Please Fix My Heart 4.7

Please Fix My Heart

Chapter 17

18.7K Oct 17,22 Woohee

The lone young boy in town, Haneul, is happy to meet a boy his age, Namu. Haneul wants to get close to him, but Namu keeps avoiding him. Namu becomes the village's helper who fixes things here and there. Then one day, Haneul hears a voice outside. "Is there a place that needs repair work?"This is a chance given by the heavens! +
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Melting Into You 4.4

Melting Into You

Chapter 37

195.2K Nov 25,22 Haibara

Alone on a boat, he's making me melt under my swimsuit... I worked hard and had a makeover before starting university, so why am I answering the touch of a mean guy like him...!?
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General, Watch Out for the Mad Dog! 4.5

General, Watch Out For The Mad Dog!

Chapter 69

127.2K Nov 20,22 Kuaikan comics

In order to prove that he has more than just beauty, the General strictly runs the army and bravely fights battles to maintain the peace of the Human and Immortal Realms. This time, the “monster” causing chaos was actually the Spiritual Realm’s Heavenly Wolf and the rare Spiritual Clan was also participating in the chaos. As a prisoner of war, the Heavenly Wolf had a frivolous attitude and no remo
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Something is Wrong with His Majesty 4.8

Something Is Wrong With His Majesty

Chapter 5

17.2K Oct 15,22 木三观 , 长佩文学

not found...
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Save me, Roommate! 4.6

Save Me, Roommate!

Chapter 51

129.7K Nov 05,22 Gokoa

Jo-Young and Baek Seung-Ha met in a class to promote friendship. Jo Young tried to keep a proper distance from Baek Seung-ha, who had a dark and reticent impression, but after taking care of Baek Seung-ha, who had a cold, the two became closer and gradually came closer to the darkness they had been hiding... +
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Final Stop 4.2

Final Stop

Chapter 41

385.5K Nov 26,22 영찬

Song Ha-yoon has only the debt left by his father and the trait of a passionate omega in his life like a treadmill. One day, he suddenly receives a phone call stating that all his debts have been transferred to the Taewon group, and runs into an Alpha, Song Hyeon-tae, who is waiting for him at the house he arrives at. “I plan to pay the remaining debt with that expensive body.” #omegaverse #gangst
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Dakarerutoki Dake Ore Ha Sensei No Mono 4.5

Dakarerutoki Dake Ore Ha Sensei No Mono

Chapter 1

22.5K Oct 17,22 SHIROMIYA Esu

"It's okay to think of me as him and hold me, you know...?" My body's actually trembling, but I'll hide it all behind a smile and become his tonight.
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Murky boundaries 4.5

Murky Boundaries

Chapter 23

118.6K Oct 10,22 Solanine , Beebee

A cute younger guy, a confident sexy guy, and an able obsessive guy in a triangle romance. "You! What do you want from me?" "Romance. I would like to date you, Professor." Sangil Choi, a Korean Literature professor, has a scar from an unrequited first love buried deep within him. All of a sudden Haneul Park, an undergrad student, barges into his life asking to date him. At first, Sangil finds it a
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But You 4.2

But You

Chapter 12

72.4K Oct 21,22 MAJU

One day, a mysterious force drags the loner high school student Choi Sooha into a romance comic that he liked. And the person that he meets in this unknown yet familiar place is... his favorite character, the male lead Jung Jihoon?! A slice-of-life drama of the inexperienced nerd Sooha growing up as he goes through ups and downs with his comic friends.+
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Night by the sea 4.4

Night By The Sea

Chapter 42

540.6K Nov 25,22 Euja

Omega Kim Euihyun, who had given up everything due to reaching his limits, ran towards the sea with a child in his arms and was caught by an alpha, Yeo Taejoo. Euihyun, who is left with only debt was given by Taejoo, money, house, and even a job if he give his body "But why am I so turned on? You smell so fucking good" -VV Scans (VVS)-
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Ero Wizard’s Research Journal 4.2

Ero Wizard’S Research Journal

Chapter 37

279.5K Nov 27,22 Areu

The warrior who helped save the world five years ago is left feeling empty. Deacon, a former warrior, has since been reduced to a beggar. Hoping to earn for a living, he signs a contract to work as a research assistant for a wizard named Lagavi..."Five years ago, you were dealing with so much more. You are the only one who can cope in an event of an emergency. So, please do your best", the wizard
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Tarinai Futari 4.3

Tarinai Futari

Chapter 5

19.1K Oct 06,22 Tarinai Futari

Shioumi is a people-pleasing salaryman who's always unable to become a special person to the person he likes and he always gets stuck becoming just a "nice guy" instead. And now, he currently has feelings for his married boss which he's been hiding behind his smiles. Bannai is his always expressionless colleague who he just can't seem to get used to until one day, Bannai pointed out Shioumi's unr
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Sheep's Mask 3.6

Sheep's Mask

Chapter 12

193.6K Nov 21,22 Paskim

Enlisted to a hellish military life of sexual harrassment due to senior Yoo-hyuk. After seeing Yoo-hyuk's happy appearance on the Internet after being discharged from the military, a plan to kidnap him and take revenge is set!
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Dawn, Clouds, River 4.1

Dawn, Clouds, River

Chapter 3

81.9K Oct 09,22 Majungji

not found...
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Sugar Rain 4.5

Sugar Rain

Chapter 9

160.4K Nov 09,22 Jang-Ryang , Tanyoon , RATA

Yohan, one day, after two months of making a living by cleaning the bathroom at the hotel, his superior asks him to leave. All Yohan has is his younger brother, Philip. A man said to Yohan that he resembled an acquaintance he knew a lot, and he suddenly proposed to work with him. Maybe it's a scam or something dangerous, but it's $5,000 a month. It was a job in a shabby, crumbling hut far away fro
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Fangs 4.3


Vol.2 Extra

195.2K Oct 06,22 Billy Balibally

.Attacked by vampires at a club, nineteen-year-old En survives after being bitten and turning into a vampire himself. He is then found by Ichii, a vampire from the organization 'FANGS' who becomes his guardian. To satisfy the vampires' urge to suck blood, the organization encourages a 'pairing system' where two vampires agree to support one another. At his first pairing party, En attracts a lot of
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Anemone Theater 3.9

Anemone Theater

Chapter 28

290.3K Nov 23,22 Zoy , Greensea

Seongho, who is under extreme stress because of his conservative father, suffers from chronic headaches.To get rid of the headache somehow, he takes the whole pill and accidentally kisses a man.And feel like that severe headache is fading away... Is it because of the drug? Or because of the kiss?
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Snake Bite 3.6

Snake Bite

Chapter 14

153.2K Nov 25,22 Gongzo

Jun-won, who is a denial by person, falls in love with his straight older brother, Jae-hyung, who is educated in the same way, and finds out that the relationship between Jae-hyung's people around him is unusual. Jaehyun and his ex-lover Jiyeon, who is his older sister, are more interested in Jaehyun than when they started dating, even though he found out about his unrequited love. I can't quite
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Oni wa Shitau wa tatarigami 4.6

Oni Wa Shitau Wa Tatarigami

Chapter 5

14K Oct 05,22 HAIZAKI Mejiro

Tsubakimaru, a half human half demon child, is captured by a group of bandits to be used as a profitable freak-show. On their way to the next village, they decide to travel through a strange desolate mountain where there are no animals or vegetation. “Let me go you bandits!” But before long, all but Tsubakimaru fall dead to the barren ground. There he is faced by the beautiful god Shii who carrie
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