The Giant Maid Puts You in Your Place ♥ 3.9

The Giant Maid Puts You In Your Place ♥

Chapter 18

3.4M Sep 23,23 Uru

A new maid, Elle, arrives at the mansion of Souta Kanari, a cynical little brat. Elle is a busty, beautiful and mild-mannered girl, but Souta is still scared of her. Because... Elle is over 3 meters tall! On top of that, she acts menacingly only towards Souta. Thinking back on it, Souta realized that he had bullied Elle when they were kids.... What if Elle's goal is to get revenge on Souta? The b
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No More Love With the Girls 4.3

No More Love With The Girls

Vol.6 Chapter 54: Romcoms Don't Happen Even When You're Invited To A Date

4.7M Sep 23,23 Shinya Misu

Eiyuu (A.U.), a high school boy, has a problem! Two childhood friends "Shio" and "Akari" who go to the same high school are too cute! If they find out that I'm the only one looking sexually at them now that they've grown up, even though I have no intention of doing so... that would be too much! On the other hand, the two childhood friends also have their own secrets...? It's so awkward! It's compl
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When Fiction Becomes Reality 3.8

When Fiction Becomes Reality

Chapter 98

1.6M Sep 23,23 Xianyu Culture

/ / !Unpopular actress Qin Yao has a super power, she can see people's luck index. But she herself is a very unfortunate person, so anything she does, doesn't go well. However, if she has intimate contact with other people, she can absorb their luck points and change her luck. She met Mo Jiawen, a newcomer in the entertainment industry, in an audition. This person has infinite luck value.
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My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago 4.7

My Wife Is From A Thousand Years Ago

Chapter 209

32.6M Sep 23,23 Updating

Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty, traveled through a thousand years and appeared in front of Xu Qing. Fate brought together this love that spanned a thousand years. Everything the girl was familiar with has become history. Relatives, friends, and enemies have all been left behind 1,200 years ago. The boy is unreserved and leads the girl to start a new life. Pain, confusion, cheers, and laugh
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THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - U149 4.1

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls - U149

Chapter 93.5: Extra Chapter

1.4M Sep 23,23 Bandai Namco Entertainement

U149, also known as "Under149", is a spinoff story of Cinderella Girls encompassing the younger idols, who are under 149 cm, and their pursuits to be big time idols with their newly hired P-san. Part of
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Goddess of the G-Spring 4.1

Goddess Of The G-Spring

Chapter 41.5

166.1K Sep 23,23 Katou Takuji

The story of a Goddess who dwells within the G-Spring.
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Self 4.3


Chapter 39

1M Sep 23,23 Saku Yukizou

Youichi is a very serious, stoic young man with a girlfriend and a regular sex life. However, he has never experienced sexual self-gratification. Recently, he's become aware of a book called "Masturbation" at the library he works at -- an educated discourse into the history of the sin of Onan and related practices. Finding himself increasingly intrigued by the concepts within, he begins to cond
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Fusoroi no Renri 4.9

Fusoroi No Renri

Chapter 83.5

6M Sep 23,23 Mikanuji

Tanaka Iori is a worker for a company that sets unreasonable demands, on top of that she has a penchant for dating married men. What a recipe for disaster! One day she gets drunk with an acquaintance and wakes up the next morning by her side naked! What's Iori to do?
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19 Days 4.7

19 Days

Chapter 434: Hickey

71.5M Sep 23,23 Old Xian

 The super cute and funny adventures of a boy and his BFF(best friend forever). You'll find out the names of the main characters after 113 pictures(maybe). Enjoy the manga!
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Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san 4.7

Maiko-San Chi No Makanai-San

Vol.22 Chapter 236: Duty

5.8M Sep 23,23 Koyama Aiko

Within the winding streets of Kyoto's geisha district lives a 16 year old girl named Kiyo. After failing to become a Maiko, a traditional dance apprentice, she starts working as caterer for her troupe. This is the story of her daily life. Published in Indonesian by Elex Media as **Juru Masak Para Maiko**.Anime: Shogakukan Manga Award for Shonen Manga**
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How to Become a Dragon 4.6

How To Become A Dragon

Chapter 177

3.6M Sep 23,23 eon

What should you do when a 1000-year-old imoogi named Bari suddenly appears in your apartment and demands you pay for the sins of your ancestors? Help him become a dragon, of course! Young Yoo’s life is on the line as he teaches Bari the ins and outs of getting along with humans in order to prepare for the Nakdong River Dragon Exam. Will Young be able to help Bari pass the exam and become a f
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Tekken Chinmi 4.4

Tekken Chinmi

Vol.23 Chapter 107

1.2M Sep 23,23 Maekawa Takeshi

Chinmi is a young Chinese boy devoted to martial arts training. Word of his skill reaches the kung-fu masters at the famous Dailin temple who invite him to study with them. Through his own dedication and the guidance of his teachers, Chinmi becomes one of the top students at the temple. Eventually the time comes for him to leave Dailin and make a pilgrimage. On his journey he faces a number of dan
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Pushoff 4.4


Chapter 43

176K Sep 23,23 HP56 (허5파6)

Dahye was forced to grow up in a cult by her mother, cut off from the rest of the world. However, she meets a half-sister her age named Yunseo, who is her polar opposite, and meets new people.
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Oomuroke 3.8


Vol.6 Chapter 88

696.9K Sep 23,23 Namori

A spin-off of the Yuru Yuri series featuring Sakurako and her sisters.
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Pregnant Wife, One Plus One 4

Pregnant Wife, One Plus One

Chapter 275

6.6M Sep 23,23 Yuèwén Mànhuà (阅文漫画)

Pregnant Wife, One Plus One with other name The Duke’s Hidden Baby: BOGO!He has the absolute power. He kills without hesitation and is a cold, fickle man. Yet he becomes obsessed with her and dotes on her nonstop.The first time they met, he asked, “Was it you, six years ago?”The second time they met, he’s holding onto the DNA test, “You still dare to say he’s no
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Alice-san Chi no Iroribata 4.8

Alice-San Chi No Iroribata

Vol.4 Chapter 24: Karaage And Crush

1.8M Sep 23,23 Bunta Kinami

Next to the hearth in Miss Alice's house, let's have a leisurely meal together.
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Nanako From The Neighborhood 4.1

Nanako From The Neighborhood

Vol.2 Chapter 16.5: Her First Bubble Tea

1.3M Sep 23,23 Kasu Komeshiro

A female author of lewd mangas frequently finds herself without motivation to work. In those cases she calls over her married neighbour, Nanako-san.
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Mitsuba-kun wa Aniyome-san to 4.6

Mitsuba-Kun Wa Aniyome-San To

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Fluffy Sunshine

52.9K Sep 23,23 Itokatsu

The manga follows the carefree life and delicate relationship between a nine-year-old brother-in-law and his older brother's 21-year-old wife.
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Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian 4.6

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings In Russian

Chapter 25: That Was... An Unfortunate Happening, Don't You Think...? (2)

5.9M Sep 23,23 Sansan Sun,Tenamachi Saho

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian manga, My Deskmate Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian , Tokidoki Bosotto Roshia-go de Dereru Tonari no rya-san , Masachika Kuse sits next to Alya, a girl of Russian and Japanese descent. She's beautiful, haughty, and an exceptional student, while Masachika is nerdy and known for being a slacker. He's an easy target for her comments in Russian,
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Boy's Dormitory 303 4.1

Boy's Dormitory 303

Chapter 240

650K Sep 23,23 Ah Xu

The stupid antics of four dudes living together, their “no pain, no gain” lifestyle in school, and maybe there’ll be some romance in the mix~
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Zombie Girl Mukuro 4.7

Zombie Girl Mukuro

Chapter 43

295.4K Sep 23,23 Junta

The daily life of Yamada Mukuro the zombie and her human friend Ruri. Follow the author on Twitter at ( and support the official release on Ganma.
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