Ogus's Law 4.1

Ogus's Law

Chapter 114

1,135,562 May 13,22 Shi Yi Ball

Su Yuan, a poor student, in order to not place any additional burdens on his family, accidentally got himself enrolled into a college named, Ogus University. But soon he discovered that this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters (demons); and the physically weaker humans, in order to protect their lives, had to form partnerships—called PAL—with those monst
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We Are Not Friends 4.4

We Are Not Friends

Chapter 97

359,441 May 12,22 Zhi Wu Ah

Originally these two men who meets up always end up fighting, fated never to be friends, what kind of relationship would this start? A cold and proud elite young master faced with a radical rebellious teenager
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Amachin wa Jishou ♂ 4.5

Amachin Wa Jishou ♂

Chapter 32: Confession ♂

3,001,637 May 11,22 Terai Akane

Tatsumi enters highschool with his childhood friend Amasawa Kokoro, nickname Ama-chin, who is a extremely feminine looking trouser-wearing boy that likes to mess with peoples expectations of his gender.
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Silent Lover 4.6

Silent Lover

Chapter 113

1,650,899 May 11,22 Qiang tang

The cruel and lecherous prince x The meek and mute servant. The Prince of Zhen Bei has his eyes set on the gold and riches of the Chen Family, and wants to take their daughter as a side concubine. In order to reassure his adoptive mother in her old age, the mute, male servant Chen Yu conceals his gender and takes the place of the daughter to be sent to Prince Zhen Bei. Chen Yu is afraid that once
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I Married My Father-in-Law 2.4

I Married My Father-In-Law

Chapter 128

1,785,717 May 11,22 Plumage,Xingkong she,Yue guanri

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law! My Father-in-Law is My Wife / Father – in law is my future wife! / Nhạc phụ đại nhân là lão bà / Yuefu daren Shi laopo / Yuèf
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Heart Stain 3.6

Heart Stain

Chapter 56

363,554 May 10,22 AG

."Let's date until we graduate."Woohyun has a secret crush on his homeroom teacher. His best friend, Doha, finds out and confesses his feelings for him. But then he makes an interesting proposition: "Go out with me. Fall for me before graduation, and I win. If you don't, you win." Can Woohyun like someone other than his teacher?
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Touching Melody 3.8

Touching Melody

Chapter 58

171,352 May 09,22 Xiao Ye Jiao Mu

How certain were you that it wasn’t a dream? Was there a certain moment where you’d think ‘Ah, deja vu’. This happened to the MC who met a senior from his dreams, even though their graduation tore them apart... They met again via teleportation?! Just what is happening? How are they able to teleport and switch places?!
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The True Scandal 3.1

The True Scandal

Chapter 53: Let Me Help You

326,856 May 09,22 卡比丘,吃饱饭工厂,长佩文学

Xu Sheng x Tang Zhi Using all of one's brain power and pawning away one's life. Chunzhen Chouwen
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Shota Oni 4.1

Shota Oni

Chapter 29 : Death From Preciousness

580,078 May 08,22 Okmgmk (中山幸), Nakayama Miyuki

Artist’s Twitter
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The Dark Night Journal 4.4

The Dark Night Journal

Chapter 34

112,747 May 08,22 尼尼鸭,酉癸

This sets in a Victorian world era where sentinels and guides belongs. People began to enjoy the glory of “the sun never sets” created by their ancestors. Endless enjoyment is the exquisite glory before the building collapsed, but evil is spreading in this city. “Red dancing shoes collector”, “beautiful young hunter”, “angel of death and baby hunter”
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The Concubine is a man 2.9

The Concubine Is A Man

Chapter 58

74,346 May 08,22 Updating

Happy and "scared" Xie Yan-huan vs. "Cruelty" Emperor Yan-gui. Xie Yanhuan who was discovered on the night of the wedding, thinks he can't save his life anymore, but the Ming emperor seems addicted to Xie Yanhuan! Can the cold-blooded emperor conquer this scared concubine, who runs away with all his heart and says nothing?
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Hope You've Been Well 3.2

Hope You've Been Well

Chapter 44

104,285 May 08,22 Bei Nan

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them.Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back the heart
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Hope You’ve Been Well 3.9

Hope You’Ve Been Well

Chapter 44: Zhuang Fanxin's Back!

510,717 May 08,22 Bei Nan

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them. Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back th
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Drunk in Love 4.3

Drunk In Love

Chapter 62 : Official Translation

325,345 May 08,22 (原著)+流浪草工作室

Having a secret crush is just like drinking a bottle of hard liquor. You clearly know that it will make you light-headed, lose your cool and suffer. Yet, just like a moth flying into flames, you went for the pain knowingly. “You stop right after having a sip of it, but as for me… I’m drunk in love.” However, there’s always a day when you finally sober up after being
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19 Days 4.7

19 Days

Chapter 390: High Jump / Same Jacket

59,347,991 May 07,22 Old Xian

 The super cute and funny adventures of a boy and his BFF(best friend forever). You'll find out the names of the main characters after 113 pictures(maybe). Enjoy the manga!
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Please Do Not Open the Beast 2.5

Please Do Not Open The Beast

Chapter 56 : Painful Transition

186,873 May 07,22 Wang Tao

.From Chocoreito TeamWhich one do you prefer to cherish, the one you broke up with nine years ago or the new lover who has come to your heart?
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Mr.Miss 4


Chapter 52 : Side Story 2

1,144,810 May 07,22 Aseom

After being outed by his first love in high school, Juho has been struggling in his romantic endeavors ever since. One evening after a distasteful phone call with a cheating ex, Juho sees someone has been staring at him. Juho recognizes Kang Jaemin, an old high school classmate. This chance encounter leads Juho and Jaemin to explore a connection they didn't get to have when they were in hig
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Between the Devil and Me 3.3

Between The Devil And Me

Chapter 23

109,361 May 07,22 Dimang,SeolockT

Won-woo who had to give up being a child actor due to his parents’ greed. With the director’s recommendation, he started his career again 20 years later, but he was not happy to see Ha Seo-Kyung, an actress who turned from an idol to a star, just from her appearance. Then one day, the fortune-teller delivers a paper to Won woo who returns home from the shoot, and the devil agrees appea
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brilliance: be mine 2.8

Brilliance: Be Mine

Chapter 114 : History (Episode 11)

201,904 May 07,22 Flashy

.The boy from Wolf Clan meets his brother whom he missed for such a long time while resting at countryside.
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Special Preference or Deeply Into the Play 3.9

Special Preference Or Deeply Into The Play

Chapter 103

949,070 May 06,22 Jin Gang Quan,Xian man wen hua

Xia Xingcheng, a popular and handsome young actor (small fresh meat) with ordinary acting skills, has been in the entertainment industry for six years and is still only a small star in the 18th line. He thought it would always be like that, but that day, a well-known director approached him with a movie co-starring the movie emperor, who stars in many literary blockbusters. Many opportunities came
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Listen Attentively 4.2

Listen Attentively

Chapter 49: The Feelings I Can't Admit

661,256 May 06,22 Qing Shu

Born into a musical family, Gu Si was known as a genius, but was never recognized by his father because of the lack of emotion in his music. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Gu Si began to study the music of Charles, a musician known for his emotions. Who would have thought that halfway through the book, he would wake up 200 years ago and find himself in front of a paralyzed man with rusty p
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My Young Master Ji Wushuang 3.2

My Young Master Ji Wushuang

Chapter 62 : Lollygagging?

154,622 May 06,22 百川社

Jiang Qiu, a high school student, fell to his death after escaping from class by climbing over the wall! He was reborn into an unrecorded dynasty - The Daxu Dynasty. After waking up, Jiang Qiu became the young master of the "Jiang Family" in the city of Luo Feng. His mother died early and his concubine mother and brother were domineering at home. Jiang Qiu decided to fight back in order
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Whispering You a Love Song 4.5

Whispering You A Love Song

Chapter 31.5: Volume 6 Extras

2,265,204 May 05,22 Takeshima Eku

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Cloudburst 3.7


Chapter 41

367,229 May 03,22 채팔이

After rumors of him being homosexual were spread, Park Seok Yeon experienced difficulties throughout school and after graduation, and now he faces the predicament of finding a job. Luckily, he's found a company that's perfect in every way. However, who's gonna tell him that his boss is the man who caused him his misfortune in the first place?! Can a tearful worker and his ruthless boss find love?
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