Overtake 5


Vol.1 Ch.6 : Imitator (Oneshot)

152K Jan 20,16 Katou Setsuko

From Hoshikuzuu Scans and Starry Sky Scans: Fumiya and Kengo are childhood friends with a nine-year age gap. Honor student Kengo is always trailing after Fumiya. Even after he’s become an adult, to Fumiya, he is still like a precious little brother. But ever since he became an exam student, Kengo’s been giving Fumiya more heated stares. In addition to that, he declared, “If I pass my tests, I g
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Shitsuren Mania 4.2

Shitsuren Mania

Chapter 29.5: Extra

571.7K Dec 11,20 Fujii Mitori

from hochuuami : An ongoing series revolving around Atsuya, who is an "Unrequited Love Maniac" and the possible lovers he acquires. Prequel: Hatsukoi Moratorium inside Shotgun Marriage (Nakura x Atsuya) Vol.1: Shitsuren Mania (Unrequited Love Mania) Vol.2: Junnai Allergy (Allergy to Pure Love) Vol.3: Netsuai Complex (Ardent Love Complex) Vol.4: Dekiai Egoism (Enraptured Love) Vol.5: Katsu
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Iberiko Buta 4.8

Iberiko Buta


356.5K Dec 12,16 Shoowa

In the Iberiko Buta series: V.1 - Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki. (Iberico Pork and Love and Camellia) Irie "Iberiko", leader of the Pigs Raging Clean Up Crew, is rumored to go on uncontrollable rampages when angered, so when Tsubaki's friends accidentally litter near the Pigs' high school and piss them off how is it that not only does Iberiko accept their explanation but also in
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Yasoukyoku 3.3


Vol.7 Ch.42

91.9K Jan 20,16 Takamure Tamotsu

Shou is the illegitimate son who is mistreated by his family, while Takashi is clearly the favored son. Shou is being "used" by Takashi, but Takashi's fiance has fallen for Shou. Feels like a shoujo manga, but with a little bit of yaoi mixed in. There is a sequel to this manga called :Zensoukyoku it has not been scanlated yet.
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Private Magician 4.7

Private Magician

Vol.1 Ch.93

101.2K Jan 20,16 Takashima Kazusa

Summary: (from Shi-ran) Kasumi's day just keeps getting worse and worse. First he's dumped by a classmate, and then a strange fortune-teller shakes his world as he reveals himself to be in search of a master. And who could the lucky boy be...?
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Daiji na Koto na no de, Nido. 4.7

Daiji Na Koto Na No De, Nido.

Chapter 5 : End

180.4K Feb 23,16 Kuroiwa Chihaya

Ryouji and a gay bartender Tomoya are connected by an "unbreakable" friendship. But one night a drunk Tomoya starts petting his friends head while saying "It's good that I decided not to get married". Would their relationship progress or...?
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Egoistic Trap 4.8

Egoistic Trap

Chapter 1

90.1K Jan 20,16 Uekawa Kichi

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Hikizuru Oto 4.8

Hikizuru Oto

Chapter 1

78.2K Jan 20,16 Harada

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Shisei Gokumon 4.8

Shisei Gokumon

Vol.1 Chapter 7: The Night Star's Repaying 2

256.8K Mar 28,19 Kuku Hayate

The gate that leads the souls of the dead into the Underworld – that is called “Shisei Gokumon”. There is a watchman at the front and the back of the gate.The black Gozu and the white Mezu.The only time they are able to meet is during the diminutive span of time when the gate is open. “I want to touch the ox-headed demon dyed in darkness.” “I don’t want to stain the pure white horse-headed d
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Suimenka 4.9


Ch.0 : Oneshot

55.7K Jan 20,16 Harada

The tale of three boys and their painful experiences with love.
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Gosan no Heart 4.7

Gosan No Heart

Chapter 5.5 : Special

534.1K Jan 20,16 Ogawa Chise

Jaded Miki treats love like a game, playing with and discarding girls on a whim so when he sees Udou earnestly and unsuccessfully trying to reject a tearful love confession, Miki steps in and says, "Udou-kun is with me now." But what starts out as a lark to relieve the boredom of daily life quickly becomes serious ...
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Hitotsu no Koi no Hajimari 4.8

Hitotsu No Koi No Hajimari


259.2K Jan 20,16 Ikuta Mugi

Includes stories about two different couples: 1) "Hitotsu no Koi no Hajimari" (Beginning of love) 2-3) "Hitotsu no Koi no Ikisaki" 4-6) "Gohoubi wo Ageyou" 7) "Hitotsu no Koi no Nichijou"
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Lesson A 4.7

Lesson A

Chapter 1

61.8K Jan 20,16 Machiya Hakoto

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Koisuru Futari no Taion 4.6

Koisuru Futari No Taion

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Threemen-Talk [End]

281.4K Aug 28,16 Yamada Papiko

From Yaoi Is Life: Not a day passed without a man for, the handsome designer, Kanbe. His absolute requirement in choosing a guy is their scent. He's gone out with countless guys already, but has yet to find the one... Wait, there he is! Takahashi-kun, a delivery man, stole his heart and his nose, and Kanbe made a move on him right away. Takahashi-kun is like a puppy wagging his tail at Kanbe w
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Ijiwaru na Kuchizuke 4.8

Ijiwaru Na Kuchizuke

Vol.1 Chapter 8 : Extra [End]

132.7K Jan 20,16 Kobato Mebaru

1) A Little More Than Yesterday 2) Open Your Hands 3-4) Ijiwaru na Kuchizuke One day Yuu, a second year high school student, meets his classmate’s older brother Maya. Being an only child, Yuu has always idolized the thought of an older brother. However Maya, who’s selfish and likes to pick on Yuu, is completely different than anything he’s ever imagined; saying things like, "you really are
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Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de 4.8

Ai To Yokubou Wa Gakuen De

Vol.9 Chapter 42

978.6K Jan 11,18 Umezawa Hana

Because the way people have a high interest in "sex," a sex school was formed in order to fulfill the students' desires and help them become more advanced in their skills. One of the story lines.... Ion, in order to help pay off the debts in his family, has enrolled in the school, hoping to gain knowledge and sell out his body in the future to gain money. But Ion gains more than just "knowled
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Elektel Delusion 4.7

Elektel Delusion

Vol.4 Chapter 22.1 : Comic

1.4M Mar 14,17 Nekota Yonezou

Shunpei and Fumi are best friends and neighbours. One day, Fumi tells Shunpei he might be gay and has agreed to go out with another guy in school. Shocked at this sudden confession (but very accepting), Shunpei questions Fumi about all sorts of things regarding his newly-discovered homosexuality - subtly aware that he's disappointed that Fumi picked someone else over him - and, upon meeting the bo
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Nani ka Ii no Mitsuketa! 4.6

Nani Ka Ii No Mitsuketa!

Vol.1 Ch.1

90K Jan 20,16 Hinako (ひなこ)

From Blissful Sin: After stomach cramps land Muramachi Koharu in a bed at the nurse’s office on the very first day at his new school, he suddenly wakes up to find himself on the landing just before the roof door. And there’s a student he doesn’t know sitting right next to him! “Where am I? Who are you?” The student says he’s one year Koharu’s senior and leans closer and closer to him…! He pu
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The Inheritance of Aroma 4.7

The Inheritance Of Aroma


275.1K May 10,16 Nakamura Asumiko

The story of Shinobu and his step brother Takezou's adulthood.
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Kachou wa Kakko Ii 4.5

Kachou Wa Kakko Ii

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Clumsy Love 2

118.8K Jan 20,16 Nanami

From Yaoi Shake Scans: More than with women, he is more affectionate with the male employees. Even with a bad personality, Manager Sakaki who only has his looks has taken a liking to the new employee, Takemoto. He especially can't take his eyes off his butt. Drunk, without thinking, he attacked him while he was sleeping?! After much trouble, they end up going out, but they end up in a dispute o
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In the Apartment 5

In The Apartment

Vol.1 Ch.1

57.1K Jan 20,16 Etsuko

When Sugimoto is reunited with an elementary school classmate in front of their apartment, he can't help but be puzzled by their encounter. Did Senoo always act like that? Meanwhile, Sugimoto is also at a crossroads with his job as a hair salon assistant. Slowly, their lives become intertwined, in the apartment they both call home.
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Kamatte Hoshi no? 4.7

Kamatte Hoshi No?

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : Extra [End]

195.9K Jan 20,16 Suzukura Haru

A freshman in college, Amano, is taken a liking by a mysterious senpai, Kamishiro, who raises chicks. When Kamishiro hugs him out of nowhere in their first meeting, he thinks this senpai is crazy, but as he spends more time with him he sees how kind he is. But one day, while Amano is playing with the chicks, Kamishiro kisses him out of nowhere! An airheaded research student and a kuudere freshman'
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Koi Nanka Shitakunai - Kyou kara Kyoudai ni Nari 4.8

Koi Nanka Shitakunai - Kyou Kara Kyoudai Ni Nari

Vol.1 Ch.8.5

294.8K Jun 16,16 Tsukimura Kei

When Nakajima's mother decided to remarry he was afraid but everything turned out to be even better than he expected. His new older brother helps him and spoils him a lot and they're getting along very well until the moment when Nakajima comes home earlier and sees his big bro playing with another guy in bedroom. What's gonna happen from now on?
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Dekichatta Shitsuji 4.3

Dekichatta Shitsuji

Chapter 6 [End]

380.3K Dec 10,20 Mikage Tsubaki

“Your opponent: a BABY + Current state: a lot of PANIC = Result: a JOYOUOS occasion!” Konno Wataru, a rich son who is studious and quite prideful, has a “butler”. In charge of him is the domineering sadist Azuma ヽ(#`Д´)ノ, holding an official caretaker license and to top it all off, he’s perverted (?!) Amidst their instinct of a cat-dog relationship, things get a bit risqué ❤ —During which, Watar
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