When you put on loafers 3.4

When You Put On Loafers

Chapter 12

183.4K Jun 13,24 Oshima Towa

Rinne Miki is a normal first year's high school girl who loves fashion and is close with her friends.But, she has a caring personality too, so though she has opposite-sex friends, that never became romantic, and she lived her life without romance.But, on the day of the school festival, she meets Toma, a boy with a slightly mysterious atmosphere to him... though she's bewildered by how aggr
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Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife 4.4

Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife

Chapter 94

849.2K Jun 13,24 阿柯文化 ,玄爷

In the eyes of outsiders, the noble male g** who cannot be blasphemed, was pressed by the reincarnated her to be provocative and provocative. He clearly had a face that couldn't be purer, but why did his restless hands always slide down? He was the one who provoked her first, but in the end she was bullied, tied to the bed, wiped clean, and given a lifetime title. Adapted from the novel "Exclusive
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The Beast Tamed by the Evil Woman 4.6

The Beast Tamed By The Evil Woman

Chapter 71

10.6M Jun 13,24 Seol Yeong , Song (II)

I've posessed the body of the sociopathic villainess, Illyana! An evil villainess who picks up a boy named Magnus and raises him however she pleases... that Illyana is me?! "I am going to tame you into a beast that cannot do anything without me. Just as you had done to me." And after 2 years, he who had become an emperor began his revenge. Excuse me, author! Illyana was the sinner but why must I
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Don’t Mess with My Duke Dubless! 4.4

Don’T Mess With My Duke Dubless!

Chapter 63

2.6M Jun 13,24 Myel , SESAENG , Kang Youngsun

Read manhwa Don't Mess with My Duke Dubless! / Don't Be My Darling / One day, Jade Kinsel finds herself in the world of the novel .She decides that, while she is here, she'd try and change the ending of her favorite character-Duke Dubless. Rather than the sad, underdog second-lead that loses out on the girl and eventually dies alone, Jade would find him his own match and let him meet an ending h
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I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me 4.6

I Won’T Go Back To My Family Who Abandoned Me

Chapter 39

1.2M Jun 13,24 Cha Eun Do , Seupeul, Nijye

Everywhere Leticia went, she was compared to her siblings. Sadly, it was all too common. She was not as pretty as her second sister Diana, nor as smart as her third brother Emil, nor as good with a sword as her fourth brother Xavier, nor as talented with magic as her youngest sister Irene. However, she was never jealous or envious of her siblings. In fact, she was proud of them. And
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When Jasy Whistles 4.5

When Jasy Whistles

Chapter 105

1.6M Jun 13,24 Cibeles

In ancient times, people believed that the forests of Paraguay were filled with gods and monsters. Growing up outside of modern Asuncion, Hela never thought much of the old stories. When her best friend disappears, apparently kidnapped by the legendary Jasy Jatere, however, she learns that the old world is not as dead as she had thought.
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Ebony 4.8


Chapter 130

25.3M Jun 13,24 REDICE studio,Jaiya,Naida

“Be quiet. Shut up and live like the dead”. Ebony Vonieck is a convicted felon for the murder of her fiance and father. While waiting for her execution in prison, she is suddenly released from her hell when she is informed that the Archduke of Schneider Castle is waiting for her. Expecting her life to become a living hell, what awaits her instead is a household of warm emp
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I’m a Banished Villainess, but I’m Accompanied by a Fluffy Creature?! My Peaceful Life Starts 4.8

I’M A Banished Villainess, But I’M Accompanied By A Fluffy Creature?! My Peaceful Life Starts

Chapter 21

6.3M Jun 13,24 TOMONO Kouko,NEKOTA Taishi

I'm Airi, an office worker who reincarnated as an otome game's villainess, Irene. I was on cloud nine ready to start my second life when I was expelled from the academy. With the help from the townspeople, I opened a quaint café. I was supposed to enjoy my new, peaceful life when suddenly "a fluffy creature" appeared! I tried to feed him my signature sweets, but...?!
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Concubine Scandal 4.9

Concubine Scandal

Chapter 51

358.8K Jun 13,24 정현, 기트로우

Hwayeong was forced to go to the princess selection contest because of her little sister. By using this as a chance, she makes a plan to get kicked out in a dramatic way! However the plan becomes difficult due to Prince Shin Young. On the contrary, Hwayeong catches the empress and empress dowager's eye and becomes a top candidate to be elected.
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My Little Bookstore 4.4

My Little Bookstore

Chapter 72

1.5M Jun 13,24 MK (한민기)

Joo-ah had always dreamt of being an author, but over time that dream was the last thing on her mind. The bookstore she went to when she was younger is abolished, and after losing her job, she wonders if she can make it on her own… On her way home, she passes by a local bookstore and encounters a run of the mill bookstore owner… with a bear mask? Together they turn a page to a new chapter of their
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How To Turn You Around 4.7

How To Turn You Around

Chapter 27

116.7K Jun 13,24 한성만

Stop being interested in me! Yeo Eunsol is the best person in hiding. All he dreams of is a quiet high school life. Yet everything becomes ruined because of the popular Ra Jisoo! First love romance ♥︎
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I’ve Become A True Villainess 4.7

I’Ve Become A True Villainess

Chapter 88

9.9M Jun 13,24 Flowing Honey , Bumho

The social outcast, Seria, had changed. Seria Shuteren, the vile woman who had everyone trembling with fear at her feet, was now calm. Truthfully, the woman had not just changed, she was a completely different person. Realizing she had possessed the wicked woman’s body in this romance novel, she decided to live on the low, having a hunch about the future. She would en
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Gakuen Babysitters 4.9

Gakuen Babysitters

Chapter 140

18.5M Jun 12,24 Tokeino Hari

After their parents are killed in a plane crash, Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotarou are taken in by the chairman, who they never met before, of an elite academy. Ryuuichi becomes the school daycare's new babysitter.
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Attack Gamdori 4.3

Attack Gamdori

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

207K Jun 12,24 Caty

Do Jeong-mi, the main character, spends the night playing games. On Valentine’s Day in 2nd year of high school, Jung-mi’s best friend Chae-hee confesses to the most popular senior in school and gets rejected. In order to make her friend Chae-hee’s unrequited love come true, Gem Sooni and Jung-mi ran a secret Cupid operation, going back and forth between online and offline…
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She’s a Villainess, but Her Husband Is Handsome 4.8

She’S A Villainess, But Her Husband Is Handsome

Chapter 40

423.4K Jun 12,24 Beojkko Chgeuligo , Kwon Soo-Ri

" Lamaine, I think I'm crazy about you."My husband is about to divorce me, and he's so handsome! And he seems to like me in a different way than in the original? I'm a struggling writer who's been losing money all her life. I've been possessed by Lamaine Roger, the evil woman in the novel.I've decided that this is my last chance to do everything I want to doShe
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She's the Older Sister of the Obsessive Male Lead 3.6

She's The Older Sister Of The Obsessive Male Lead

Chapter 72

11.1M Jun 12,24 Apple , Lemong , Antammi , アンタムミ

In this life, I was born with a gold spoon in my mouth. I thought my future would be bright but I didn't realize that the place I reincarnated into was a discontinued R-19 tragic BL novel that my friend wrote. And of all things, I became the older twin sister of Lisandro, the crazy obsessive yandere male lead who horribly, brutally murdered the sickly prisoner Frey at the end of the novel. Had I n
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Queen Of Poison: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess 4.3

Queen Of Poison: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess

Chapter 503

4.9M Jun 12,24 Mu Dan Feng, Han Tai Culture, Yuewen Manhua

.Description :"She is an ace agent, the queen of medicine and poison. Sweet and adorable she looks; resolute and cunning she actually is. She is half an angel and half a devil. When she travels through time and stays in an orphan girl's body, will she rewrite the history? ""I quit the marriage with this coward girl. To my surprise, she is so shrewd and eloquent! How ignorant I am!"" Some lord regr
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The Ghostly Doctor 4.4

The Ghostly Doctor

Chapter 464

54.5M Jun 12,24 Yuan man dongman

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn’t take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The
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The Law Of Being Friends With A Male 4.7

The Law Of Being Friends With A Male

Chapter 65

1.2M Jun 12,24 LEE Do-yun

Jay is a guy that wanted to talk with his friend about their secret crushes, When Jay was about to confess who he has a crush on, his friend Jiwoon, who's crush is actually towards Jay, was hopefull that Jay was going to confess his feelings towards her. But she felt shocked when she learned that actually Jay's crush was someone else, after that, Jay asked her about her crush, Jiwoon tried to avoi
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Wonderful Precure! 4.6

Wonderful Precure!

Chapter 2

2.3K Jun 12,24 Kamikita Futago

Wonderful Precure! is set in Animal Town, a town where animals and people live together in harmony. Second-year junior high school student Iroha Inukai is best friends with her dog named Komugi. Out for a walk one day, Iroha and Komugi encounter a mysterious creature named Gargal, who goes on a rampage in the city. Komugi suddenly transforms into a Pretty Cure named Cure Wonderful, to protect Iroh
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Isekai de Café o Kaiten Shimashita. 4.7

Isekai De Café O Kaiten Shimashita.

Chapter 89

9.6M Jun 12,24 Mei Noguchi, Ringo Amasawa

Kurokawa Lisa is an ordinary office worker, who has practiced lots of cooking while living alone. One day, she wakes up in another world, with a concerned little spirit hovering over her! She has apparently been transported to a magical, spirit-filled realm by the will of the goddess, and there is no known way for her to go back. She is taken in by a wealthy couple, and they and her new spirit
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Tensei Shitara Hime Datta node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa 4

Tensei Shitara Hime Datta Node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa

Vol.4 Chapter 16.5: Volume Extras And Afterword

360.9K Jun 12,24 Akira (輝)

Ikuto, an ordinary high school boy, is reincarnated as Isabella, a sheltered princess in a world of magic?!Although he is happy to be able to use magic, Ikuto's ambitions are crushed when he discovers that, in this world, women are not allowed to use magic.Still, Ikuto is not ready to give up, and at the age of 16, he decides to leave the castle and embark on a journey to learn magic...?!
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The Happiness of the Old Miss Saint 4.7

The Happiness Of The Old Miss Saint

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Sirius' Secret

4.4K Jun 12,24 Garasumachi Hari , HANADA Yotsuba , NEMUI Fuji

“Huh? You’re already 27 years old”. The Saint Marialite’s engagement with the crown prince was called off because of her age! Due to various circumstances, the level-headed Marialite acknowledges this and returns to her hometown. However, she encounters a child raised in secret…? What's more, after growing up in a short amount of time, he falls for Marialite, and wants to take her back to his
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If the Villainess and the Villain Were to Meet and Fall in Love 4.7

If The Villainess And The Villain Were To Meet And Fall In Love

Chapter 15

1.8M Jun 12,24 HARUNA Don , UKAI Chiru

If the villainess and the villain were to meet and fall in love ~It seems the shunned heroine who formed a contract with an unnamed spirit is fighting with the nobleman yet again manga,Despite being from a prestigious noble family, Bridget, a failed daughter who made a contract with the weakest spirit,one day had her engagement broken off by the third prince, Joseph.However, no one sympathized wit
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