The Exceptional Farmgirl 4.5

The Exceptional Farmgirl

Chapter 221: Arriving At Qingzhou City

4,653,944 Jun 25,22 大行道动漫

Following an accident, Su Xinyu, a 35-yeard old surgeon transmigrated to a baby's body in ancient times, becoming the seventh daughter of Tao Liuping. She hence became the infant Xiangzhi'er, but kept her adult's mind secret as she grew, seeking a way to survive in the patriarchy. It was fortunate that her mother was a strong woman, who knew the ways of the world and thoug
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The great sage who returned from another world wants to live quietly 4.3

The Great Sage Who Returned From Another World Wants To Live Quietly

Chapter 7: Yakuza And The Shopping District

1,518,446 Jun 25,22 Kinoni Kyuu,Okazaki Junpei

Saito was reincarnated to the other world at the age of 15, becomes the Great Sage, and defeated the Demon Lord. Shortly after that, the door connecting the other world and the real world opens, and Saitou return to Japan with the power of the Great Sage. However, 19 years have passed in the real world. Saito, who was drifted away for so long, met his childhood friend Kanako, who's now a singl
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Magi Craft Meister 4.6

Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 43: Detector

31,861,769 Jun 25,22 Aki Gitsune

There is only one Magi Craft Meister in the world. After the death of the last Meister over one thousand years ago, Jin Nidou was transported to another world in order to succeed her will.After obtaining the knowledge of the Magi Craft Meister, Jin attempts to use a warp gate but it malfunctions, transporting him to an unknown place. Along with that, an automata he recently restored also uses the
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Ojousama no Shimobe 4.7

Ojousama No Shimobe

Chapter 90: Let's Play A Game!

21,730,734 Jun 25,22 Hoshino Taguchi

The story centers around a main character with a meddlesome personality whose father is a butler and whose mother is a maid, and who one day meets a rich young lady who cannot even change her own clothes, let alone know what do in the outside world.
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Hongshi Loves Me! 3.4

Hongshi Loves Me!

Chapter 192: You're That Down Bad From The Start?!

838,666 Jun 25,22 Ganghada

“Hongshi Loves Me!” tells the exciting school life of a 20-year-old 12th grader! Look forward to a school campus sitcom full of affection!
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Hana to Kuchizuke 4.8

Hana To Kuchizuke

Chapter 16

770,570 Jun 25,22 Natsu Samako

Left homeless, Kasumi decides to fix the situation on her own to not be an inconvenience to her busy family. But through a misunderstanding, she meets this handsome flower artist, who... despite being older, seems to be very interested in her. Has the time for her to fall in love finally come?
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It's Not What It Looks Like 4.5

It's Not What It Looks Like

Chapter 20: The Two Are Different Yet So Similar

186,758 Jun 25,22 Miyabi Naruse

This is a web manga that was made by @creamiyabi_0303
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Suginami Toubatsu Koumuin: Dungeon Kinmu no Hitobito 4.1

Suginami Toubatsu Koumuin: Dungeon Kinmu No Hitobito

Vol.3 Chapter 17: To Become A Mother

122,031 Jun 25,22 Haruhara Robinson

A Japan where monster-filled other worlds - dungeons - are simply normal. Public servants known as the "Capture Division" are in charge of dealing with them! Yuunagi Yuuma, a newbie eliminator who longs to be a hero, pairs up with his dispassionate yet surprisingly caring senpai Yonaga- and heads out to his 9-to-5 job subjugating other worlds!
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I'm Telling The Teacher 2.7

I'm Telling The Teacher

Chapter 9: Does He Really Think That...

35,358 Jun 25,22 Interstellar Entertainment /星际互娱

Da Lubei, the older brother who rules over the entire district, suddenly declares that he's going to become a good student! He carries the "Student Rulebook" around every day like a Bible, swearing not to ever fight again. When the leader of an opposing gang comes to seek trouble, Lubei couldn't bear it and finally... goes to tell the teacher?!
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Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!! 4.3

Azur Lane Comic Anthology Breaking!!

Vol.7 Chapter 88: Observe And Follow The Wise One

1,212,243 Jun 25,22 Anthology

Breaking news!!  A new series to bring you the latest events and characters from the game "Azur Lane" as fast as possible!  Bringing you plenty of comics to make you love Azur Lane even more!
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Rinjin-chan ga Shinpai 4.8

Rinjin-Chan Ga Shinpai

Vol.3 Chapter 80

4,485,010 Jun 25,22 Fuyujima Kure

Yano Maya, an office worker tired of work and seeking healing, met a naïve and weak God “Rinjin-chan.” This is her daily life with a God, being gently swung around and healed. Note: 'Rinjin' is a pun on '隣人' (neighbor), replacing the kanji for 'person/人' with 'god/神'.
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Isn't it good? 2.8

Isn't It Good?

Chapter 37

508,692 Jun 24,22 AM

.A teenage childhood friend and a stranger kiss by chance!By the way My childhood friend's first love is me?Hyo-bin Jung, who is often the only difference to his girlfriend, andWoo-chan Woo, a ten-year-old friend who always comforted Hyo-bin by his side.However,their relationship changes 180 degrees when he sees his friend, Woo Ki-chan, who was thought to be unchanged, kissing a man ?!'Who
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Story of a Small Senior In My Company 4.7

Story Of A Small Senior In My Company

Vol.1 Chapter 6

907,534 Jun 24,22 Saisou

-"My senpai from work... is tiny and cute." Shinozaki is an office worker who is taken care of and coddled by his senior team member Shiori Katase: a gorgeous, profoundly kind, loving, and diminutive woman. Shinozaki certainly hopes that she's not doing it out of duty... but her joy of doing so increasingly exposes her feelings! This page refer
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Necromancer Survival 4.2

Necromancer Survival

Chapter 37

2,415,180 Jun 24,22 Antstudio,Cm

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung's mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked i
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Slow Loop 4.7

Slow Loop

Vol.2 Chapter 12: The Things I Want To Talk About

536,660 Jun 24,22 Maiko Uchino

A girl-meets-girl fishing manga planned for serialization in Manga Time Kirara Forward.
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Imaizumin's House is a Place for Gals to Gather 4.8

Imaizumin's House Is A Place For Gals To Gather

Chapter 4

119,089 Jun 24,22 Nori5Rou

Imaizumi is a high school boy who lives alone in his apartment for a reason. He has a secret that he can't tell to anyone. And the secret is that he lives with the top three Gyarus (gals) of his school, Hamasaki, Kurumozaka, and Sasaki. He spends his day playing, talking and getting physical with these Gyarus, all of whom have a quirk or two. Imaizumi-kun is getting more and more addicted to his l
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Skip to Loafer 4.8

Skip To Loafer

Chapter 42: Flustered Dating?

1,410,915 Jun 24,22 Misaki Takamatsu

Iwakura Mitsumi always had big dreams, of leaving her small town, advancing to the top tier university, and then contributing to the country before retiring back to her home town. So focused is she to her goal that she is oblivious to all the other ways she comes up short, much to the chagrin and concern of her friends and family. Can a naive country girl make it in Tokyo?
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Please Love Me Gentle. 2

Please Love Me Gentle.

Chapter 89

182,974 Jun 24,22 Updating

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Oshi no Ko 4.5

Oshi No Ko

Chapter 85: Calculation

8,724,951 Jun 24,22 Akasaka Aka

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it. What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he man
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Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As Well 4.9

Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As Well

Chapter 93

9,283,549 Jun 24,22 LEE Hye

The biggest romance rival of my 19th life is my 18th? The romance story of a woman who remembers her past life.
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Faking It In Style 4.7

Faking It In Style

Chapter 87

6,804,969 Jun 24,22 Dagabi,Flower j,Jin soye

Suah is a petite, red-haired designer who leads a drama-free life… until one morning, she wakes up tied to a chair. The man scowling down at her is none other than her roommate’s scary older brother, Seung-hyun, the owner of the apartment she’s been living in rent-free for the past eight years. He gives her one week to pack her bags and move out. Panicked Suah tries to plead and
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Himawari-san (SUGANO Manami) 3.9

Himawari-San (Sugano Manami)

Chapter 83

1,948,422 Jun 24,22 Sugano Manami

The development of a gentle, warm relationship between a bookstore owner and a high-school student.
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Asshou 2


Vol.5 Chapter 61

2,713,389 Jun 24,22 Shoko

Yoshida-san is beautiful. Yoshida-san is popular. Yoshida-san is a little weird. Yoshida-san… I like her. A shocking love suspense story about the twisted sexuality and love of college students.
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