Haikyuu!! dj  Koiseyo shounen! 2.3

Haikyuu!! Dj Koiseyo Shounen!

2.4K Dec 07,23 Maru

Hinata and Kageyama are mutually pining for each other and mutually oblivious to the other's feelings. Sugawara acts as intermediate. Hinata's gaze is slowly becoming painful Why doesn't Kageyama notice it?Haikyuu!! dj Koiseyo shounen!, Love Me, Boy!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendatio
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The Transfer Student Who Came Down to Earth 3.2

The Transfer Student Who Came Down To Earth

1.9K Dec 07,23 Hani , 하늬

It's Christmas Eve. Failing to confess to Yuji Sunbae, Gyunwoo meets a boy dressed in a space suit who's fallen like a shooting star. It's been a month since he's taken care of the strange boy who has nowhere to go, and today is the day of the high school entrance ceremony! Gyunwoo is excited to hear that he's attending the same school as Yuji Sunbae, but a transfer student who looks li
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Get Married 4.2

Get Married

Chapter 60

763.8K Dec 07,23 凌伊 , 余生守时 快看漫画团队

Contract marriages are so sweet!
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Sissy 4.1


Chapter 107

1.3M Dec 07,23 Mizuchiei

.Paranoid scum attack x gentle and weak. Li Chengxiu tasted the bitterness of life at a young age and longed to be loved. Shao Qun has a prominent background, and his stubborn and uninhibited character of the second generation ancestor was brought to the extreme in middle school. He was close due to curiosity. From bullying to being attracted, the sentimental sentiment happened at the wrong time a
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The Game Is Loading 4.1

The Game Is Loading

Chapter 78

334.3K Dec 07,23 Long Qi , 惊奇工场 , 晋江文学城

Xie Xi was someone with luck off the charts! The advantage was that any game could be easily cleared. The disadvantage was that all games were boring! Then one day, the words Game loading' appeared in front of his eyes and he began to clear real games!
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High Pulse 4.1

High Pulse

Chapter 33

1.4M Dec 07,23 Ji Seung Hyun , 지승현 , 1001

Eunjae, born sickly, transfers to a high school near the hospital. An unfamiliar school, an unfamiliar classroom. Where everything was different, a familiar scent of soap came into Eunjae's life.
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Wind Beneath My Wings 3.5

Wind Beneath My Wings

Chapter 18

128.1K Dec 07,23 Hongda

Read Wind Beneath My Wings [Official] on mangabuddy
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New Year's Passion 3.8

New Year's Passion

Chapter 41

367.5K Dec 07,23 Bori

It was an exhausting love. I've only experienced it once. It was an unrequited love that shook my entire life. However, I met him again. That drunkard guy who got dumped by a man. Although I had promised that I won't waver again like I did last time, I still can't control my heart. Why are you still struggling for me?
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Stuck in My Sister's Dating Sim 4.2

Stuck In My Sister's Dating Sim

Chapter 36

807.3K Dec 06,23 Mongdo

All I wanted to do was save my sister’s game, but how did I get dragged into it? I got transmigrated into my younger sister’s stupid dating simulation game! Jinsoo Lee has played this game before and knows enough about it… to realize he’s been transmigrated as a trouble-making, good-for-nothing villain who dies way too soon. His new plan is to lead a quiet life while he figures out a way back
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Qian Ren Wei Wang 4.1

Qian Ren Wei Wang

Chapter 61

733.4K Dec 06,23 Good Text Studio , 良之著工作室

After badmouthing the Gods, He Muyan was thrown into the system to be reborn infinitely. He was reincarnated as an elf in his seventh rebirth, when he realized the reality and planned to head in a bad direction before seeing a face he could never forget, his ex-boyfriend, Jin Yuanchen. How could he be here, and why he had become a bandit, and kidnapped He Muyan to be Mrs. Yanzhai (Husband)?
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Save my love 3.7

Save My Love

Chapter 64

455.5K Dec 06,23 图南鲸 , 长佩文学 , 晔越文化

[Jiang Yunshu X Bai Tang] A handsome doctor died suddenly on the operating table after performing an operation for 18 hours. When he woke up, he found himself wearing an alpha body. There was a poor omega lying beside the bed, and when he woke up, his little face was white on white! But fortunately, Jiang Yunshu is very patient, and as a doctor, he can slowly bring this beautiful but broken omega
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See You My King 3.9

See You My King

Chapter 61

1.1M Dec 06,23 温远

Zhang Li witnessed the "stone statue" he was closely associated with disappear in front of his eyes. Filled with grief and regret, he comes to arrive in at Elbis, a mythical ancient civilization from long ago that had mysteriously perished. At last, he encounters the stone statue again, only to find that he wasn't the old crybaby that clung to him every day, but a cold, ruthless tyrant instead. Ca
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My K-kun 3.4

My K-Kun

Chapter 48

225K Dec 06,23 Kim Soo-oh Homi Toffee

.There are two people who have been together since a long time ago, who can't even remember. 'Seonwoo Min', a liberal arts PD who was relegated to the Arts Bureau. Aka "Kgun", actor "Kang Hyun-woo" who fell into the hell of a violent scandal. The two start to feel love for each other as they make an entertainment program together
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Paixiu restaurant, only in but not out 4.8

Paixiu Restaurant, Only In But Not Out

Chapter 137

754.6K Dec 06,23 Changpei Literature, Hai Jingluo

The old monster Pai Yao went out and threw the trash into the bin, and the male ghost fell into his arms. The male ghost Wenxi is as beautiful as a flower, with a cold body and soft body, just enough to make Pai Yao, who has been condemned by the body heat, can be used as a pillow. Pai Yao swears to God that he just takes this ghost as a pillow, but no one believes it. Pai Yao: “Although the red t
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The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love 3.8

The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love

Chapter 100

1.2M Dec 06,23 煮个甜粽 , 晋江文学城 , 蜂漫社

Alternative Name: The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love, The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love, System 067 encountered 13 awakened self-awareness systems, and as a supervisor, arranged for each awakened self-awareness system to go to a different novel, changing the original storyline of the protagonist of the novel. If the mission is successfully completed, the awakened self-aw
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Crushing Jade and Casting Pearls 3.8

Crushing Jade And Casting Pearls

Chapter 82

463.7K Dec 06,23 Bei Nan

When Ding Hanbai, the young master of the centuries-old jade-carving shop, first laid eyes on his timid shidi Ji Zhenzhu, he bullied him relentlessly, not expecting that Jiangnan could produce someone who would break down his defenses and melt his heart this way. They go from being unable to stand each other to admiring one another, but as the days pass, even this admiration begins to evolve&helli
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Good Luck Time 3.9

Good Luck Time

Chapter 9

14.6K Dec 05,23 卡比丘 , 长佩文学网

A very lucky scoundrel and a not-so-lucky expressionless child.A love story between these two idiots.Good Luck Time, Lucky Time, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that
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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor! 3.9

Stop Bothering Me, Emperor!

Chapter 116

2.3M Dec 05,23 Lu Ye Qian He

Song Xiao only wanted to be a man of virtue, but somehow ended up being forced into a marriage with his Highness, plotted by the cunning emperor himself. However, just as the generation of great businesses began to flourish, the emperor died… When Song Xiao opened his eyes again, he finds himself in a college entrance exam… but why does his seatmate look so familiar?! His Highness: ▼
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The Devil and His Heirs 4.3

The Devil And His Heirs

Chapter 10

28.7K Dec 05,23 Fire工作室

A pseudo-orthopedic castle story of falling in love and killing each other!Why is my brother like this?After his parents died unexpectedly, Andrew was "imprisoned" at home by his brother Ludwig. His brother Ludwig, known as the "Son of the Devil," made a harsh request: If Andrew wants to be free, he must become Ludwig's heir and kill his brother completelyThe Devil and His Heirs, The Devil and His
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Devil at the Crossroads 3.6

Devil At The Crossroads

Chapter 31

883.8K Dec 05,23 Nangjun

An accidental deal with the devil goes awry. Veterinary student Yoon Ha discovers he has a fear of blood! To solve his problem, he makes a deal with the demon Samael in exchange for his soul, which goes terribly wrong. Now Yoon must help Samael recover his demonic powers... but evil spirits keep showing up, lusting after Yoon's body?!
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Ni Jiu 4.1

Ni Jiu

Chapter 102

2.3M Dec 05,23 Changpei literature , Milk Mouth Card , 二三玖陆工作室 , 奶口卡 , 有鹿文化 , 长佩文学

The beautiful omega once crossed into the normal society, but fell into the street because of the pheromone he released.
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Spinach Bouquet 3.4

Spinach Bouquet

Chapter 87

564.1K Dec 05,23 Terra

Country life is supposed to be idyllic, isn’t it? A peaceful place full of amiable neighbors with big hearts, right? That’s what Jiwoo is looking forward to, but. Out of all the next-door neighbors to have, he gets Dongchan. Curt, stand-offish, and indiscrutable, Dongchan isn’t the most welcoming of folks. In fact, he looks like he doesn’t want Jiwoo and his family here at all. Bemused but not dau
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Trapping the Foxy Doctor 4.3

Trapping The Foxy Doctor

Chapter 94

375.2K Dec 04,23 芝士棒

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Zhi Banyi has a secret. His heart only beats faster when he listens to a streamer called "Dust Under the Light" speak... So, Zhi Banyi decided to go see a psychiatrist. He never could have imagined that his psychiatrist would be the "fem
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General, Watch Out for the Mad Dog! 4.4

General, Watch Out For The Mad Dog!

Chapter 80

747.5K Dec 04,23 Kuaikan comics

In order to prove that he has more than just beauty, the General strictly runs the army and bravely fights battles to maintain the peace of the Human and Immortal Realms. This time, the “monster” causing chaos was actually the Spiritual Realm’s Heavenly Wolf and the rare Spiritual Clan was also participating in the chaos. As a prisoner of war, the Heavenly Wolf had a frivolous attitude and no remo
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