Strawberry Combat 4.8

Strawberry Combat

Chapter 6.5

241.7K Jul 18,17 Naono Bohra

Retired soldier Araki Kyosuke returns to Japan to settle down for a quiet life but when he meets heir to a big corporation Mimasaka Lune, old memories of a former life flash into his mind. Reluctantly, he becomes Lune's bodyguard to protect his protégé from attacks while learning of their past lives.
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Dokuzetsu no S na Ore ga Jimi Riman ni Kuwaresou Desu 4.8

Dokuzetsu No S Na Ore Ga Jimi Riman Ni Kuwaresou Desu

Chapter 0 : Oneshot

74.9K Jan 20,16 Ogeretsu Tanaka

A strange relationship starting in a video store.
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Eigyou Nika! 4.8

Eigyou Nika!

Chapter 9

631.8K Oct 20,17 Kanai Kei

From Starry Sky Scans: Happiness does not exist for gay men who fall for straight men. I’m happy just being by his side — was what I was thinking up until… Sakisaka, stationed in the second Sales Division, has an unrequited love for Toujou, his directing senpai. He had no intention of confessing his feelings. However, Toujou has been awfully touchy-feely lately… Is there
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Kirepapa 4.6


Vol.3 Chapter 16

461.8K Jul 10,20 Takagi Ryou

From Evil Empire: Chisato is a beautiful 35 year old writer (who looks like 18 really), father of Riju - a cute 15 year old boy. Chisato's hobby is to drive away all of Riju's friends because he thinks they want to rape his precious child. So he shows his good side to these boys while he poisons the cake he brings them with a smile. However, there is one guy, Shunsuke, who doesn't fall for the t
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Kari Kare!! 4.3

Kari Kare!!

Vol.1 Chapter 4

266.4K Mar 05,22 Takagi Ryo

Kanata, a Fudanshi repeating his university exams, is in love with a seme character of a certain BL manga, Seijuurou. One day, a super hot guy, Seiichi, who looks exactly like Seijuuorou, appears, and happens to be his private tutor! And he said that if Kanata meets the conditions, he’ll become his personal boyfriend?!
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Mad Cinderella 4.6

Mad Cinderella

Chapter 27

1.9M May 23,18 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Teijin Sakuichi was born in a house of one of Japan's leading conglomerates while Ryota Kishi was born and raised in a common household and lived a rather crude lifestyle. Despite this difference, they were neighbors and childhood friends that grew up together. However in the winter of their third year in middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryouta before going to study abroad. Years later, hav
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Rainy Days, Yesterday 4.7

Rainy Days, Yesterday

Chapter 5

215K Jul 11,17 Yoneda Kou

The story involves two high schoolers, Ume and Take, whose relationship is changing as the rain falls around them.
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Michi to no Souguu 3.7

Michi To No Souguu

Vol.1 Chapter 10.5 : End

192.6K Mar 23,16 Koshino

Honda and Shibuya work at the same company and live in the same apartment complex. One day while Honda was doing his laundry, he noticed something was panties! Shibuya comes rushing in and finds that he had left one of his precious men's lingerie! Shibuya tries to explain to Honda his lingerie fetish and at first Honda didn't care but he slowly got sucked into it and became infatua
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Itou-san (KURAKA Sui) 4.5

Itou-San (Kuraka Sui)

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5: Extra Paper

354K Feb 13,19 Kuraka Sui

Every Tuesday night, a mysterious man named “Ito” visits Kyosuke, who is a prostitute, and talks to him about silly things until dawn. One day, he brings a briefcase full of money and tries to give it to Kyosuke, telling him that he wants him to quit his job and do something he truly wants to do, however… Kuraka Sui brings forth a beautiful, dark story revolving around the gunsm
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Noboseru Karada 4.8

Noboseru Karada

Ch.5.5 : End

140.6K Jan 20,16 Minazuki Akira

From Yaoi Is Life: "Can't you let me be the only one to see what's under these clothes?" Suzumi Yoshinaga has always had a complex about his body, which has been said to look like a model's. He was about to meet a man overflowing with confidence and talent. One day, when Suzumi went to the neighborhood bathhouse "Kusabane Bath", there was a handsome attendant there. For some reason, the attend
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Crimson Spell 4.6

Crimson Spell

Chapter 61

3.3M Nov 30,17 Yamane Ayano

In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.
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Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da 4.7

Koi To Wa Baka De Aru Koto Da

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Papers

301.6K Dec 26,17 Ogeretsu Tanaka

Finally after 32 years of being a virgin, I got my first boyfriend! My boyfriend, who is a college student, is really cute but he's really eager in asking me to kiss when we're out. Could it be he's gotten the wrong idea and thinks I'm 'used' to it? Isn't this a bit, no, REALLY bad? The title story features the relationship between a pushy doggy type and an anxious cafe clerk, there're also othe
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Renai-rubi no Tadashii Furikata 4.8

Renai-Rubi No Tadashii Furikata

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Drama Cd Booklet

456.4K Oct 10,16 Ogeretsu Tanaka

Reunion x Revenge = ?? Tanaka's equations for love!
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Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu 4.5

Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu

Vol.2 Extra.4.5

887.5K Jul 09,22 Kamon Saeko

[Fujoshi Bitches] Keiichi is raising his twin sons, Ren and Takumi, who aren’t connected to him by blood. Ren is a promising future researcher and Takumi is a national swimmer. Keiichi’s always wanted to give his two excellent sons whatever they wish for, but on their 20th birthday they unexpectedly started pestering him about... “They want... my body?!” Kamon Saeko draws t
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Hana to Ryuu 4.9

Hana To Ryuu

Vol.4 Chapter 23 : [End]

337.9K Apr 17,16 Kodaka Kazuma

Ryuuji and his little brother were raised by a woman after their Yakuza parents were killed by a rival Yakuza gang. One day, he comes home and finds that his adopted mother too was also killed by that same gang. In rage and despair, he kills two Yakuza gang members who were still at the house and gets sent to jail. Once in jail, the inevitable happens and he becomes the plaything of fellow inmates
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Bokura no Negai 4.7

Bokura No Negai

Chapter 19 : Final!

690.9K Aug 14,17 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

After Ame's father remarries, he's not sure what to do with 3 new brothers and a stepmother at the age of 19. As he comes to appreciate his happy new home and family the glue holding them together starts to come undone. How will these 4 brothers weather tragedy after tragedy and stay together?
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Ten Count 4.7

Ten Count

Vol.6 Chapter 48

14.2M Jan 11,19 Takarai Rihito

When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?
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Haru o Daite Ita Alive 4.8

Haru O Daite Ita Alive

Vol.4 Chapter 5: Urban Safari - Part 2

358.6K Mar 07,19 Nitta Youka

sequel of haru wo daiteita,this is the continuation of haru wo daiteita when the series restarted in april 2012.
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Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami 4.8

Doutei Hitsuji To Abazure Ookami

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : End

222.5K Jan 20,16 Mito Hitomi

"I think I fell in love with you, Onii-san..." Tanaka is your average salaryman, who's never had a girlfriend. One night, as he's walking through a park on his way home, he's about to get assaulted when a young punk named Kira comes to his rescue. Tanaka wants to thank the young man for saving him, but Kira only wants compensation... from his body! Shocked to have been robbed of his first
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Kataomoizumu 4.8


Chapter 4

213.1K Dec 07,18 Amagi Reno

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Minori no Te 4.4

Minori No Te

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : [End]

260.2K Nov 29,16 Scarlet Beriko

From Fujoshi Bitches: The famously beautiful physical therapist Shigefuji Minori’s often has all kinds of customers, from the mafias to celebrities visit. Those who receive treatment from him can relax not only their bodies but also their hearts and their “lower-halves” so they can return to their work after that. Even with his cool and a bit S character, Minori-sensei still looks charmingly
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Blue Sky Complex 4.7

Blue Sky Complex

Vol.7 Chapter 34

2.4M Jul 23,22 Ichikawa Kei

From Moi-xRyu Scanlations: Narasaki, who only wanted a place where he could sit and read a couple of books, was blackmailed by his teacher to supervise the delinquent Terashima while working as the school library's receptionist. From the quiet days they spent together, they eventually became close... and will love bloom?
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Gekai no Okiniiri 4.5

Gekai No Okiniiri

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5

121.6K Jan 20,16 Yamakami Riyu

Tempted by a beautiful day, the piano teacher Toshiyuki decides to play the piano with an open window. Before he realises it, there’s an intruder entering through the window without permission. The intruder turns out the be a talented surgeon, Mashiba, who works in a nearby university hospital. This surgeon starts to pursue Toshiyuki non-stop! “You’re more beautiful than the music you play,” he sa
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Gomen ne Idol-kun 4.3

Gomen Ne Idol-Kun

Chapter 6

228K Dec 10,17 Kojima Lalako

From Starry Sky Scans: Genki has finally made his debut in an idol group, “Sexy Dangerous”, attributing to their characters, but really, he’s as clumsy as a 15 year old can get. One day, he walks in on the member he has a secret crush on having xxx with his rival in the music room! Idol-senpai, Suzuhara, notices his broken heart and Genki’s emotions start to sway, but it seems that he’s only b
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