One Day Outing Foreman 4.1

One Day Outing Foreman

Chapter 97: Tasteless

115.1K Apr 14,24 Fukumoto Nobuyuki, Hagiwara Tensei

At a certain prison under the surface, the "bottom of the bottom" that is the Teiai Underground Labor Facility, there is a man who uses his "one-day outing passes" to go above ground and enjoy all the luxuries of life while living in the poor conditions of the underground. His name is Ootsuki, and he is the leader of Squad E and a master of enjoying himself all day long with eating, drinking, and
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A Monster Wants to Eat Me 4.5

A Monster Wants To Eat Me

Chapter 38: Flower Shackles

2M Apr 14,24 Naekawa Sai

High school girl Hinako is living a quiet life in a seaside town, but she feels somewhat detached from her friends during the summer months when she is reminded of when her family died years ago. One day, she meets Shiori, a mysterious girl who reminds her of the ocean, especially when it comes to her translucent blue eyes, but Shiori soon reveals that she is actually a mermaid who has been lookin
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Ingoshima 3.4


Chapter 183

48.4M Apr 14,24 TENKAFEM

The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on t
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Arasa OL Haman-sama 4.2

Arasa Ol Haman-Sama

Chapter 69

1.2M Apr 14,24 Iwasaki Masakazu

A comedy manga about Haman Karn as a modern corporate section chief at an apparel company named Neo Zeon dealing with her insecurities being a 30 year old office lady.
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I Used to Be a Boss 4.6

I Used To Be A Boss

Chapter 68

24.2M Apr 14,24 Lucks

Baphomet is the ruthless, dispassionate lord of the Abyssal Tower, a mysterious, monster-filled dungeon plaguing the human world. Many Hunters seek to defeat him and bring the tower down to no avail. Despite his demonic power, Baphomet grows curious about humanity. One day, Baphomet is defeated by Raven, the strongest Hunter, and realizes that his true wish is to be just like the humans he previo
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Hoozuki no Reitetsu 4.8

Hoozuki No Reitetsu

Chapter 110

960.3K Apr 14,24 Eguchi Natsumi

Nominated for the Taishô Manga Awards 2012. Hoozuki is a deputy of Yama, king of hell and judge of the afterlife and a super "S". This is a daily life of Hoozuki and his people.
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Youjo Senki 4.8

Youjo Senki

Vol.24 Chapter 74: Scorched Autumn Iv

35M Apr 14,24 Carlo Zen, Toujou Chika

A young girl fights on the frontlines in war. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and nearly transparent white skin, and she flies through the air and mercilessly strikes down her opponents. Her name is Tanya Degurechov, and she speaks with a young girl's lisp and commands the army. Tanya used to be one of Japan's eli
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Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator 4.3

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 996

210.1M Apr 14,24 Daxingdao Anime,Shili Jianshen,Uncle Zhong

During the anti-cataclysm period, the monk Chen Fanyu fell into the catastrophe of the day, but he dreamed of returning to the earth's young age in five hundred years. In the last life, I was on the top of the universe, overlooking the world, but no one was accompanied. This world is only willing to live with the right person. After 500 years, the immortal reborn and returned to the city, to m
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Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell 4.7

Han Dae Sung Returned From Hell

Chapter 121

22.5M Apr 14,24 Brown Panda , Grujam , Lee Seo Kyung

On the way home from the third year of middle school. Han Dae-sung falls into he** without any context. At first, he wandered in he** for about a few days and despaired, but he said that he had to live. He starts fighting with the determination to return to Earth. He** was like a game. A UI pop-up window like an RPG game appears in front of your eyes as a hologram, there is a status window, and yo
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Dead Queen 4.6

Dead Queen

Chapter 92

265.9K Apr 14,24 Kyusam Kim

Gigantic wasps appear on school grounds and start devouring everyone. Hanhui, Jongbin, Juhyeon, Ayeong, and Minji, run for their lives and safely hide inside food storage. Outside, however, all others turn into hybrids, one by one. Soon, a group of mysterious soldiers shows up and leaves them with syringes and weapons but no information. Now they realize that no help is coming and that there's som
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Onimushi 4.9


Vol.2 Chapter 10: Prayers

53.2K Apr 14,24 Kashiwagi Haruko

A primitive tribe on an island. During a tempest, a young girl disappears. Ten years later, she mysteriously reappears. The contact with civilization seems to have changed her.
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Isekai Shikkaku 4.8

Isekai Shikkaku

Chapter 45

8.5M Apr 14,24 Hiroshi Noda,Takahiro Wakamatsu

Like in the famous Osamu Dazai's book "No Longer Human"/ "Disqualified From Being Human" (Ningen Shikkaku) , the protagonist of this story attempts a double suicide with his lover… except he gets hit by a truck and summoned to another world instead. Now he wants to find his lover, so he can commit suicide with her.
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Journey Home After School 4.9

Journey Home After School

Chapter 16: Let's Go Pick Up Autumn

95.9K Apr 14,24 Matsuda Mai

Shun was invited to the Going-Home Club by Naoki Satou, also known as "Chokki-chan". Despite refusing, he ends up being somewhat forcefully involved in the club's activities! A Going Home Club rom-com featuring a detour-loving high school girl and a new high school student who has lost his dream.
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Misetagari no Tsuyuno-chan 4.3

Misetagari No Tsuyuno-Chan

Vol.5 Chapter 38: Tsuyu's Armpits Are Mine

2.5M Apr 14,24 Takeru Furumoto

A little boy who has an armpit fetish and a high school girl who loves male attention and exposing herself so much so that she doesn't care who it is. When she notices that he has stalked her to her basketball game, she decides it wouldn't be bad to indulge him more.
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Boushoku-Hi no Ken 4.4

Boushoku-Hi No Ken

Chapter 38

8.6M Apr 14,24 Necoco

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Makai Youjo ni Tensei Shita Oji-san wa Heiwa no Tame ni Maou ni Naritai 3.7

Makai Youjo Ni Tensei Shita Oji-San Wa Heiwa No Tame Ni Maou Ni Naritai

Vol.3 Chapter 11: The Twilight Of Dies Irae

937.8K Apr 14,24 Kaisei Kyou

An old man was laid off from his job at a black company. While wallowing in the depths of his despair, he encounters a mysterious stone that sends him to another world filled with magic and alchemy. The man finds himself reincarnated as Hiyo — the youngest daughter of the demon lord.Hiyo attempts to make a dazzling fresh start in life by utilizing both her newfound magical powers and prior tri
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Plunderer 4.5


Chapter 82.5

47.7M Apr 14,24 Minazuki Suu

It's the year 305 of the Alcian calendar, and the world is currently controlled by "numbers." Every human born is branded with a "Count." This Count can be anything; the amount of kilometers walked, or the amount of people who have said your food is tasty. If your Count drops to 0, you will be sent into the Abyss. After Hina's mother's Count dropped to 0, her last r
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The Shikisaki Sisters Want To Be Exposed 4.5

The Shikisaki Sisters Want To Be Exposed

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Momiji Onee-Chan Pt. 1

211.4K Apr 14,24 Asakura Ryousuke

One day, Taro Yamada, who runs a detective business, slips on a banana peel and reincarnates into Tsukushi Shikizaki, the younger brother of three beautiful big breasted sisters who will all die on the same day. As he spends time surrounded by the three beautiful sisters, he finds out that the boy he is reincarnated as will be killed by one of the three sisters ...!?
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Onna no Ko ga Iru Basho wa 4.6

Onna No Ko Ga Iru Basho Wa

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Day Where It Started

9.3K Apr 14,24 Yamaji Ebine

Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, and Japan. A series of short stories staring at "because she's a girl" of 10-year-old girls with different countries, religions, cultures, and values.
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Satsuriku no Kuindeddo – 7-nin no Onna Shikeishuu 3.7

Satsuriku No Kuindeddo – 7-Nin No Onna Shikeishuu

Chapter 28

3.2M Apr 14,24 Bamyuuda Saimaru

Death row prisoner. Criminals who committed violent crimes and were sentenced to death by law. Akari, a woman who had no meaning in the prison island “Deep Palace” near death, accommodating them, acted with a certain purpose. Just when she thought she was able to complete my purpose safely, the death row prisoners has started to kill each other? A battle royal “Killing” was
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You Have No Human Rights 3.6

You Have No Human Rights

Vol.2 Chapter 6

152.7K Apr 14,24 Mitsuishi Megane

XX years have passed since the enforcement of "The Human Rights Proper Use Act." In the city, "humans with rights" live prosperously, while "humans designated as livestock without rights" are displayed in shop windows. The humans used as pets, experimental animals, and meat are pitiful creatures living in a world separate from mine... or so it was supposed to be.Read Minasama ni wa Jinken ga Gozai
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Subaru to Suu-san 4.7

Subaru To Suu-San

Vol.5 Chapter 30: Father

1.6M Apr 14,24 Takahashi Natsuko

Mio and Subaru live together in a small apartment avoiding attention. While they masquerade as siblings with an age gap, Subaru holds a secret.
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Ghoul ga Sekai wo Sukutta Koto wo Watashi dake ga shitteiru 4.1

Ghoul Ga Sekai Wo Sukutta Koto Wo Watashi Dake Ga Shitteiru

Chapter 14

2.9M Apr 14,24 Katou Myoujin

“I’m not a hero. I’m a monster that devours monsters.” In a chaotic world where ferocious monsters run rampant, there was a “monster” who inherited the title of “hero” in the holy city, the last bastion of humanity on the brink of extinction. Alice, a rookie adventurer, was attacked by a large pack of dog people (Kobolds) during her first ‘dungeon’ exploration. The one who saved her life was Leon,
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Juu - Ninpou Makai Tensei 4.4

Juu - Ninpou Makai Tensei

Vol.9 Chapter 45: Chapter 21 The Third Temple Of The Saigoku Pilgrimage (Part 1)

137.5K Apr 13,24 Yamada Fuutarou

This is the latest story of the famous "Ninpo-cho" series of Yamada Fuutarou. It begins in 1638, during the Shimabara Rebellion, where a powerful swordsman who should have died is instead transformed by an arcane ritual into a demonic creature. As time passes, more swordsmen facing death go through this transformation. What could these new, demonic swordsmen be planning?
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