The Sweetest Snare 3

The Sweetest Snare

Chapter 34

27K Jul 22,24 GUTAE , ASTRONUT

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Patalliro! 4


Chapter 113: It's Not A Joke

273.2K Jul 22,24 Maya Mineo

Patalliro is the story of the young boy king, Patalliro, and his many misadventures as he avoids being assassinated by various beautiful boys with the help of his bodyguard, Major Jack Bancoran, of England's Information Bureau. Later they're joined by the hot-blooded Maraich, and a beautiful jealous and hateful relationship blossoms between him and Bancoran. *The scanlation group skipped chapt
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Chapter 62

143.9K Jul 22,24 HAEBEAN , MIZUHARA

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Summer season 4.1

Summer Season

Chapter 45

1.5M Jul 22,24 밍구르 , 절구 , 이로밀

Cha Do-hyeon and Yeo Eun-ho, who were born in the same neighborhood and have never been apart, stayed together throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and were able to confidently say that they were as close as family, because they had been friends for 19 years."From day one, Do-hyeon and Eun-ho, who have been acting strangely, does not understand and are confused. A conflict that wil
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Mr. Dior 3.9

Mr. Dior

Chapter 112

789.7K Jul 22,24 Chen Guojian

.A ridiculous story about two presidents who have been married for seven years. In which, the one who's scared of his wife hit his head too hard and suddenly became a truly domineering president.
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Rollover Guide for Overlord Type of Princess 4.1

Rollover Guide For Overlord Type Of Princess

Chapter 205

2.1M Jul 21,24 昆吾文化

My name is Ruan Qing, a domineering president of the 21st century accidentally travels back to ancient times, and is preparing to use his strong business ability to make a fortune…… “What?” “Marry!” “Male concubine? Men can also be a princess?” “I’m a dignified president, but I’m going to marry someone?” == Xuan Jingyao “This king………………From today, I will be your husband!” Ruan Qing: “…………” Xuan Ya
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Mad Dog 4.4

Mad Dog


3.6M Jul 21,24 Haribo

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Lop-Eared Guard 4.3

Lop-Eared Guard

Chapter 117

2.2M Jul 21,24 Changpei Literature , Lin Qian , 原点格子漫画

For the world to function and sustain, it has to be inevitability built on hierarchy. As precious, rare resources, high-grade omegas are kept in captivity by powerful, elite alphas in order to reproduce the next high quality generation. Yan Yi, a lop-eared rabbit omega, had once ravaged the battlefield with the powerful peregrine falcon alpha Lu Shangjin, and had once loved him deeply. Now, he c
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Unsound Relationship 3.9

Unsound Relationship

Chapter 163

1.2M Jul 21,24 Qiyan

The hot-tempered criminal investigation team leader Qian was wrong, and Teng Ruiyu, a cold-blooded detective with high intelligence quotient, and the two of them partnered to solve countless incredible cases, and were involved in continuous alchemy crimes two years ago …
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A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A BL 4.5

A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes Bl Vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A Bl

Chapter 75

4.7M Jul 21,24 Konkichi

One day, the protagonist realizes that he lives inside a “world of BL”. As he likes girls, he fights back against any hot guys that might draw near, but this is a “world of BL”... he's still assailed with the sight of people in lovey dovey situations one after another!
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KareKore!! 4


Chapter 2: Hold Up

98.2K Jul 21,24 8go! (Miyoshi Ayato)

The four boys just having fun making out in school, the norm, you know.
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Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online 3.8

Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online

Chapter 335

2.8M Jul 21,24 五彩石漫画社 , 진수윤(까망소금)

He is the top-tier White Lotus loved by the transmigration system. He relies on a pure and innocent appearance to play with other people's hearts as he transmigrates through various worlds. Watch as he stages a fantastic drama presenting the reunion of a couple after separation, the seduction of the Film Emperor and overbearing Emperors becoming infatuated with him in succession. But after that, h
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I’m A Stand-in Puppet For His Ex-Lover 4.2

I’M A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-Lover

Chapter 160

3.1M Jul 21,24 猫仆工作室

To He Yang, Shen Xiu Zhu is a cinnabar mole, his savior, and the white moonlight in his heart. Xu Cheng Yan, who has been in love with him for five years, is like an insignificant mosquito blood stain, like a substitute meal in the place of Shen Xiu Zhu, a replacement to fill the emptiness of his body. Then Xu Cheng Yan died in an accident, and He Yang waited, only to be met with a cold corpse. Re
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Snow Prison 3

Snow Prison

Chapter 0: Prologue 2

1.3K Jul 21,24 Jiuchuan Comics , 九川动漫

Zayn, a young man from the Omega wolf tribe, was framed with his father for killing the Commander of the Royal Guard, and was subsequently outcast and labeled as a wanted man. In order to search for his father and the truth, Zayn was forced to go on the run. However, whether it‘s Zayn’s fated mate who suddenly showed up, or his ‘younger brother’ who had been by his side since childhood, both men s
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Love Supremacy Zone 4.2

Love Supremacy Zone

Chapter 52

110.7K Jul 21,24 Hwacha , Kkokku

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Keyaki Shoutengai Sakura no Yu 4.4

Keyaki Shoutengai Sakura No Yu

Vol.1 Chapter 1

1K Jul 21,24 Tsubaki Yuzu , KAKITSUBATA Waka

Tatsumi Azuma, a third-year student at Keyaki High School, accidentally bumps into and fractures Shunpei Eguchi’s hand. Shunpei Eguchi is a second-year student at the same high school, rumoured to "kill anyone who makes eye contact with him." Out of fear of retaliation, Tatsumi pleads with Shunpei that he would do “anything”… Who knew that Tatsumi would end up helping out at Shunpei’s family-r
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Sun-Kissed Heartbeats 3.8

Sun-Kissed Heartbeats

Side.3 : Mature

141.4K Jul 21,24 Uldo

In the scorching heat of summer, Seokhyun's life takes an unexpected turn as he and his family leave the bustling city behind and settle into a serene countryside town. Seokhyun quickly attracts attention and gains popularity among his new classmates. However, Seokhyun's gaze is irresistibly drawn to Heebok, his quiet classmate with striking blond hair. As Heebok helps Seokhyun discover the simple
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Dating A Demon Lord 4.2

Dating A Demon Lord

Chapter 37

304.9K Jul 21,24 姜老茶

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Form of Broken Love 3

Form Of Broken Love

Chapter 54

558K Jul 20,24 岛上Project

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The Abandoned Wife’s Rebirth 3.9

The Abandoned Wife’S Rebirth

Chapter 41

511.1K Jul 20,24 连城漫画

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."[Translated by Mosh Scans] Wu Ruo couldn't see the true colors of the people around him until the day he died. The family of the friends who he treasured had been using him, and the husband who he neglected was the one who rescued him in
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Unseen Immortal for 300 Years 4

Unseen Immortal For 300 Years

Chapter 32

145.6K Jul 20,24 Mussoorie , Original , Jinjiang Literature City , Wandering Grass Studio

There are thousands upon thousands of demons in the world, and half of them reside in Night Glow City. As for the other half, they all died in northern Dark Jade City, the one under the High Constellation Immortal Xiao Fuxuan. Only one demon was imprisoned for twenty-five years and still lives. And he is Night Glow's city lord, Wu Xingue.
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In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret 4.3

In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret

Chapter 29

258.2K Jul 20,24 一亭

The half-demon, Jing Mo, was killed by his older brother Jue Ming when his demonic energy lost control. He found himself in the body of a young man named "Bai Shu", and this body seemed... abnormal. Due to suspicious circumstances revolving around the disappearance of Jing Mo's body, Jue Ming kept an eye on Jing Mo who desperately hid his true identity. With one of them hiding a secret and the oth
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Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again 3.7

Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again

Chapter 75

2.4M Jul 20,24 书耽网 , 糖糕很甜

Qianfu You You You Xiang FuhunleYe Linghan's words turned Ji Ran from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured the rejection reaction after changing his physique, endured Ye Linghan's repeated injuries, and after Ye Linghan divorced him, he turned and left heartbroken.And Ye Linghan, who got his wish, looked at the empty villa, and suddenly came to his senses
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Night Fragments 4

Night Fragments

Chapter 56

33.1K Jul 20,24 Sinran

Author's other works:
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