Staring Holes into You 3.4

Staring Holes Into You

Chapter 1

7.1K Dec 01,23 Haiki

Oda, a salesperson who was participating in an online drinking party for the first time, fully intended on disconnecting from the video call. Unfortunately, he was caught aggressively anally masturbating by Kuroishi, the junior mechanic. Kuroishi confesses to Oda, who was so shocked at getting caught doing something so embarrassing. "Let's mastu***** together!"The unforeseen events between an hone
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Camboy Bunny 2.9

Camboy Bunny

Chapter 1

25.4K Dec 01,23 Soladi

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Egotists in Glass Houses 4.1

Egotists In Glass Houses

Chapter 1

12K Dec 01,23 Nakagawa Kaneko

Kitazono Haruhisa has always been popular with the ladies! But then underclassman Io appears, and all the girls including Haru's girlfriend leave him to fawn over Io. An annoyance at first, Io is soon smitten with Haru thanks to a certain incident. He's good-looking enough to get more girls than Haru, but this dang pretty boy Io just trails after Haru like a loyal pet and gazes at him so passionat
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Season of Dearing 4.4

Season Of Dearing

Chapter 6

12.9K Dec 01,23 Goru Kamori

Working at a public office, Haru leads an ordinary life. He lives together with Shuji, the son of his high school crush and friend, Natsu, who passed away. Shuji, who is set to move out after he graduates high school, looks just like his father. As they live together, Haru starts to grow feelings toward Shuji and agonizes over whether he should be spending time with him as his guardian. But then,
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Tonari no Ecchi na Oniisan 2.7

Tonari No Ecchi Na Oniisan

Chapter 2

60.1K Dec 01,23 Ainaryumu

not found...
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Kiss wa Tsugai ni Hizamazuku 3.7

Kiss Wa Tsugai Ni Hizamazuku


34.2K Dec 01,23 Enuoka Yochi

.In a world where fated pairs are deemed to be a mere legend, Iori (?) still dreams of finding his destined omega. But when he finally crosses paths with him, it turns out the one he's been longing for is the school's famous "alpha devourer", Leo (?), who wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, Iori has no intention of giving up. Is this feeling love, fate, or instinct...?
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Our Addictive Carnal Games 3.5

Our Addictive Carnal Games


23.2K Dec 01,23 Nerima Zim

.Haruki is a school nurse by day, natural-born manhunter by night. Lately, though, he hasn't been able to catch any prey. As his frustration reaches a boiling point, he is approached by a mysterious young man named Shion. "Give it up. I'm only gonna stop you." Haruki laughs this off, believing it to be some kind of immature revenge plot. Shion seizes this opportunity to push Haruki down and bind h
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Shugo tte! Akuryou ojisan 2.6

Shugo Tte! Akuryou Ojisan

Chapter 2

28.4K Dec 02,23 Yamiochi Shita Murabito (yamito)

not found...
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Digi Tige Catwalk 4

Digi Tige Catwalk

Chapter 2

13.5K Nov 29,23 Jeom Jung Geom

Digi Tige Catwalk, DT Catwalk, Digitige Catwalk, Dizzy Tizzy Catwalk, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online for free
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Mikadzuki ni Sumu 3.6

Mikadzuki Ni Sumu

Chapter 1

7.5K Dec 02,23 Migino Yagi

Yousuke keeps plenty busy with his job as a model. Due to certain circumstances, he has to work with Mitsuki who has been transferred from another company, but their first meeting ends up being a disastrous "half-asleep kiss"...!? The long awaited "Falling Star" spin-off of a new story featuring Yousuke starts now!+
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Seducing the Top Boss 3.4

Seducing The Top Boss

Chapter 6

19.7K Dec 02,23 Himemitsu

"Let me get you hot and bothered." A hot and steamy story between the fresh-faced new employee and his serious strait-laced boss. Who can get the other one going first?
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Kairaku Experiment 2.9

Kairaku Experiment

Chapter 3

20.5K Dec 02,23

not found...
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Erotic Advance Incoming! 2.7

Erotic Advance Incoming!

Chapter 9

74K Dec 02,23 Minoru

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard one day..." A countryside boy and a city boy, together 24/7. Ayumu seems to always be making passes at Hiromi, but is he even aware of this "unconscious sexual harassment?" And when they both end up at Ayumu's house one day, can Hiromi hold off his advances...?
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Cumsqueezed By Two Naughty Guys 2.4

Cumsqueezed By Two Naughty Guys

Chapter 1

21.3K Dec 02,23 Summer-color Maiden (Nakagawa Riina)

A young man with a big dick wanted some quick cash, so he applied for a really dubious part time job... and ends up having lots of flirty dirty loving fun with two older guys.
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My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved 3.5

My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved

Chapter 6.5

12K Dec 02,23 Kure

After his brother Haruki passes away, Kazuki heads to a coastal village to meet Yukito, his brother's omega widow, with the hopes of living with him after their devastating loss. Yukito reluctantly agrees to let Kazuki stay in the shed on the property but insists that he doesn't need any help in his day-to-day life. However, with the side effects from the heat suppressants taking their toll on his
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Fanboys 4


Chapter 2

7.1K Dec 02,23 Loiryu

not found...
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Bokutachi wa Unmei ni Kirawareteiru 2.6

Bokutachi Wa Unmei Ni Kirawareteiru

Chapter 5.5

20.3K Dec 02,23 KINACO

In this world, people are categorized into one of three secondarygenders: alphas, betas, and omegas. Alphas () are seen as society'selites. They find success in any endeavor without the need for mucheffort. Betas () are seen as the "average" and most populous, withoutmajor alpha or omega traits. Omegas () are perceived as unfortunatesouls, bound to their heats that produce strong pheromones, somet
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My first Time 3.6

My First Time

Chapter 10

22.1K Dec 02,23 YUZUKI Hikaru

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Chigireru Kubiwa 3.3

Chigireru Kubiwa

Chapter 9

12.4K Dec 02,23 Totiko

Mitsuru has a pheromone that causes male dogs to go into rut, and Hachi is the young man who was "raised" by him. Mitsuru is the heir to a special dog training center, and suddenly a man with a muzzle on Hachi is brought to him. He looks completely human, but for some reason he is trained as a "military dog". Mitsuru has been attacked by dogs since he was a child because of his genetic make-up,
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Ai o Ataeru Kemonotachi 3

Ai O Ataeru Kemonotachi

Chapter 8

52K Dec 02,23 CHABASHIRA Ichigo Matsumoto Yoh

.A 40 year old doctor living in Japan is suddenly transported to another world. And as a bonus, he's regained his youth! He almost loses all hope after being sold into slavery and experiencing the worst this world has to offer when, suddenly, he's saved by two handsome beastmen!? A story of tender love in another world!
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Psychedelia 2.5



6.4K Dec 02,23 TAKAHASHI Hidebu

Mizoshiri Shohei has just been assigned to the organized crime division and has already developed a crush on his senpai, experienced detective Hino Toranosuke. But when Hino gets shot, Mizo feels responsible and decides to take drastic measures.+
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Pain, Sweet Pain 3.9

Pain, Sweet Pain

Chapter 6

25.8K Dec 02,23 Touji Fuyu

not found...
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Saiai no Otoko ni Juukou o 3.2

Saiai No Otoko Ni Juukou O

Vol.3 Chapter 10

18.8K Dec 02,23 Kaede Ibuki

Just being touched makes me happy — Kairi, the beginning stage actor. Kairi, who wants to work as a stage actor one day ends up selling his his body to the mysterious Yakuza Hibiki. It was supposed to be just a one night shag, but it messes up his heart. Even though he's being treated as a toy he can't resist!? A sweet and dangerous BL.
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