The Princess's Double Life 4.4

The Princess's Double Life

Chapter 69

3.1M Mar 27,23 고은채 , 쌍필 , Ko Eun Chae , Ssangpil

Rexid Van Hexen, prince of the Hexen Empire and feared defender of the border, wants to become emperor. But because his brain doesn't even come close to his brawn, he enlists the help of "The Viper," a notorious swindler and master of disguise. With her life on the line, The Viper must now pull off her greatest scam while posing as... Rexid's heiress? Will the unlikely duo succeed, or will they en
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I’ll Become the Mother of the Hero 4.6

I’Ll Become The Mother Of The Hero

Chapter 37

4M Mar 27,23 Ellianyang , Capu

About 20 years in future, the world will be in ruins because of the invasion of the beasts. There's only one way to stop the destruction. To marry the duke who is called a monster, and have his child who will become the hero in the future! Elena who saw a glimpse of the future succeeded in marrying him but... "You may be my wife but, I won't lay a single finger on you." I wanted to get it quickly
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Marriage B 4.6

Marriage B

Chapter 35

2M Mar 27,23 G-ANNE , Namsalang , Yosyua

Marriage B manhwa, B "You killed Melissa. If you let me go, she won't!"I am married to Terio Alte, a friend from childhood. But Terio's heart only goes to Melissa, my sister.Not long after that, Marquis Ancy Betelgius destroyed the Rubiet family. And Melissa, who was married to him, also died.Terio took out all his resentment on me, because I couldn't stand it and decided to give up on this lifeW
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A Capable Maid 4.7

A Capable Maid

Chapter 65

35.4M Mar 27,23 Sanho,Yuin

The useless maid, Marie, has never been able to do anything correctly. But, after caring for a dying prisoner, she becomes a person she had always wanted to be. This is the start of the capable maid, Marie.
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A Match Made In Mana 4.7

A Match Made In Mana

Chapter 43

7.7M Mar 27,23 Na Yoo Hye,Nagyeom

Lilienne Islar died an abusive mother, a neglected wife, and a cast-off stepsister. So when she suddenly opens her eyes again as her younger self, she decides to set things right with the people in her life. Luckily, her stepbrother's a secret softie who's easy to win over. Her fiancé, on the other hand, is a magic-powered war machine doomed for insanity. With an illness draining her mana daily, w
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Vengeance Of The Omnipotent AI 4.1

Vengeance Of The Omnipotent Ai

Chapter 33

230.2K Mar 27,23 Jemon Culture , 热萌文化

Gu Ann, an artificial intelligence robot, is capable of travelling between virtual worlds. Her job is to avenge hosts and crack whoever fails them. She talks little, but moves ferociously. Whatever you scums obtain regardless of moral and manner, I will crash them with the flick of a finger.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all o
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Looking for an Idol 2.7

Looking For An Idol

Vol.5 Chapter 30: The Girl From Morioka

56.5K Mar 27,23 Mayumi Yoshida

Chikako Fujitani (18), 1st year at the Hanano Women’s College starts living alone at the same apartment as Kanro (An aspiring mangaka from the same school.) and Chiaki (A bus guide who pretends to be a college student to get a man.). While on the “Country-Bumpkin” tour he meets Iwata, reconnects with her middle school crush, Nagae, and meets the landlady’s son, Makoto. It’s the kind of story about
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The Boutique at 97th Sheldon Street 4

The Boutique At 97Th Sheldon Street

Chapter 67

2.4M Mar 27,23 Young hyun

After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?! While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and encounters a mysterious noble, Ashton. Holding onto her, he asks for her help. It seems as if he was waiting for her… Isn't that suspicious?
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I Thought It Was Time! 4.3

I Thought It Was Time!

Chapter 23

210.2K Mar 27,23 Ari Choi , Hyeyong , Essie , 최아리

Lady Lariette is diagnosed with a disease which gives her a three-month deadline. "Since I am going to die, I might as well go crazy!" It started with screwing her fianc and having a relationship with the monster duke. But she didn't realize it until it was too late. There was no time limit and it was a misdiagnosis! Mr. Asrazan smiled brightly, "If you try to run away now, you will face consequen
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I Only Came to Find my Dad 4.5

I Only Came To Find My Dad

Chapter 64

11M Mar 27,23 Blooming bouquet (블루밍부케),Ongnyo (옹뇨)

Despite her lack of father, Louise lived happily with her mother. Then one day, with her mother's death, her happy life came to an end. As her self proclaimed guardian, her uncle Benjamin, a scumbag who coveted her mother, took her in as his niece. The only rebellious thing that little Louis could do whilst in her uncle's grasp was to kill herself. But for some reason, Louise r
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Ophelia the Oracle Queen 4.4

Ophelia The Oracle Queen

Chapter 50

2.2M Mar 27,23 Rosarin , Terry , Ullpe

Ophelia the Oracle Queen manhwa, There's nothing more frustrating than a novel with endless tragedy and zero triumph. Such is the tale of Ophelia, a powerless princess who is used by those around her only to be cast aside and poisoned to death. So when an ordinary bookworm wakes up in the princess's body, she knows that she must rise to the throne in order to survive. Being the illegitimate daug
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Sei-chan, Your Love Is Too Much! 4.5

Sei-Chan, Your Love Is Too Much!

Vol.14 Chapter 48: I Don't Want To Make Her Cry Ever Again...

3.4M Mar 27,23 Segawa Sasa

When my favorite childhood friend Sei-chan moved in with us, he started teasing me such as pushing me over, sneaking into my room, and taking other liberties! The daily flirting attack from the handsome Sei-chan is too overwhelming!
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The Problematic Prince 4.7

The Problematic Prince

Chapter 22

1.5M Mar 27,23 Solche , Seon-injang

The Problematic Prince manhwa, Are poisonous royal mushrooms okay?The beloved son of the royal family, the Prince of the Lichen Kingdom, Prince Beron Dniester, should have given up his position due to his involvement in an unprecedented scandal.Arna Hardy, who was kicked out, cheated, kicked out and sold into a slave marketAnd the day it's sold, it will be destined to be the troublesome Prince By
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Elena Evoy Observation Diary 4.7

Elena Evoy Observation Diary

Chapter 95

8.4M Mar 27,23 Myongcho

Everyone had no doubt that Johann would be the top student at the Academy. After all, he possessed a face blessed by God, a friendly personality, and was talented in both sports and academics. However, the position was taken by someone else. "Miss Elena. Congratulations on your accomplishment." "Thank you." Elena, who didn't even seem
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How to Get Rid of My Dark Past? 4.4

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past?

Chapter 56

2.5M Mar 27,23 Jonah

Reina, the only daughter of the Duke of Solei, who wears an eye patch in one eye and a black dye dragon on her left arm. The problem was that there were so many dark history committed To make matters worse, even the ones who knelt down and made me swear allegiance started running wild… and now I feel like I have to kneel down and beg. Reina's story of struggling in earnest to clean up t
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The Ex 4.1

The Ex

Chapter 158

2.5M Mar 27,23 谨斯里 , SASA XiaDi , Jin Si Li , Kaikuan Comics , Rong Zhi , Xin Ke

Love, is a war. An "ugly" girl who was cheated by her boyfriend received a mysterious phone call. Strangely, the other line said that she is 35 years old, and that she is her, from the future! In order to change her, she wants to teach her the law of love. For her to see the beauty in her, take revenge on her ex, and recapture everything she lost before.
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Your Eternal Lies 4.5

Your Eternal Lies

Chapter 50

4.3M Mar 27,23 Jeon Hoochi

Rosén Walker was jailed for murdering her husband at the age of 17. Having crushed the pride of the Imperial Army with two jailbreaks, she is captured again a year later and is sentenced to life imprisonment. On a boat going to Monte Island, where only the vilest prisoners were gathered, another jailbreak is planned… “What is your crime?” “… I'm innocent.”
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Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo 3.8

Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo

Chapter 160

1.1M Mar 27,23 丁嘉树 , Yuewen Manhua, 春日文化

Big Boss Only Remembers Me After He Lost His Memory / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Gets Amnesia / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Has Amnesia / D Lo Shy Hu Zh Jd W / / / Dillon, a captain at Eastern Airline and heir to the Alba Consortium Group, was involved in a collision and was inflicted with amnesia. He only remembered Wendy, who, in her desperation to rescue him, died in the process. S
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Tales of Reincarnation in Maydare - The World's Worst Witch 4.7

Tales Of Reincarnation In Maydare - The World's Worst Witch

Chapter 35.2

15M Mar 27,23 Natsunishi Nana,Yuuma Midori

Makia is a noble lady descended from an infamous witch. Thor, a boy who was raised with her and came from another world,  is chosen to be the knight of the "savior". The two are forced apart and to see Thor once again Makia aims to be the top student at Magic School!
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Circumstances of Switching Bodies 4.4

Circumstances Of Switching Bodies

Chapter 77

3.2M Mar 27,23 Furik , YounDal , Luna , 달꽃,윤달,푸릭

The prince was cursed of switching bodies with the woman he spent the night with, and I became the daughter of the duke who could not solve the curse. Tempted to solve the curse, I seduced him indifferently and spent the night with him. I gave him the antidote, so I stopped paying attention to him… “Princess, you're leaving me because you weren't satisfied that nig
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Aim for the Ace! 5

Aim For The Ace!

0 Mar 27,23 Yamamoto Sumika

(from ebookjapan):Hiromi Oka is a freshman at Nishi High School, a prestigious tennis club. She joined the tennis club because of her admiration for Mrs. Butterfly, but she always messes up. However, only Coach Munekata sees her talent and nominates her for the next tournament. Hiromi's sudden selection is met with harsh criticism from the tennis club members, but with the encouragement of
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The Empress Lipstick 4.8

The Empress Lipstick

Chapter 22

170.7K Mar 27,23 Bak Myeongun , Coffeebean , JJG

Jae-in is a typical middle school girl obsessed with beauty and makeup and wishes to become a makeup artist. One day, she finds a mysterious lipstick by chance, which leads to the opening of a mysterious portal that warps her to a different dimension. When she wakes up the next moment, she realizes she has become a princess of a different world! Stuck in this mysterious world, will Jae-in be able
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I Worked Myself to Death and Reincarnated as the Queen of His Majesty, Who Is Younger than Me! 4.6

I Worked Myself To Death And Reincarnated As The Queen Of His Majesty, Who Is Younger Than Me!

Chapter 11.5

1.5M Mar 27,23 Katagiri Atari,Manimani Ononata,Hachipisuwan

I'm Saeki Emi, 28 years old. After I died from overworking, I was reincarnated and opened my eyes in the body of a 15-year-old queen. I have a husband (His Majesty, the King) but... He's only 17 years old! After I reincarnated, I thought I'd be pampered and live a life of luxury. But his Majesty said, "A reincarnator'
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A Wife’s Sweet Revenge 4.2

A Wife’S Sweet Revenge

Chapter 84

1.2M Mar 27,23 JYUN , Mana

Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their lives, blissfully unaware that Dayoung swore revenge. She begins to systematically destroy their lives as they did hers, but what happens when someone une
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