Sikinen 5



167K May 14,16 Lezhin

Hui-su found a nice housemate room with the cheapest price in Seoul. When he visited the house in the very first day, he found that two girls playing with their bodies in a room, and a cute-looking girl did the fellatio for him! Now he starts living in the house with beautiful girls who have different sexual orientation!
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How to Love 5

How To Love


186.2K May 06,16 Dorris Mccomics

A heart-warming, heart-cooking, heart-eating, heart-digesting guide to love.
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She Is Young 4.3

She Is Young

Ch.74 : Epilogue

8.6M May 06,16 JS, Donggul Gom

What if your girlfriend comes to your house from the past when she was 16??! And your 31yo girlfriend is still here?! So you have 2 girlfriend now... What would you do? hehe
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School in the Wild 4.9

School In The Wild


370.1K Apr 12,16 Binukki

"Faithful to our instincts, we are animals! Come take a look at our animal high school lives." In the middle of the forest, there is a all-boys school. Students learn and live regular lives…that is if they can survive to the end! This school isn’t just some ordinary school for humans, but rather a place animals go to educate themselves in the art of being human. We follow Oh
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Cry Like Wolves 5

Cry Like Wolves

Chapter 49

329.6K Apr 12,16 Lee Sae-hyung

Those in serious debt to a certain man can either pay the price or join a certain game, a "gamble" as he likes to put it. To win, you must acquire points by defeating the other game participants. What will happen to the players...?
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Take Care Of My Cat 4.5

Take Care Of My Cat

Ch.62 : Dana

407K Apr 12,16 Eushin

The renter living in our house is a horrible (but beautiful) cat prince!
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Tsukushi Mates 4.3

Tsukushi Mates

Ch.62 : And The Winner Is...

372.6K Apr 10,16 Yuuji

Webcomic following Hatakeyama Tsukushi, "Tsu-tsun", upon her transferring to a new school.
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Chiller 5


Chapter 22 : Bongcheon-Dong Ghost (By Horang)

268.3K Apr 07,16 Various Artists

Chiller Thriller Ready to Serve Your Spine. Original Korean Webcomic
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Your Adventure 5

Your Adventure

Ch.36 : Final Episode

81.2K Apr 06,16 Chris Mccoy

Your Adventure" is a comic where YOU decide what happens!
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Losstime 5



69.7K Mar 31,16 Lee Uoo-jin (이우진)

Koo Tae-Yang is an unofficially retired footballer after going through few tough ordeals in life. He had seemingly given up on professional football until approached by his former teammate who offered a chance for a restart in FC Dalin of Chinese Super League. At 34 years old, there isn't much left in his career but it doesn't mean it has to end with a low key... 
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Dog Life 5

Dog Life

Vol.1 Chapter 3

67.8K Mar 28,16 Lee Vin

From : Love Manhwa Born as a sick child, Gae Ttong (dog poop) was given her ugly name so she would live long (in the old days people believed you needed an ugly name to live long). However, as she grows up she gets treated like her name. Her family is rich and full of geniuses except for her. Will things ever get better for her?
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Withered innocent cosmos 5

Withered Innocent Cosmos


86.2K Mar 23,16 혜디니

A guy loves his (guy) friend. But he knows he's unworthly for him.But a desire is a desire nevertheless. And it grows.
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Red String 4.2

Red String


309.3K Mar 17,16 Dong Bi

The story of a boy and girl whose lives were one day entwined by red string. Literally.Original webcomic:
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A Simple Thinking About Blood Type 4

A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

Chapter 18 : Misunderstanding

184.7K Mar 17,16 Park Dongsun

Have you ever wondered why Koreans ask you about your blood type? It’s not because they want to know what to do in case you happen to be in an accident (although it really is vital information), but it’s because there is a underlying belief that blood types affect personalities and character in the way an astrological sign may. Another hugely successful webtoon, it has packed al
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MIA: Lost in Operation 5

Mia: Lost In Operation

Vol.1 Ch.21

205.3K Mar 13,16 Chang Joon Yi

11 soldiers who are on demilitarized zone search mission. Shut down General Outpost....They should have never gone there
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Stalker 4.4


Ch.38 : After Time Passed

189.2K Mar 07,16 Dan Woo

A strange man stalks a common house hold wife. He one day witnesses the wife's child getting kidnapped .
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Vengeance 4.8



359.1K Mar 07,16 Aji

A female detective's female lover is murdered. Will she take revenge? Original Korean Webtoon Official English Translation
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Sports Girl 4.6

Sports Girl

Ch.27 : My Fairy Queen #5

6.1M Mar 03,16 Chance

Sweaty woman is beautiful! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, health, sticky... The girls of exercise and sexy Sports
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O.L.D 5


Vol.1 Ch.6 : Two Days Ago

81.6K Feb 29,16 Kitaoji Mimi

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Star Wars 4.8

Star Wars

Ch.40 : The End

368.1K Feb 29,16

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire?s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire?s sinister age
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Xun Yao Ji Wen 5

Xun Yao Ji Wen

Ch.5 : Winged Fish (Lower)

89.4K Feb 21,16 La La Zhi

In ancient times, all of the demons recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas really existed. They absorbed humankind's thoughts to become more powerful. As time passed, people gradually forgot about their existence. The demons that were forgotten were all faced with the fate of disappearing...... there is a family that serves to guard and protect the only demon remaining in the world. As they
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Looking for a Father 4.5

Looking For A Father


1.3M Feb 19,16 Dong Bi

Hyun-Su Jung (29) was scammed by Jung-Mi Kim and is now in debt of 900,000$. He is being chased by loan sharks and ended up kidnapping Jung-Mi Kim's daughter, Ha-Yeon Lee (17). But when Hyun-Su Jung calls to ask for a ransom, Jung-Mi Kim tells him she doesn't care about what happens to her daughter and hangs up. What will happen to the kidnapper and his victim?
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Santa (Silyeong) 5

Santa (Silyeong)

Ch.63.5 : End

545.7K Feb 18,16 Silyeong

After years in a abusive household, Bell fled from her hopeless situation. After being left bloody and beaten on the side of the road, she experienced a Christmas miracle.
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Dragon Xenersia 3.7

Dragon Xenersia

Chapter 1.5

97.5K Feb 11,16

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