The Ghost and the Exhausted Office Worker 4.7

The Ghost And The Exhausted Office Worker

Chapter 207

327.2K Jun 15,24 Nakayama Yuki

A story about an old ghost and the exhausted office worker he watches over. Original by @yukiyuki_nkym on Twitter.
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Battle Studies 3.9

Battle Studies

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Don't Show Weakness

4.6K Jun 15,24 Nakibokuro

You can’t win through only with “friendship” and “youth”. We stake our lives to get to Koshien!! Kanou Shoutarou entered an official baseball club at one of the best powerhouse baseball schools in the country - DL Gakuen. However the discipline in the club, he admired so much, was beyond all imagination! From Nakibokuro - the former member of PL Gakuen’s baseball club who
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The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat 4.5

The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat

Chapter 434

2.2M Jun 15,24 Yajima Kenji

An old man was hit by a truck and found himself reincarnated as a cat.
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Toorigakari ni one point advice shiteiku type no yankee 4.9

Toorigakari Ni One Point Advice Shiteiku Type No Yankee

Chapter 88.5

13.1M Jun 15,24 Otsuji

Sakurai-san looks like a yankee, but gives people he passes one point advice.  Those who meet him for the first time are often scared by his frightening appearance but through the advice, they learn of how kind hearted he can be. Slowly, Sakurai's circle of people begin to grow. He's kind, considerate, knowledgeable and versatile in all forms of sports...!! Today, th
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The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!? 4.6

The Young Witch Wants To Have Sex!?

Vol.4 Chapter 21

1.9M Jun 15,24 Nakamura Enjitsu

Hiiragi visits Chikage Komori, a transfer student that has never come to school. His chastity is at stake when he comes across a beautiful girl that is wearing nothing but a jacket!? A magical-sex Spring Junior High Student journal begins now!
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Lovely Allergen 4.5

Lovely Allergen

Chapter 51

200.9K Jun 15,24 稚楚, Zhìchǔ

Yue Zhi-Shi and Song-Yu are not blood related brothers, Yue Zhi-Shi, who was fostered by the Song family since childhood, loves to cling to his older brother, Song Yu, who is three years older than him. However, Song Yu always deliberately maintains a distance. Song Yu, the brother who pretends to be indifferent, and Yue Zhi-Shi, the brother who is a clingy little puppy. But what others don't know
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I am Worried that my Childhood Friend is too Cute! 4.2

I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!

Vol.7 Chapter 39

9M Jun 15,24 Atar,Aki Ota

Amano, who returned to the city where he lived as a child for the first time in 10 years, meet Yukio Sawatari, a childhood friend on the first day of transfer, when he (a male friend) turned female! Although she shares her joy, as she suddenly turns into a girl and cannot hide her embarrassment. Yukio was affected by an illness like 100,000 other people, suddenly becoming a girl so-called " s
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You still call yourselves teachers? 4.5

You Still Call Yourselves Teachers?

Chapter 8.7: The Changing Room Incident 2 (Extra)

1.4M Jun 15,24 Ishizaka Ryuudai

One day, school teachers come as freeloaders to the inn run by his parents!? Kazami Hiro, a high school boy, decides to take care of the inn and his future!? Under one roof, The forbidden harem romantic comedy begins!!
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Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! 4

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?!

Chapter 56

1M Jun 15,24 Toyota Yuu

Volume 1: It's complicated: A thirty-year-old virgin gets more than he bargained for when his newfound magical power reveals he's the object of his male coworker's affections! Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgin, has developed the power to read people's minds by touching them. After a brush with his very handsome colleague, Adachi realizes the guy has a raging crush on none other than Adachi hims
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Her Mountain, Her Ocean 3.3

Her Mountain, Her Ocean

Vol.3 Chapter 41: Room For Improvement

201.5K Jun 15,24 Jinjiang Literature City (晋江文学城), 鲸元社, 悠作文化

(Gentle and tenacious bully and the cold domineering girl) Chi Tang and Youyu are both weirdos in Year 1 Class 2 of high school. They become desk mates, roommates, each other's salvation, protecting the other's warmth. The relationship between the two went from ignorance to understanding. A poem of youth composed.
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Senpai! I didn't do it on purpose! 4.2

Senpai! I Didn't Do It On Purpose!

Chapter 11

1.5M Jun 15,24 Saku

Sachi, a high school student, is confessed to by her love Jun, a senior who is a year older than her, and they are finally going out! However, as soon as she realizes that she is in love with Jun, Sachi has a constitution that causes her to have lucky-perv incidents with him every chance she gets! When Sachi tries to hold his hand for the first time, she accidentally puts her hand down his pants a
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Karakai Jouzu (?) no Nishikata-san 4.9

Karakai Jouzu (?) No Nishikata-San

Chapter 8: Memories

264.8K Jun 15,24 Yamamoto Souichirou,Inaba Mifumi

In this spinoff of "Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san", and continuation of "Karakai Jouzu no (moto) Takagi-san", Chi Nishikata tries her hardest to tease her classmate Ooshiro, but for some reason it feels like she's met him somewhere. Can she finally get one over on him and remember her past?
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Alphabet[a] 3.2


Vol.3 Chapter 33: Destination

56.2K Jun 15,24 Serven_13

The daily life of C (Say) and her older sister G (Gee) as they guess about what life used to be like in the ruins of a strange city.
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Fist of the North Star: BBQ Flavor 5

Fist Of The North Star: Bbq Flavor

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Full Power Translation - Raoh Arc

1.2K Jun 15,24 Kawata Yushi, Hara Tetsuo, Yukito Imouto, Buronson

Yushi Kawata, with his middle school-level English, has taken on translating *Fist of the North Star* himself! Revisit famous points from the first 15 volumes with Kawata's translation, supplemented by artwork from the Yukito sisters and artwork sampled from the original manga. You'll certainly have one crazy time around America!
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Doukyonin ga Fuantei Deshite 2.6

Doukyonin Ga Fuantei Deshite

Vol.1 Chapter 7

1.7K Jun 15,24 Takada Fumiko

A story about the daily lives of two roommates, Fuantei-san, a slightly unstable illustrator, and Shikkari-san, a capable career woman.
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Hiiragi-san Is A Little Careless 4.6

Hiiragi-San Is A Little Careless

Chapter 34

4.7M Jun 15,24 Ritsu Urano

Kotori-kun, who falls in love with his classmate Hiiragi-san at first sight, somehow wants to get close to her. Hiiragi-san is quite an earnest and lovely girl, but… She’s surprisingly a little careless--! This is about the charming school life of a careless girl and a pure boy who gets led on everyday by her -- a romantic comedy that’s a wee bit H sometimes but warm and fluffy
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Mankitsu Shitai Jouren-san 4.6

Mankitsu Shitai Jouren-San

Chapter 27.5

1.9M Jun 15,24 Shinmi Rin

Izumi, a university student part-timing at a manga cafe, got curious about a regular customer. Her name is Honami, a high school girl who's been coming to the manga cafe recently. This defenseless and seemingly cute girl who he can't take his eyes off of has a secret...!?This is a slightly naughty, heartful love comedy where this gentle pair will get to "enjoy" their youth to the fullest!!
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Noa-senpai wa Tomodachi. 4.6

Noa-Senpai Wa Tomodachi.

Chapter 24: Noa-Senpai And Personal Space

590.1K Jun 14,24 Akiyama Enma

A bitter and painful adult's life needs "friends".Set in a game company, Rihito Otsuka (23), who is "normal" in both work and socializing, and Noa Saotome (27), who goes all out with everything she does. Two characters whose lives aren't supposed to intersect become "friends" by chance...? A little sweet and slightly heavy "office" friends "comedy" start!
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Kawasemi-san no Tsurigohan 4.4

Kawasemi-San No Tsurigohan

Vol.3 Chapter 12

1.1M Jun 14,24 Masanoshita Kiyomasa

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Ascendance of a Bookworm ~I'll Do Anything to Become a Librarian~ Part 2 「I'll Become a Shrine Maiden for Books!」 4.7

Ascendance Of A Bookworm ~I'll Do Anything To Become A Librarian~ Part 2 「I'll Become A Shrine Maiden For Books!」

Vol.10 Chapter 50.6: Pooey'd - To Books Exclusive

15.3M Jun 14,24 Suzuka,Miya Kazuki

***Contains spoilers for the ending of Part 1*** After the discussions with the temple master and head priest ended, Myne won the right to be treated as a noble with the role of a blue-robed shrine maiden apprentice. Work in the temple began and Myne could read books in the long-awaited temple library. However, there were many problems in the temple, such as adapting to the class
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Hoshi no Ouka 4

Hoshi No Ouka

Vol.2 Chapter 8.2: Exploration In Yutaka High (2)

130.7K Jun 14,24 Liberum

A new coming-of-age series from from Liberum, whom you might know for Soushi Souai.Friends, lovers, fashion and hanging out after-school...For Hoshino Ouka, a gal who grew up in the city those are important things. But when she unexpectedly had to move to the country side town 'Yutakamachi', everything she hold dear vanishes...? In an unfamiliar town the fresh and tender days of youth begi
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Umi ga Hashiru End Roll 4.5

Umi Ga Hashiru End Roll

Vol.3 Chapter 14: Chapter 14

230.7K Jun 14,24 Tarachine John

After turning 65 and bereaved of her husband, Umiko visits a cinema for the first time in decades. A shocking, life-changing event awaits her. When she meets Kai, an art student majoring in film, Umiko realises that she wants to make a film. She realises that she is on the side of "the people who want to make films"...Lured by the waves that stir her heart, the 65-year-old dives into the sea o
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Becoming A Legendary Ace Employee 4.8

Becoming A Legendary Ace Employee

Chapter 44

705.2K Jun 14,24 JRobin, BONGUN

Kim Tae-seok, a former construction worker, receives a notification that he has passed the document screening for a major corporation called El Sung.Soon after, a system message pops up before him. "You have gained access to the tutorial for The Path of a Regular Employee'. Would you like to proceed with the tutorial?"Follow Kim Tae-seok's struggles and adventures in his quest to become the legend
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