Last Minute Drama 4.1

Last Minute Drama

Chapter 8

109.6K Aug 07,23 Damjang , Wandongsipfive

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Bye Bye (Doo Down) 2.8

Bye Bye (Doo Down)

Chapter 15

168.7K Aug 04,23 Sorim , Wild Cat , Doo Down

Seoyu is an extremely recessive omega who can't believe his luck when he meets an extremely dominant alpha named Sunghoon Choi. This alpha has it all, even if he might be a gang leader! Seoyu intends to enjoy their fling for as long as he can because that's all it is, right? Sunghoon can't possibly be interested in being Seoyu's boyfriend. However, he does boyfriend-like things, like having meals
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Abyss Reflections 4.2

Abyss Reflections

Chapter 4

48.1K Aug 04,23 Zombie Cinnamon Coffee

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Fukutsu no Zono 4.1

Fukutsu No Zono

Promo. : Shikke X Gratte Collab Event

10.2K Aug 08,23 Shikke

Deto and delinquent Zono are merely opponents. But then Deto discovered Zono's weakness. If his neck is touched, Zono will let out erotic sounds. Hearing Zono's erotic moans, Deto's lower-body reacted and left him confused. One day, Deto ran into Zono, who was beaten into a pulp by his father, despite being very strong in fighting. Deto rushed in to rescue Zono. And why was Zono wearing fancy, cut
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You Like Me 4.4

You Like Me

Chapter 5

65.9K Aug 08,23 Ahn Eunjin

In a group MT, Hanbyeol has an awkward relationship with an unfriendly guy named Woojoo. The two were in a confusing situation, as Hanbyeol believed Woojoo had a crush on him. However, later Woojoo would solemnly deny that he had any romantic feelings for him...
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How To Break Up With Him. 3.7

How To Break Up With Him.

Chapter 18

205.5K Sep 22,23 다롱 , 이오 , 박이끄

not found...
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Prince Mirage 4.2

Prince Mirage

Chapter 2

46.3K Aug 08,23 Proton , 프로톤

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It's Stuck 4.2

It's Stuck

Chapter 7

52.3K Aug 28,23 Satan

Sang Cheol who is in a lovey-dovey relationship with fellow national athlete Hwi Gyeom- but there's one concern. Which is... Hwi Gyeom's ** is too big... and he can't bring himself to move on to the next stage in their s** life. Despite Sang Cheol being grateful for Hwi Gyeom's consideration towards him, he's decided to order some adult toys to help their relationship progress further.Why is he tr
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Can't Sing a Love Song 4.6

Can't Sing A Love Song

Chapter 2

2.5K Aug 08,23 Hachita Abe

not found...
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16647 3.8


Chapter 16

23.2K Aug 08,23 Kawa

Lu Qi's a strapping fighter, almost at the top, in the world of game. Yet this same Lu Qi, in reality, is nothing but a loveless high schooler brooding over the meaning of life and death each passing day.Shi Liu's puts up an appearance of a puny female in the world of this game while behind this puny figure, hides a furnished beast, hunting for a fine prey to his amusement.This fantasy world web g
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Agattetanse 4.1


Chapter 5.5

46.4K Aug 21,23 Yoshi

It's the middle of winter in the northern region.A young man who came all the way from Tokyo, Haruki arrived and collapsed during a snowstorm.Haruki, by chance, ended up under the care in the house of three brothers (the straight-laced eldest son and his twin brothers who are high school students).However, rumors spread that he turned up to be the bride of Kentarou, the eldest among the three brot
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Kimi wa Tomodachi (NAGO Nayuta) 4.2

Kimi Wa Tomodachi (Nago Nayuta)

Chapter 6

10.6K Aug 09,23 Nago Nayuta

Childhood friends Ayano and Takanari live in the same house for "familial" reasons. Takanari considers his chaperon Ayano as a good friend and an ally no matter what happens. But somehow things are changing.? A young love story between a poker-faced hottie and a young master from a yakuza family begins!+
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7-Kakan 3.5


Chapter 5

7.9K Aug 08,23 TSUKUMO Gou

not found...
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Secret Love Affair 4.1

Secret Love Affair

Chapter 6

197.5K Sep 24,23 ILMYEONSIK

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The Baby That Master Brought is Sus! 3.6

The Baby That Master Brought Is Sus!

Chapter 5

69.1K Sep 11,23 Soohyun

Bouquet? Check. Ring? Check. And most importantly, looking good? Check! 10 minutes before Jung Yijun, landlord and part of the family gang, confesses to the handsome and lovely Master of Boram Taekwondo, my sweetie Beom Soohyuk… Why am I so dizzy…? What's with these short and chubby limbs?! …I’ve become a baby?!
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Tokyo -Shiki- 4

Tokyo -Shiki-

Vol.1 Chapter 3

39.6K Sep 19,23 Haru

not found...
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Alpha no Chouinshiki 4.1

Alpha No Chouinshiki

Chapter 5

66.5K Aug 03,23 Ike Reibun

Oscar, an Alpha, was raised as the crown prince of Galguardand has grown to be both handsome and refined. For some reason, he isto conduct a signing ceremony alone with Prime Minister Legrand of theallied nation. The moment Oscar confronts Prime Minister Legrand, hisbody suddenly goes into "heat" simulating that of an Omega, eventhough he's supposed to be an Alpha. Could Prime Minister Legrandactu
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The Fox's Thief Marriage 4.3

The Fox's Thief Marriage

Chapter 14

95.5K Sep 24,23 Han Si-won , Lee Solwoo

On the day of his grandfather's funeral, his grandson Kin-Heon commits an irreversible relationship with his grandfather's hundreds of sponsors. Among them is Baek-Yeon, who grew up with his grandfather's support. One phone call, he gets caught up with Kin-Heon again, after forgetting him for 4 years. More than a hundred people who have had a relationship with him in the past claim to have his son
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