Ore no Shiranai Murakami-kun. 4.8

Ore No Shiranai Murakami-Kun.

Vol.1 Ch.2 : The Murakami-Kun Only I Know

113K Jan 20,16 Himuka Tohru

From Fujoshi Bitches: After drinking at home with Murakami, his best friend from university, Minowa woke up to find Murakami riding him. Tempted by the erotic expression on Murakami’s face, Minowa unconsciously extended his hand… “You don’t have to do anything. Just be good and lie down.” Put in this appealing situation, his best friend who’s cuter than any woman, unexpectedly forbids tou
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Pat-Rush 4.1


Ch.1 : Oneshot

57.9K Jan 20,16 Draw Two

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Itoshii Akuma 4.9

Itoshii Akuma

Chapter 8.7 : Special-Fuuta Jitsuroku Report

254.1K Jan 20,16 Madarame Hiro

Super handsome and charismatic Naruse Fuuta, who harbors feelings for honor student, Akiyoshi Tooru, advances to the same university. However, due to their different majors, they begin seeing less of each other. What happens when Akiyoshi becomes acquainted with Naruse’s old friend, Hiyama Chiaki, and goes along to his mixer party? Sequel to Kawaii Akuma
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Border 4.6


Vol.4 Chapter 18 : Mission 18

335.7K Nov 16,17 Kodaka Kazuma

Yamato runs a detective agency that will use any means to get the job done, no matter how unconventional. His three misfit employees are more than his teammates, they’re his family too. Also tells the dramatic and surprising story of Yamato’s past.
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Bara to Lion 4.8

Bara To Lion

Chapter 6

98.4K Mar 07,16 Konohara Narise,Unit Vanilla

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Tsume to Toge 4.4

Tsume To Toge

Vol.1 Ch.6

138.9K Jan 20,16 Miyagi Tooko

From Paradise Love Scanlations: Nanao Shuuji left his hometown where his family runs a well-known chain of supermarkets, and became a part-time teacher at a cram school. One day the son of his father’s mistress, Takatou Kazuomi, appears before him. Shuuji once confronted Kazuomi’s mother, and also injured Kazuomi as well. Kazuomi made use of Shuuji’s weakness in order to keep getting financial
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Sayonara Boku no Princess Lolita 4.6

Sayonara Boku No Princess Lolita

Vol.1 Ch.6 : In The Palm Of Your Hands - 2 [End]

177.4K Oct 02,16 Konjiki Runa

From Ikemen Scans & Yaoi Is Life: "Disgusting, not even cute." I hurt my little brother, a popular cross-dressing model, with heartless words. But none of them are true. Our parents remarried when we were little, and Yuki became my step brother. He's so cute and very, dearly important to me, but somehow my feelings changed into something they shouldn’t have. It's painful to be around him, but Y
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Caste Heaven 4.5

Caste Heaven

Vol.8 Chapter 38

5.6M Feb 04,22 Ogawa Chise

Ruled by a cruel and arbitrary ranking system, the school is a pool of jealousy, envy and lust. Azusa was the King for a long time but one day he falls to the very bottom. What now?
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Asanaga Ryuutarou no Midara na Nichijou 4.4

Asanaga Ryuutarou No Midara Na Nichijou

Chapter 2 : Asanaga Ryuutarou, Kadouka Desu 2

108.6K Jan 20,16 Kitazawa Kyou

Asanaga Ryuutarou, the successor to a floral arrangement family, has a severe but overly beautiful appearance. Despite this, he has two secrets which have not yet been let out into the world. Number one: he has a male lover. Number two: he is an extreme masochist. With those secrets noticed by the creepy and wild movie director Edagawa, will they be let out to Ryuutarou’s beloved boyfriend, Maki..
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(Tomato that is) Going Bad 4.7

(Tomato That Is) Going Bad

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Chapter 4

107.6K Jan 20,16 Sadahiro Mika

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Koisuru Boukun 4.7

Koisuru Boukun

Vol.12 Chapter 1

4.5M Oct 26,18 Takanaga Hinako

Being in love with your straight sempai isn't easy, but being in love with your straight, homophobic, and (to top it off) tyrannical sempai can be hell! And that's something Tetsuhiro Morinaga can relate to... especially now that he's had a taste of the forbidden fruit! Features the same homophobic brother from Challengers, but this time as the main character! Contains an extra story c
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Shiny Star 4.8

Shiny Star

Chapter 12.5

350K Oct 28,16 Nanami

From BangAQUA: Only the chosen men can touch this skin… The top star of the gay porn industry, Hikaru, in spite of specializing at being a top, is commissioned with a side-job as a bottom, after being nominated by the highly reputed newcomer, Masaya. Hikaru refuses firmly that shooting, but he ends up rising to the provocation of the arrogant and cheeky Masaya, and things end up in a sales m
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So Cute? 4.2

So Cute?

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5: So Be It! (Extra)

159.5K Apr 08,19 Yukimura

A collection of stories: 4-5. Mata Kite Shikaku Ever since losing his parents, Nozomu has been living happily with his big brother, Yu and Yu’s lover, Mitsuo. And while he truly wishes for the both of them to be happy, he has trouble suppressing his own feelings for his brother’s lover… When a man named Ichiya appears and claims to be Mitsuo’s supposedly dead half-brother, are their happy l
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Oko-sama Star 4.7

Oko-Sama Star

Chapter 15.1: Part 2

1M Feb 12,19 Aomiya Kara

Friendly, every guy Honda is just as scared of loner Kaidou's blond hair, piercings, and wild rumors of yakuza connections as the rest of his class but somehow that doesn't stop him from approaching Kaidou when he runs into him at a children's live action event. Maybe Kaidou's not as scary as he looks and
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Yuuwaku Recipe 4.9

Yuuwaku Recipe

Vol.2 Ch.5

159.3K Jan 20,16 Narazaki Souta

From Liquid Passion: When Yuuya's mother falls ill, Yuuya comes to Tokyo to help out at her specialty cheese store, Mariage, while she's in the hospital. Though he slips up at times, he manages fairly well with the help of the staff, especially that of Hongou. Then one day, Hongou kisses him...
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Sweet Blood (KIM Se-Young) 4.7

Sweet Blood (Kim Se-Young)

Chapter 16

479.2K Jul 05,16 Kim Se-young

Suho is a high school student normal... But he leads a difficult life, because his parents aren't interested to him. Furthermore, he's waken up with mysterious injuries on the neck and wrist after a strange dream. Elsewhere, the king of southern Fantasy world is facing to a serious problem : lack of blood, which causes a drastic reduction of his fighting power. He must find humans and take
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Sore o Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara 4.8

Sore O Koigokoro To Yobu No Nara

Chapter 5 : End

238.2K Jan 29,16 Ichikawa Kei

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12-ji Kara Hajimaru 4.7

12-Ji Kara Hajimaru

Chapter 7 : Extra

345.8K Jan 12,18 Sakyo Aya

Shoyu operates a cozy pub called "Tamaya's" in a sleepy part of town. In the evening all kinds of tired office workers gather in his shop to drink away there daily worries. Shoyu has more or less settled down in his lifestyle as a gay bar owner, even though his love life has been rather lukewarm since the incident 12 years ago. What will happen when his past unexpectedly catches up with him?
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Kousoku Program 4.8

Kousoku Program


72.3K Jan 20,16 Koujima Naduki

Haruma is a good looking son from a rich family, but he wants to live his life on his own without any help from his family's money. However, his mother hires a cheeky bodyguard to watch him 24/7 and things get out of control. His bodyguard Kurehashi, Shouyou is smart, good looking and knows several things that Haruma doesn't. Kurehashi vows to protect Haruma and to teach him what it takes to live
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Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai 4.7

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai

Chapter 48

4M May 05,22 Yoneda Kou

Yakuza Yashiro, who only ever loved Kageyama, meets a new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara. Unfortunately, the latter is impotent. The masochistic, lewd and beautiful yakuza Yashiro and his silent, clumsy, impotent subordinate, Doumeki. This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.
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Koi no Hajime 4.7

Koi No Hajime

Chapter 5.5 : End

122K Jun 28,16 Kato Setsuko

From Yaoi Is Life: The recent newcomer at Naitou's work is none other than Tsutsui, who despite being a University student, is also the son of a famous rich man. Naitou realized how different their common knowledge was as he saw Tsutsui struggling with cleaning material, and greeting the customers as if it was a high-class store. However, against all odds, he embraced the good impression that
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Play Boy Blues 4.4

Play Boy Blues

Vol.6 Chapter 26.5: Extra 1+2

350.5K May 23,19 Kano Shiuko

Volume 1: 1-3) P.B.B. Junsuke is the number one companion in a host club where Shinobu used to work. They have been in a relationship for a year, but as they start to get serious, Shinobu questions his commitment. The story continues from where act 1 (chapter 4 of Gaten na Aitsu) left off. (features Maki Motoharu from Punch Up) 4) The Evil Worker's Folklore ~ Trial version Short extra on con
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Kiken na Otonarisan 4.7

Kiken Na Otonarisan

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5 : Extra(The End)

191.1K Jan 20,16 Nanami

Story 1: Endou got into an affair with the neighbor's wife and was caught red-handed by the husband, Okumura. He apologized to Okumura and was expecting a beat-up when Okumura pushed him down instead... Story 2: Ritsu has unrequited feelings for his friend Masashi. In order to cope with the situation, he indulges in a frivolous life as an escort in the red-light district. When he suspects to ha
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Gikei no Senaka 4.7

Gikei No Senaka

Chapter 005.5 : Extra: Backs Of Two People [End]

310.1K Jan 01,18 Sagami Waka

"The person I love is my sister's husband."
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