Akutou Danshi Collection 4.3

Akutou Danshi Collection

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Jungle Boy

165.4K Jan 20,16 Kurumatani Haruko

Not only does Suzuno have to go to high school, she also has to take on the role of dorm manager at a soon-to-be demolished dorm! This dorm is known as "the city of crime,” an place with no order where trouble is always happening. When the leader of the troublemakers Kazuomi, kisses Suzuno, things start to get really chaotic! -- Shoujo Manga Maniac
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Tokyo Juliet 4.7

Tokyo Juliet

Vol.6 Chapter 26

263K Jul 06,17 Kitagawa Miyuki

From Endless Dimension: Ayase Minori is a new student entering Houjou Designer's College. She has had her design "Daisy" stolen by a top-class designer Hinagata Eiji when she was 5 years old, and Minori had sworn to the fact that "I will not fall in love before I can beat Hinagata Eiji!" However, her meeting with Himemiya Akira almost made her forget her old vow... but he seems to know more than
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Saikou no H 4.9

Saikou No H

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Cinderella In Love

103.3K Jan 20,16 Aikawa Hiro,Anthology,Hidaka Sarii,Hirose Emu,Mikimoto Rin,Nanba Atsuko,Ouchi Rika

A collection of 6 stories about love relationships and sex. Story 01 - Saikyou no H by Ouchi Rika Story 02 - Cinderella in Love by MIKIMOTO Rin
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Kaichou-sama ga Fiance de 4.4

Kaichou-Sama Ga Fiance De

Chapter 5

1.3M Apr 28,18 Kayoru

From Chibi Manga: A story about a friendly cool student council president and his popular vice president But the secret between these two is......they are fiancee
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Sefure no Hinkaku 4.6

Sefure No Hinkaku

Chapter 15

818.9K Sep 22,18 Minato Yoriko

Choko starts to have a friends with benefit relationship with her High School crush Kazuki. She is now 36 years old, twice divorced and has a teenager daughter who she raises on her own. Kazuki works as a doctor in a lady's clinic and also doesn't want to marry or have a deeper relationsip. They agree to just sleep with each other when one of them wants to do it. But of course, there are still f
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Crimson Spell 4.6

Crimson Spell

Chapter 61

3.3M Nov 30,17 Yamane Ayano

In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.
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Hetamen 4.3


Chapter 12 : (End)

338.7K Apr 06,16 Anisaki Yuna

From Futari wa Pretty Anon : Satoko has had enough – she’s not going to be a slave to her family and friends anymore! Determined, she leaves her house and demands her friend set up a couple’s mixer for her. But she still can’t break her habit of wanting to help everyone around her! Maybe meeting the clumsy, disheveled genius scientist Shinguuji will change her mind…or will it be the handsome an
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Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu 4.5

Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu

Vol.2 Extra.4.5

837.6K Jul 09,22 Kamon Saeko

[Fujoshi Bitches] Keiichi is raising his twin sons, Ren and Takumi, who aren’t connected to him by blood. Ren is a promising future researcher and Takumi is a national swimmer. Keiichi’s always wanted to give his two excellent sons whatever they wish for, but on their 20th birthday they unexpectedly started pestering him about... “They want... my body?!” Kamon Saeko draws t
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BattleSexer Seishiro 3.5

Battlesexer Seishiro

Chapter 100 : The Finals

208.6K May 01,18 Yasuhisa Kubo

It is the 23rd century, an age of science and technology, where sex is no longer required to reproduce. However, humanity has not forgotten sex! Sex has evolved to become a form of martial arts, and those who practice it are known throughout the world as BattleSexers!
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Nana to Kaoru 4.5

Nana To Kaoru

Vol.7 Chapter 49: The Secret Hidden In Anal

2.4M Mar 30,22 Amazume Ryuta

Kaoru Sugimura is a 17-year old virgin that has a . fetish S&M He's always dreamt about a SM relationship with his childhood friend and next door neighbor Nana Chigusa, who's looked upon as perfect and is constantly the goal of lads' eyes. Their relationship has somewhat deteriorated because Kaoru isn't taking his education too seriously and over time, due to them going out out
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Ten Count 4.7

Ten Count

Vol.6 Chapter 48

14M Jan 11,19 Takarai Rihito

When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?
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Haru o Daite Ita Alive 4.8

Haru O Daite Ita Alive

Vol.4 Chapter 5: Urban Safari - Part 2

344.9K Mar 07,19 Nitta Youka

sequel of haru wo daiteita,this is the continuation of haru wo daiteita when the series restarted in april 2012.
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Kataomoizumu 4.8


Chapter 4

207.6K Dec 07,18 Amagi Reno

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Chunqing Yatou Huolala 3.9

Chunqing Yatou Huolala

Chapter 479

27.5M Oct 18,19 San Fu Animation

After a night of drinking, Luo Yao Yao is sexually assaulted by the boss of the Imperial Dragon gang, Yu Ao Tian. They are interrupted by gang member and she is able to escape. Two years later, she's the elevator lady at China's number one business. Unknown to her is that the business was previously acquired by Yu Ao Tian.
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Biyaku Cafe 4.5

Biyaku Cafe

Vol.7 Chapter 34.5 : Extra

1.8M Feb 28,17 Ukyou Ayane

From StarryHeaven: The aphrodisiac night retreat is a place with no menu, and the tea is made to the customer’s image by the employees. An omnibus story surrounds the overbearing masters, various customers, and the tea!
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Kedamono Shounenshoujo 4.4

Kedamono Shounenshoujo

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5

201.4K Jan 20,16 Asami Miyabi

Enatsu is fascinated with cool and aloof Toba. He's rebuffed her 13 times, telling her he hates girls. Enatsu finallly manages to get Toba alone with her and hugs him. To her surprise Toba's personality changes and he almost rapes her. A book falls on his head and he changes back into the Toba she loves. She pretends they went all the way and extorts Toba to be her boyfriend. But what if he finds
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Love & Sex 4.1

Love & Sex

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Hyoutenka No Maria

271.4K Jan 20,16 Shinjo Mayu,Minami Kanan,Ayukawa Mio,Kousaka Yuuka,Asami Miyabi,Yuuhi Ryuu,Usami Tae

1. Midara na Senritsu Hiwai na Yubisaki (Lewd Melody Obscene Fingers) by SHINJO MayuYurika has grown so used to doing what others tell her to do that she never realized she was like a caged bird. She accepted it as a matter of course when arrangements were made for her to get engaged to Satoshi, her controlling piano teacher. That is until piano genius and fringe element Hibiki teaches Yurika how
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Kare no Shousou to Koi ni Tsuite 4.8

Kare No Shousou To Koi Ni Tsuite

Vol.3 Chapter 4: About His Irritation And Love 13

1.3M Aug 16,18 Aomoto Sari

From Fujoshi Bitches: One day, Yajima, who kept on having physical relations only with older partners, met a young man, Watabe. Younger guys were never his type but the hot sex he had with that man made that night unforgettable. What will happen to Yajima, who since then keeps on wanting to have flared up sex with Watabe again…?
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Kobi no Kyoujin 4.8

Kobi No Kyoujin

Vol.2 Chapter 14 : X Side Extra Paper

912.2K Feb 16,17 Ike Reibun

Kabu was told by his father, that he is going to succeed the Umezaki group, but he is hesitant to do so. On the other hand, Sagawa, who is regarded as the successor of the group by everyone else, tests Kabu’s loyalty by giving him an ultimatum, to give up his company or Nirasawa. For Kabu, Nirasawa is not only a convenient pawn, but at the same time he’s a lover, that has captivated hi
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Hidoku Shinaide 4.7

Hidoku Shinaide

Chapter : Kyou Wa Yes No Hi (Extra)

3.9M May 04,20 Nekota Yonezou

Volume 1: 1-2. Don't be Cruel, Please & Don't be Coldhearted, Please “In exchange for me keeping your secret, take off your pants.” Maya saw Nemugasa’s sudden impulse to cheat (like on a test). In return for keeping silent, Maya makes various demands, but… The bookworm Nemugasa and the playboy Maya’s perversions, impatience, and pure-hearted love. 3. Houk
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Excite Joutou! 3.4

Excite Joutou!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

99.7K Jan 20,16 Ibuki Kaede

From Shoujo Crusade: "I really want to become Rui’s protector!" Super introvert Souichirou frequently says this. However, whenever he listens to "Rocky"´s song, he immediately has a 180° change in his character (pervert)! Rui, who is always surrounded by guys who only care about a girl's figure and looks, wishes to meet a true prince one day, but sadly most are...? Would prevail love this time al
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Raku Mote 4.4

Raku Mote

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Stage 3

119.5K Jan 20,16 Anisaki Yuna

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." 3 years ago Tomoko confessed to her crush, but was rejected. On her way to the meeting point she met a geeky guy who asked her to go out with him. How will their story conclude? While Tomoko was on her way to confess to her crush, she encountered a geeky guy who confessed to her. Of course she rejected him because she already had someone she liked.
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Ichirei Shite, Kiss 4.6

Ichirei Shite, Kiss

Chapter 11

882.8K Sep 13,18 Kaga Yakko

Since middle school, An has been devoted to archery for six years. However, the last tournament of high school is ending without those results being preserved. Despite having mixed feelings, An has decided to retire, and she is passing the club president title to her kohai, Mikami Youta, who has great ability; however, Mikami swings An around with suggestive behavior...?
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Aitsu ni Koishita Yottsu no Wake 5

Aitsu Ni Koishita Yottsu No Wake

Vol.1 Chapter 2.2

114.3K Jan 20,16 Yokoyama Mayumi

These stories about 4 typical high school girls' love life are Yokoyama Mayumi first work. Story 1: A Real World After 2 years Eri gets back together with her ex-boyfriend. Story 2: Lip Lock Nina made him break his "right hand" so she tries to make it up to him by being his right hand. Story 3: That Is My Weak Point Risa's ex-boyfriend stole embarrassing photos of her, and now she wants to g
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