Superstar Associate Manager 4.8

Superstar Associate Manager

Chapter 25

229.5K Nov 30,22

Hoyeon Cheon is an associate manager at Korea Capital, a finance company where his career is stagnating. One night, stuck with the cleanup after a long evening of karaoke with colleagues, he decides to sing one more song. Little does he know that the ghost of the wild-child rock star Jihyeok Han has been waiting, hoping to find the perfect vessel for his superstar auraSuperstar Cheon Dae-riSuperst
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In the Bleak Midwinter 4.1

In The Bleak Midwinter

Chapter 59

335.4K Nov 30,22 Kat , Ali

With a dead sister and 25 years to go on her soulmate timer, Anya decides to cryogenically sleep away her problems. Too bad she wakes up to an apocalypse full of them. Now stuck in a burnt out landscape full of killers, Anya must decide which she wants to keep: her heart or her head.
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The Wicked Wife of a Scheming CEO 3.7

The Wicked Wife Of A Scheming Ceo

Chapter 36

220.5K Nov 29,22 Yoon soda

Eunsang Hahm just caught her boyfriend cheating, and Kyungwoo Kang, the CEO of her company, is engaged to someone he doesn't love. They both agree to a mutually beneficial fake relationship. After all, it's just a business deal, so what could go wrong? But as the two begin their scheme, it is clear that their connection runs deeper than what is written in their contract. With his rich family set o
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Don't Tempt Me, Oppa 3.5

Don't Tempt Me, Oppa

Chapter 21

460.5K Sep 26,22 Jinri-kun , Evena

Eui-jun, who replaced his brother’s vacancy for 10 years, and Woo-mi, who has had a crush on him, finally confesses to Eui-jun at the moment when she has been full of emotions that she has kept to herself for a long time “Your hands are long and pretty.” “I gave you powdered milk with this hand.” “Your voice is sweet because it’s nice to hear.” “I sang your lullaby with this voice.” But what is it
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I’m Not the Villain’s White Moonlight! 3.8

I’M Not The Villain’S White Moonlight!

Chapter 7

273.6K Sep 18,22 绘境社

Belle opens her eyes to find herself a noble within a romance novel on a mission to seduce the main character - Duke Arges, known as "The Beast" - to change the course of the story, Adhering to the principle of "staying away from the main character" and hating the behavior of the nobles, Bell draws the attention of Duke Agnes, will Bell be able to carry out this task?I'm No
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Tachibana-kun Daite Kudasai! Hajimete no Aite wa Douryou Ouji!? 4.4

Tachibana-Kun Daite Kudasai! Hajimete No Aite Wa Douryou Ouji!?

Chapter 9

1M Sep 17,22 Fudono Fudou

[From Batoto Scans:] "I... want you to... have se-sex with me...!" The office lady (OL) Sumire is bad at dealing with men because she was raised surrounded mostly by women. Her experience of not having a boyfriend is equal to her age! If that same Sumire wants to experience men once... then it has to be sex! Sumire has set the hurdle high for someone who has trouble handling men. When she asks
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The Lost Lady and the Crimson Duke 4.5

The Lost Lady And The Crimson Duke

Chapter 26

496.3K Dec 02,22 AZUMA Mario , Mazumo

Read manga The Lost Lady and the Crimson DukeJustine, a daughter of a fallen noble family, works as a seamstress named Elise at the Royal Palace while hiding her true identity. On the day of the royal wedding, a robbery incident occurs, where the Princess' Royal necklace gets stolen! After a series of unfortunate events, Justine gets falsely accused by the crowd of stealing the Princess' necklace.
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Don’t Pick Up What You’ve Thrown Away 4.5

Don’T Pick Up What You’Ve Thrown Away

Chapter 31

2.1M Nov 30,22 A Hungry Night, Tiva, Vertex

After six years of war, my fianc returned.With a woman and his child in tow.While saying that he couldn't leave her.The same irresponsible fianc who forced on me the duties of a duchess."Leila, you're not the duchess yet."Hearing those words, I decided to break my engagement.*"How far can I go?"There was a moment of silence. Realizing that I said something strange, I hurriedly spoke up."I'm sorry,
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Jewel of The Sea 4

Jewel Of The Sea

Chapter 49

111.4K Sep 17,22 Gaumeo

A young mermaid, injured and lost, is captured by a ship. Instead of killing her as they would a siren, its handsome captain allows her to stay and protects her from the sea and his own crew until she can heal. As the days go on, the two are drawn together, but will their opposing worlds keep them apart?
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Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni 4.3

Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni

Chapter 24.2: The End

59.8K Oct 22,22 Nemu Youko

One day in front of the Dadakusa girls’ basketball team, a man calling himself a prophet appears. “The earth will perish if you don’t win the prefectural tournament.” Find out the fate of the earth, basketball, and love by reading "Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru Mae Ni."
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Unwanted Crush 3.1

Unwanted Crush

Chapter 24

84.5K Dec 03,22 漫悠悠X丁紫

Lin Ge, an outwardly cool and collected girl (yet passionate and wild on the inside) who has almost 0 love experience, coincidentally met all her previous one-sided crushes while studying abroad, each one more handsome and talented than the last! And they even told her that they actually had a crush on her back then too?!
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The Tale of Princess Atsu 5

The Tale Of Princess Atsu

Vol.1 Chapter 2.5: Extra - Afterword

15.8K Sep 18,22 Sachimi Riho

Chaos reigns as the curtain descends on the age of the samurai. Atsuhime, born to the Satsuma branch of the Shimazu clan is to wed Iesada Tokugawa, the 13th shogun. However, soon after their marriage, Atsuhime’s beloved husband dies, leaving her to defend the clan as she is tossed about by the waves of history. Watch as this exceptional woman from Satsuma lives out a trouble-filled life while reso
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Doctor Resignation 4.8

Doctor Resignation

Chapter 29

1.5M Nov 21,22 Yeondam

When the duke, who was in poor condition, suddenly died, the land fell into the hands of the rebels. In a short time, the rebellion was suppressed by the royal family, but… The point is that I, Lise Estelle, will be hanged for treason. “It’s not fair!” I’m simply the best doctor in the area. If that’s the case, I’ll become the duke’s doctor so there’s no rebellion, and I’ll make the duke’s hei
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Safe As Houses 4.3

Safe As Houses

Chapter 33

675.7K Dec 03,22 NoSleepAreWe

Safe As Houses manhwa, A young woman named Eun Gee awakens from a coma to discover that a zombie outbreak has taken over the island nation she calls home. As the horde closes in, she is rescued by Shuhei, a mysterious zombie slayer with a terrible secret. Eun Gee will need his help to brave the bloodthirsty mobs roaming between her and her younger siblings, who she hopes are still alive on the oth
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Disobey the Duke if You Dare 4.4

Disobey The Duke If You Dare

Chapter 40

1.6M Nov 14,22 Romance Machine , Lee Chanmi

You must never see the duke’s face. After her second husband's death, Lily is forced into a third marriage by her father. Her new husband is rumored to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily's surprise, the Duke turns out to be a kind man and husband. There's just one catch... she must never see his face
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Ikenai Hinata-kun 3.8

Ikenai Hinata-Kun

Chapter 5: [End]

207.5K Sep 15,22 Wata Rainy

Hinata Koga, a college student who works part-time at a karaoke bar, has to train the new employee, party-going Kai Kimura. At work, Kai suddenly asks: "Koga-san, you're gay, aren't you?" Hinata has to go out with Kai so he doesn't tell anyone else. But when Kai wants to make things physical, how will he deal with Hinata's strange condition of not being able to feel anything?!
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Dekiai Osananajimi ha Watashi no Otto de Stalker!? 4.2

Dekiai Osananajimi Ha Watashi No Otto De Stalker!?

Chapter 12: End

876K Sep 30,22 Azuki

Rainbow D:Aoi married her childhood friend, Ren, who she’s loved since she was younger. However, Ren has never once touched Aoi. She has tried to seduce him in the past to no avail. One day, she goes into his locked room and what she finds changes the course of their relationship forever…
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One Step Away From Happiness 3.9

One Step Away From Happiness

Chapter 64

223.9K Nov 30,22 Byeok Gongwoo

One Step to Happy Ending / Selangkah Menuju Happy Ending / Binah has lost her father in an accident and ever since her mother worked hard to earn money for both of them. She often left alone at home while her mother was working. During that time, she met the twins Heeseo and Heewun and soon they became close friends, even closer as family. A few years later, Heewun confessed his feelings to Bin
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A Sip of Poison 4.5

A Sip Of Poison

Chapter 35

754.9K Nov 28,22 Chyomchyom , Ugungee

A Sip of PoisonA slave can never go against their master. Every slave knows that, so Baek-ha's resigned herself to her fate as a lowly servant. She's determined to keep her head low to survive, and it looks like she'll be able to spend her days trapped in the all-too familiar, safe cycle of labor. That is, until the day her master brings an unexpected guest into the house. Baek-ha instantly knows
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To Melt Your Frozen Heart 3.9

To Melt Your Frozen Heart

Chapter 52

976.1K Oct 18,22 Maam , Schgitzel

With his entire family either gone or missing, Adrian DeMonte must take the helm as the sole heir to the wealthy Velkra estate. By official decree of the emperor, Adrian is to choose a noblewoman for her hand in marriage. Adrian chooses the infamously ruthless Marchioness Frey Vuxia, known as the "Wolf of the Battlefield," in hopes that she will reject his proposal. But to his surprise, she accept
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Jujin-sama Heno Yomeiri 3.1

Jujin-Sama Heno Yomeiri

Chapter 25

849.6K Nov 21,22 Ichiko

"Ah, my beloved mate. I will now impregnate you." I cannot believe I have wed a beastman Though I am terrified, his large fingers, his tongue Are gently making me melt
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It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 4.1

It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future

Chapter 91

2.1M Nov 28,22 Madam Ru, Yuewen Manhua

After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father's premium military benefits, Ling Lan's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. Af
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I’m A Villainess, But I Picked Up the Male Lead 4.6

I’M A Villainess, But I Picked Up The Male Lead

Chapter 33

1.1M Aug 31,22 Kim Zia , Michii

I'm A Villainess, But I Picked Up the Male Lead / I possessed the most powerful villainess in a novel, Countess Edina. To be exact, the villainess who attempted to assassinate the male lead, took his heart, and sold it to a neighboring country. And so, I tried everything to avoid the male lead until I got his heart back. But then, I happened to find him one bloodied night. I tried to look away a
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Pervert For Me 2.9

Pervert For Me

Chapter 11

108.9K Sep 21,22 Hodol

Superstars since they were in training! The story of a high school girl's romance after finding out an incredible secret about amazing idol singers!
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