Amachin wa Jishou ♂ 4.4

Amachin Wa Jishou ♂

Vol.8 Chapter 44: Aquarium ♂

4.5M Mar 27,23 Terai Akane

Tatsumi enters highschool with his childhood friend Amasawa Kokoro, nickname Ama-chin, who is a extremely feminine looking trouser-wearing boy that likes to mess with peoples expectations of his gender.
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Try Touching My Potato Again 1.8

Try Touching My Potato Again

Chapter 31

99.6K Mar 27,23 六花漫创

This is a small cookie that originated from Fu Xuan's “transformation” when he went to the countryside to mourn, but accidentally became the “transformation” of two people. The truth is: the abuse of the body and the heart is refreshing for a while, but then saving your own grave in the end. A drama king is not worthy of a wife!
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The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love 4.1

The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love

Chapter 40

45.1K Mar 27,23 煮个甜粽 , 晋江文学城 , 蜂漫社

Alternative Name: The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love, The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love, System 067 encountered 13 awakened self-awareness systems, and as a supervisor, arranged for each awakened self-awareness system to go to a different novel, changing the original storyline of the protagonist of the novel. If the mission is successfully completed, the awakened self-aw
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Ni Jiu 3.9

Ni Jiu

Chapter 75

850.9K Mar 27,23 Changpei literature , Milk Mouth Card , 二三玖陆工作室 , 奶口卡 , 有鹿文化 , 长佩文学

The beautiful omega once crossed into the normal society, but fell into the street because of the pheromone he released.
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Devil at the Crossroads 4.1

Devil At The Crossroads

Chapter 6

16.3K Mar 27,23 Nangjun

An accidental deal with the devil goes awry. Veterinary student Yoon Ha discovers he has a fear of blood! To solve his problem, he makes a deal with the demon Samael in exchange for his soul, which goes terribly wrong. Now Yoon must help Samael recover his demonic powers... but evil spirits keep showing up, lusting after Yoon's body?!
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Attack And Occupy 3.8

Attack And Occupy

Chapter 82

567.8K Mar 27,23 Ji Tong Culture , Shu dan wang , Xi de yi gua

After being favored by a man, his life has undergone earth-shaking changes. He has become a lover of the other side from the promise of heaven, and he has become cautious every step of the way. When everything is destroyed by the other party, he just wants this person to live uneasy forever
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Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth 3.4

Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth

Chapter 4

18.3K Mar 27,23 兔包谷 , 胡鲸

Alternative Name: -, Yi Ri Wei Shi Chongsheng Hou Xunfu Hei Lianhua E Tu, The One-Day Teacher Taming the Black Lotus Villainous Disciple After Rebirth, Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth
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Seek For Three Lifetimes 4.3

Seek For Three Lifetimes

Chapter 50

397.9K Mar 27,23 Suhen

“I will stay by your side until you grow old.” He kept his word. For 50 years, he held his hand with a smile by dawn, and embraced him by dusk. Over the valleys and hills, across the river of time, walking side by side to the ends of earth. ———By the grace of this miracle, I will dedicate every moment to you.
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The Werewolf Hunter 3.6

The Werewolf Hunter

Chapter 152

465.6K Mar 27,23 掌阅 , 沉乡 , 西溪

The Origins of "The Hunter"! The master of the diseased, clean and obsessive blood clan X is a cruel and powerful werewolf servant. Eno Azeril is a wayward and clean blood clan. He signed a master and servant contract with a werewolf on a whim. Ordering him to do things for fun, but I didn't expect... I ordered, but the situation was a little bit wrong. "Wait! I didn't let you do this! "Master, pl
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Pheromone Impossible 3.2

Pheromone Impossible

Chapter 61

139.3K Mar 27,23 Mao Qiuqiu

Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan, both presenting in the middle of a gang fight, are carried to the hospital one after the other. One becomes an omega, and one becomes an alpha. Probably because the two were in the middle of an intense brawl at the time of presenting, their pheromone compatibility is an historically unprecedented 0%. Other than sometimes fighting and getting on bad terms every time they mee
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Boku no Chisuitte Kuremasen ka 2.9

Boku No Chisuitte Kuremasen Ka

Chapter 6

51.5K Mar 27,23 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

In a modern Japan where vampires and werewolves are commonplace in society, Kioi Uzuki runs a sharehouse with his grandmother. He's super excited when they get their first vampire tenant, but their first meeting is a bit of a bumpy one. How will this shy and closed off vampire react to a bubbly enthusiastic all-things-occult-loving human who really wants to be his friend?+
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Junkoku no Alpha 3.7

Junkoku No Alpha

Vol.2 Chapter 6

41.4K Mar 27,23 Ako Shimaki

The French Revolution, which started with the king, sent many citizens to the guillotine, "exporting" the momentum of democratization to countries around the world - marking a turning point in history. But underneath the surface, there was another world that none were aware of... 18th century France - this was a time where the world's royalty, nobility, and commoners were separated into
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Walking in the Rain 3.7

Walking In The Rain

0 Mar 27,23 Kuaikan comics , 小野酵母

Xiyu, who has risen from poverty, has a handsome face. As chance would have it, he becomes an idol star. But the reality, far from being glamorous, is not what it looks like on the stage. After going viral for the "assaulting fans" incident, Xiyu is attacked by netizens. Abandoned by his own management company, he goes back to school and lives a life of being cold-shouldered and even attacked by h
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Fukigen na Kemono no Itoshikata 3

Fukigen Na Kemono No Itoshikata

0 Mar 27,23 Irihi Maro

An unexpected mating between me and my sarcastic coworker!!? Futaba is a human assigned to teach "sex ed" in the land of beastmen. A race that is faithful to their instincts, they'll "immediately have sex when they feel like doing it." Their fundamentally differing thought processes makes it difficult for classes to proceed... Furthermore, for some reason he's been tormented by his cat type beastm
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Irreversible 3.9


Chapter 67

125.8K Mar 26,23 I-Hye Lyeong , Mugongji , RedHong

."To me, you may not tell even a word of lie." Year five of the unified Chang Empire, San the emperor, who brought peace to the chaotic world, returns to Changchunsung, his home, in disguise. There he runs into Kang, a demigod cast out from heaven and living as a human, and senses a strong attraction. Kang tries to distance himself from San as in Chang, relationships between humans and demigods ar
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Portrait of a Bad Guy 4.2

Portrait Of A Bad Guy

Chapter 55

509.3K Mar 26,23 Okdong-i

not found...
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Unbreakable Master 4.3

Unbreakable Master

Chapter 93

457.1K Mar 26,23 Jeon Yu Ho

Following and , writer Yoo-ho Jeon's hot new work!! Update every Thursday!! Young Na-ru, who has a fragile constitution, is shaken by the news of her ex-girlfriend during a freshman reception, and the glass in her hand breaks. Young Na-ru, who comes out to regain his composure, encounters a super-phenomena man in a twisted space... The brilliant action fantasy of writer Jeon Yoo-ho, who presents a
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Desharow Merman 3.8

Desharow Merman

Chapter 4

25K Mar 26,23 深海先生

Alternative Name: Desharow Merman, , DeSaLuoRenYu, , MrDeepIn order to fulfill his lifelong wish and graduation project of researching merfolks, Desharow, a student of Biology Department of Russian Maritime Academy, went on a long distance voyage with his mentor, Rhine, and caught a special species of male Merfolk in Iceland. Little did he know that this mysterious dark and evil creature had long
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Deliverance of the Counterattack 3.3

Deliverance Of The Counterattack

Chapter 326

4.5M Mar 26,23 Haier

.Having a two-faced bitch as a love rival isn't scary What's scary is that the bitch has the upper handreincarnating as his little brother! Due to his "little brother," his lover was snatched away, his grandfather suffered a terrible death, the family business was taken over, and on top of all that, he was chained and thrown into prison.However, on the night before his release, h
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Drunken Truth 3.3

Drunken Truth

Chapter 14

49.5K Mar 26,23 Taroman

Gitaek always dreamed of being in a relationship with someone who's his ideal preference: caring, thoughtful and has a good body. After being absent for a while, he goes to his club's meeting room and finds a new studentJungwoowho fits this preference and ends up confessing to Jungwoo while he's drunk. Jungwoo is touched and a little flustered by the first confession he has ever received but, whil
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Catch A Dragon Become My Wife 3.6

Catch A Dragon Become My Wife

Chapter 79

405.2K Mar 26,23 舒仔(原著) , 世初文化

To save his empress, the emperor dived deep into the thousand year lake without thinking about his own safety. In the lake, he tricked a Xuan Long who was abandoned by his tribe to go to the palace and coaxed the Xuan Long to give him his heart. As a result of the frequent courting of the emperor, the Xuan Long sincerely fell in love with him. But in the end, he was harmed to death by the emperor,
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Qian Ren Wei Wang 3.9

Qian Ren Wei Wang

Chapter 23

138.4K Mar 26,23 Good Text Studio , 良之著工作室

After badmouthing the Gods, He Muyan was thrown into the system to be reborn infinitely. He was reincarnated as an elf in his seventh rebirth, when he realized the reality and planned to head in a bad direction before seeing a face he could never forget, his ex-boyfriend, Jin Yuanchen. How could he be here, and why he had become a bandit, and kidnapped He Muyan to be Mrs. Yanzhai (Husband)?
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Did the Nerd Manage to Flirt with the Cutie Today? 3.8

Did The Nerd Manage To Flirt With The Cutie Today?

Chapter 90

1.5M Mar 26,23 书耽网,抑郁仔,梨苏,惊歌

The moment omega, Wan Xing Shu transferred into the class, he became the target of the cunning Alpha, Chu He Zhou. After a series of services from the Alpha, who managed to flirt the omega to the point that his heart beats fast, his weak legs shaking and he wishes to be pushed down by the Alpha. Until a second year Alpha bully called Wan Xing Shu “Brother”, Chu He Zhou was confused.  
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