Akai Ringo 3.4

Akai Ringo

Chapter 46

4.8M Sep 23,23 Murata Kouji

Japan in the Reiwa XX era, where sexual activity is illegal. Hikaru Inuta, an honor student whose father is the director of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Sexual Enforcement Division, witnesses something shocking at a club he visits for the first time with her friend. There are a lot of people who enjoy sex with a great deal of alcohol and music! And among them is Inuta's favo
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I Got a New Skill Every Time I Was Exiled, and After 100 Different Worlds, I Was Unmatched 4.8

I Got A New Skill Every Time I Was Exiled, And After 100 Different Worlds, I Was Unmatched

Chapter 9.2: Memory's Fortune: The Quest For Hidden Treasures! 2

2.3M Sep 23,23 HINOURA Takumi , Tsukasa Jinmori

Ed was given the crazy test of having to get expelled from 100 Hero parties in 100 different worlds before he could return to his original world. Finally a mysterious and divine entity said that he had achieved all the conditions to return to his original world. However, as a final condition he is asked “Look at the fate of one of these exile worlds after you left.” and he is shocked by what he s
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W x Y 3.6


Vol.6 Chapter 54: New Year’S Komachi

1.6M Sep 23,23 Madoka Machiko

From MangaHelpers: For the entirety of his life, Yokoda Takashi has been drawing erotic drawings and it has been his way of expressing his sexuality. And now, he has managed to become a successful erotic comedy manga author for a monthly magazine. His series stars a character named Aimi who is actually based loosely on his niece with the same name. He keeps his job a secret, especially from his fa
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Mato Seihei no Slave 4.6

Mato Seihei No Slave

Vol.15 Chapter 116: Photos

36.9M Sep 23,23 Takahiro

This battle fantasy manga follows several heroines who protect people from the monsters that appear through a gate connecting to an alternate world known as the Mato (magic capital)
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Pornstar in Another World ~A Story of a JAV Actor Reincarnating in Another World and Making Full Use of His Porn Knowledge to Become a Matchless Pornstar~ 4.2

Pornstar In Another World ~A Story Of A Jav Actor Reincarnating In Another World And Making Full Use Of His Porn Knowledge To Become A Matchless Pornstar~

Vol.3 Chapter 23: Knight Captain And The Av Law 2

9.3M Sep 23,23 Kaeruno Erefante,Reinoryuu

On his way home from work, Aokai Seiji, a struggling actor in the JAV film industry, accidentally looks away and got hit by a magic mirror JAV Truck! He wakes up in a medieval-like world and gets caught up in the "filming" with beautiful elves?!
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Yumenashi-sensei no Shinroshidou 4.8

Yumenashi-Sensei No Shinroshidou

Chapter 8: Aspiration: Male Idol Part 3

56.9K Sep 23,23 Kasahara Masaki

A former Career Consultant, Takanashi, now works for a school as a Guidance Counselor. During Career Guidance meetings, he gives headstrong students data and tells them the realities of the world around them, hoping that they rethink their dreams. Because of that, students begin to call him "The Dream Crusher".
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Ore no Ie ga Maryoku Spot datta Ken – Sundeiru dake de Sekai Saikyou 4.7

Ore No Ie Ga Maryoku Spot Datta Ken – Sundeiru Dake De Sekai Saikyou

Chapter 159

35.5M Sep 23,23 My House is a Magic Power Spot , 俺の家が魔力スポットだった件~住んでいるだけで世界最強~

Living carefree at home is the greatest shortcut—my house is the world’s greatest Magic Power Spot. That being the case, both my house and I were summoned to another world by some guys who were aiming for it. However, I’ve been living in this place for many years and my body is, apparently, abnormally overflowing with magic. Due to some unforeseen circumstances by those guys w
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Castle 2: Pinnacle 4.8

Castle 2: Pinnacle

Chapter 14

665.8K Sep 23,23 Jeong Yeon (정연)

Kim Shin, a special killer who gathered men from all over the country and made the Organization 'Baek-Yi' to destroy the absolute power 'Castle' of the underworld.Through a negotiation he got inside the Castle and started working with the enemy... Will Kim Shin be able to take down the Castle and complete his revenge as he hoped.
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Maria no Danzai 4.5

Maria No Danzai

Chapter 10: The Price Of Condemnation

708.8K Sep 23,23 Kazuki (カズキ)

The Nagare family had a happy home with three parents and three children. However, their son Kiritaka was secretly bullied at school. Then, an incident occurs, and the mother Mari's love for her son goes out of control.
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Kyouryuu-chan to Kaseki-kun 4.8

Kyouryuu-Chan To Kaseki-Kun

Chapter 7

260.5K Sep 22,23 Rokumoto Jun

Rinko Shinobu may seem like a normal high school girl, but she is actually a hybrid between human and dinosaur. Although she usually stays in human form, sometimes her T-rex bits will pop out when she's distracted. The only person who knows her secret is the dinosaur nerd Kazuya Kobake, who tries his hardest to help hide her dinosaur form. But his distracting antics are drawing strange stares from
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Dear Sir... I Married a Killer 4.8

Dear Sir... I Married A Killer

Chapter 47

18M Sep 22,23 KOUSAKA Donten

The profession of a calm and calm wife ... a killer !? But my life with my wife who can't kill her emotions in front of her husband is exciting in many ways ♪ I want to be loved enough to be killed by my bride. Married killer's love comedy!
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Wakaba-chan Wants to Make It Clear 4.8

Wakaba-Chan Wants To Make It Clear

Chapter 5

507.8K Sep 22,23 Konkichi

Four-eyes who's bad with girls is only able to talk to with his tomboyish childhood friend Wakaba. But one day Wakaba appears before him in an amazingly cute outfit...!? This is a battle rom-com between Wakaba who wants to be loved and four-eyes who gets flustered by girls!!
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Sora yori Takaku (MIYASHITA Akira) 4.1

Sora Yori Takaku (Miyashita Akira)

Chapter 185: The Wise Lie Of The President...!?

4.8M Sep 22,23 Miyashita Akira

It's a super weird and funny stories about a sex-addicted son of the devil king....
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Zebraman 4.8


Chapter 24

126.7K Sep 22,23 KUDOU Kankurou

Grade-school teacher Shinichi just can't get any respect. His wife treats him like a nuisance, his daughter ignores his every word, his coworkers think he's pitiful. His students regard him as a bore and an imbecile, and mercilessly bully his son, who wants nothing to do with him as a result. The only place Shinichi can find any confidence and self-esteem is alone in his room, where he's secretly
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Ranker 3.9


Chapter 40

4.8M Sep 22,23 Shin Gun 

, An online membership game run in secrecy. Kang Junseo coincidentally jumped into Ranker. Junseo from who knows when, started to see his opponents as monsters and it was his player, Jeongjun’s voice that allowed him to find his calm again. With Jeongjun, Junseo is prepared to heal the symptoms. However, Ranker is not only a quest where your life is at stake, it is filled with characters battling
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Yano-kun no Futsuu no Hibi 4.3

Yano-Kun No Futsuu No Hibi

Vol.3 Chapter 20: Whole School's Support

189.8K Sep 22,23 TAMURA Yui

Yoshida the class president has a nervous temperament. But recently her worries are caused by one of her classmates, Yano. He somehow always arrives at school covered in all sorts of injuries, she can't get her eyes off him! She can't control herself, she needs to patch him up! A slice of life pure romance comedy of an injured boy and a concerned girl!
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Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou 4.6

Kaminaki Sekai No Kamisama Katsudou

Vol.5 Chapter 26: The Story Of Family And Pagan Cult

2.8M Sep 22,23 Akashiro Aoi , 朱白 あおい , Heros , Sonshou hangetsuban , 半月板 損傷

Yukito, the son of a questionable cult leader, lost his life due to the cult's ridiculous training practices. Now to his surprise, he was reincarnated into another world!It was an ideal world for him without the concept of "God" or "religion" BUT...!A unique "reincarnating in other world" adventure begins: creating a "religion" in a world without God?!
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I Want To See You Embarassed 4.1

I Want To See You Embarassed

Chapter 55.2: It's All Your Fault

18.5M Sep 22,23 Umagome Rakure

Akito Shirasawa, a high school boy whose father is a film director, sees something in the library preparation room. It was the "masturbation scene" of his classmate, Natsuho Honjo. Akito is puzzled, but ends up filming it with his smartphone. Natsuho notices Akito, and in the men's restroom, makes a "proposal" to Akito! Exposed high school girl and movie boy. The "expo
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Home Room 3.5

Home Room

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Pen

259.5K Sep 22,23 Chiyo

High school student Sachiko is bullied daily and is the recipient of constant unpleasant pranks in class. The culprit is unknown, however, in truth, to Sachiko those days were not particularly painful. That is because her beloved Aida-sensei is there to save her. Bright, handsome, and with a strong sense of justice, he is popular with everyone. Of course to Sachiko he is her special hero. However,
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Shinigami Oujo no Kekkon 5

Shinigami Oujo No Kekkon

2.3K Sep 22,23 Tanuki Kawo

Lucille, the imperial princess of the Empire of Chantal, is feared for her reputation of leading those betrothed to her to a mysterious death. People call her the "Reaper Princess," as she buries each influential insurgent noble one after the other.
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Kami to Yobareta Otaku 3.6

Kami To Yobareta Otaku

1.9K Sep 22,23 Rootport

In the far future. Susumu, an otaku who belongs to the National Aerospace Academy, was taking his graduation test on the spacecraft "Naglfar" with his support AI Minerva. When it was over, they planned to watch the movie version of "Magical Girl Pretty Cure." Thus, Susumu goes into cryrostasis. However, when he awoke, he didn't think that he would wake up to Earth after its decimation.
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Lu Bu’s life story 4.7

Lu Bu’S Life Story

Chapter 68

1.4M Sep 22,23 阅文漫画

“Take the prettiest women, ride the fastest war horse, wield the strongest weapon, one rider blocking the GuanDong 18 roads*. One man standing against ten thousand, they bow to this hero of turbulent times. People say if Lu Bu doesn’t die, there will be no opportunity to cause chaos. I laugh at all the hypocrites in the world; there are no other heroes besides Feng Xian. Entering the life story of
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