masaru, has just inherited a big fortune after the death of his father. However, people are trying to get their hands on it by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. Narumi helped Masaru from being kidnapped after fighting some weird guys. He found out that they're not humans but wooden puppets with amazing strength. After a hard fight, Narumi was force
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Believe My Sign 4

Believe My Sign

Chapter 19

822.8K Dec 01,23 Shark , Sang Eo

[Translated by Mosh Scans]Soo-jeong is always getting on the self-absorbed Eunchan's nerves since he first appeared before him out of the blue.Soo-jeong feels the same way towards the socially inept Eun-chan, who is often harsh towards him.Their ironic relationship develops as they try to survive together, even though they don't trust one another.What should you trust? Your past experiences and me
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Tonari no Ecchi na Oniisan 2.7

Tonari No Ecchi Na Oniisan

Chapter 2

60.1K Dec 01,23 Ainaryumu

not found...
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Egotists in Glass Houses 4.1

Egotists In Glass Houses

Chapter 1

12K Dec 01,23 Nakagawa Kaneko

Kitazono Haruhisa has always been popular with the ladies! But then underclassman Io appears, and all the girls including Haru's girlfriend leave him to fawn over Io. An annoyance at first, Io is soon smitten with Haru thanks to a certain incident. He's good-looking enough to get more girls than Haru, but this dang pretty boy Io just trails after Haru like a loyal pet and gazes at him so passionat
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Tougou-ka e Totsuida Hanashi 5

Tougou-Ka E Totsuida Hanashi

Chapter 3

12.5K Dec 01,23 Shimizu Sora

Almost all humans are born with a divine blessing from G**. However, in rare cases, a human being without a divine blessing is born ? a "cursed child". Aya Matsukata is such a "curse child". Because her divine blessing did not manifest, her father almost kicked her out of the house when she was young. Ever since, she has been nothing more than a servant in the Matsukata family. Every day she is ab
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Camboy Bunny 2.9

Camboy Bunny

Chapter 1

25.4K Dec 01,23 Soladi

not found...
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Chaosic Rune ES 4.7

Chaosic Rune Es

Vol.5 Chapter 29: In The Dark

466.2K Dec 01,23 Yamamoto Kenji

Mutsumi Akira and Nana Negaro are Dragon Society Cardbearers investigating a string of murders in a neighborhood and during the battle they meet Guran Douma a.k.a the Mad Hand's White Dragon, Pylon, in his search for the "Rainbow Death Stanza" group. The exciting sequel to Chaosic Rune!
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The Method Leading to Rio and Shusei’s Love Fulfillment 3.5

The Method Leading To Rio And Shusei’S Love Fulfillment

Chapter 6

23K Dec 01,23 Tonaetarou Nenbutu

An ordinary high school boy that you could find anywhere, Rio, had his ordinary life suddenly turned upside down one day. As he was skipping class like usual to take a nap at the infirmary, the tight-laced math teacher, Mr. Shiramine, came in together with Shusei, a plain but beautiful male student. They then started having wild s** on the bed right next to him. The incredibly unusual, indecent sc
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