Milady Just Wants to Relax 4.9

Milady Just Wants To Relax

Notice. : Notice

18.8M Sep 25,22 Mika Kajiyama,Beni Mochizuki

She worked herself to death in her past life, but then she was reborn in another world as the villainess Ronia! As expected, her engagement is broken and she's expelled from society, but now she takes that chance to live peacefully, and even opens a cafe with the help of her fairy comrades, which is becoming unexpectedly popular with beast-kin...?
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Rewritten Love Story 3.4

Rewritten Love Story

Chapter 14

42.7K Sep 25,22 Kyung-min Choi (최경민)

Scanlated by Miha's translations
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The Matchmaking Baby Princess 4.7

The Matchmaking Baby Princess

Chapter 61

7.3M Sep 25,22 Jimmy shin , park karin , big karin

I've become the empress Amelia in the tragic novel!I thought that I would not be noticed by the male protagonist, my uncle, and the tyrant Tessa Illuminas even by mistake. But why is Aunt Lucinda, who struggled to raise me when I was younger, almost like an angel?"Auntie, just put your faith in me! I'm going to make you to walk down a flowery path!" Ariel just goes to the imperial palace for her
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Dazzling Prince! 4.8

Dazzling Prince!

Chapter 13

2.2M Sep 25,22 Tohko Yamaha,Rihito Mitsuki,Iyutani

The young lady Lina originally comes from the wealthy count Randall’s family line. However, because of the bad weather that resulted in bad crops and because of her good-natured father, the family ended up being severely swindled. She quickly fell and became a poverty-stricken young lady. But then one day Lina is forced to participate in the evening party to decide the fiancée of the third p
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My dazzling ex-husband 4.2

My Dazzling Ex-Husband

Chapter 56

733.8K Sep 25,22 Kimong,Yeobaek

Korean actress Ha Eunseol. During her prime years, the female actress fell in love at first sight and married her husband, only to get divorced within a year. Korea's top actress Ha Eunseol's fame hit rock bottom. However, due to her stubborn tenacity, she succeeded in rising to the top again! And four years later….He reappeared. The hard struggle to not get tempted by her ex-husband! Indeed, will
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Hanasakeru Seishounen - Special Arc 3

Hanasakeru Seishounen - Special Arc

Chapter 9.8

82.6K Sep 25,22 Itsuki Natsumi

Sequel to ( These are stories about the past of the characters of Hanasakeru Seishounen. There are also stories about the future of the characters after the ending of Hanasakeru Seishounen.
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I’m Not the Hero! 4.5

I’M Not The Hero!

Chapter 55

291.6K Sep 25,22 Dalpang , Dalpangi

"I'm a witch!" After ending the difficult life of Cheon Eun-ha due to an accident and bad luck, Bris was reborn as a witch in a fairy tale. Even from his friend Sion, he hides the fact that he is a witch and lives alone a little far from the village. Then one day, her fairy appears in front of her and she calls herself her dragon lord. "Yes? Fairy Ariel? Maybe the protagonist of that fantasy fairy
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Untouchable Lady 4.9

Untouchable Lady

Chapter 74

25.5M Sep 25,22 Kin,Minsoong,Yongdusik

“Please, Hilise. Please die in place of Gabrielle.” My always dignified brother begged me for the first time. He wants me to die for our stepsister, whom we don't even share a drop of blood with. “For the first and last time, I ask you this.” I've always been miserable, and there is no exception this time. The seventh time that I was betrayed and killed, I was compl
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Married for 120 Days 4.7

Married For 120 Days

Chapter 36

1.2M Sep 25,22 Jagyum,Saeng-gang

Ellouise Starwood is looking to find a mate for her adopted daughter. She is from an aristocratic family that has been faced with financial difficulties for years. As a result, her father and Louize (older sister and mother of Juliet) run away. The older sister returns to Ellouise with Juliet but dies a few days later from a severe fever. Ellouise has now adopted Juliet and decides to find a suita
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Follow The Bread Crumbs 4.7

Follow The Bread Crumbs

Chapter 65

5.3M Sep 25,22 Gyuni,Soreumidang

I'm the Gingerbread House witch! I possessed Yielle Frank, the witch from Hansel and Gretel! I didn't want to die like in the original story, so I took good care of the children and sent them off. But ten years later, Hansel returns, all grown up… “Am I still just a kid to you? Please don't run away.”
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You Can’t Change A Person! 4.9

You Can’T Change A Person!

Chapter 73

4.1M Sep 25,22 Yeom-ra

As the very first human to step foot in this world, Darjeeling is showered with love and admiration. But instead of spreading the love she receives, she keeps it all for herself inside a treasure chest. Then one day, God descends from the skies and takes her treasure chest away. Until she can find the answer to his riddle, Darjeeling must wander the earth forever, drifting from one soul to the nex
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Darae's Big Love Story 4.5

Darae's Big Love Story

Chapter 79

48.1K Sep 25,22 Ggamgyul

A little girl's BlG crush!Darae's in the second grade, and she's the coolest kid in her class! She's also found her Prince Charming: her best friend's older brother, Inwoo. Join her as the bright and bubbly eight-year-old explores her first big crush in this story of friendship and growth.
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Living as the Tyrant's Older Sister 4.7

Living As The Tyrant's Older Sister

Chapter 132: Prized

25.6M Sep 25,22 Aperta,Chyobab

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a fantasy novel world! The beauty I see in front of the mirror is the future tyrant's older sister, Alicia! She's not even a protagonist or an antagonist, but a character that doesn't appear much and gets beheaded by the (upcoming) tyrant little brother. My life is all about escaping that fate from the novel. In the end
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Royal Marriage 4.7

Royal Marriage

Chapter 18

1.7M Sep 25,22 Portofino, Heeya (희야)

The symbol of beauty and money, Tatiana Cartien, the most eligible bachelorette of the Freya Empire.The despair of being betrayed by her trusted fiance lasted only a moment, as who could’ve known a bigger shock would happen.“I’ll only endure for a few days, getting discovered in an idiotic manners of all ways.”To think that my family, who I believed was on my side, knew my fiance’s nat
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Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. 4.8

Doukyonin Wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama No Ue.

Chapter 22.4: Power Of Love [Haru ②]

1.9M Sep 25,22 Minatsuki Tsunami

Mystery writer Mikazuki Subaru, who isn't good at dealing with people, finds them to be a disturbance when it comes to building his imaginary world. One day, he chances upon a stray cat and feels inspiration strike so he brings the cat home as his muse. Can watching the inexplicable behaviors of a cat form material for a novel? Featuring perspectives from the human's point of view as well
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Ophelia the Oracle Queen 4.6

Ophelia The Oracle Queen

Chapter 25

20K Sep 25,22 Rosarin , Terry , Ullpe

Ophelia the Oracle Queen manhwa, There's nothing more frustrating than a novel with endless tragedy and zero triumph. Such is the tale of Ophelia, a powerless princess who is used by those around her only to be cast aside and poisoned to death. So when an ordinary bookworm wakes up in the princess's body, she knows that she must rise to the throne in order to survive. Being the illegitimate daug
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My Mother Was a Prosecuted Ex-villainess – The Ascendance of an Ugly Four-eyed Commoner 4.7

My Mother Was A Prosecuted Ex-Villainess – The Ascendance Of An Ugly Four-Eyed Commoner

Chapter 4

50K Sep 24,22 Bekio , TEIKA Kobato

Watashi no Okaa-sama wa Tsuihou sareta Moto Akuyaku Reijou Deshita , My Mother Was a Prosecuted Ex-villainess The Ascendance of an Ugly Four-eyed Commoner "Your identity must never be revealed. Your eyes and your hair would inconvenience both your mother and the people of the kingdom"The mother of Ashley, who is a fifteen-year-old girl, was called a villainess, got prosecuted, and then kidnapped
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Pampered by My Rich Husband 4.1

Pampered By My Rich Husband

Chapter 16: The Secret Of The Two Brothers

76.3K Sep 24,22 Mars Animation

To save her father from financial ruin and escape jail time, Chu Ci was forced to marry Helian Lanruo, the weak and sickly young master of the Helian family. Rumor has it that his life hangs in the balance and that he could kick the bucket at any time. Some even said that the young master is impotent. Despite being married, Chu Ci is a living like a widow. Helian Lanruo is the husband who disappea
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Love in Full Bloom 4.3

Love In Full Bloom

Chapter 15: You Have To Be Careful

23.5K Sep 24,22 Mars Animation

When I first met Ge Yan, I ran away in embarrassment and didn't dare say anything about what had happened. The next time I saw Ge Yan, I forced him to marry me in exchange for my kidney. Since then, our destiny was tied to each other. When one of us took the initiative in the relationship, the other will take a step back. I refused to be the loser in this relationship and in the end, I won his hea
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A Perfect Ending Plan of the Villain in a Fairy Tale 4.7

A Perfect Ending Plan Of The Villain In A Fairy Tale

Chapter 42

2.1M Sep 24,22 Peach Pie , 피치 파이 , Yangyang

The protagonist of a fairy tale whose tears turn into diamonds.I was possessing her bad sister.Three years left until the passing prince fell in love with my younger sister and married, and the family who harassed the protagonist were executed.I'd rather go find the prince and throw in the protagonist and plan a way to live.'It was nice to find the prince after the twists and turns"Please marry me
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The Daughter is a Former Veterinarian Has Been Abandoned, but Is Very Popular With Mofumofu! 4.7

The Daughter Is A Former Veterinarian Has Been Abandoned, But Is Very Popular With Mofumofu!

Chapter 15

2.7M Sep 24,22 Makoto Uehara,Sonomiya Rion

Shiori was a veterinarian who died in a traffic accident and was reincarnated as the daughter of the Duke, Luna. She learned that there were animals in this new world that couldn't be found in her original world and dreamed of meeting them someday. However, her engagement was suddenly annulled one day and she was banished from the country. With that, she decided to embark on a journey to meet new
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The Reincarnated Villainess Doesn't Want Revenge 4.6

The Reincarnated Villainess Doesn't Want Revenge

Chapter 16

312K Sep 24,22 Iwaaki Haru,Akako

“I’m not interested in revenge!” Rosemary was branded as a villainess and hung for a crime she didn’t commit. She reincarnates as the commoner, “Marie,” while still retaining the memories of her previous life and hopes to live peacefully this time. However, contrary to Marie’s wishes, she ends up returning to the royal palace. “Sister, how do you want to punish the people who killed you?” Her br
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You Are My Best Love 3.7

You Are My Best Love

Chapter 19: Shameless People Will Rule The World

38.2K Sep 24,22 Ake Culture

Three childhood friends, three different lives. They walk past each other's life, chasing and running, like a merry-go-round.
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Once More 4.7

Once More

Please Read The Next Chapter On ""

5.4M Sep 24,22 Han Xu

In senior high, they missed each other because of a misunderstanding. After graduating, they return to their alma mater as teachers, but — seven years have passed, and Yang Mu Li (two-faced match teacher) doesn't seem to recognize Xuan An (cold PE teacher)?! Though many things have remained the same, the people themselves have changed. Can the feelings that once died come ba
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