Give the Harem to the Villainess 4.4

Give The Harem To The Villainess

Chapter 35: Monopolise You

966.1K Sep 24,22 米鹿, 薪传文化

Lin Ci transmigrated into the otome mobile game she created and became the villainess. The only way she can go back to the real world is avoiding the harem ending and letting the heroine, Rutas, end up with one love interest. Otherwise, Lin Ci would be killed according to the plot. To survive, Lin Ci must win over the men from the heroine one by one!
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Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 29

390.5K Sep 24,22 Lucy , Choi Mongsil

Erika, a girl who lost her mother in the war and was bullied by her aunt.Political interests lead her to a political engagement with one of the most feared beings in the Empire, the Emperor of the Empire, Kaal Lakin.The cruel tyrant that everyone fears, Kaal Lakin.In his harem there are as many princesses as the stars,All the women who ascended the throne were carried away as corpses.By the way,Wh
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The Youngest Princess 4.8

The Youngest Princess

Chapter 113.5

23.4M Sep 24,22 Saha,Doldae

The archmage who ruled over a magic kingdom. One day, she was reborn as the youngest daughter of the empire! “I’ll just play along and pretend to be a baby. ...But don’t you think you guys like me a little too much?” They won’t leave her alone. The youngest princess is tired today as well.
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Flowers May Wither but You Remain 4.4

Flowers May Wither But You Remain

Chapter 46

1M Sep 24,22 Baek Seol-eun , Yeonseo

Flowers May Wither but You Remain manhwa, At the ancestral estate of Glown Hall, plain and serious Helen Godwin is hired by the wealthy and powerful Somerset family to tutor the young master Henry. Among its dark and ancient halls, Helen hears whispers about a ghost, madness, and something more sinister the Somersets are hiding. It's not long before she catches the eye of the womanizing Raymon
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He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway 4.6

He’S A Supporting Character But I Love Him Anyway

Chapter 69

1.9M Sep 24,22 단디,소다파이

"Let's cherish each other!" The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don't play hard to get! I am Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved in a car accident. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside of a novel! It's shocking but I couldn't believe I met the supporting character whom I
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How to Take Off a Wedding Dress 4.5

How To Take Off A Wedding Dress

Chapter 54

563.7K Sep 24,22 Happy Books to You

“Find out who that woman is.” The wedding planner, Jisue Lee caught the eye of the CEO of Hotel I, Woo Suk Yeon, with her resoluteness. “Jisue Lee, do you want to work for me?”
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AniTomo - My Brother's Friend 4.7

Anitomo - My Brother's Friend

Chapter 93

4.2M Sep 24,22 Akagawara Modomu

Nanase, a polite, a little old-fashioned girl, got a boyfriend for the first time. He, a pure and kind guy, is a good friend of her brother. However, both of them have no idea what they should do next... For Nanase, holding hand would be too embarrassing, and 'date' is something mature people would do.
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The Great Wish 4.7

The Great Wish

Chapter 123

17.8M Sep 24,22 Haneul Garigi,Nalae

The Empire's only princess, Sienna Argent, had everything from birth: intelligence, beauty, talent, and even the right to become the Empire's next ruler. As her 20th birthday is coming up, she starts having dreams of her future. She thanks the gods for this power, but then her dreams start to become increasingly strange, depicting a future that isn't what she dreamed of.
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Smartphone Addict 4.4

Smartphone Addict

Chapter 18

241.4K Sep 24,22 Yong hyundong

Smartphone addict Joo Damu's 10 year old phone suddenly turned into a human?
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The Bride of a Monster 4.4

The Bride Of A Monster

Chapter 56

1.5M Sep 24,22 Lim Eum, Salmonotti

I, Hana, am dirt poor, and my father is a complete irresponsible jackass. To make matters worse, different men are coming up to me asking to be their wife–wait what?! But, it turns out that they are holding a great secret… Just what are they?
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Sixth Sense Kiss 4.7

Sixth Sense Kiss

Chapter 60

2.9M Sep 24,22 Got W , 갓녀 , 조코봉

The moment Hong Yesul kisses, she can see the future! When accidentally kissing her boss, Cha Min-ho's neck, she sees herself with Cha Min-ho in the future lying in bed! She tries hard to deny the terrible future so that it doesn't become a reality, but Cha Min-ho keeps coming to her! Is there a real romance between them that is worse than their enemies?! A breathtaking, hot super-sensory
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She's Hopeless 4.5

She's Hopeless

Chapter 64: (S2) Episode 64

5.2M Sep 24,22 Seok-woo

Though she comes from a rich family, Gabin is a bullied loner at school. That doesn't mean she puts up with bullying from other students, though -- Gabin is infamous for her fierce personality. Worried about Gabin's well-being, her family secretly offers Tae-ung $500,000 to transfer schools and act as her bodyguard. Will Tae-ung be able to protect her from the school bullies, all while kee
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Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life 4.6

Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life

Chapter 11.5

410.4K Sep 24,22 Omin, Refalzimp, Themis

Sister I Am the Queen in This Life manhwa,Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone. "Shit! I am trying to court you right now!" From her fiance, who acted much different than he did in the past, "Don't cry, Ariadne. Don't you know how pretty you are to me?" to the kind Prince, who fell for her at first sight. This time, s
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Bameur Geonneun Seonbi 4.6

Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

Chapter 94

1.6M Sep 24,22 Jo Joo Hee, Han Seung Hee

Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang Sun. Together they will try to fight against a conspiracy.
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Iincho to Furyou-kun 4.7

Iincho To Furyou-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 9

147.3K Sep 24,22 Ise Maruno

Contrary to her appearance, Hatsuse Sakura is an idiot. Because of her, "honor student looks," she is appointed as the class president. To meet up to everyone's expectations, Sakura tries her hardest, however, for some reason since then Shinokura, who is rumored to be a delinquent, has been starting to approach her? The romance of two awkward people.
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The 13th Night 3.9

The 13Th Night

Chapter 82

1.6M Sep 24,22 Sirial

With its splendid history of five hundred years, Lan Empire has its own share of lights and shadows. Abandoned at birth, Lynx grows up in one of its slums although she is a daughter of the powerful House of Joo, one of four founding families of the empire from its birth. Just as Lynx is about to be sold off as a concubine to a senile old man, a noble lady appears in front of her. Heeyun Joo, the n
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Miss Divine Doctor: Conquer The Demon King 4.5

Miss Divine Doctor: Conquer The Demon King

Chapter 154

695.7K Sep 24,22 Zan Wu

Jun Jiu, the divine doctor, was killed by her competitor and time travelled to another world. She breaks into a sealed altar, and a mysterious man snatches her chin and forces her Who's this arrogant demon?!MangaToon got authorization from iReader to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Your Highness, Enchanted By Me! 3.5

Your Highness, Enchanted By Me!

Chapter 115

55.1K Sep 24,22 Cloud Studio , 叉布 , 漫星球

Your Highness Enchanted By Me at I time travelled. I died on the first day. What the heck, system? !Sorry, host! Let's start one more time!Lian Qi, an ordinary high school student, time travelled to be Princess Yunying with a useless system. Her mission is to help the forth prince, Prince XuanYu, ascend the crown and make him fall in love with herself.Easy?! But Prince Xuanyu mistakes me for the a
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Hayaku Shitai Futari 4.7

Hayaku Shitai Futari

Chapter 49

3.4M Sep 24,22 Kusaka Aki

Yuuri and Keiichirou fell in love as they shared the same route to neighboring high schools every day. But it turns out Keiichirou comes from a prestigious family where his father and grandfather were both prime ministers. The family rules strictly forbids him from having any inappropriate relations with a woman until he turns 18. Can he resist Yuuri's flirting?
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Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu 4.4

Futari De Koi Wo Suru Riyuu

Chapter 62

1.7M Sep 24,22 Hiro Chihiro

In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, h
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Hatsukoi Maze 4.7

Hatsukoi Maze

Chapter 27

1.4M Sep 24,22 YUZUKI Komugi

A stranger suddenly confesses to Kokoro in public, and having no experience in love, she ends up accepting. But who is this guy? Someone serious about sports couldn't be someone strange, right? A love at first sight relationship is about to begin!
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Lady Baby 4.4

Lady Baby

Chapter 163

58.4M Sep 24,22 Pingmin, Ju hyeon

Calliope has suffered through nature's law and many accidents. Her family was murdered and an ongoing war ended her life, but she traveled back in time to when she was born?! While Calliope slowly grows, will she be able to figure out who killed her family and stop them in time?
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Yubisaki to Renren 4.8

Yubisaki To Renren

Chapter 29

3.6M Sep 24,22 Suu Morishita

“I’ve met you and my world and my heartbeat changed.” The pure love story of a hearing-impaired woman and a man who travels the world.
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Doctor Resignation 4.7

Doctor Resignation

Chapter 23

195.2K Sep 23,22 Yeondam

When the duke, who was in poor condition, suddenly died, the land fell into the hands of the rebels. In a short time, the rebellion was suppressed by the royal family, but… The point is that I, Lise Estelle, will be hanged for treason. “It’s not fair!” I’m simply the best doctor in the area. If that’s the case, I’ll become the duke’s doctor so there’s no rebellion, and I’ll make the duke’s hei
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