Secrets of the Gal Wife 4.8

Secrets Of The Gal Wife

Chapter 15

3.1M May 19,24 Kudu

Fuyuki is a beautiful and cool gal! But there's a secret side of her that she only shows in front of her husband...? A cute love comedy with a gal wife!
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Isekai koushoku Musou Roku 4.7

Isekai Koushoku Musou Roku

Vol.4 Chapter 23

14.9M May 19,24 Ikuhito

Our Virgin LowRes bro accidentally died while fapping and got isekaid, so he wants to satisfy his sex life in this new world. well, just your regular family friendly isekai manga, oh and The Girls in this series have SUPER ULTRA HUGE TITSThe protagonist, “Sao” has been reborn with his memories from his past life. He’s born as a son of a rural villager, but his true identity is a reincarnat
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Yopparai Touzoku, Dorei no Shoujo wo Kau 4.7

Yopparai Touzoku, Dorei No Shoujo Wo Kau

Vol.3 Chapter 16: New Job

2.2M May 19,24 Aramaki Hemon

A hangover leads to a shared life between a thief and a slave girl.Harris is an adventurer who works as a thief and scout, a job that is often shunned due to poor reputation.One day he gets drunk and buys a slave girl, Tiana. Tiana, who had been treated badly and not given enough food until then, comes to adore Harris, who treats her kindly, as her master. Harris, who had been hoping that
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Sacchan to Ken-chan wa Kyou mo Itteru 4.2

Sacchan To Ken-Chan Wa Kyou Mo Itteru

Vol.1 Chapter 15: My Girlfriend Is Hiding Something.

142.2K May 19,24 AFUHI Hyuuga

University student Kenta is excited to be going out with the quiet but beautiful Sachiko. Six months into their relationship, a side of Sachiko other than her "ladylike" side becomes apparent. The more you know about her, the more you fall in love with her.
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My Home Hero 4.6

My Home Hero

Chapter 216

8.4M May 19,24 Yamakawa Naoki

For the sake of his daughter, a middle-aged man embarks on the journey of a lifetime.
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Oishinbo 4.3


Vol.2 Chapter 16: The Fish Of Legend

12.3K May 19,24 Kariya Tetsu

Around the offices of Tozai News, Shiro Yamaoka has a reputation for being over-blunt, under-ambitious, and generally an all-around slacker. So why has he been given the important job of coming up with the "Ultimate Menu" to celebrate the newspaper's 100th anniversary? Because he possesses qualities his other colleagues don't: an exquisitely discerning palate, an encyclopedic knowledge of food and
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Zombie 100 ~100 Things I Want to do Before I Become a Zombie~ 4.8

Zombie 100 ~100 Things I Want To Do Before I Become A Zombie~

Chapter 66

29.5M May 19,24 Koutarou Takata,Haro Asou

After three years of working for a black company, Akira was exhausted both mentally and physically. But one morning, what he saw on his usual way to work was nothing but a town full of zombies. How will the former company slave, Akira, live his life in a world that has completely changed overnight!?
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Positive Bocchi Harumi-chan 3.5

Positive Bocchi Harumi-Chan

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

29.8K May 19,24 Ano Amesuke

Fuyu Nagai has a fear of being alone. She tries to smile and join the group, but it doesn't go well. So, she follows Harumi Kita, popular girl, and discovers a secret - Her true self is a "Bokuchimitsu"…
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Shiyakusho 4.7


Vol.4 Chapter 20: Shimura's Past

979.1K May 19,24 Azumi Kishi

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Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru 4.7

Fukushuu O Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha Wa, Yami No Chikara De Senmetsu Musou Suru

Chapter 88

90.3M May 19,24 Ononata Manimani

Raul who had defeated the demon king as the strongest hero should have become the savior of the world. Having his treasured companions and family killed by power hungry aristocrats, he was executed with false charges brought against him by the princess. Just before his life collapsed, at last his heart fell into darkness. ...I will tear those traitors from limb to limb. B
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Mato Seihei no Slave 4.6

Mato Seihei No Slave

Vol.16 Chapter 132: Unexpected Concern

43.3M May 19,24 Takahiro

This battle fantasy manga follows several heroines who protect people from the monsters that appear through a gate connecting to an alternate world known as the Mato (magic capital)
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What's Michael? 3

What's Michael?

Vol.1 Chapter 19: Cat Café Michael

44.3K May 19,24 Kobayashi Makoto

(from ebookjapan):Michael's seemingly carefree daily life, with his pampering and begging for food, is thrillingly unpredictable, including a fall from the seventh floor and an interrogation on suspicion of theft of Pen Nibs! Michael's daily life created the golden age of cat manga that took the 1980s by storm! The "dancing cat" that won the Kodansha Manga Award, was made into an anime TV
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Kitsune no Oyome-chan 4.7

Kitsune No Oyome-Chan

Vol.3 Chapter 23: Hunting With Oyome-Chan

1.5M May 19,24 Batta

In Kyoto, the capital of a thousand years, a fox spirit and a young man meet and fall in love. And so begins the lovey-dovey life of a human-kitsune newlywed couple. Of course, it's full of fluff!
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Fujii on the Roadside 5

Fujii On The Roadside

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Testing Fujii

6.5K May 19,24 Nabe Kurao

Is he an eccentric or a hermit? Does the seemingly unremarkable company employee, Fujii, redefine the definition of "happiness"?In the workplace, he's a plain middle-aged man who doesn't stand out. While he does his job properly, he's not one to waste words. Come quitting time, he disappears like a ghost. He's not the type to be invited to after-work drinks in the first place. More like, he's
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I Want To See You Embarassed 4.1

I Want To See You Embarassed

Chapter 66.1: Give Me A Kiss First

24.4M May 19,24 Umagome Rakure

Akito Shirasawa, a high school boy whose father is a film director, sees something in the library preparation room. It was the "masturbation scene" of his classmate, Natsuho Honjo. Akito is puzzled, but ends up filming it with his smartphone. Natsuho notices Akito, and in the men's restroom, makes a "proposal" to Akito! Exposed high school girl and movie boy. The "expo
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Outsider Paradise 4.1

Outsider Paradise

Vol.2 Chapter 6: Meet Me In The 8Th Train Car

82.1K May 19,24 Suzukawa Rin

From the author of Asobi Asobase comes a new comedy series, about… the Art Club from Asobi Asobase.
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Yumenashi-sensei no Shinroshidou 4.8

Yumenashi-Sensei No Shinroshidou

Chapter 14: Aspiration: Male Idol Part8

206K May 19,24 Kasahara Masaki

A former Career Consultant, Takanashi, now works for a school as a Guidance Counselor. During Career Guidance meetings, he gives headstrong students data and tells them the realities of the world around them, hoping that they rethink their dreams. Because of that, students begin to call him "The Dream Crusher".
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H. P. Lovecraft's The Shadow out of Time 4.8

H. P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Out Of Time

Chapter 9: Terrible Books

867.7K May 19,24 H. P. Lovecraft, Gou Tanabe

Manga adaption of H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time"
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Vigilante 4.8


Chapter 110

3M May 19,24 CRG

The law is flawed and I'll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that released you.
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Ping Pong Club 4.6

Ping Pong Club

Chapter 92: Pro

452K May 19,24 Furuya Minoru

There are six members of the boy's ping pong club. Two are relatively normal; however, the other four consist of an aspiring sexual deviant, two perverts, and a guy with lethal B.O. Add in a cantakerous girl as a manager, and you have the entire crew. This series pushes the boundaries of good taste beyond anything the western world has experienced, yet somehow manages to remain vaguely charmin
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Black Lagoon 4.8

Black Lagoon

Chapter 117

14.7M May 19,24 Hiroe Rei

The storyline follows a-team of pirate mercenaries called Lagoon Company, that smuggles goods around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early to mid 90's. Their base of operations is situated in the fictional seaport city of Roanapur in south-east Thailand (someplace in the Amphoe Mueang Trat district, probably on the mainland north/north-east of the Ko Chang island or on the isle itself). The
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Afterschool Embankment Journal 4.8

Afterschool Embankment Journal

Chapter 52: Longtooth Grouper Fishing

1.2M May 19,24 Yasuyuki Kosaka

Hina Tsurugi and her family have just moved to a quaint seaside town. Hoping to savor the sight of the peaceful ocean, Hina stumbles upon a girl named Yuuki Kuroiwa - an upperclassman at her new school - who invites Hina to join her in fishing. Hina reels in an octopus, which falls onto her; being afraid of bugs and big creatures, she panics and begs Yuuki to remove it from her. Yuuki sees this as
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Maria no Danzai 4.5

Maria No Danzai

Chapter 25: The Spiral Of Hatred

3M May 19,24 Kazuki (カズキ)

The Nagare family had a happy home with three parents and three children. However, their son Kiritaka was secretly bullied at school. Then, an incident occurs, and the mother Mari's love for her son goes out of control.
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River End Cafe 4.6

River End Cafe

Vol.7 Chapter 64: Red Ribbon

314.3K May 19,24 Tanaka Akio

In the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, the idyllic town of Ishinomaki and its people have been left devastated. High schooler Irie Saki has been bullied and left all alone after a certain incident at school. After meeting the mysterious owner of the River End Cafe, she begins to learn the importance of the thing she once rejected.
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