My Apprentice is A Pig 4.4

My Apprentice Is A Pig

Chapter 114

842.9K Nov 30,19 Golden Orange

After making a wish to the meteor to become an exquisite girl as cute as a pig, Ye Chu really becomes a pig?! In order to return to the human appearance, she starts cultivating immortality and becomes the apprentice of an outstanding master. Then she lives a carefree life by virtue of coquetry, cuteness acting and shamelessness? Kidding me? Life can never be carefree...
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My Boyfriend Is Younger Than Me 4.1

My Boyfriend Is Younger Than Me

Chapter 22

427K Nov 29,19 Yuanqi Gong Chang

A university intern who is about to face the challenges of the workplace has received a threat of confession from a mysterious junior high school student?! "If you won't be my girlfriend, you will be fired!" Is she going to lose her dream job in this bizarre way? Is the child's confession serious or does he have another purpose? Although their age is different and the thoughts ar
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My Husband is From Comic 4.4

My Husband Is From Comic

Chapter 123

578.7K Nov 29,19 Cheng Du ErCiYuan

Flora traveled through spacetime with a heart attack into the Comic World. When she woke up, she found her icon, Edmund lying on top of her!! “Hey! Get out!”
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No. 2 Might Be Good 4.3

No. 2 Might Be Good

Chapter 71

716.8K Nov 29,19 Young Dream

There is a Wushu Record of Fame which records all the celebrities. Heroes that specialize one perticular weapon can enter this Record. Gao Jianli, a young man who just finished one's apprenticeship and wants to beat Qin Huangliang to be the No. 1 Swordsman, comes to Qin's house. Then, he finds that Huangliang is—a nut. This is a daily comedy that depicts how Jianli keeps challen
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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife 4.5

Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

Chapter 80 [End]

3.7M Nov 28,19 Xuan Miao Studio

She was forced to marry a crippled president for the sake of her family. Reluctant to accept the marriage at first, she kept a distance with her nominal husband. But his love and respect slowly unsealed her heart…
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Schemer 4.3


Chapter 55

455.4K Nov 28,19 Dajiaochong

Only 4 hours after being dumped by the money-worshiping girlfriend, I became a murderer?! I thought I had erased all the evidence, yet the police still showed up… NO! For my mother on her sickbed and my bright future that yet to come, I can not get caught!!
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Popular Deskmate is A Cat 4.1

Popular Deskmate Is A Cat

Chapter 104

957.3K Nov 27,19 JMCOMIC

Neal Fu is the most popular guy in the school. Gather up all the girls that like him and you can fill up a whole football field! But he himself is a cold and unemotional guy. Our heroine Shaina Mu is so lucky yet unlucky. She is the deskmate of Neal Fu, but because of this, she becomes the public enemy of all girls. Some bi*ches set her up even assault her. To her surprise, this popular McDreamy h
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Vengeance of the Doctress 4.6

Vengeance Of The Doctress

Chapter 50

1.4M Nov 25,19 HangMan,Amber manyan she

Previous life, she was a pawn controlled by others. When the information was leaked, she was tortured to death. This life, she was reborn as the daughter of Vice Prime Minister in Dongwen. She vowed that she would never become anyone's toy again.
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Yaoi God in the Skies 3.6

Yaoi God In The Skies

Chapter 80

846.9K Nov 25,19 Young Dream

Human prayed, Gods were born. This is how "Yaoi" God came to us. The Moon God believes in marriage between men and women, but Yaoi God says that gender can not determine loves. What will happen after the collision betwwen the new mind of Yaoi and the conservative mind of Moon?
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An Abnormal Affection 4.6

An Abnormal Affection

Chapter 80

1.1M Nov 22,19 KaiYuan Comic

What would happen when a man once in special forces met a rebellious girl? By accident, she became his only love. She lost everything overnight because of him and thus became his beloved person, coddling her all his life.
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I am deaf 5

I Am Deaf

Chapter 13: Pronunciation 1

125.8K Nov 22,19 Laila

The story of a deaf person living in Korea.
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The Emperor Is A Gay 3.4

The Emperor Is A Gay

Chapter 59

765.6K Nov 20,19 Pure Colour

"I'm really not silly!" The new emperor felt it necessary to justify himself! But no one believed it. "I am the Son of Heaven. It should be whatever beauty is available at my fingertips. Yet why I feel a little lonely..." He murmured. That is the reason that he starts his way to hook up beauties all the time... Note: "Beauty" is widely used for praising the a
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There is no Fantasy for Alice 4.7

There Is No Fantasy For Alice

Chapter 6

210K Nov 17,19 SN Shinny

Alice doesn't wake up from her dream. Stuck in a chaotic world, she, along with the White Rabbit, cuts down fairy tale characters that rampage after drinking "magic potions" that imbue special powers such as shrinking or growing bigger. Meanwhile, she is being targeted by three leaders of the world.
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The Substitute Bride 2.9

The Substitute Bride

Chapter 143 (End)

4.8M Nov 16,19 KaiYuan Comic

Her sister eloped with another man the day before wedding, so she became the substitute to marry that man. On the wedding night, her cool husband said that she should begin to fulfill the obligation of the wife, but he called her sister's name when she put off her clothes... She began to pay off her sister's debt, but cannot imagine...
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The Emperor Above, I’m Below 3.9

The Emperor Above, I’M Below

Chapter 59

725.2K Nov 14,19 Daxingdao Anime

A Chinese woman from the 21st century. YuZhu passing to ancient times is unintended, not only a beautiful harem group. But still a handsome male prime minister …
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Snow White BL 4.3

Snow White Bl

Chapter 6

1.4M Nov 12,19 YD, Yanghee

Snow White and the lewd dwarves...?! The story of the stepfather, known as The Devil King, who is aiming for the prince... the hunter... and the dwarves!
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Cohabitation 4.6


Chapter 16

616.6K Nov 12,19 Zheng Yue

A boy and a girl, living together... They are both best friends and best enemies! This is a simple comic about love in the city...
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Yin-Yang Eyes 4.3

Yin-Yang Eyes

Chapter 32

231.7K Nov 11,19 Feihua Studio

Born with Yin-Yang eyes, but MC lives a low-key life. For the protection of those who are important to him, efforts to become a Yin-Yang master. Not only completing the weird tasks that the yin-yang club appoints but also helping the police solve the tricky cases, his life has become more adventurous and dangerous. However, with the disappearance of the ghost equipment, the emergence of the m
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Leaf and Bell 4.5

Leaf And Bell

Chapter 40: The Most Beautiful Ending [End]

574.1K Nov 09,19 Yi Yi

Linlin is a fashion design student, upon touching the tree spirit “Ye”, the two agreed to help each other out. Linlin turned from an ordinary student to the talk of the school due to Ye’s power and her life changed drastically. Ye slowly fell in love with Linlin and with Linlin’s help, Ye finally found his long dead sister’s body but he must face love, affection, and
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First Crush 4.6

First Crush

Chapter 102

1M Nov 09,19 Young Dream

Because of a song, two completely different fates overlap. We always start to think how much we love each other, but gradually, love loses its initial appearance. Could that be possible, most of the time, what we love most is just ourselves?
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After Release the Spyce 4.3

After Release The Spyce

Chapter 12: [End]

150.7K Nov 07,19 Takahiro,Bakutendou

4-koma gag manga for Release the Spyce anime broadcast.
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Empress of Another World 4.8

Empress Of Another World

Chapter 129

17.1M Nov 06,19 Lim Seo-rim

Crossing over into another world and time after a freak accident, Korean highschool girl Sabina is taken in by a duke of the Crentia kingdom— only to soon be offered up to the ugly old emperor as a concubine. When the king is killed by a mysterious assassin, Sabina must face the poisonous circle of other candidates in a battle for the royal seat. Can she attract the loyalty and affection of
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You are My Woman! 3.9

You Are My Woman!

Chapter 110 [End]

2M Nov 06,19 Kuang Sheng

She got bankrupted and cheated on by her boyfriend overnight. She did not expect that she would get an extra husband a few days later! That man's just an assistant, why would someone say that he gave her a hundred million? With his face full of disdain, "Nonsense! How can it be 100 million? One billion!"
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